The Best Standing-Desk Mats

More and more people are using standing desks and becoming aware of the many health benefits they bring.
We recently tested a huge array of these innovative desks, so if you haven’t yet considered buying one, check out the results of our testing right here.
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Since you’re reading this, we assume you might already have a standing desk already. If so, you should be aware of the problems that can arise from standing on a hard surface for too long. More on that later but we’ll jump right in with a neat solution…

Anti-fatigue mats

We’ve got 20 of the most effective mats on the market so see which of these takes your fancy…

I. Top 20 Best Standing-Desk Mats

1.Our Pick:Ergodriven Topo Anti-Fatigue Mat


Ergodriven dominate this space and the Topo is costly but still represents superb value. It steals our overall vote for the very best anti-fatigue mat across all categories.

Made from 100% polyurethane foam, the pebbled skin is remarkably durable while also promoting the light movement you need to keep that blood flowing. The cushioned terrain causes you to move subconsciously so you can keep your mind on your work and let your body take care of itself.

Measuring 26 x 2 ½ x 29 inches, you’ve got more than enough room to shuffle around without slipping off the edge.

Crowned with a 7-year warranty, this is an outstanding example of an anti-fatigue mat from a brand you can trust.

2.Runner-Up:Sky MATS Anti-Fatigue Mat


Running the Topo a close second and coming in at a far keener price point, this Sky MATS is available in a broad palette of colors to mesh with any décor.

You can also choose from 3 sizings to suit. The smallest version measures up at 20 x 32 x ¼ inches while the largest is 24 x 70 x ¾ inches. You’ll get all the thickness you need in the size that best fits your home office.

Made from proprietary Sky Core foam, you’ll find comfort and support evenly balanced and you’ll stay perfectly balanced yourself when you’re using this mat.

While you won’t be able to call in for a refund, there’s a lifetime replacement guarantee. This shows how the manufacturer stands behind this product and means a single small investment will return a lifetime of use.

3.Best Budget:ComfiLife Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat


Another decidedly pocket-friendly mat and our pick for anyone operating on a tight budget, the ComfiLife comes in small (20 x 32 inches) or large (20 x 39 inches). Whichever size you roll with, both are ¾-inch thick for maximum support.

Made from a high-density foam, the surface won’t pick up bacteria and is super-simple to wipe down. This makes the ComfiLife a versatile mat you can happily pop in the kitchen if you’re not using it at your standing desk.

As if that price wasn’t enough of an incentive to buy, you can call in a full refund at any stage over the lifetime of the product if you’re not completely happy. If you have any reservations about investing in an anti-fatigue mat, ComfiLife blow those objections clean out the water.

4. GORILLA GRIP Anti-Comfort Mat


Next up is another ¾-incher also available in a wide spectrum of colorways.

You’ll get just as much choice when it comes to sizing, too. There are 5 regular mats and another in half-circle formation so you’ll have no snags finding something to slot into your office or living room.

The premium-grade foam means you’ll get all the support you need and the product ships flat so it won’t start its life with annoying furled edges that can soon develop into a trip hazard. Thinking of the edges, they’re also beveled so you won’t end up slipping over while you work.

This is another mat packing a lifetime guarantee so you can buy with complete confidence and save yourself all those aches and pains standing for too long can bring about.

5. iPrimio Extra Soft Standing Desk Mat


Already great value but currently up for grabs at a worthwhile discount, act quickly and you could steal yourself a fantastic bargain with this standing desk mat from iPrimio.

Choose from a 30 x 18 inch mat or a larger 36 x 24 inch version, both a full 1-inch thick.

The air cell technology and high-density core along with that class-leading thickness make this one of the comfiest mats to stand on despite that cut-throat price tag. There are no phthalates or contaminants to worry about either.

This mat is a breeze to clean and it’s versatile nature means it works well in the kitchen and bathroom as well as the home office.

If all that is not enough to convince you, there’s a refund guarantee in place so what have you got to lose?

6. Royal Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat


Coming in black, mocha brown and burgundy, this anti-fatigue mat from Royal is offered in 4 sizings ranging from 20 x 32 inches at the smaller end of the scale up through the largest 24 x 72-incher.

With the recommended ¾-inch thickness, you’ll get that perfect combo of a supportive mat that gently encourages movement so you can avoid the health issues that can manifest from spending too long on your feet.

The foam is free of all phthalates as you’d fully expect and the build quality is rugged enough to withstand any tears or punctures. The surface is sufficiently textured to keep you standing steady while also encouraging your legs to move slightly preventing the health issues that can manifest from standing still too long. Edges are designed not to furl up.

Fully waterproof, this mat can be washed down or vacuumed to keep it immaculate at all times.

7. Imprint CumulusPRO Standing Desk Mat


Imprint has a hard-won reputation for providing no-nonsense and carefully engineered safety mats that don’t bankrupt you if you want to protect your health.

The black mat comes in just one size (24 x 36 x ¼ inches) and packs the patented Cushion-Core Technology that will not only slash fatigue but also enable you to be more productive. If you work from home for yourself, the modest investment can end up paying for itself many times over. Together with a standing desk, you might be surprised at how much more you get done.

Unlike much of the competition, this mat has a unique selling point: it’s tested and certified safe by the National Floor Safety Institute. It also comes backed by a partner of the American Chiropractic Association.

The lifetime warranty is robust and removes any headache from purchase.

8. Ergodriven Topo Mini Anti-Fatigue Mat


If the Ergodriven Top seemed a little too large for your liking, this scaled-down version might better suit.

Coming in black, gray, purple or blue, the mat measures 19 x 25 x 2 ½ inches making it perfect for anyone with a more restricted workspace or anyone less than 5 feet 4.

You’ll get the same 3D terrain so you can gently edge around rather than standing motionless. You should feel less tired as you work even though you’ll be moving slightly. As we’ll examine below, that’s due to the way your blood will better circulate.

If you don’t like the idea of using a balance board but you want at least some movement as you peck away at the keyboard, this anti-fatigue mat is the ideal middle ground.

This hard-hitting mat is crowned by Ergodriven’s dependable 7-year warranty so what are you waiting for?

9. Butterfly Not-Flat Fatigue Mat


In a sea of mats all looking incredibly similar, Butterfly differentiates itself by including a central division so, as the name suggests, it’s not actually flat. This is more than a marketing gimmick, though. Movement is further encouraged with this configuration, and you’ll also benefit from massage points that serve to stimulate and relax simultaneously.

At 24 x 36 inches, you’ll get ample room for maneuver. It’s also a rock-solid unit that’s built to last.

The polyurethane foam along with this design-driven approach goes some way to explain the stiff price tag. This is not the mat for you if you’re working with a strict budget. If, on the other hand, you’ve got some cash to spare, you can buy with the confidence instilled by Butterfly’s money-back guarantee.

10. GelPro NewLife Anti-Fatigue Mat


If you want an anti-fatigue mat that looks a little more decorative than the average, the GelPro from NewLife hits the spot in that regard. The lightly embossed finish in an array of muted colors means this mat makes a conversation piece rather than an eyesore.

It’s certainly not a case of form over function, though. The plant-based foam is an eco-friendly choice of material that serves up plenty of support and comes in at ¾-inch thick, the optimum thickness for this type of mat.

Whether you want to ward off aches and pains or stave off the discomfort of more serious conditions like arthritis and plantar fasciitis, this mat is a wise bet.

Slip-resistant and non-skid, with nicely beveled edges, this is a thoughtfully designed anti-fatigue mat combining comfort, support and affordability. The final kicker is a 10-year warranty.

11. Imprint Cumulus9 Kitchen Mat


Next up is another strong entry from the stellar Imprint with the Cumulus9.

Choose from 6 color schemes and 5 sizes depending on the layout of your work station. Fully 5/8-inches thick, this is class-leading thickness coming out of extensive testing by the Center for Ergonomics.

As with all Imprint mats, clean-up is straightforward. All you need to do is wipe the mat down and you’re good to go. The design wards off stains and the striking finishes look as great as the performance.

Stay-flat memory foam works alongside the furl-free edges to ensure this mat remains solid and flat to the floor at all times even under heavy, sustained use. The bottom is non-slip so Imprint has every angle covered so you can work safely and comfortably at all times.

The lifetime warranty in line with all Imprint mats rounds out a first-rate package that gets our firm vote of approval.

12. Imprint CumulusPRO Couture Strata Mat


Not particularly cheap, another Imprint mat is up next in the shape of the Couture Strata, designed for ongoing use in a commercial office.

This design comes in either black or gray and measures up at 24 x 36 x ¾-inch.

Fashioned from a single piece of polyurethane, this rip-proof and puncture-proof mat is capable of taking some serious punishment.

The robust material won’t end up losing its shape or support over time either and is fully guaranteed by Imprint for the lifetime of the product. This shows how much faith they place in their product, and if you run into any issues, customer care is responsive and efficient.

13. Royal Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat


Next up is another Royal mat, this time the baby of the range at a dinky 20 x 32 inches.

This slips neatly over just about any surface so if you’ve got hard flooring and need some extra cushioning and support while you work at your standing desk, this is a cost-effective solution.

One noteworthy point is that this mat is not designed to cope with the pressure exerted from high heels so make sure you kick them off before stepping on or you might end up puncturing your new best friend.

¾-inch thick, this is the perfect amount of padding to give you ample support while also promoting gentle movement to help you cope with the pressure of standing for lengthy spells.

14. GelPRO NewLife Anti-Fatigue Mat


The smallest of the GelPRO range from NewLife, this 20 x 32-incher comes in a staggering array of colors. That’s about the toughest decision you’ll need to make since everything else slots nearly into place…

Ergo-foam forms the core of this mat so you’ll feel nicely supported and also far more likely to move your legs and feet around gently as you hit that keyboard.

The fully stain-resistant surface is a cinch to wipe down so you won’t waste your precious time on tedious upkeep.

The only weak point on this otherwise strong mat is the 1-year warranty. While with many products that’s more than fit for purpose, in a field where 7-10 year guarantees and money-back promises are standard, it makes it hard for the GelPRO to compete.

15. AmazonBasics Anti-Fatigue Mat


Finished in a faux-leather look, AmazonBasics delivers a solid and supportive anti-fatigue mat at a very reasonable price point.

If you’re looking to kit out an office, you’ll appreciate the further savings you can make by investing in a 5-pack.

At 20 x 36 inches, you’ll have sufficient space to move from side to side and stave off those aches and pains standing in place can easily bring about.

The soft and cushioned foam is designed to mold around the contours of your feet so you’ll feel nicely supported as well as protected against the potential health issues of standing in one place.

The deep brown finish makes this mat ideal for matching pretty much any décor and there’s a subtle but striking pattern in the same color to finish off a beautiful and capable anti-fatigue mat.

16. Smart Step Supreme Anti-Fatigue Mat


As we edge closer to the end of our anti-fatigue mat reviews, we’ve got another polyurethane gem, this time the Supreme from Smart Step.

We tested the smallest size (30 x 18 inches) but you can choose from a total of 7 models topping out at 36 x 72 inches.

The edges won’t end up curling up and developing into something to take a tumble over. They’re beveled up at 20 degrees to prevent this from happening.

The 10-year warranty is more than enough to ease the strain when you’re thinking of investing. Few products at this price-point can offer coverage for a decade so it shows how the manufacturer stands firmly behind this mat.

17. Casa Pura Kitchen Mat


This no-nonsense kitchen mat will stand up to heavy use while helping you to feel less tired as you work standing up. Whether you’re cooking an involved meal, doing mountains of dishes or working at your standing desk, you can get the support and comfort you need without having to spend a fortune.

From laminate and hardwood through to marble and tiling, this adaptable mat won’t slip however shiny the flooring.

Weight capacity is exceptional at a whopping 460 pounds so this mat works well for pretty much anyone, even much larger users.

Tested to rigorous standards and REACH-certified, consider this kitchen mat an investment in your health and productivity if you spend long spells on your feet and you’re starting to notice a few aches and pains kicking in.

18. SmartCells Anti-Fatigue Mat


The SmartCells mat is by no means cheap but the best things in life seldom are. This anti-fatigue mat is the one chosen by a number of blue-chip companies from Amazon and Boeing through to Disney and John Deere so that should tell you all you need to know about its effectiveness.

You get 2 sizes to choose from, a 2 x 3 feet model or a larger 3 x 5-footer. There are 3 subtle colorways, too.

The way in which this mat is structures allows it to spring as you apply your weight then rebound as you shift around. By returning energy, you’ll feel less tired than usual even if you’re on your feet for a long time each day.

19. Standing Logic Standing Desk Mat


Our penultimate anti-fatigue mat comes from Standing Logic and you can opt for a 36 x 18 inch model or a larger 42 x 21 inch version if you have a more generous working space.

The memory foam is gel-like in construction and works similarly to a memory-foam mattress by remembering the contours of your feet. The top surface is nicely textured so you’ll get all the traction you need for a supportive and comfy day at work.

Polyurethane foam is durable and stain-resistant so this mat is as easy to clean as it is to use or store away when not pressed into commission.

If you’re not completely happy, you can call in a refund at any stage during the first 3 months so you can’t really ask for much more.

20. Amcomfy Anti-Fatigue Mat


Last but not least in our comprehensive selection of safety mats, the Amcomfy

We chose the mid-size version measuring 22 x 36 x 7/8 inches. This should give you more than adequate coverage although there’s both a larger and smaller version available if it doesn’t make the right fit.

100% polyurethane foam can be a serious weapon combating fatigue and it’s not only remarkably rugged but also a breeze to wipe down and keep spotless.

As with all the strongest anti-fatigue mats, you’ll be covered for either a refund or replacement if you’re in any way dissatisfied even if this falls outside the Amazon grace period.


With our reviews wrapped, we’ll tail off with a few pointers about how anti-fatigue mats help out when you’re using a standing desk and what to look for when buying one.

II. How Anti-Fatigue Mat Helps You In Standing When Working


As the name makes abundantly clear, the key selling point of anti-fatigue mats is reducing tiredness as you work away at a standing desk.

How is this achieved, though?

Maybe you’re thinking a simple mat can’t be much use, but there is some simply science backing up their effectiveness…

When your muscles become constricted, this forces blood to flow more slowly. As the heart starts working overtime to compensate, you end up tired as a result. This can translate in general aches and pains, as well as all-over fatigue.

Feet, legs, and back are the most common areas you’ll feel pain. An anti-fatigue mat could be your secret weapon if you make the modest investment.

This is one of the main drawbacks of standing desks if you don’t make proper provision. Standing on a hard surface for prolonged periods causes your leg muscles to become static in a simple effort to keep you upright.

With one of these mats, the muscles in your legs – particularly the calves – are coaxed into moving slightly. The scientific term for this is dynamic ergonomics and the result is blood flowing more easily back to the heart and normal bodily function returning.

You might be thinking that a few minor aches and pains are nothing compared to the back pain you experienced when sitting day in, day out. The problem is, more serious consequences lie ahead if you spend large chunks of time standing without adequate safety measures…

Over time, these aches and pains can develop into more chronic pain. Cumulative Standing Trauma (CST) can ensue when you continue like this unchecked.

Not only are you creating undue stress on your back, especially the spine, you’ll also suffer with your posture. Standing hunched over a desk, even a well-designed model, can cause your weight to be unevenly distributed. This, again, creates stress on the body.

CST can also provoke pronation and varicose veins.

Pronation occurs when your foot is flattened out excessively. This, in turn, results in pain in your heels and arches.

Varicose veins break out when blood stagnates in your lower extremities. This is a direct consequence of standing still for too long with your leg muscles not working as they should do.

Many reputable bodies give anti-fatigue mats their full backing. The National Safety Council along with risk managers, occupational nurses, hygienists and safety engineers all recommend using anti-fatigue mats.

Perhaps most pertinently of all, insurance companies strongly suggest using these safety mats. And, after all, insurance companies have a vested interest in protecting themselves from claims along with the evidence of repeated claims for these problems to back it up.

III. Anti-Fatigue Mat for Standing Desk Buyer Guide


Maybe you’re thinking, “But a mat is such a simple product. What can there possibly be to know about buying one?”

Of course, you’re right. They are by nature simple products. That said, when you’re looking to pick up a safety mat for this purpose, focusing on a few key elements can make the difference between something that lasts for years and something that ends up chucked in the closet.


What a mat is made from is arguably the most important element of all in your buying decision.

Anti-fatigue mats come in gel, foam, rubber or a combination of these materials.

If you’re looking for the best quality and you don’t mind digging a little deeper, polyurethane mats make a smart choice.

Think closely about intended usage and how long you’ll be using your mat for. If you only occasionally stand, you’ll have different needs to a remote worker spending all day stood up as they beaver away on the laptop.


We seldom bother listing out the dimensions of products, but with mats for standing desks, size matters.

As a rule of thumb, larger mats tend to be more comfortable.

Think about the surface you need to cover and also whether or not you tend to shuffle or pace around slightly when you’re working.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution, though. All you need to be concerned with is getting the sizing that works best for you.


It stands to reason thicker mats are comfier.

You should ideally shoot for a thickness of at least ½-inch if you’re an occasional user or ¾-inch if you plan to put your mat through its paces for more extended periods.

The inbuilt advantage of a thicker mat is durability.

So, if you’re shooting for comfort and a mat built to stay the distance, the thicker the better within reason.

Ease of Cleaning

Whether you stand on your mat in shoes, socks or barefoot, keeping on top of hygiene is a given.

Regardless of the material you choose, look for a mat that’s easy to wash so you don’t end up with your safety mat harboring decidedly unsafe bacteria. This is doubly important if your standing desk is installed in the kitchen around food and spillages.

Note: Once the upper layer of the mat becomes worn, cleaning won’t be so effective. At this point you should replace the mat.


Design is not one of the leading factors in the effectiveness of a mat but, obviously, if you are using the mat in your dining room or office, you won’t want it to clash with the décor.

Mats come in all colors, shapes and sizes so it’s not tough to find something that gels with the way your home is fitted out.


Perhaps because of the skepticism surrounding anti-fatigue mats, all the top manufacturers offer a pretty solid warranty.

More important that the length of the guarantee is whether or not you’ll be eligible for a refund if you don’t find that mat you buy serves its purpose. No-quibbles refunds are almost standard with this kind of safety mat. If you’re in any doubt over the wisdom of investing, this removes the unease from your purchasing decision so look out for a brand that offers your money back if you end up disappointed.

IV. Conclusion

Well, we trust you’ve found some handy pointers about using this type of anti-fatigue mat to complement your standing desk.

We’re not here to nudge you toward buying something you don’t want, but if you were questioning whether or not these mats even work, hopefully by now you can see they really do.

Since everyone has such differing needs, we tried to include as broad a cross-section of mats as possible so there should be something for all tastes and budgets.

And we mentioned, too, clean-up…

Well, come back next week as we’re just finishing up our testing of some of the best cordless vacuums currently available. These are the ultimate in convenience and can streamline the way you clean your mat and beyond so come back soon!

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