Vegetarian option available 

Chicken Dishes

Deep-Fried Chicken (whole)    

Spicy Chicken                                                              

Hot Wings                                                                   

Boneless Spicy Chicken                                           

Half & Half (Fried Chicken and Spicy Chicken)   

Peanut Allergy Warning: All chicken dishes (except fried chicken) include peanuts. Dishes are cooked without peanuts upon request.


Small (but not so small) Meals

Kimchi Fried Rice contains kimchi, ham, and eggs               

Shrimp Fried Rice contains shrimp, carrots, peas, and eggs                

Chicken Fried Ricecontains chicken, carrots, peas, and eggs               

Plain Noodles (so-myun)                                         

in a light broth made with eggs, kombu, and vegetables


Fried Cocktail Dishes

French Fries                                                           

Sweet Potato Fries                                                

Fried Squid Pieces                                                    

Batter Fried Laver Seaweed with Glass Noodles           

Pan-Friend Dumplings with Mixed Vegetables        

Bibim Mandu                                                              

  deep-fried dumplings served in a spicy sauce with mixed greens

Pork Cutlet                                              

White Fish Cutlet                                             

Jumbo Shrimp Cutlet                                               

Sweet and Sour Tofu★                                          

deep-fried tofu in sweet and sour sauce

Sweet and Sour Beef                                                     

deep-fried beef pieces in sweet and sour sauce

Sweet and Sour Pork                                             

deep-fried pork pieces in sweet and sour sauce

Sweet and Sour Shrimp                                                

deep-fried shrimps in sweet and sour sauce


Sautéed/Braised Dishes

Sautéed Spicy Squid Pieces with Vegetables                 

Sautéed Spicy Octopus Pieces with Vegetables  

Sautéed Spicy Soondae* with Vegetables         

Korean pork sausage filled with Korean vermicelli

Spicy Udon with Sautéed Seafood                               

thick udon noodles in spicy broth; cooked mild upon request

Spicy Galbijjim*                                                           

* Korean style braised beef short ribs


* traditional Korean style braised chicken dish with spices

Sautéed Kimchi with Pork                                         

served with tofu on the side


* sautéed spicy Korean rice cake with fishcakes and eggs

Extra Plain Noodles*                                               

* only available as a side dish


Seasoned Dishes

Seasoned Chun Yup                                                 

Seasoned Spicy Fresh Sea Snails                         

fresh sea snails mixed with sliced cucumbers and other vegetables

Fresh Sea Snails                                               

served with spicy seasoning on the side

Seasoned Spicy Sea Snails                                  

canned sea snails mixed with sliced cucumbers and other vegetables

Seasoned Tofu                                                    

boiled tofu served with dipping sauce on the side


* stir-fried cellophane noodles with beef and vegetables


* braised pork pieces wrapped in cabbage leaves


* sweet and spicy fried rice-cake skewers

Peanut allergy warning: peanuts can be taken out upon request

Jokbal Moochim*                                                          

* braised and seasoned spicy pork trotter with vegetables


*braised and seasoned pork trotter


Extra Seasoned Green Onions*                              

*only available as a side dish

Grilled/Roasted Dishes


* grilled dish made with thinly sliced marinated beef ribs

Grilled Eel                                                                      


* roasted chicken gizzards with garlic, onion, and peppers

Chicken Bulgogi                                                          


Korean Pancakes

Kimchi Pancake                        

All-in-One Pancake                                                      

with beef, white fish, sesame leaves and Jalapeno peppers

Seasoned Meat Pancake                                           

White Fish Pancake                                                    

Jalapeno Pancake*                                               

  *contains meat

Sesame Leaves & Jalapeno Pancake*                           

  *contains meat

Seafood Pancake with Green Onions                          



Fishcake Soup                                                            

Sea Mussel Soup                                                      

Spicy Seafood Soup                                                     

Dry Cocktail Dishes


Assorted Fresh Fruits                                                 

Roast Dried Squid & Peanuts                                  

Roast Dried Squid, Filefish Fillets & Peanuts             

Roast Dried Filefish Fillets & Peanuts                      


Chapchae without meat (beef)

Sautéed Kimchi with Pork (served with Tofu) without meat (pork)

Seasoned Tofu

Dukbokki without fishcakes and eggs or just without fishcakes


French Fries, Sweet Potato Fries

Bibim Mandu

Sweet and Sour Tofu

Batter Fried Laver Seaweed with Glass Noodles

Pan-Fried Dumplings with Mixed Vegetables

Kimchi/Shrimp/Chicken Fried Rice without ham/shrimp/ chicken