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Dog training takes on many forms and using a bark collar with remote is rather different from the automatic correction devices on the market. Rather than shocks being delivered when the collar picks up movements from your dog’s vocal chords, with this type of collar you need to manually administer correction.

If you’re looking for an automatic collar instead, we’d strongly recommend the SportDOG 10R. Remember, your dog should wear these collars for no more than 1 to 2 hours at a time so a remote control collar solves this problem by eliminating that automatic correction.

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With the remote controlled type, though, when your dog is barking excessively or otherwise misbehaving, all you need to do is activate the simple remote and a static shock is delivered. We’ll look below at how this works but you can also find collars capable of producing ultrasonic beeps and vibrations. Many of these collars come with all functions including static shock rolled into one device.

You might also see these remote collars called dog training collars but they refer to exactly the same form of device. We’ll get right down to business now with 6 of the most capable collars in a crowded market. We tested a large number of these collars and found many to be deficient so we’re bringing you only the best of the bunch.

Once we’re done with the reviews, we’ll round out with some handy guidance so you know exactly how to correct your dog’s behavior the easy way.

I. Top 6 Best Bark Collars With Remote

1. Our Pick: Petrainer Rechargeable Dog Collar – Best Bark Collar With Remote


This rechargeable collar is designed for use both by professional trainers and pet owners with a new dog that requires a little guidance.

Suitable for a broad range of dogs as small as 10 pounds up to heavyweight 100 pounders, this collar is fully 28 inches long so you’ll find it fits a treat even if you’ve got a bigger breed.

You’ll get 100 levels of correction with 3 separate modes. You can choose from a tone, vibration or static shock.

How about that shock, though? Is it safe?

Absolutely. With proprietary pulse-width modulation tech baked in, you won’t end up unwittingly shocking your beloved furball and the level of correction delivered, even at the upper end, is relatively mild.

Range of the remote is enormous so you’ll remain able to correct your dog from a distance up to 750 feet.

Touch points are small and covered with plastic to make sure your canine doesn’t suffer from any irritation.

One of the best things about Petrainer products is the way they’re constantly tweaked based on user feedback. There’s only one area where they failed here and that concerns battery life. Unfortunately, this is actually worse in this newer iteration but, that said, you’ll still get 2 to 3 days of use before it needs a burst of charge.

If you want a reliable and safe training collar complete with a remote without spending a fortune, we’d strongly recommend this model, our overall favorite from all the bark collars we tested.
Things We Like

  • Simple, ergonomic dial requiring you to do nothing beyond twist a dial and hit a button for sound, shock or vibration
  • Impressive range up to 750 feet even through obstructions
  • Completely waterproofed so great for walks in the rain or down by the water

Things We Dislike

  • This rebooted model doesn’t hold a charge for more than a couple days which is a backward move

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2. Runner-Up: DOG CARE Rechargeable Shock Collar With Remote


A close runner-up in our quest for the best bark collar with remote is this highly capable receiver from DOG CARE.

Thanks to a single powerful chip in the remote, you’ll get the ability to work with up to 9 dogs as long as you invest in separate collars. While this won’t save you any money, it’ll certainly save you plenty of effort since you won’t need to fiddle with multiple remotes.

The remote will give you up to 750 feet of wireless range and comes with a locking keypad so you won’t get any accidental misfires.

Step up through a full 99 static shock levels but also take advantage of audible beeps or vibration if you find that method of correction works best with your dog.

Size-wise, this is a multipurpose collar making a neat fit for dogs as small as 10 pounds or larger animals as bulky as 100 pounds.

While most collars are to some degree waterproofed, the DOG CARE comes IPX65-rated and the top-notch ABS material gives your dog freedom of movement while offering enough durability to withstand plenty of rough and tumble.

The only minor niggle we have is that battery life in the collar doesn’t quite live up to the manufacturer’s claims but this is common – think Apple MacBook! – and you’ll still get several days of training before you need to give it a burst of charge.
Things We Like

  • 3 training modes – sound, vibration and shock – so you can vary correction to suit
  • Use a single remote to train up to 9 dogs simultaneously
  • Wide band of 99 levels of static correction

Things We Dislike

  • Receiver doesn’t hold charge for as long as claimed although you’ll still get several days of use

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3. Upgrade Pick: SportDOG 425 Remote Trainers


Next up we’ve got the SportDOG 425 Family Remote Trainers – Including New X-Series.

As with all the best bark collars with remote, you’ll be able to choose from an ultrasonic beep, vigorous vibration or static across 21 different levels with the ability to switch up from low to medium when it suits.

Range is unbeatable. Quoted at 500 yards, that equates to a huge 1500 feet of wireless correction at your fingertips.

Both the collar and remote are fully waterproofed packing DryTek technology to keep you safe in all weather conditions.

Batteries give you a massive 50 to 70 hours of runtime and you can deliver a full burst of charge in just 2 hours.

Use this collar with dogs any size from 8 pounds and up with neck sizes anywhere from 5 through 22 inches. You can buy extra collars and use up to 3 dogs using the same remote so bringing the price down considerably if you’ve got multiple pets at home.

The SportDOG 425 hits hard across the board. Were it not for that ruthless price tag, this would be our overall winner but since it’s outside many people’s budget, we nominate this our upgrade pick for best anti-bark collar with remote.
Things We Like

  • Class-leading 500-yard range perfect for long walks in the country or training on substantial properties
  • Usual sound/vibration/static options giving you great leeway
  • 21 static levels with multiple intensities ideal for dogs of all temperaments

Things We Dislike

  • A few reported issues with build quality over time

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4. PetTech PT0Z1 Dog Training Shock Collar


Next up we’ve got a more pocket-friendly collar from PetTech in the form of the PT0Z1.

As with any cheaper collar, you’ll encounter a little negative feedback about build quality but we have to say we were pretty impressed with the construction and overall feel of this collar.

There are no surprises with the choice of sound, shock or vibration and you can take charge of these multiple modes with the user-friendly remote. The backlit display lets you see what you need at a glance without breaking your stride, ideal when you’re out walking your dog.

Correction can be used to help with excessive barking, combating aggression, for leash training and any other form of obedience training. Use whichever of the 4 modes suits the task at hand in this multi-purpose and highly effective training device.

From dogs as light as 10 pounds up to 100-pound heavyweights, this collar is ideal for small, medium and large dogs of all breeds.

Range is a solid 1000 feet and battery life, while not quoted, should give you several days of oomph before you need to juice it up.

The final kicker is the lifetime replacement or refund warranty. You simply can’t ask for much more than that and it allows you to buy with total confidence knowing you’re covered all the way.
Things We Like

  • 100 static correction levels with the additional option of audible beeps and vibration for gentler guidance
  • Oversized LCD remote lets you flit between the 4 modes with ease
  • Email dog training service is bundled which is a nice touch

Things We Dislike

  • Some complaints about remote un-pairing from collar at random

5. PetSafe Remote Training Collar


In our recent look at bark collars for small dogs, we mentioned a citronella spray as one possible prong of attack against dogs needing behavioral correction. This neat model from PetSafe comes with an 88.7ml bottle of spray – you can also get an unscented alternative – as a humane method of keeping your pet in check.

Beyond this, you’ll also get the benefit of a remote and you can opt for an ultrasonic tone to complement the spray.

This collar is expressly designed to work with pretty much any size of dog up to and including giant breeds. It’s good for neck sizes up to 22 inches so you’ve got all bases covered whatever type of dog.

Remote training can be an effective method of correcting a number of poor behaviors in your dog and the combination of ultrasonic sound and citronella spray. The spray gives you a couple settings and it’s perfectly safe, simply that your dog won’t like the smell. If you fancy the spray but without menacing your dog with an odor they find unpleasant, roll with the unscented option.
Things We Like

  • Spray and tone combo makes a nice alternative to static correction
  • Ideal for all breeds from teacup puppies through giant dogs
  • Waterproof and submersible to 5 feet

Things We Dislike

  • 250-feet range is a disappointment

6. Petrainer Dog Shock Collar with Remote


Rounding out, we’ve got another dog bark collar with remote from Petrainer, the PET619A1.

Similar to the other model we looked at, this budget-friendly collar comes with the same 750-feet range allowing you to continue moderating your dog’s behavior at a distance.

While you’ll get a wonderfully tech-driven collar, operation is a breeze. All you need to do is twist a simple dial so you won’t be fiddling around when you’re walking your dog in the dark.

The 100 gradations of static correction give you all you need to keep your dog in check even if he’s larger and more obstinate.

The remote has a range that’s more than enough for larger gardens and also for keeping your dog under control when you’re out for a walk in the fields or down by the beach.

If you’re looking for an affordable and highly effective training collar ticking all boxes, the Petrainer is well worth popping on your shortlist.
Things We Like

  • Intuitive dial allows you to operate the remote in low-level lighting without a hitch
  • Wireless range of fully 750 feet even through obstructions like walls or fences
  • Fully waterproofed so ideal if your dog likes the occasional dip in the ocean or river

Things We Dislike

  • A few complaints about customer service

Well, with our reviews wrapped, a few words of guidance for how to use these various collars to best effect…

II. How to Use a Bark Collar with Remote to Train Your Dog to Stop an Excessive Barking Habit


Bark collars can be used to control a range of poor behavior in your dog from barking too much to general aggression and you can also use these devices to help you with leash training and obedience.

Many anti-bark collars come with no remote and you simply place it on your dog for a couple hours so they receive automatic correction whenever the collar detects movement from their vocal chords and determines barking is excessive.

How about remote-controlled devices, though?

As the name makes abundantly clear, you’ll get a simple and reasonably compact remote control and a receiver in the form of the collar itself. This collar has a chip inside and you can enjoy remote wireless control from some distance.

One of the major drawbacks with the automatic style of collar is the relatively limited time periods you can use them for. With a remote control variant, you’ll get no ongoing delivery of correction so they’re safe to wear all day long, ideal if you’re heading out for the day with your canine in tow.

This type of remote control collar comes with multiple options for behavior correction…

Different Types of Correction

You’ll find collars with any or all of the below functionality:

  • Ultrasonic Sound: By emitting a beep that only your dog will hear – and one at a frequency he won’t enjoy – you can give an initial and more gentle reminder that he should stop barking as much
  • Vibration: Most collars with ultrasonic sound follow up the early beep warning with a more insistent vibration. This won’t be anywhere near enough to hurt your dog but it will be uncomfortable and educate him that his behavior needs changing
  • Sound/Vibration Combo: As mentioned, most collars with sound and vibration actually feature both types of correction giving you the opportunity to ramp things up and drive the message home
  • Static Shock: At the upper level of correction, a static shock can be administered. This is perfectly safe and considered humane, but if you have any issues with this type of training device, we’re not here to convince you otherwise. If you have a particularly stubborn or larger dog, this type of collar is a great way to ensure
  • Citronella Spray/Unscented Spray: A less common style of bark collar comes with a spray to inhibit excessive barking. Sometimes the spray is citronella, a natural substance dogs find offensive. You can also find unscented sprays which simply irritate the dog and send a message that they should cut down on the barking

Using The Collar

Regardless of the type of collar, operation is straightforward and constant.

Fit the collar around your dog’s neck and leave it there for as long as you like. These don’t function in the same way as those with progressive correction so you’ve got no time limit to worry about.

The remote will usually come with rechargeable batteries saving you the ongoing expense of replacements. Twist the dial or press a button depending on the model in question and deliver the type of shock you want whenever your dog barks too much or in any way misbehaves.

Other Uses for Remote Bark Collars

As we suggested, a remote bark collar is not purely useful for eliminating that annoying racket.

Are you having problems in any area like leash training or teaching your dog to be less aggressive when he encounters strangers or other dogs?

Maybe you’re trying to teach them how to sit and you’re not having much luck?

Rather than calling for an expensive personal dog trainer, why not consider a remote bark collar? You’ll get the flexibility you need, the type of correction that best suits the size and breed of your dog and all this for a very reasonable price.

We’ll tail off with a handful of the most frequently asked questions about this variety of training collar…

III. Bark Collar with Remote FAQs

1) What’s considered a reasonable range for a remote control bark collar?

Most of the best remote controlled bark collars allow to wireless access over a distance of as much as 750 feet. Some of the lesser collars don’t quite match this range while the class-leading models offer an exceptional 1500 feet of wireless access.

2) What’s the difference between a remote control collar and boundary training?

Setting up wireless fences triggers a collar any time your dog approaches this boundary. While this kind of training works, it can be expensive and is also strictly limited to use at home where the fence is set up. If you’re looking for a more mobile correction solution, a remote control, you remain in full charge wherever you are from the trail to the beach to the campsite.

3) Is it necessary to follow up this type of correction with positive rewards?

It’s always a good idea to use positive reinforcement when you’re training your pet in any way. A quick treat goes a long way and ensures your dog will associate good behavior with a reward rather than just cowering away from mild correction. This reward can also, of course, take verbal form or you could simply grab your dog in for a quick cuddle. However you approach this methodology, be sure to use the carrot not just the stick.

4) What are the advantages of remote controlled bark collars?

Although effective, one of the inbuilt issues with an automatic collar is that shocks can be administered to the extent the dog become almost immune to it if they are delivered too frequently and without any positive reinforcement. With a remote version, you remain in full control and you’re always close at hand with that treat to show your dog the value of behaving. If you’re heading out on a walk with your dog, this kind of collar makes a great weapon in your artillery. If your dog stars getting too aggressive or begins to rear up at the sight of a stranger, all you need to do is deliver a quick corrective shock and you’ll educate him the right way.

5) What are the drawbacks of a remote bark collar?

Only you know how you feel about the idea of administering a static shock to your beloved pet. While completely safe, you might not feel comfortable with this. That’s something you need to decide for yourself. With remote control devices, you’ll need to think about battery life and remember to charge the device up to avoid being caught short. It goes unsaid, too, that a remote control collar is only any use when you’re with your dog. While non-remote variants come with their own drawbacks, you’ll be able to leave your dog to be corrected when you’re out of the house.

IV. Conclusion

We hope by now you’re clear on the key differences between automatic, progressive correction collars and this type of no-bark collar with remote we explored today.

Pay attention to the above guide for some pointers on the various types of collar at your disposal. There’s no right or wrong answer to which type of method would work best and a great deal depends on the size and breed of your dog, as well as what kind of temperament he has.

Whether you opt for a spray or static, sound or vibration, all of these bark collars are perfectly safe and, unlike the automatic variants, you won’t need to keep slipping them on and off either.

Drop us a line any time if you’ve got any questions at all. We love to hear from our readers and we’ll help out in any way we can.

Come back soon since we already have the next batch of products lined up for testing. Our remit is simple: we want to bring you nothing but the very best cross-section of devices and appliances for your home and garden covering all rooms as well as the yard. Let us know how we’re doing and don’t forget to follow us on social media. If there’s anything you’d like us to cover here at the Prince LA, don’t be shy and get in touch!

The Best Bark Collar With Remote
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