Rise and Shine: Coffee as a Beauty Aid

Becky slumped in the salon chair, hoping her stylist would have mercy. “I know my shampoo isn’t the best for my hair, but things have been tight lately, and I haven’t been able to spring for the salon brands—” She trailed off as the girl frowned and held up a wispy flyaway. “I’ll get a bottle today and get back on it. Will that fix my frizz?”

Her normally talkative stylist was silent as she combed out the kinks. Finally she faced Becky. “I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but your hair is in bad shape. Look at this comb—you’re losing hair like it’s going outta style. Now I know you say you can’t afford the good stuff, but if you want to give your hair what it needs, you should at least come get a hair treatment every couple weeks. I really think it would get your hair back in shape.”
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“What do you mean, hair treatment?”

“Your hair needs strengthening. It’s weak, see? When you try to brush it wet, you’ve just been breaking it. Hair treatments are like vitamin soaks for your hair. Yep, I think every other week would get your hair right back in shape.”

She resumed her combing as Becky quietly calculated the raise she’d need to afford to visit the salon more frequently than every six months.

The next morning in the breakroom, Becky smiled over her coffee as her friend Megan complimented her new haircut. Becky told her about the stylist’s doomsaying. “Can you imagine? She said I need hair treatments!”

Megan shrugged. “Why not? I use hair treatments all the time.”

“You? How do you afford them?”

Megan laughed. “It’s not hard, silly! I just use coffee.”

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Coffee as a Beauty Aid

Coffee as a Beauty Aid

While many women living on a budget assume that luxuries like hair treatments are beyond reach, the truth is that good hair is as affordable as a cup of coffee. Not only that, but coffee also provides an excellent skin formula. What’s even more exciting is that it’s not necessary to waste good coffee – you can simply use the grounds, allowing you to recycle while making use of one of the world’s great beauty secrets – good strong Joe.

Coffee as a Hair Tonic

What most coffee lovers don’t know is that their favorite brew strengthens and enhances the beauty and health of hair. Using coffee in your hair will result in a shine and softness that will make you wonder why anyone would ever waste money on expensive hair treatments.

Coffee for Hair Growth

Just like coffee jumpstarts your day while you’re still dragging from dreamland, the caffeine it contains can do the same for your hair. First, the stimulating properties of caffeine have been scientifically proven to jumpstart follicle activity. What researchers discovered was that hair growth can be stimulated by topical application of coffee to the scalp.

According to Dr. Tobias Fischer of Freidrich-Schiller University in Germany, coffee can be responsible for a 46% increase in hair growth rate.

How to Use Coffee in Your Hair

How to Use Coffee in Your Hair

To use coffee to increase your hair volume, simply add strong coffee or coffee grounds to your shampoo. After applying the shampoo to your hair, allow it to remain for several minutes. Repeat this treatment as often as you shampoo.

Another equally effective method is to combine coffee with your conditioner and leave it in your hair for up to an hour. You can cover your head with a towel to prevent staining your clothes. Rinse all the conditioner out of your hair, and enjoy the healthy shine!

Coffee as a Skin Treatment

Coffee as a Skin Treatment

Another excellent way to use coffee as a beauty aid is as an exfoliating scrub. The aromatic coffee grounds that so easily awaken you each morning can be used to eliminate dead skin cells while the caffeine wakens your skin and stimulates a healthy glow.

Another way coffee can benefit your skin is as an ingredient in eye creams. Adding coffee to eye creams can help reduce puffs under your eyes. Be careful about using coffee grounds on your face, because too vigorous scrubbing can irritate sensitive skin. It’s better used on tougher areas of your body, like your knees, elbows, or feet.

Knowing the benefits of coffee on skin and in hair means that you can enjoy this natural treat without spending a fortune on pricey beauty aids, all while enjoying the wonderful scent of coffee all day long.

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