The Best Air Purifiers for Dust Removal


If you’re hunting down the best air purifier for dust removal, you’ve stumbled upon the solution to your problem today!

We’ve put a huge selection of the most effective purifiers on the market through their paces and we’ve whittle them down to the 15 strongest to make your life easier.
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You’ll notice that some of the purifiers we include come with an optional ionizer but what is that and why should you care?

Put simply, an ionizer changes the charge of oxygen atoms so the particles leave the ionizer either positively charged or negatively charged. This is achieved through the creation of an electromagnetic charge.

A word of warning, though…

Since we don’t normally breathe in ionized particles and also since ionizers create ozone, you’re well advised to use a timer. Program your ionizer to run while you’re out of the house and you’ll get the best of both worlds: crisp, clean air with none of the attendant drawbacks of ionized particles in the air.

Before we launch into our reviews, here’s a quick snapshot of our 4 leading models by category:

1. Our Pick with Ionizer Feature: Coway Mighty Air Purifier with True HEPA (361 square feet)

For a rock-solid air purifier packing 4 stages of filtration and an ionizer onboard, industry legend Coway serves up another home run with the Mighty. Ideal for removing dust from medium-sized rooms, you’ll get a tech-driven gem that’s remarkably user-friendly into the bargain.

2. Runner-Up with Ionizer Feature: Alen T500 HEPA Air Purifier (500 square feet)

The Alen T500 is a powerful ally in the fight against airborne pollutants that contaminate the air in your home. HEPA-filtration combined with an ionizer helps you to get rid of all the dust in your house along with chemicals, VOCs and the lingering smells from cooking so you’ve got fresh and immaculately clean air around the clock.

3. Upgrade Pick: RabbitAir MinusA2 (700 square feet)

If you’re looking for one of the finest air purifiers to fight back against not just dust but a broad spread of other allergens and pathogens, the 6-stage MinusA2 from RabbitAir is unbeatable. Suitable for larger homes with an impressive coverage area of 700 square feet, you can enjoy a fantastically clean and odor-free atmosphere indoors at all times.

4. Best Budget: Pure Enrichment PureZone 3-in-1 HEPA Air Purifier (200 square feet)

If you’re searching for a cheap air purifier for dust removal, there’s no better choice than the Pure Enrichment PureZone. With 3-stage filtration and a UV-C light, you’ll get rid of not just dust but also a wide array of contaminants that can leave your air feeling heavy and unpleasant to breather. The best news is, you won’t be sacrificing build quality of performance in pursuit of a bargain either.


Since our core focus today is removing dust, we’ve got another pitstop before we dive down into reviewing the best purifiers.

Where does dust come from and what’s it actually made of?

I. Sources Of Dust and What Dust Is Made Of

You simply can’t escape dust in your home so all that remains is to get the proper purification in place to keep it to an absolute minimum.

Dust is a collection of a range of particles and the precise make-up depends on the number of people and animals in a home, what food is being cooked, whether anyone smokes and it’s also to a large extent contingent on the atmosphere outdoors where you live. So dust is the same in principle but varies in composition.

As a rule of thumb, as much as 60% of dust is created outdoors. The particles from plants, soil and animals become airborne then make their way unwittingly inside your house. The remainder of the dust is kicked up from indoors giving you a potentially highly irritating combo that you would do well to attack with an air purifier.

The climate and air conditions where you live are also instrumental in how much dust ends up indoors. If you live in a dusty and arid area, you’ll get more of these particles heading inside as they take to the air. You should take adequate precautions to fight back, especially if you have allergies of any kind.

How about the dust that’s formed from indoors? Where does this come from?

Skin cells and hair degrade and lead to some dust being formed from this dead waste. Pet fur and dander is also responsible for dust particles. Cooking and insect by-products are also culpable.

Dust particles vary dramatically in terms of size which is why multi-stage filtration is key for effective air purification. While you might imagine that dust mites are small, they’re actually 100 to 200 microns in size. The debris from beauty products and paint can be as minute as 0.1 microns while smoke residue ranges from 4 microns down to a microscopic 0.01 microns.

With HEPA-rated filtration, the medium will have been lab-tested and guaranteed to remove 99.97% of particles to a size of 0.3 microns. This is far too small to be visible to the naked eye.

Depending on where you work, you might also consider air purification outside the home. Dust created in the workplace can trigger silicosis, hard lung disease and asbestosis so make sure the atmosphere is properly treated to avoid serious physical harm.

So, with the basics of dust composition sketched in, what’s the best variety of air purifier for getting rid of this household menace and allergy-inflamer?

II. Which Is The Best Type of Air Purifier for Dust Removal


If your prime motivator is removing dust from the air, there’s simply no substitute for a HEPA-rated filter. This acronym for high-efficiency particulate air is often labeled true HEPA. This signifies that the unit has been tested under rigorous laboratory conditions rather than simply using the HEPA name to garner more sales.

With legitimate HEPA media, you’ll eliminate practically all dust down to 0.3 microns so you’ll be in safe hands. This size is relevant since it’s generally the hardest for standard filters to trap while also the size that’s most easily sucked into your lungs.

How, precisely, does an air purifier work, though?

The standard passage of dust particles is to travel around your house until they find a surface to alight upon. When you’ve got an air purifier in place, the vast bulk of these damaging particles will be captured before they’ve had time to do that. So, not only will you ensure your air is cleaner than ever before, you’ll cut down on the amount of dusting you need to do, too.

With an air purifier, the air is circulated and when it’s sucked into the unit, all those dust particles are also drawn in. While the air makes its way through the filter medium with ease, the dust becomes trapped. Varying sizes are trapped at different stages. All these particles would otherwise have accumulated on surfaces or been breathed in inflaming allergies and asthma as well as potentially harming your lungs.

The bottom line is that no air purifier is capable of perfection. The best you can hope for is a drastic reduction in the quantity of dust in your home which, after all, is far better than leaving it untreated. So, cut down on the amount of dusting you need to do, help anyone suffering from sensitivities and protect yourself from long-term lung damage. With air purifiers coming in at all sizes and prices and cut out for coverage of any size space, there’s no excuse not to invest in one. You owe it to yourself and to your health so breathe easy with a clear conscience.

Now, before we double down and showcase the best air purifiers for dust removal, there’s one more element to consider and that’s ionizing.

What is this, do you need it and why should you care?

III. Do You Need An Air Ionizer?


An air ionizer is not essential by any means but it certainly helps as an extra line of defense so what is it, exactly?

Oxygen is an element that’s prone to changing its charge. With an ionizer, an electromagnetic charge can bring about changes in oxygen’s charge. By either adding or subtracting electrons from these oxygen atoms, an ionizer can ensure the particles are either negatively or positively charged as they exit the appliance and head back into the atmosphere.

Why does this matter?

Well, when the oxygen molecules exit the filter, they’ve been stripped of other particles and need to find more to bind with. By charging the air electromagnetically, the ionizer strengthens the ability of these molecules to bond with others particles. This means when it comes back into the purification unit, the resulting mix will be easier to trap. Also, since these particles become too heavy to remain airborne, they’ll fall much quicker rather than remaining in the atmosphere until you breathe them in with harmful effects.

We should point out, though, that humans are not used to breathing in ionized air. A number of studies show that breathing in these particles can even be damaging to your lungs. To salt the wound, when oxygen molecules bond with more than 2 other compounds, ozone is created. This can worsen any breathing problems you might have while also irritating and inflaming the airways.

So what’s the solution if you want an ionizer on your purifier?

Luckily, you can easily sidestep this potential flashpoint simply by scheduling your purifier to run when you’re not at home. After all, you won’t be running the thing 24/7 so why risk breathing in this damaging element? That way, all bonding will be done in your absence then you can return home to reap all the benefits brought about by air as free of dust as it’s possible to be.

If, however, you know for sure you’re sensitive to ozone, you really should give purifiers with ionizers a swerve. Remember, it’s by no means essential. If your core goal is to remove dust from the air, it’s the HEPA-rated medium you should be looking out for so don’t feel like you’re missing out or only getting half the job done if you need to go without an ionizer.

With all the basics in place, it’s time to push on with our reviews. We’ve drawn your attention to the coverage area so you can compare these units at a glance and find exactly the right model for the size of your home. We’re here to help you every step of the way!

IV. Top 15 Best Air Purifiers for Dust Removal

1. Our Pick with Ionizer Feature: Coway Mighty Air Purifier with True HEPA (361 square feet)


If you’re looking for the most effective air purifier for dust removal and you’re looking for purification with an ionizer onboard, the Coway Mighty is our overall winner based across a number of categories.

Robust 4-stage filtration consists of a pre-filter to take the strain off the true HEPA medium and combat larger particles. The HEPA filter sees off tiny particles invisible to the naked eye. The deodorization filter neutralizes any lingering smells with the bipolar ionizer reducing particles in the air further by creating a chemical reaction.

Triple fan speed keeps purification nicely optimized and this can be taken care of in auto mode to make your life even easier. There’s a neat LED alerting you to air quality in your room. This unit serves rooms up to 361 square feet making it the perfect appliance for dust removal in mid-sized spaces.

2. Runner-Up with Ionizer Feature: Alen T500 HEPA Air Purifier (500 square feet)


A close runner-up from another stellar presence in the air purifier vertical, the Alen T500 is capable of cleaning all the air in a 500 square feet room twice an hour.

Despite packing an optional ionizer to complement the HEPA medium, this unit is certified ozone safe by CARB (California Air Resources Board). You’ll get the complete package at your disposal to eliminate the tiniest airborne contaminants from your home along with chemicals, odors, fungi and bacteria.

The HEPA-rated filter ensures that all dust, down to a size of 0.3 microns stay safely inside the unit rather than being belched back into the atmosphere.

Along with top-tier functionality, this tower-style unit is easy on the eye and occupies a minimal footprint, too. You can slot it just about anywhere and relax knowing the air in your home will be fresh, fragrant and spotlessly clean.

3. Upgrade Pick: RabbitAir MinusA2 (700 square feet)


If you’ve got deep pockets and exacting standards, why not invest in the MinusA2, a potent defense against poor indoor quality from the powerhouse RabbitAir?

You’ll benefit from a class-leading 6 stages of filtration:

  • Pre-filter: This washable and re-usable medium wicks away dust, allergens and larger particles
  • Medium filter: At the second stage, particles as small as 1 micron are trapped. This gets rid of pet dander, mold and pollen
  • BioGS HEPA filter: The HEPA-rated filter dispatches 99.97% of the tiniest pollutants to a size of 0.3 microns
  • Customized filter: Here you can select from a filter to combat pet allergies, odors, toxins or germs
  • Activated carbon filter: A thick layer of activated carbon eliminates the smells from cooking and chemicals
  • Negative ion filter: This optional stage creates negative ions to bolster air quality further

Whether you choose to mount this purifier on the wall or leave it freestanding, you can purify the air in large spaces to 700 square feet to the highest standard. It’s not cheap but represents astonishingly strong value.

4. Best Budget: Pure Enrichment PureZone 3-in-1 HEPA Air Purifier (200 square feet)


The PureZone from Pure Enrichment offers triple-tiered protection against dust, allergens and airborne particles that can inflame allergies and impair the quality of the air you breathe indoors.

The HEPA-rated filter gets rid of even the finest dust while a UV-C light combats germs, bacteria and viruses to keep your home safer as well as cleaner.

Rated at just 30 decibels, this ultra-quiet purifier makes a good fit in the bedroom and won’t disturb you when you’re trying to sleep.

An auto shut-off feature stops this unit after 2, 4 or 8 hours of use so you won’t end up with spiraling energy bills to achieve pure air at home.

Portable and user-friendly, this appliance is ideal even if you’ve never tried an air purifier before.

Crowned with a 5-year limited warranty and 24/7 customer care, you can’t ask for much more at this price point. Because, along with powerful performance, the PureZone is priced well within anyone’s budget.

5. Blueair Classic 480i Air Purifier with HEPASilent Technology (400 square feet)


The Blueair Classic 480i comes with proprietary HEPASilent tech onboard so you’ll get all the benefits of a high-efficiency filter with none of the attendant noise that can blight low-quality purifiers.

Fully WiFi-enabled, you can take charge of this purifier in-app on your smartphone or using voice commands if you have an Echo device. An air quality sensor keeps you informed at a glance of whether the air in your house needs further attention.

Coverage extends to 400 square feet so you’ve got the ability to clean the air in medium-sized spaces without overworking the appliance.

Dual filtration included activated coconut carbon so you’ll ensure there are no nasty smells lingering when the dust has long been removed.

With a 6-month filter lifespan and an EnergyStar rating for energy-efficiency, you’ll experience very little by the way of running costs while guaranteeing impeccably clean air in your home.

6. RabbitAir BioGS HEPA Air Purifier (625 square feet)


Another superb example from RabbitAir up next in the form of the BioGS that runs practically whisper-quiet while serving up hard-hitting functionality for rooms up to 625 square feet in area. It will purify all the air in that space every 30 minutes.

You’ll get 4 stages of filtration with both purification and also deodorization. If you’re looking to get rid of smells as well as dust, the activated carbon filter makes that a reality.

The filters are cut out for a full 3 years of service reducing your running costs to a bare minimum. This is based on a full 12 hours of daily use so it’s a realistic estimate for most users. The pre-filter is washable and reusable so you won’t need to consider replacement costs. EnergyStar-certified, power consumption is slashed to the bone, too.

The 5-year warranty and responsive support completes another winning package from RabbitAir, industry specialists who have your back every step of the way.

7. Alen BreatheSmart Classic Air Purifier (1100 square feet)


The Alen BreatheSmart might not be cheap but the best things in life rarely are. If you’ve got a fluid budget and a sprawling home, this unit is capable of purifying the air in vast spaces to 1100 square feet. What else makes it so good, though?

Off the bat, you’ll get commanding and elegant aesthetics with a choice of 14 understated colored panels to choose from. Match your purifier to your décor the easy way.

WhisperMax tech onboard means you won’t create too much racket on the trail of clean air either making this suitable for use in a bedroom.

The Laser Smart sensor is capable of picking up the finest particles and a HEPA-rated medium sees off 99.97% of contaminants to the microscopic size of 0.3 microns. From dust and dander to pollen, chemicals and VOCs, your home will stay fresh as a daisy year-round.

8. Winix True HEPA Air Purifier (360 square feet)


Winix serves up a powerful air purifier on a budget with this HEPA-rated unit ideal for eliminating dust from the air in your home.

Looking lean and mean in black-on-black, how about performance?

The smart sensors work in the background to gauge air quality and adjust the speed of the fans accordingly.

3-stage filtration is robust. The carbon filter works to fight against VOCs and odors while the true HEPA medium gets rid of 99.97% of the tiniest airborne particles. PlasmaWave tech rounds out the trio by breaking down and neutralizing smells, allergens and chemical vapors.

Rated for 360 square feet of coverage, you can use the neat remote control to take the helm from the comfort of your couch. This is a great unit for small to mid-sized spaces and also works well as a bedroom unit since it runs so quietly.

9. Coway Airmega 400 Smart Air Purifier (1560 square feet)


Next up, we’ve got another Coway for you in the form of the highly capable and remarkably powerful Airmega 400.

Coverage is CADR rated to 1560 square feet so this will be more than enough for complete air purification of large homes you want dust-free.

The Airmega Max2 filter rolls HEPA medium and activated carbon into one powerful filter capable of eliminating larger debris, dust, ultra-fine particles, VOCs and a range of other fumes, smells and contaminants to leave you air spotless.

5 fan modes include a sleep setting and also a turbo mode so you’ve got all main bases covered. You’ll also get 3 air quality settings optimized to give you all the power you need whenever you need it.

The motor is guaranteed for a year and all electrics for a full 5 years so you can buy this powerful beast with complete confidence knowing Coway has your back.

10. Alen BreatheSmart FLEX Pure HEPA (700 square feet)


Nest in line is yet another Alen, the BreatheSmart FLEX packing pure HEPA filtration to see off pretty much any pollutants and contaminants queering your air quality indoors.

As with the previous model outlined above, you can customize colors with a choice of 14 panels to make the purifier look even better than it already does.

This unit is strongly recommended if anyone in your household suffers from allergies or asthma. With pure HEPA filtration, you’ll ensure no dust, even down to a size of 0.3 microns remains in the air. This purifier is perfect for larger spaces and good for areas up to 700 square feet.

With striking aesthetics and powerful filtration, there’s simply no need to tolerate dust in your home any longer. Speed and airflow are first-rate and you’ll get the standard Alen warranty so you can buy without any trepidation.

11. Dyson Pure Hot and Cool Air Purifier (800 square feet)


Famous the world over for their tech-laden vacuum cleaners, Dyson enters the air purifier field with this remarkable 3-in-1 appliance capable of doing far more than just cleaning the air.

It does that well, though. Very well. Not only does the HEPA-rated medium trap even the finest dust and keep it away from you, pure air is then projected throughout the home at the phenomenal rate of 77 gallons per second.

Air pollution is monitored and the appliance optimizes itself to suit the conditions.

Beyond purification, you’ll also get not only a fan but also a heater. This makes the Pure Hot and Cool the perfect year-round companion giving you climate control and air purification in one hard-hitting package.

Design, as you would expect, is eye-catching while build quality is unsurpassable. If you’ve got the money to spare and you want a fantastic addition to your smart home, we can’t recommend the Alexa-enabled Dyson highly enough.

12. Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover (465 square feet)


Honeywell has a hard-won reputation for serving up powerful air purifiers at mid-range prices. You’ll benefit from rugged build quality and potent performance in a top-tier unit.

Looking more like a PC tower than a purifier, this beast can clean the air in larger rooms up to 465 square feet. This is cleaned 5 times hourly giving you complete protection against dust, dander, pollen, chemicals and just about anything else tainting the air quality in your room.

Due to the all-encompassing nature of purification, the Honeywell makes an ideal partner if you’ve got allergies, asthma or any other sensitivities. The unit also works well to clear the mess pets leave behind so you can breathe easily without endlessly cleaning up manually.

For a highly capable ally in the quest for clean air at home, this affordable solution is even greater value if you opt for the 2-pack.

13. VEVA 8000 Elite Pro Air Purifier (325 square feet)


The VEVA 8000 proves that great things can indeed come in small packages. Despite such a compact and slimline form, you’ll still get coverage of 325 square feet making this a neat fit for mid-sized spaces.

Activated carbon pre-filtration gets rid of the smells left behind from pets and cooking. You’ll get 4 of these thrown in and pre-cut so you’ll save money on running costs and hassle both.

The HEPA medium is highly affordable and should return a year of service before it needs replacing.

With no ions and no UV, this purifier gets rid of dust and other pathogens without creating any ozone making it safe for all the family.

The 3-speed fan comes with quiet and turbo settings so you can tailor operation to suit. Auto shut-off and a solid warranty means this purifier is a tough opponent for the dust menacing your home.

14. Honeywell 50250-S True HEPA Air Purifier (390 square feet)


As we edge to the end of our search for the best purifier for dust removal, Honeywell steps in again with the 50250-S.

Despite being marketed as a purifier for large rooms, coverage is 390 square feet so we’d suggest this works better in medium-sized spaces.

The odorizing pre-filter has the requisite activated carbon to eliminate odors along with the dust which the true HEPA medium will see off.

Air intake and discharge are possible through a full 360 degrees maximizing performance and efficiency.

The Honeywell is a wise choice if you’ve got any kind of sensitivities or allergies and also comes in handy if you’ve got pets at home. Even if you simply want to uprate air quality, this pocket-friendly and versatile appliance is well worth the modest investment so what are you waiting for?

15. LEVOIT HEPA Air Purifier (360 square feet)


Last up in our roundup of the most effective purifiers for removing dust from the air in your home, LEVOIT pitches up a powerful yet compact unit capable of cleaning spaces up to 360 square feet so no dust, pathogens or allergens remain.

Air is changed 4 ½ times hourly so you’ll never be breathing in stale air or dust again with the LEVOIT in the house. The HEPA medium gets rid of practically all of even the most minute particles that can inflame allergies and asthma while making your life uncomfortable.

Running quietly and rated at just 27 decibels, this is another purifier that works wonderfully in the bedroom where you don’t want the whine of appliances stopping you from sleeping.

Certified by EnergyStar and CARB, you’ll get an energy-efficient ally in the endless fight against dust in your home at a price you’ll love.

V. Conclusion

Well, by now you should be an expert on dust and confident of finding the most effective air purifier for your requirements.

Pay close attention to coverage area which we’ve highlighted for your convenience alongside each product name. Don’t chance using one designed for a smaller space than you intend to purify or you’ll end up overworking it and you’ll also fail to get the results you’re looking for.

That aside, buying a purifier is a cakewalk so drop us a line and let us know which one you chose and how you found it.

Don’t forget to bookmark the PrinceLA as your go-to resource when you want guidance on the finest products for your home and garden. We’ve got a busy slate lined up this summer so come back soon!

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