The Best Area Rugs & Mats for Kitchen


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No matter where in the world you’re located, the kitchen is the room of the home that gets the most use. Kitchens are well known as “the heart of the home”, and this one room tends to get more traffic than any other area of the house.

Kitchens don’t have to be plain and boring, especially since they get so much use. Whatever the shape or size of your kitchen, it can likely benefit from a good area rug.

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Standing on the hard and unforgiving surface of the kitchen floor for long periods of time while preparing meals and cleaning up after meals can strain your back and make your feet sore. A kitchen rug or mat that is “anti fatigue” has adequate padding that can alleviate this stress and make your time in the kitchen more enjoyable.

If you’ve got wood floors in the kitchen, you know that it is important to protect them from excess water. Even walking the same path over the floors throughout the years will wear the finish down in spots. To protect your floors from warping and wear and tear, area rugs are a great option. In addition to protecting your floors, the rugs will also help break the fall of dropped dishes, hopefully reducing the number of broken plates in your kitchen!

Our #1 Pick:Ottomanson Ottohome Collection Contemporary Bordered Design Non-Skid

The Ottomanson Ottohome Collection Contemporary Bordered Oval Area Rug is our top tick for kitchen area rugs. This rug comes in a great design and has many features you want in a kitchen rug, including a non-slip backing.

Runner-Up:Sky Mat, Comfort Anti Fatigue Mat

The Sky Solutions Sky Mat Comfort Anti Fatigue Mat is our runner up choice for kitchen area rugs. This is an anti-fatigue mat and it comes in a wide range of colors to suit your style.

Before we move on to our reviews of all the rugs we’ve selected, let’s look at some of the considerations you need to think about when purchasing a run for your kitchen.

I. How To Choose The Right Area Rugs & Mats For Kitchen

Many people think it is strange to put an area rug in a kitchen because it is an area that is prone to spills. We think adding an area rug to a kitchen is a fantastic idea, because it makes it feel more warm and inviting. Using a rug in your kitchen can be a great idea, but there are some things you need to think about before you commit to it

One of the first things you need to consider is size. As in other rooms of the home, there are common sizes of rugs used. You don’t want the rug to be too big for the space and overwhelm the kitchen, but you also don’t want it to be too small and look like a tiny island in the ocean of your room.


You’ll want to consider where in the room you are placing the rug. Do you want it to go in front of the sink to add comfort while doing the dishes? Perhaps in front of the stove, or in front of the island in the spot where you most often do your food preparation are ideal for you. If you’ve got a table in your kitchen, you might want to consider place in a rug underneath it to anchor the furniture in the room. Wherever you place the rug, you want to be sure that there is an even amount of space around all the sides of it. Take this into consideration when determining what size rug you want.

Along with the size, you need to consider the shape of the rug you want to use in your kitchen. Area rugs come in many different shapes, including oval, circle, rectangle and square. Obviously some of these shapes will fit in your kitchen better than others will, so determine what sort of look and feel you are going with and find the shape to suit your needs.

Choosing a rug that suits your style is just as important as getting on that fits properly in your space. There are a number of different decorating styles that are popular today, from minimalist to farmhouse, contemporary to industrial, and everything in between. You might think it will be tricky to find a rug that will fit into your décor, but you’ll be surprised at how many different options there are available.

Kitchens tend to be of simple design and color, and this give you a lot of room to play with color, pattern and texture when it comes to your area rugs. You can add a lot of personality to your room with a simple rug. If you’ve got a kitchen with white walls and simple wooden cabinets, go for a bold pop of color or a fun pattern.

If you need a rug to fill an area that is rather narrow, look for a rug that sports geometric designs like stripes. The design element will fool the eye into thinking the space is longer or wider than it actually is, and it will also add visual interest to the space.

On the other hand, if your kitchen is already whimsical in color and design, you might want to opt for a rug that is simple. Perhaps even just a plain block of color could be enough in this type of space.

The material of the rugs you use in your kitchen is as important as any other consideration. We will go over this in depth in a later section, but you should know that there are a great number of materials to choose from when it comes to area rugs that can be used in your kitchen.

You’ll want a rug that can withstand getting wet, but that is also easy to clean. Some rugs will absorb water and spills while others will wick them away. There are benefits and drawbacks to all options when it comes to materials used in these rugs, you’ll just have to go through and determine what matters the most to you.

Because the kitchen is an area of the home that tends to have hard floors, adding a soft piece of fabric like an area rug in this space can create a dangerous situation. The rug can slip on the floor and cause you to fall, resulting in injuries. Obviously, this will be even worse if you are carrying a pot of boiling water or a tray of glass dishes when you fall.

To reduce the risk of slipping and falling in the kitchen, look for rugs that have anti slip coating on the underside. Most rungs intended for use in the kitchen will have this feature, but some will not. You can buy a separate non-slip mat to go between the rug and your floor and this can add a layer of safety.

In some countries, people have low stoves or choose to cook in the floor. If this is your situation in your kitchen area, you can find sitting rugs that will meet your needs. These rugs can be simple woven fabrics, or you could even choose an anti-fatigue mat to cushion your spine and joints as you sit.

You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on your kitchen area rug, either. Some rugs will definitely be more expensive than others, and often these are made with higher quality materials. You do need to consider the price of the rugs though, and what your budget is for purchasing them – especially if you need more than one for your kitchen.

One of the last considerations you need to think about is whether or not your rugs are pet friendly. If you’ve got a cat or a dog, you know that they love to wait in the kitchen for scraps, and you want to be sure that the rug you use in the kitchen is safe for them as well as safe from them. The anti-fatigue mats we review can be scratched or damaged by pet claws, so be sure that you watch your animals closely when they are around your mats and area rugs in the kitchen.

II. Top 12 Best Area Rugs & Mats For Kitchen

In this section we will take a look at our top ten picks for the best area rugs for kitchens. You will find our opinions as well as the pros and cons of each of these selections in order to help you make a more informed choice.

1) Ottomanson Ottohome Collection Contemporary Bordered Oval Area Rug


Ottomanson is well known for their quality rugs, and you can be sure that their Contemporary Bordered Area Rug will hold up to their high standards.

You can find many varieties among the rugs from Ottomanson, but this particular rug is oval in shape and measures 2 x 5 feet. It is less than a quarter of an inch thick, so there’s minimal risk of tripping over it. Additionally, the bottom of the rug features a non-slip rubber coating to prevent slips and falls.

The rug is woven by machine and has a power-loomed construction. It is made from nylon that is of premium quality. The surface if the rug has been treated to be resistant to stains. The colors of this rug are long lasting as they are made to be fade resistant, and you won’t have to worry about threads pulling out because it is non-shedding. The edges of the rug are tightly bound for a clean look as well as to prevent unraveling.

This area rug is durable and is budget friendly. Should you not be pleased with your purchase for any reason, Ottomanson’s excellent customer service allows you to return it hassle free, and you will receive a full refund.

Things We Liked:

  • Large area rug, but without too much pile
  • The anti-slip, anti-fade and stain resistant features are great to have
  • Excellent customer service from the company

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • The rug is difficult to get straightened out if it becomes unwrinkled

2) Sky Solutions Sky Mat Comfort Anti Fatigue Mat


The Sky Mat Comfort Anti Fatigue Mat from Sky Solutions is a great solution to your tired feet and aching back in the kitchen. Featuring the company’s Sky Core Foam, you’ll get a blend of support, stability and softness that is just right.

The mat is rectangular in shape and measures 20 x 39 inches and is ¾ of an inch tall.

The meat features an advanced beveled edge that will prevent you from tripping over it, and the underside has a no slip grip for the same purpose.

Made from high-quality materials, you can be sure that there is no toxic smell from off-gassing. The material is easy to clean, and it won’t attract dirt or pet hair.

To suit your style, the mat comes in several different colors, so you can definitely find one that is right for you.

The Sky Mat is extremely durable, so it will be providing relief in the kitchen for years to come – and just in case something does happen, you and rest easy knowing that Sky Solutions offers a Lifetime replacement guarantee.

Things We Liked:

  • No worries about toxic materials or smells
  • Beveled edge and nonslip grip reduce tripping risk
  • Lots of colors to choose from

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Customers complain that the colored part tends to wear out too fast, but it doesn’t reduce the effectiveness of the mat

3) Ottomanson Ottohome Collection Floral Garden Area Rug


If you can’t tell by now, the Ottomanson brand is a good one when it comes to rugs, and the Floral Garden Area Rug from the Ottohome Collection makes a nice addition to our list.

As with nearly all of Ottomanson’s products, there is a plethora of sizes and shapes to choose from. For this specific rug we are looking at the one that is oval and measures 2 x 5 feet. The rug comes in at a thickness of less than a quarter of an inch, too.

Made from 100 percent polypropylene, the Floral Garden Area Rug is durable, and the fibers are resistant to fraying as well as staining. The power loomed construction ensures the threads are tightly woven, and the edges of the rug are strongly bound so that you never have to worry about the rug coming apart.

The rubber backing is securely attached to the rug and will ensure there is minimal risk of this rug causing slips while the low pile helps eliminate any tripping over this rug.

The floral design is beautiful and timeless. The serene colors are vibrant, but muted. The rug should fit well in almost any type of design and color scheme, and the fibers are not prone to fading.

Things We Liked:

  • Classic floral design
  • Enhanced durability thanks to the fade, stain and fray resistant properties
  • Nonslip backing provides safety

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • It takes time for the rug to lay flat once it is unpackaged, just be patient

4) Amazon Basics Premium Anti Fatigue Standing Comfort Mat


Amazon has gotten into the game when it comes to home products, and they are doing great. This Premium Anti Fatigue Standing Comfort Mat offered through Amazon Basics is a great option. Don’t let the budget friendly cost let you think that this mat is a knock off or not of great quality.

The comfort foam layer that make up the interior of the mat works to reduce joint pain and minimizes the stress on your back as you stand to cook and clean in the kitchen. The foam conforms to the contours of your feet as you stand, adding to your comfort.

The mat’s exterior surface features a non-slip base making it stay in place and reducing your risk of slipping while using the mat. The edges of the mat are beveled, and they won’t curl up and become a tripping hazard.

Sure to work with any décor, the mat is a rich dark brown color, and the surface is easy to clean. It is stain resistant and clean sup easily with soap and water. The mat repels water so you don’t have to worry about it becoming a soggy mess when used in front of the sink.

The mat is a rectangle in shape and measures 36 x 20 inches, and it is 1.2 inches thick.

Things We Liked:

  • Thick foam core is comfortable and helps reduce strain on joints and back
  • The mat is easy to clean
  • Nonslip surface makes the mat safe to use in the kitchen

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • The coating on the mat tends to begin peeling off after some use

5) Royal Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat


The ergonomic multiple-surface rug is a top rated choice in the category. There is no doubt though because it offers a luxurious feel and comfort.

For one, it has a lovely design that makes it pleasing to the eyes and matching to any decoration.

This rug is also ideal for different surfaces, so you can use it in the bathroom and other places in addition to the kitchen. You will also appreciate it comes with a waterproof construction, making it suitable for long lasting use.

In addition, the area rug also has the ideal dimensions of 20 x 39 x ¾ for a compact size to position in any area.

The Royal rug is also anti-fatigue, which makes it ideal for relieving up to 40% of pressure on your feet, knees and joints.

This rug not just aesthetically pleasing but also offered at an affordable price. If you want a multi-purpose and nice looking area rug for the kitchen, you should definitely take a look at this rug.

Things we liked

  • Waterproof to last longer
  • Luxurious look and comfort
  • Quality construction and nice design
  • Ergonomic multiple surface use
  • Anti fatigue to reduce pressure on the knees, feet and joint

Things we didn’t like

  • Some complaints about sliding on the floor

6) Kangaroo Original Standing Mat Kitchen Rug


The comfort flooring is another decent choice if you’re looking for a rug that will last long.  This item is made from a commercial-grade pad, so it is tried and tested for heavy-duty performance.

In addition to durability, the Kangaroo rug comes with a 10-year guarantee, one of the leaders in the industry. It is a no-hassle guarantee, ensuring a quick refund or a replacement.

Also, this area rug for the kitchen is non-toxic and contains no phthalate, ensuring of your loved ones health and safety.

This rug is also for good for standing up because it can reduce fatigue and pressure while you’re doing the dishes or working at your standing desk.

The mat is also thicker and is ergonomically designed, helping you stay comfortable while you’re standing up for a long period of time.  It is also with premium foam for superior support all the time.

Also, this rug is with a beautiful design to suit any decoration of your home. So it is not only supportive but also comfortable to use.

Things we liked

  • Waterproof for long-term and heavy-duty performance
  • Commercial-grade parts for quality
  • 10-year guarantee
  • Ideal for office use for a standup desk
  • Phthalate free and non-toxic

Things we didn’t like

  • Stuffs like flour can be hard to clean off its surface

7) Safavieh Rag Rug Collection Hand Woven Cotton Runner


If you like the idea of having a traditional hand woven rug in your home, look no further than Safavieh and the rugs that they sell. For over 100 years these rugs have been made from premium quality fabrics and materials and are still woven by hand by skilled artisans in India. It doesn’t get much more traditional than that!

This particular rug is woven from natural cotton fibers, and it is incredibly lightweight. In a modern rendering of American textile art, Safavieh brings us this expertly crafted Cotton Runner from their Rag Rug collection.

A mix of contemporary and classic, this rug should fit almost any style of décor in your home and can blend in with nearly all color palettes. There are many colors running through these rugs, but the most common are purples and grays.

You’ll find this rug in a rectangular shape measuring 72 x 27 inches and it is a little less than half an inch thick.

If using this rug on a hard surface floor, you will need to be sure there is something nonslip underneath it to prevent slips and falls.

Things We Liked:

  • Versatile design can be used in many décor settings
  • Created by skilled village artisans in India
  • Since it is handwoven, it is one of a kind

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Need to purchase additional nonslip product for safety

8) DII Contemporary Indoor Rag Rug


Handmade products are extremely popular these days, and if you like them then you can add this gorgeous rug to your list. The rugs are made from 100 percent recycled cotton, and they are lightweight and machine washable.

Each of these rugs will be slightly different in color variations as well as small differences in sizing among the rugs. Whatever your color palette or design scheme is, you are sure to find one of these rugs that will fit right in. Available in an impressive range of colors including gray, red checker, nautical blue, multicolor, yellow, black and various stripes; there truly is something for everyone.

Though all are different, the most common size is 24 x 36 inches, and they are usually around 1 inch thick. You can also purchase this rug in a variety of shapes, though most people prefer rectangle.

The rugs are reversible, which mean that there is no nonslip backing. To ensure your safety n the kitchen, you will want to purchase an additional nonslip mat to go under the rug to eliminate the risk of slipping on this rug.

Things We Liked:

  • Unique rugs, no two are the same
  • Machine washable makes them easy to care for
  • Wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes to choose from

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • The rug offers no non-slip backing, so it can be a slip hazard

9) NewLife By GelPro Anti Fatigue Comfort Kitchen Floor Mat


As we have covered already, an anti-fatigue mat is an excellent choice for use in the kitchen as many people spend long periods standing in place in this room. Using this type of mat can alleviate the stress on joints and make cooking a more enjoyable experience. The GelPro Anti Fatigue Comfort Kitchen Floor Mat from NewLife is just one of many great choices when it comes to this type of kitchen mat.

The inside of this mat is created with a layer of ergo-foam that is 5/8 of an inch thick. This core provides great support to the back and the joints while standing on the mat. The bottom of the mat has a non-slip surface to bring extra safety to the kitchen and will prevent slips and falls. Adding to the safety of the mat are the beveled edges. These edges won’t curl up which prevents tripping hazards from being present.

The mat is rectangle in shape and can be purchased in many different sizes from 18 x 30 inches up to 30 x 108 inches. You can also choose from multiple colors, and all of them have the appearance of grass cloth.

Things We Liked:

  • Wide range of sizes to choose from
  • GelPro foam core is comfortable
  • Mat is extremely durable

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • It can take time for the chemical smell to dissipate

10) KMAT Anti Fatigue Memory Foam Kitchen Mat


KMAT is another great choice when you’re looking for an anti-fatigue type mat for your kitchen. Many of these types of kitchen rugs are rubberized or made from some sort of hard material, but KMAT’s Anti-Fatigue Memory Foam Kitchen Mat is not.

The interior of this mat is made from Memory Foam that is thick and dense while still being soft and bouncy. The foam will give cushion to your feet while also reducing the stress on your joints. The mat’s exterior surface is covered in a smooth flannel material, and you can choose from a brown or a blue color.

The bottom of the mat features a rubberized anti slip coating to keep you safe from slips and falls in the kitchen. Should you choose to use this mat in front of the sink, you won’t need to worry about slipping in puddles of water either, thanks to the mat’s quick water absorption feature.

A simple yet attractive addition to any kitchen, this mat measures extra long at 47 x 17 inches, this mat is about ¾ of an inch thick, and it is rectangular in shape.

Making it easy to care for, the mat is also machine washable and resists deformation.

Things We Liked:

  • Memory foam makes the mat comfortable
  • Fabric construction instead of rubberized
  • Easy to clean in washing machine

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Cloth does tend to attract dirt and pet hair, so be prepared to launder often

11) Ottomanson Glamour Collection Contemporary Moroccan Trellis Kitchen Mat


Another selection from Ottomanson on your list is this Contemporary Moroccan Trellis Kitchen Mat from the Glamour Collection of area rugs.

This rug is available in a wide variety of colors including gray, brown, yellow, purple, pink orange and green. The Moroccan Trellis design is classic while still being modern. Because of the fade and stain resistant nylon fibers, you can be sure that the design will withstand the test of time.

There are several size selections as well, but we are partial to the 2 x 6 foot one that is in a rectangular shape. This one is less than a quarter of an inch thick, which is great because it won’t be a hazard for tripping and won’t get snagged under doors.

Made by machine in Turkey, this rug is tidily hemmed on all edges, ensuring that it won’t fray, shed or unravel and that it will look clean and neat on the kitchen floor.

This rug also has a rubber backing that helps to reduce the risk of you, your children or your pets slipping on the floor.

Things We Liked:

  • Easy to care for thanks to the stain and fade resistant nylon construction
  • No worries about slipping because of the rubber backing
  • Well hemmed to prevent fraying

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • The rug is not machine washable which makes it a bit more difficult to clean

12) Safavieh Natural Fiber Collection Hand Woven Jute Area Rug


Safavieh brings a beautiful selection to our list in this Woven Jute Area Rug from their Natural Fiber Collection.

Made from Jute, a natural vegetable fiber, this area rug is hand woven by skilled artisans in India. This rug is of excellent quality. It is rectangular in shape and will cover an area that is 36 x 24 inches. Thicker than many other options, this rug is half an inch in depth. There is no non-slip grip on the bottom of the rug, as it is reversible. To prevent the rug from sliding and reduce the tripping hazard, you will want to add a layer of nonslip fabric beneath it.

The earthy and serene natural colors of the jute will blend in well to any style of décor including casual, farmhouse, contemporary and coastal. If you prefer bright hues, then Safavieh has options for that as well. This rug lends itself well to being layered with other rugs, too. Whatever your look, this area rug will fit in well.

Things We Liked:

  • Eco-friendly since it is made from fibers that are natural and sustainable
  • Hand woven by skilled artisans
  • Beautiful and works well with any décor and style

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • The rug gets dirty easily, so you will need to lift it and clean around it on a regular basis.

III. What Is The Best Material For Area Rugs

Colorful rug on floor in kitchen

As we said in an earlier section, there are a number of materials used to manufacture area rugs. In this section we will go over some of the materials and their characteristics, and we will also talk about which materials are best suited for use in the kitchen.

No matter what material the rug is made from, it will fall under one of two categories – natural or synthetic.

Synthetic fibers are better suited to areas that get a lot of foot traffic and they are generally stain resistant. They hold up well over time and do well in kitchens. Additionally, rugs made from synthetic fibers are less expensive than their rugs made from natural fibers.

When you are looking for a rug made from synthetic materials, look for nylon, polypropylene or polyester rugs.

Nylon is great for high traffic areas, it is great at resisting dirt and stains but hides them well if they do occur and it is strong and long lasting.

Polypropylene is also known as Olefin, and it is not as great as other choices for high traffic areas, however it is easy to clean, and it resists moisture.

Polyester rugs can feel plush and they are incredibly fade resistant, they are also simple to clean and care for and they work well in areas with a lot of traffic.

Rugs made from natural fibers are softer and cozier than ones made with synthetics. They are not the best choice for high traffic areas though and will need special care and attention, especially when it comes to cleaning them. You will find some rugs that do great in kitchens, though, so don’t scratch natural fibers off your list just yet.

Among the natural fibers you will find in area rugs, the most common include wool, cotton and jute.

Wool and Wool Blends are surprisingly durable when used in areas of high traffic and they can bring a cozy and soft feel to a room, just be aware that they tend to shed a lot when they are new.

Cotton rugs also fare well in high traffic places, just know that these rugs are not resistant to staining so they will need to be laundered often. Cotton rugs are soft and durable and can often be found in a variety of colors to suit your tastes.

Jute is a natural fiber that is usually hand woven into area rugs. The fibers of Jute require special care, so it isn’t suitable for high traffic areas and you shouldn’t put a Jute rug under something heavy (like your table). Jute is soft though, and you can find it in a variety of beautiful natural colors.

These are not the only materials you will find woven into area rugs for your kitchen, but they are the ones that are most commonly found. Be sure to check the durability of the material and fibers when you are shopping for your rug.

Generally, kitchen area rugs will see a lot of foot traffic, so you’ll want to use a rug that can stand up to the abuse it will see day in and day out.

IV. Benefit Of Kitchen Area Rugs & Mats

Kitchens can tend to feel rather sterile and clinical due to their simple designs and colors used. These days it is popular to have nearly everything be white. White walls, floors, cupboards and counters can make it feel like you’re in a hospital setting rather than a place where you are loving and caring for your family by filling their bellies.

This can get old pretty fast, and it can make cooking and cleaning feel like more of a chore than it already is.

One way to liven up your kitchen is with pops of color, and an area rug is a fantastic way to achieve this. If you tend to have a monochromatic color scheme throughout your home, it is visually interesting to add color, texture and patterns throughout.

In the kitchen, consider a simple color block area rug. If you’re okay with patterns, look for stripes or something that can span all decorating styles and trends. Perhaps your kitchen is more rustic or farmhouse in style, if so look for an area rug that has a natural look to it.

Another benefit to having an area rug in the kitchen is for protection. Your antique hardwood floors might be an interesting focal point in your kitchen, but you know that they are vulnerable to water and traffic. Using area rugs can protect your floors from spills by the sink as well as being worn out in the usual walking paths.

Area rugs also offer protection to your feet from the chilliness of the floor below. Whether your home is built on a lifted crawl space or on a concrete slab, you know that the floors can get incredibly cold during the winter months. To reduce the amount of chill you feel while working in the kitchen, you can stand on an area rug.

You don’t have to be a clumsy butterfingers to drop dishes and break them, when they are wet and soapy at the sink, it is difficult to keep a good grip on them. Knowing that you are going to drop a dish on occasion, doesn’t it make sense to provide a cushion for the fall? Using an area rug in front of the sink can help to break the fall of dishes when you drop them. It won’t always prevent your dishes from shattering, but it will work sometimes. Save yourself the trouble of sweeping up broken glass and get an area rug to place in front of the sink.

When you spend any amount of time in the kitchen, you know that the hard floor is quite unforgiving to your back and adds unnecessary stress on your joints. As working in the kitchen is something that must be done, you are surely on the lookout for some way to alleviate this painful situation. An area rug could be the answer to your problems.

Area rugs can add a bit of cushion to the floor, reducing the stress on your joints, but it will honestly be minimal relief. If you really want to feel better as you work in the kitchen, you need to get some anti-fatigue mats. There are basic and premium selections when it comes to these kinds of mats, but you don’t need to break the bank to get great support and comfort in the kitchen.

Anti-fatigue mats are typically filled with some sort of foam, often memory foam. This foam adds stability and cushion while being supportive to your body while you work. Memory foam conforms to the shape of your feet, cradling them while you work. Some mats have thin layers of cushioning while others have thick foam pads inside.

Most anti-fatigue mats are quite a bit thicker than traditional area rugs and some can create a tripping hazard. Look for one that has beveled edges and one that promise the corners won’t roll up over time. These features reduce the risk of trips and falls, making them a safe addition to the kitchen.

Using an area rug in your kitchen can also be a good way to trick your self and others into thinking things are different than they are. If you’ve got ugly flooring that should have been left in the 1980’s you can obscure it with cute and colorful area rugs. If your room is small or narrow, you can add visual interest with stripes and geometric shapes to make the room appear larger or longer. If your floor is not entirely level, toss an area rug over the bumps or divots and hide them from the unsuspecting eye.

While it might seem unnatural to have an area rug in the floor of your kitchen, there are many benefits to doing this instead of leaving your floors bare. If you don’t mind the upkeep, using rugs and mats can make your kitchen feel like a whole new place, and can add a bit more of your personality into an otherwise boring room.

V. How To Clean A Kitchen Area Rug?

When you’ve just got hard floors like tile, wood, vinyl or laminate it can be fairly easy to keep them clean. Simply keep them swept and mope them as necessary and you’ve got no issues.

Add an area rug to this though, and you’re giving yourself a whole new task to keep up with. Some rugs are simple to clean, but a lot of area rugs require special care and attention. If you don’t care for them properly you could render them useless and then you’d be back to your boring kitchen.

In this section we will go over basic care instructions for the most common area rugs, to help you get the most out of the ones you have in your kitchen. Keep reading to learn how to clean your kitchen area rug.

First you need to know what type of fabric your area rug is made from. Synthetic fibers and natural fibers have different requirements when it comes to cleaning, so you must be aware of this, so you don’t damage your rugs.

Many area rugs made with synthetic fibers can be washed in your washing machine. If this is suitable for your rug, follow these steps.

  • Take your rug outside and shake it off. You are doing this to get all the crumbs and dirt out of the rug.
  • If there are any stains on your rug, pretreat them with stain remover.
  • Adjust the settings on your washing machine to meet the requirements listed on your rug’s label. If there is no label, turn your washer’s dial to warm water and a gentle wash setting.
  • Add your rug and your detergent to the washer and let the rug go through the cycle.
  • When it is time for the rinse cycle, add a cup of vinegar to the machine to deodorize the rug.
  • If your rug is safe to go in the dryer, place it in the dryer on a low setting. If you are unsure if it can go in the dryer, err on the side of caution and lay it flat to dry

If your rug cannot be washed in the washing machine, you can wash it by hand. If you’re not sure what fabric your rug is made from, this is likely the safest option. Follow these steps.

  • Again, you will want to first shake all the dust and crumbs from you rug. If your rug is exceptionally dirty, you can run a vacuum over it before moving on to the washing steps.
  • Fill your bathtub with warm water, and make sure it is enough water to cover the area rug.
  • Using mild color safe detergent (Dreft or Woolite are good choices), add some to the water in the tub and mix it in using your hand.
  • Fold your rug up like an accordion and place it in the tub.
  • Use the folded rug to your advantage and push on it to force the water and soap into the crevices of the rug.
  • You can use a stiff bristled brush to scrub at areas that are stained, too.
  • Drain the tub and refill with clean water. Use this water to rinse you rug clean from the soap.
  • Drain the tub and fill with water and one cup on vinegar. The vinegar will again remove any odors in the rug.
  • Drain the tub and try to squeeze out all the excess water from the rug.
  • Hang on the clothesline or from the shower curtain rod to drip dry.

Cleaning a rug doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does take work. With proper care and cleaning your rugs will last a lot longer in your kitchen.

VI. Conclusion

After reading this guide, you can now see that there are a number of benefits to having an area rug in your kitchen. Not only can it make your kitchen feel warmer and inviting, but it can also give your back and joints some relief when it comes to pain. Additionally, rugs can add protection from cold floors, they can keep your floors protected and they can reduce broken dishes.

Adding a rug to a kitchen can seem like an easy task, but there is actually a lot of thought that needs to go into this decision. You can’t just plop down any old rug, you need to make careful considerations to ensure it is the right rug for your space.

Like we said, go over your measurements, your design scheme and your color palette when choosing your rug. Consider the amount of foot traffic you will be getting over the rug and think about what it will take to keep the rug clean and looking nice for years to come.

If you are willing to put forth the effort it takes to have a rug in the kitchen, you will surely be pleased by the ambiance and increased comfort level your kitchen receives because of it.

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