The Best Sofa For Back Support: 11 Options For 2021


As another new year rolls around, maybe you’re looking to upgrade your furniture. How about if you want a sofa that will help you if you’re suffering from back pain? While manufacturers don’t seem to market sofas specifically for this common problem, we dug deep and tested a wide cross-section of models to unearth 12 that offer all the support … Read more

The Best Treadclimbers of 2021: Top 5 Options


Over recent years, you might have noticed a few unfamiliar pieces of kit like treadclimbers cropping up in your local gym. What is a treadclimber and why should you care? Well, in the most basic sense, a treadclimber is similar to a treadmill. Where a treadmill has a single track, though, treadclimbers have a pair of narrow tracks that move … Read more

The Best Incline Treadmills For 2021: 15 Top Options


Incline treadmills have become very popular. They provide gym-quality training at home. Incline treadmills offer many benefits over standard flat treadmills. Even a small incline will mean that your muscles work harder and you will burn more calories. To improve your fitness level and reach your fitness goals at home, this can be an excellent choice. In fact, walking on … Read more

The Best Massage Chair Pads For 2021: Top 11 Options


What else can be more pampering and relaxing than getting a full body massage at home? It’s the most luxurious spot to get this therapy session, which can promote well-being and health. If you’re getting a massage at a public business, you’ll never feel as comfortable as you do in the familiarity of your own home. For help with that, … Read more

What is The Difference Between a Food Processor and a Blender


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How To Cook Brown Rice in a Rice Cooker


Everyone knows brown rice is healthier than white rice but can you cook it up in your new rice cooker? Absolutely. Unfortunately, many people assume brown rice tastes inferior and don’t give it a chance. Today, then, we’ll be breaking down how you can start eating more healthily by switching to brown rice. Before you get started, though, you’ll need … Read more

The Best Bean Bag Chairs for Adults


If you’re on the trail of a comfy, durable and portable seating solution on a budget, you can’t beat a great bean bag. Today, our focus is purely on bean bag chairs for adults. The good news here is that you can obviously and easily accommodate kids on these full-sized models, too. See Also: Top 10 Best Bean Bag Chair … Read more

The 7 Best Bypass Garden Pruners


Garden pruners are also known as secateurs, pruning shears, and clippers. If you’re looking to prune your precious roses, trim down overhanging shrubs and branches, or attack smaller tree limbs, a great set of pruners makes that much easier for you. Arguably the most commonly used gardening tool, you can get back to basics and enjoy getting down and dirty … Read more

The Best Throw Pillows


Styling your house with sleek throw pillows can showcase tons of fun, choosing the best throw pillow can be a bit of a complex. It is essential for the pillows to blend with the entire decorating theme of the home. It is also equally important to select these fundamental accents with great care. Meaning, you have to consider the style … Read more

The Best Robot Vacuums for Cleaning Carpets


Robot vacuum cleaners have come a long way in recent years and there’s a model to suit all tastes and budgets. Clearly, the key selling point of all robots is making your life much, much easier by automating those tedious household tasks. The issue with robot vacuums over the years has been a disappointing navigation experience combined with often underwhelming … Read more

The 15 Best Mini Fridges


With the global pandemic, more and more people opted to stay safe and work at home. For school-aged young adults, home schooling will be the new norm. And more courses are being offered by online universities. Your desk will be the new work station. While your study table, your new classroom. And your mini fridge — your new best mate! … Read more

The Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaners


Handheld vacuums make superb secondary cleaners and also offer multiple other use cases… Whether you need to clean your stairs without straining yourself, scour the inside of your car or boat, pick up after your pets or access awkward areas, there’s little to beat the convenience of a handheld. We’ve got a broad spread of models for you today, both … Read more

The Best Reclining Sofa


Reclining sofas comes in many shapes and sizes. As with any product, there’s absolutely no right or wrong answer when you’re hunting for a recliner, simply the best option for you. Today, we’ll get started with a review of a dozen of the best recliners on the market. We curated these from roughly 30 models we tested and we’re bringing … Read more

The Best Multi-Surface Vacuum Cleaner


Looking for a multi-surface vacuum cleaner can be challenging so we’ve done the hard work for you. Cleaning carpets and hard flooring calls for a different brushroll action and all the vacs we present today work just as well on either type of surface. If you want to clean upholstery, mattresses and drapery, we’ve got you covered there, too. If you’ve got … Read more

The Best Easy-to-Push (Like Self Propelled) Vacuum Cleaners


Today, we’ve got something slightly different for you. We get a number of emails asking us to break down the best self-propelled vacuums. Whether you’re getting on in years, have arthritis or generally struggle with moving heavy loads, there are many reasons for seeking a vacuum that’s a breeze to push. The problem is, pickings are very slim with this type … Read more

The Best Standing-Desk Mats


More and more people are using standing desks and becoming aware of the many health benefits they bring. We recently tested a huge array of these innovative desks, so if you haven’t yet considered buying one, check out the results of our testing right here. See Also: Top 15 Best Chairs & Stools for Standing Desk Top 25 Best Adjustable Standing … Read more

The Best Hepa Filter Vacuum Cleaners


Does anyone in your household have allergies or asthma? If so, you’ll want to keep any flare-ups to an absolute minimum and there’s one very simple way you can do that… Not all vacuums are created equal and if you want to hit back at the dust, pet dander and other tiny airborne particles that inflame allergies and sensitivities, there’s … Read more