The Best Bark Collar For Small Dogs: A Top 10 2021 Review


It’s only natural for dogs to bark but what about if your furry friend just doesn’t know when to stop? This is exactly why anti-bark collars were designed and there’s no need to suffer from incessant and needless barking when you can train your dog with relative ease.

There are different types of bark collars. Some rely on delivering an electric shock when your dog is not behaving well or barking too much, some on spraying scents that the dog might find unpleasant (often called a Citronella collar), and some that emit a sharp beep that can control your dog’s bad behavior. Each type of bark collar provides some sort of behavior control and negative reinforcement to your dog while being completely safe for them.

With the best bark collar, you’ll also remain confident your dog will continue to avoid barking unnecessarily when you’re not at home. If you’ve got neighbors in close proximity and you don’t want to spoil your friendship, you can take action and invest in one of these collars so your furball won’t play up while you’re at work or away from them

Anti-bark collars come in a variety of styles. Some induce small and safe static shocks while others rely on a combination of audible beeps and vibration. Today, our core focus is on collars to fit small and medium dogs. This is a reasonably broad band with weights from 8 pounds through 55 pounds and neck sizes as small as 6 inches up to a maximum of 22 inches qualifying a dog as small to medium. If your dog is at the smaller end of those guidelines, we’d strongly suggest a collar weighing less than 5oz so he doesn’t feel burdened. Heavy collars can not only cause them discomfort but if your dog is one of those breeds that doesn’t grow large, it might also cause health abnormalities in the long run. With medium dogs, you can step the weight up to 15oz without a problem. We’ve listed out the weights of all these collars so you can see at a glance which would be most suitable.

How long should a small dog be exposed to a bark collar for? There are no fixed rules but in our experience, 1 to 2 hours perhaps 2 or 3 times a day is more than enough.

We’ll jump right in now with our reviews and the 10 most effective collars of the wide array we tested out. We’ll then round out with some handy hints as usual.

I. Top 10 Best Bark Collar for Small Dogs

1. Our #1 Pick:PetSafe Elite – The Best Bark Collar for Small Dogs (5 oz)


Our standout winner overall is the PetSafe Elite. This variant of the collar is labelled Little Dog and it’s designed for puppies as small as 8 pounds right through to mid-sized dogs of 55 pounds. This gives you plenty of leeway and is a great long-term collar option if you have a smaller dog that won’t grow larger than 50 pounds.

Progressive static correction gives your dog increasingly sharper shocks – all at a perfectly safe level – if he doesn’t respond and keeps barking excessively. If this doesn’t prove enough, the collar shuts off after 80 seconds so you can intervene manually and soothe your beloved pet.

Don’t worry, there’s no complex programming involved, the static steps up automatically. There’s no danger of the collar being triggered by the barking of other dogs either.

Submersible to 5 meters, you’ll be perfectly fine taking your dog for his walk along the beach without fearing him taking a sudden dip and ruining your new investment. This water-resistant feature of the collar ensures that outdoor activities are perfectly safe and will neither ruin the collar nor pose any danger of electrocuting your dog.

Pretty much the perfect bark collar for small dogs, you can expect to see swift results and better behavior in just a few days so why not treat yourself and your neighbors and keep that annoying barking to an absolute minimum?

Things We Like

  • Easily tweak this collars through 10 gradations of static correction
  • Fully waterproofed collar ideal for all activities
  • Works well for small or medium sized dogs up to 55 pounds

Things We Dislike

  • Doesn’t make such a good fit with longer-haired dogs

2. Also Great:DogRook Dog Bark Collar (1.6 oz)


The DogRook bark collar is non-static shock model so if you’re not confident this will work with your dog, check out one of the more direct collars.

If you prefer to persuade your beloved pet more gently, you’ll benefit from 7 progressive stages of sound and vibration to coax him toward barking more appropriately.

This updated version of the collar comes with a tweaked chip to minimize interference from other dogs barking and also to allow you to use the collar with any breed or size of dog. Weighing just 1.6oz, it make a smart choice for smaller dogs.

You won’t need to worry yourself about static shocks potentially hurting your dog either since the DogRook is another model harnessing sound and vibration for a shock-free training experience. This adjustable collar can also be fitted on small dogs without causing too much of a burden or being too tight around their necks.

Weatherproofed, fully adjustable and boasting reflective stripes to ramp up safety if you’re outside at night, this is an inexpensive and effective training collar well worth popping on your shortlist.

Things We Like

  • Multiple progressive beeps and vibration
  • Comes with reflective stripes perfect for nighttime walks
  • Generous 1-year warranty and complete satisfaction guarantee

Things We Dislike

  • Some issues with fitment so think closely about how resistant your dog is to wearing collars

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3. PetYeah Dog Bark Collar (3.4oz)


This rebooted version of the PetYeah anti-bark collar gives you a great deal of flexibility in an eye-catching and lightweight unit.

You can choose from the collar emitting an audible buzz when your dogs barks excessively if you want to try teaching him to behave and not indulge in unwanted behaviors without static shock. If you need the added correction, you can tweak things through 5 different levels so start at the low end and ramp things up if your dog continues to raise Cain.

This collar runs on an integrated USB-rechargeable battery. You’ll only need a couple of hours to impart a full burst of charge then you can expect a full 10 days of use.

This training device works well for most sizes and breeds of dog down to little 8-pound pooches at the lower end up to beefier canine as large as 120 pounds. In terms of neck size, the collar fits dogs from 8 inches to 24 inches around the neck.

With a flexible system of correction and all the safety features you need combined with a robust and long-lasting collar, the PetYeah is a powerful ally in the quest to stop your dog from barking excessively.

Things We Like

  • Intelligent testing mode allows to make certain the collar is effectively operating at all times
  • Automatic protection inbuilt with collar stopping correction if barking continues
  • Dual training options offering both audible beeps and static shock with 5 levels of intensity

Things We Dislike

  • Customer service could be improved

4. PetSafe Remote Spray Trainer


Static shock anti-bark collars are not to everyone’s taste so if you’re looking for a humane alternative but not entirely convinced about spray collars, PetSafe has you covered.

You will benefit from a spray option with both citronella and unscented cartridges available. If this doesn’t work, though, you can supplement your training with either vibration or an an audible tone giving you maximum choice from one device.

The correction is controlled from a handy remote with a range of up to 300 YARD. This makes the collar tailor-made whether your dog is roaming out in the park, down on the beach or in a large back yard.

The collar accommodates dogs as small as 8 pounds up to bigger breeds with necks as large as 27 inches around giving you a great deal of scope.

With rechargeable batteries averaging 40 hours of use and cartridges delivering up to 35 metered sprays, this is an effective and user-friendly method of training your dog not to bark inappropriately. The collar is also resistant to false triggers because of the sensors on it that prevent it from getting triggered by the barking of other dogs.

Things We Like

  • Great humane spread of correction options with spray, audible tone and vibration
  • Both scented and unscented spray cartridges included to get you going right out the box
  • Backlit remote ideal for nighttime use

Things We Dislike

  • Might not work well for more wilful and disobedient dogs

5. PetSafe Basic Bark Control Collar (3.5oz)


A pocket-friendly no bark collar from industry legend PetSafe, this basic model gives you everything you need and nothing you don’t.

You can switch up through 6 levels of static correction so get started with the lower shock level and see how your dog responds. If he still continues barking when he shouldn’t, dial your way through the levels and you should notice a marked improvement in behavior.

A smooth fit with tiny breeds or large dogs like German Shepherds, you’ve got all bases covered regardless of your pet’s size. It will be triggered by the barking sound of your dog, no matter what size he is.

The bright red collar is fully waterproofed and will stand up to plenty of punishment outdoors without letting you down.

With rock-solid customer service and a price you’ll love, check out this no bark collar at your earliest convenience.

Things We Like

  • Wide choice of 6 levels of correction so works with all temperaments of dogs even the most stubborn
  • 50 second auto shut-off is a valuable safety feature
  • Fits dogs up to a hulking 28-inch neck size

Things We Dislike

  • A few reported issues with quality control

Top 20 Best Dog Training Collars

6. Modus Anti Barking Device, Ultrasonic Dog Bark Deterrent


Not everyone wants a static shock collar for training purposes so what alternatives do you have with small dogs?

Well, this humane ultrasonic anti-bark collar should have your furball making much less noise so how does it work?

Unlike a collar, this freestanding device can also be worn on your wrist to prevent loss when you’re outdoors. When activated, the device emits an ultra-high frequency sound. You won’t be able to hear it but your dog’s super-sensitive ears will find it intensely irritating without being painful.

Range extends to just under 20 feet so this device is best used at home or on walks when your dog is close at hand.

As with all training devices, you should use positive reinforcement alongside this type of correction. In tandem, these therapies can prevent your dog from raising Cain and keeping the neighbors up all night.

Crowned by a rock-solid 2-year limited warranty, this might be the smartest investment you make this year.

Things We Like

  • Combine training and bark control in one compact device
  • Humane ultrasonic correction with no static shock
  • Exceptional 2-year warranty removes sting from purchase

Things We Dislike

  • Might not work as well with particularly stubborn dogs

7.  SportDOG No-Bark Collar 10R (9 oz, for Medium Dogs)


SportDOG has a stranglehold on the training collar vertical and the enduringly popular 10R might be expensive but it gets the job done in fine style.

If you’re not completely comfortable with the concept of static shock collars, we’re not here to persuade you otherwise. Indeed, we’d strongly recommend you choose a sound and vibration collar unless you have no issue with these safe and low-level shocks.

For dogs prone to barking uncontrollably, there’s little substitute for progressive static shocks and it won’t take many days for your canine to learn when he should quit barking.

This is a substantially heavier collar at 9oz and it’s ideally suited for medium dogs rather than really tiny breeds.

From build quality and consistency of delivery through brand heritage and gentle but effective static shocks, this is a class-leading collar that won’t disappoint and won’t fail to deliver.

Things We Like

  • 3 modes and 10 static shock levels to train even stubborn dogs when to bark and when to refrain from barking
  • Submersible to fully 25 feet so perfect if you live near the beach
  • 3 minute auto shut-off so your dog won’t be continuously barraged with static shocks

Things We Dislike

  • Certainly not a cheap anti-bark collar but among the very best

8. Dogtra No-Bark Collar (12 oz, for Medium Dogs)


Tailing off our quest for the best no bark collar for small dogs, we’ve thrown in another option for breeds verging toward medium-sized just to make sure we cover all bases.

Make no mistake, this collar is substantial so if you’ve got a tiny lapdog, you’re better off giving it a swerve. For medium dogs, though, this anti-bark collar makes a great fit.

One of the key selling points is a precursive vibration which gives your dog the chance to mend his behavior and stop barking before the ensuing shock kicks in. You’ll get 6 intensity levels for static shocks so you can easily manipulate the collar to suit the temperament of your furry friend.

If you don’t mind spending a little to get a rugged, durable collar and you need a little more direct training than sound/vibration collars offer, we can’t recommend the Dogtra highly enough.

Things We Like

  • Early warning of vibration before shock to give your dog the opportunity to learn without being exposed to harsher treatment if he complies
  • Works with dogs as small as 10 pounds and fits neck sizes from 9 inches through 20 inches
  • Sensor is sensitive enough to differentiate between barking and ambient noise

Things We Dislike

  • Better suited to dogs at the upper end of the medium size bracket

9. POP VIEW Small Bark Collar (about 4.8 oz)


POP VIEW offer a pocket-friendly entry-point if you’re looking for a no-bark collar and you’re operating on a tighter budget.

The key selling point of this collar is that it sidesteps static shocks using instead a combination of sounds and vibrations to gently and humanely educate your dog when they should stop barking. How does it work, though?

The collar picks up on your dog’s vocal chords moving then delivers a series of beeps followed up by vibrations to show your dog he should ease back.

A lightweight collar with universal sizing making it a great fit for small dogs of any breed, this weatherproofed and inexpensive humane collar is a refreshing find.

If you’re still questioning whether this collar will actually work to inhibit your dog from barking too much, you’ll benefit from a 30-day money back guarantee removing any niggles from purchase. What have you got to lose?

Things We Like

  • Universal size makes this one of the most versatile bark collars on the market
  • Less than 5oz and suitable for small dogs of all breeds
  • Made from robust nylon webbing, this collar can withstand wind, rain and extremely high temperatures

Things We Dislike

  • Battery life and overall lifespan could be improved

10. POP VIEW No-Shock Dog Bark Collar (2.4 oz)


Another model from POP VIEW up next for all your bargain-hunting pet owners out there.

When it comes to anti-bark dog collars, the main choice you face is between static shock and a combination of sounds/vibration. While rated perfectly safe for use, maybe you just don’t like the idea of giving your furball any kind of shock. If that’s the case, this humane training collar is tailor-made.

Many owners find the vibration more effective than the audible warnings. In some instances, users have complained of the sounds actually provoking their dog to bark more. If your dog is particularly aggressive (this is often a problem with rescues, as they are more prone to being triggered by noises), a sound collar might not work well for your needs. 

If you’re looking to bring your dog into line without hiring a trainer or spending a fortune, give POP VIEW a chance and you might be pleasantly surprised at the results.

Things We Like

  • Train your dog with 7 progressive stimulation levels harnessing audible beeps and vibration in place of static shocks
  • Comes in a choice of eye-catching colorways so your dog will look great
  • Perfect for small dogs from 11 pounds upward

Things We Dislike

  • Unimpressive battery life

You should now have a solid overview of the best no bark collar for small dogs so your buying journey should already be off to a flying start.

We’ll look now at how these collars actually work…

II. How Does A Bark Collar Work?

The way in which bark collars work depends on the type of collar in question.

There are 4 main categories of no-bark collars:

  • Electric Static Shock Collar
  • Ultrasonic Collar
  • Vibration Collar
  • Spray Collar

For small dogs, we’ve focused purely on static shock collars and combination collars offering sound and vibration so we’ll break down those after looking at how they work regardless of type…

When your dog starts barking, the collar picks up on this and sends a warning so your dog gets the message he needs to stop before getting progressively stronger inducements to quit.

Electric Static Shock Collar

Think about the type of shock you get when you walk over a carpet then touch fingers with someone or when you reach for a door knob and get that burst of static.

This is the first thing to clear up about this type of collar since many people get the wrong idea and imagine the level of shock is much harsher than it really is.

That said, you might not feel comfy using this kind of treatment on your dog in which case you should consider one of the sound/vibration collars we looked at today instead.

With static shock collars, functionality varies from model to model but the principle remains the same…

When the collar detects your dogs vocal chords moving, a small shock is delivered. This type of collar normally has a number of progressive levels stepping up in intensity. Again, this doesn’t mean your dog will suddenly be jolted with a brutal burst, just that the shock becomes gradually bolder until your pet hopefully gets the message and stops barking.

With this type of collar, you’ll usually get auto shut-off so all shocks cease after perhaps 2 or 3 minutes. This is invaluable if you use the collar when you’re not at home to intervene.

Sound/Vibration Collar

A sound and vibration collar harnesses exactly the same core concept but with a twist…

In place of a static shock, your dog’s excessive barking will be corrected with a combination of ultrasonic sound audible only to them along with accompanying vibration to reinforce the message.

This kind of collar is also commonly known as a humane no-bark collar.

III. Guide to Choosing the Right Bark Control Collar for your Small Dogs


A collar might seem on the surface a remarkably simple product but when it come to training a smaller dog to stop barking incessantly, it’s worth making certain you get the right collar for the job.

Take these simple pointers into account and you’ll maximize your chances of getting the most appropriate training collar for your requirements.

Type of Collar

First thing’s first, consider which type of no-bark collar would best gel with your preferences and the needs of your dog.

A static shock collar gives the most defined correction but you need to be comfortable with the idea of your beloved pet receiving a small shock. We’re not here to push you toward that type of training device if you’re not convinced and there are several other options.

We looked at collars combining ultrasonic sound and vibration for a gentler approach. You can also buy no-bark collars with only sound or only vibration.

The other option is a citronella spray collar.

These are less common but still pretty effective. These collars spray a small burst of Citronella scented spray near your dog’s nose. Dogs absolutely despise the smell, and this conditions them into keeping calm if they’re expecting the smell when they get too hyper or loud.

Once you’ve got the type of collar clear, it’s time to think about dimensions…

Comfort and Weight

For small dogs, try to limit the weight of the collar to 5oz. Any bulkier than this and your tiny pooch is likely to feel overburdened.

With medium dogs you can step up the weight to around 15oz before you furball starts to feel the collar is an encumbrance.

Check that the material and fit of the collar doesn’t generate bad press from users with regard to comfort. Even if your dog will only be wearing the collar for limited periods, it’s essential he doesn’t feel irritated.

As well as the weight of the collar, you should check that the models on your shortlist are suitable for dogs weighing the same as yours. Think, too, about whether you’ve got a puppy or smaller dog likely to grow and factor this into the equation.

Neck Size

The neck sizes of dogs vary dramatically.

Smaller dogs with necks as little as 6 inches can wear these no-bark collars without any risk of them slipping off.

At the upper range with brawnier medium-sized hounds, most collars cater for neck sizes as chunky as 20 inches.

Think About The Temperament of Your Dog

Linked to the type of collars we mentioned above, you should think about how your dog behaves in general when you’re looking into any training device.

A compliant lap dog and a willful and stubborn medium-sized dog resistant to instruction need to be treated differently. What works for a meeker, more obedient dog is likely to fail dismally with a more forceful canine.

If you find your dog needs a firmer hand, there’s little substitute for a static shock collar with progressive settings. You’ll find it won’t be long and he learns the benefit of holding off on the needless barking and your job is done.

Sidestep Single Setting Collars

We mentioned progressive settings and one thing you should avoid is single setting collars. This type of all-or-nothing method doesn’t work as well as a collar offering a range of customizable settings that ramp up the intensity if required.

A lot of these collars also come with remote control options due to the advancement in design and technology, so you don’t have to worry about false corrections or false triggering.

Pay Attention To Batteries

Last but not least, check if the batteries are rechargeable or if you need to keep buying disposable batteries. The cost of these can soon mount.

You should also think twice about manufacturers who attempt to lock you into buying their own proprietary batteries. If you’re committed to buying from a single source, you won’t be able to shop around and get the best deal and might end up spending more than you bargained for.


We’ll round out with 5 of the most frequently asked questions by pet owners looking to invest in a dog collar for their smaller dog.


1) Is a static shock dog collar safe for my small dog?

While the Humane Society rates the shock collar as the “least humane” of the options on the market, these collars do not deliver undue pain and they’re certainly safe. You should nevertheless ease your dog in gently. You should also avoid leaving the collar on your dog for extended periods. 1 to 2 hours a day for no more than 2 or 3 sessions is the general guidelines for safe use. Anything longer than this will be unnecessary for your dog and might end up stressing out your pet.

2) What is the primary purpose of a training collar?

The underlying point of these collars is to educate your dog to behave properly with regard to barking excessively. Barking is perfectly natural and a part of any dog’s innate behavior. What needs arresting is unnecessary barking and these collars can address that issue head-on.

3) What do I need to bear in mind when buying a collar for a small dog?

You should think first and foremost about the weight of the collar. No training device will be effective in the long-term if it’s uncomfortable. The dog will be resistant and might even attempt to get the collar off. It could also work its way loose if it’s not a proper fit. Make sure you don’t get an overly intense collar, such as one meant for large and aggressive dogs. Small dogs need to be treated gently and training them is no different. A large collar with higher intensity shocks meant for large dogs might end up hurting your small dog.

4) Is it safe to leave my small dog unattended with a no-bark collar?

It is but you should avoid leaving the dog day and night with the collar on. They should not be worn around the clock so while it’s OK to leave it on for a few hours when you pop out, you’re better off avoiding it when you’re likely to be out for the entire day.

5) What neck sizes are no-bark collars for small dogs suitable for?

Since small dogs vary in neck size from breed to breed, these collars fit a very broad range of sizings. Most start off catering for necks as small as 6 inches extending to 20 inches or more at the upper end.

V. The Pros and Cons of Bark Collars

While there needs to be a way of disciplining your dog when it’s acting out and barking too much, not every method is going to be the right amount of effective in giving your dog what he needs without putting him through some harm. 

While bark collars are widely used by both dog owners and trainers in the industry, they come with their share of pros and cons that you need to consider before you get one. It should be noted that bark collars are considered safe for your dogs and the number of pros far outweigh the number of cons. 


A bark collar for small dogs will come with a number of advantages provided you use them correctly.

The first and the most obvious advantage is that it will teach your dog to behave properly. Through the use of negative reinforcement, your dog will learn that the collar only punishes it when it’s acting a certain way, and it will learn to understand that these are negative behaviors that should be avoided. 

Bark collars are extremely customizable according to the needs of your dog. For example, if you have a small dog, you can turn the shock factor down on an electric collar to make sure that it doesn’t hurt him. Other bark collars, like the ones that work with citronella sprays, can also be customized according to your needs. 

Besides the intensity of the punishment, bark collars can also be customized according to their effective distance. The option to control them remotely is a great way for dog owners to ensure proper behavior in their dogs even when they’re not in the immediate vicinity. 


Although bark collars for small dogs are a great way to ensure that your dog doesn’t bark too much or engage in other kinds of misbehavior, there are a few cons associated with them that shouldn’t be ignored.

Some collars, especially shock collars, aren’t considered a very humane way to teach dogs the right way to behave. For example, shock collars might be considered hurtful to dogs, and many trainers prefer a system that relies more on positive reinforcement and reward systems instead of negative reinforcements and punishments. 

Although the technology behind dog collars has come a long way, there might be some mishaps where false triggers are noticed, which might end up confusing your dog. 

VI. Conclusion

We hope by now you’re fully equipped with all the facts you need to get the right no-bark collar for your smaller dog.

You should also have a sound overview of which type of collar would best suit you and also what to look out for when you’re buying one.

Remember, as we pointed out earlier, that you should use a collar weighing 5oz or less if you’ve got a much smaller breed while you can step up to no-bark collars as weighty as 15 pounds if you’ve got a more robust medium-sized dog.

Don’t forget to bookmark ThePrinceLa as your go-to resource for everything related to your home, inside and out. We strive to bring you nothing but the very best products and our reports come after extensive testing. Only then do we choose the strongest of all the options we put through their paces.

We hope that this article about the best bark collar for small dogs has helped you make an informed decision about which of these options will be the right fit for you. If you’re interested in similar topics, feel free to check out our other articles, reviews, and buying guides!

Our goal is to save you time and money so come back any time you’re stuck on your buying decision for a new household product and you want some honest, impartial advice.

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