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7 Tips for Using a Food Vacuum Sealer You Should Know

Once you buy a vacuum sealer, life becomes much easier, and you also save some cash. With a vacuum sealer, you never have to waste leftovers or miss out on a huge food sale simple because you do not have the means to preserve the extra food in case you buy it. However, every good thing comes with its own challenges and so a vacuum sealer is not an exemption.

If you do not use yours correctly, you will probably have nothing positive to say about it. To make sure that your experience with the vacuum sealer is enriching you should keep the following seven food vacuum sealer tips in mind.

Freeze all liquid based foods before sealing

The vacuum process involves removing air from the bag that contains the food. The only way for the sealer to remove the air is to suck it out and so any loose food crumbs and liquids will get pulled into the vacuum sealer’s mechanism. Although the machine might continue to function properly for some time, this is not good as it will eventually lead to a breakdown. All this can be avoided by freezing any liquids foods and those with small loose crumbs.

Avoid overfilling the bag

avoid overfilling the bag food saver
Avoid overfilling the bag

This second tip is very common, and you would probably see it the user guide manual that comes with the vacuum sealer. However, more often than not most people will ignore it. If you overfill the bag, the machine will not be able to seal it properly. You should leave at least three inches of clear space on the upper part of the bag before putting it on the machine for sealing.

Only use the recommended bags

You should only use the recommended sealing bags, and you should not try to make your own bags. The bags may look very simple, but each sealer has its own custom made bags that are designed to work with it. Although you might be able to seal the food using homemade bags, you will not be guaranteed that they will be sealed properly. To avoid any disappointments and to make sure that your food stays fresh for long only use the bags that are recommended by the manufacturer.

Keep the bag smooth when sealing

Even if you have the best vacuum sealer, and you are using the right bags, you might still not be able to get all the air out. One of the reasons for this is the wrinkling of the bag during the sealing process. If the bag gets wrinkled, it will create pockets that will retain residual air in the back and hence causing food spoilage. To make sure that this does not happen try to keep the bag smooth using your hand. Holding the bag correctly when placing it on the sealer and also during the sealing process will help keep your bag smooth.

Re-seal instead of reopening the bag

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If you have a feeling that the bag did not seal properly or judging from the appearance it does not look well sealed just re-seal it, but you will not have to re-open it. However, you should place the additional seal nearer the food than the first one. Sometimes you can also choose to seal the bag twice even if the first seal is okay just to be on the safe side. This is especially more important if you intend to store the food for a very long time.

Use Oxygen Absorbers for Food Storage

A vacuum sealer does an incredible job in removing air from the bags, but it cannot get rid of all the oxygen. If this oxygen is left in there with your food, it will significantly reduce the time that the food will be kept fresh. To get rid of oxygen you should toss in a food safe Oxygen Absorbers.

Clean the machine after each use

Most of us think that the vacuum cleaner does not need regular cleaning since it does not come in direct contact with the food, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. To make sure that your machine serves you for a very long time without having to repair or service it now and then you should clean it after every use as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

With these seven food vacuum sealer tips in mind, you will be able to use your vacuum sealer more efficiently and effective. However, you should also take some time to go through the user guide manual that comes with the machine so that you can understand it better.

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