About Peter – A Design Expert

Throughout the years, I have thoroughly enjoyed being a fact-finder and researcher. This has helped me become something of an expert when it comes to home and kitchen furniture.

I genuinely love to help anyone who’s interested in learning more about the unique way you can transform your house into a home with nothing but the best furniture. From your bedroom to your office, furniture is the most effective way of stamping your seal of individuality on your home.

So how did I get started in interior design and decorating and why am I so passionate about it?

I’ve always been fascinated with creating designs on my own or simply looking through home improvement books to get new ideas. My love for the art of design has grown over the years, and it’s all been based around furniture. Whether it’s exquisitely made with high-quality features or delicate enough to feel like a feather, I’ve dived deep and immersed myself in it. Piece by piece, I’m familiar with everything from classical designs to more contemporary styles and brands.

Oh, my name is Peter by the way and it’s great to meet you!

As soon as you have guests arrive for the holidays or a surprise birthday party for your mom, your furniture sets the mood whether you’re partying, laughing, studying, or relaxing. Throughout history, furniture has usually been the backdrop to any pictures taken of famous actors, presidents, athletes, and models, especially in their homes. When you first look at pictures, if furniture is in the background, you’ll recognize it as soon as you see the portrait.

There’s furniture available to suit any budget and there’s plenty of affordable stuff for bargain hunters. You can source your furniture in flea markets, antique shops and every mall you can think of, but if it doesn’t attract your eyes as soon as you see those living room chairs, don’t compromise. Move on and hold out for something special.

It doesn’t mean you don’t have great taste, it means you just haven’t seen that eye-catching pattern with the most comfortable material yet. While it’s fine to listen to opinions from others, make sure you focus on getting what you want. It’s your house after all!

When all’s said and done, you need to trust your own instincts. After all, it’s your house and you’ll be the one using it so stick with what feels right for you.

Furniture is far more than just somewhere to sit on your tush. With furniture, you can express your feelings and aspirations without needing to do so in words. If you cram your home with bold statement pieces, most guests will assume you have a bold personality. If you love to brighten up your rooms with splashes of vibrant colors, your furniture is a great way to bring that desire full circle.


Enjoy the site and I hope you become a regular visitor for all your furniture needs.