The Best Chamber Vacuum Sealer


Vacuum sealing machines are becoming an increasingly popular sight on kitchen counters all over the world.

Vacuum sealers are generally affordable and can be pretty useful when it comes to sealing away and preserving foods and other items.

Are you a food business owner looking for a better way to preserve your products?

If you have a large volume of food that needs to be packaged, you definitely need the best commercial vacuum sealer.

Maybe you’ve had a standard external sealing vacuum sealer and you haven’t been pleased with the results.

Perhaps you are just someone who enjoys cooking lots of food at home and you are in the market for a new vacuum sealer but you only want the biggest and the best.

If you’ve got a large family that consumes a lot of food and you want to save money by keeping it fresh for as long as possible, then a chamber vacuum sealer might be right for you.

Whatever your reason for researching vacuum sealers, you’re in the right place. Today, we’ve got all the information you need about the best commercial vacuum sealer you can find, as well as our reviews on a trio of the best chamber vacuum sealers money can buy.


Our Pick: Our overall vote goes to the VacMaster VP215 Chamber Vacuum Sealer. This machine is extremely heavy duty, ultra-reliable, and very user-friendly even for absolute beginners. This commercial grade chamber vacuum sealer should be the last one you will ever need to buy!

I. What Is a Chamber Vacuum Sealer?

With the rising cost of food, especially perishable foods like meat, many people are trying to find new ways to stretch their money.

Food stored in a refrigerator is exposed to a lot of oxygen and it quickly degrades. When you use a vacuum sealer to store your food, you can expect it to last around 5 times as long compared to other storage methods.

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It doesn’t matter if you need to store your food until the end of the week or until the end of the year, vacuum sealers can help you do this. Useful for both long term and short-term storage needs, you can preserve almost all of the foods your family enjoys.

Chamber vacuum sealers can be used to seal away large portions of meats as well as single portions of meals to make your life easier.

By removing all the air and extra moisture from a storage bag, jar or canister where food is being stored, chamber vacuum sealers lock in the flavor and preserve your food to the fullest. The suctioning of air creates a vacuum, sealing your food in an airtight compartment until it’s ready to eat.

A chamber vacuum sealer can be just what you need to help you make your money go further.

A chamber vacuum sealer is designed for use in commercial settings but can easily be used at home as well. When purchasing a chamber vacuum sealer, you can expect to spend more money than you would spend on a regular sealer that does not use a chamber for air sealing.

There is a good reason for this, though!

Chamber vacuum sealers are quite large, and they made from very rugged materials. They have a much larger vacuum capacity than external vacuum sealers, allowing them to suction out more air. The more oxygen that can be removed from your storage container, the longer your food will last.

Now you know what a chamber vacuum sealer is, let’s look at some of the best ones on the market.

II. Best Chamber Vacuum Sealer Reviews

1) VacMaster VP215 Chamber Vacuum Sealer


Brought to you by VacMaster, this chamber vacuum sealer is a powerful workhorse that will get the job done briskly and efficiently.

Great for use in small restaurants or busy domestic applications, the VacMaster is an ideal choice for all skill levels, even absolute beginners to the art of vacuum sealing.

Easy to operate, this chamber vacuum sealer features a digital control panel with a vacuum level gauge. There are lights to indicate the current function and it’s very low maintenance.  It’s also extremely flexible in functionality and you are sure to be bowled over by the ruthless efficiency of this nifty cube-shaped machine.

The VacMasterVP215 is constructed from durable stainless steel and uses a heavy-duty oil pump to function.

As with all chamber vacuum sealers, this one can package up liquids with no problem.

This chamber vacuum sealer is 11.25 x 15.25 inches and it can accommodate a sealing bag up to 10 x 13 inches.

Special Features

  • This machine is heavy duty and able to manage large loads while still remaining incredibly user-friendly
  • Features a ¼ horsepower rotary oil pump which offers several benefits
  • The VacMaster 215 can be run continuously. It needs no cool-down time between bags thanks to its on-board oil pump
  • This vacuum sealer runs much more quietly than machines without an oil pump
  • The VacMaster 215 provides each bag with a seal that is twice as durable as the competition because it double seals every bag
  • Has a pressure indicator as well as a digital display to keep you informed of the process

How To Start Using This Machine

Before you use this chamber pressure sealer for the first time, you need to add oil to the oil pump. Follow the instructions in the owner’s manual to complete this task.

Once you’ve added the oil, attach the power cord to the machine and plug the sealer into an outlet.

Unlock the lid and open it, turn on the power switch and adjust the timing controls to your liking.

Select and fill your pouch and place in the machine ensuring the opening is over the seal bar. Close the lid to seal, and in 2-3 minutes it will be done!

Things We Like

  • Extremely flexible sealer perfect for beginners and experienced users alike
  • Suitable for commercial and residential settings
  • Double-sealing for extra security

Things We Dislike

  • Very heavy at 80 pounds

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2) VAC-VIDA VS301 Chamber Vacuum Sealer


The VAC-VIDA chamber vacuum sealer works well in either a hectic home kitchen or a small commercial enterprise. Wherever you are, if you’ve got heavy sealing needs, this unit hit the spot head-on.

Despite heavyweight performance and build quality, the VAC-VIDA looks attractive on the countertop. The stainless steel finish is coated black for an understated yet elegant aesthetic.

One of the key selling points of this vacuum sealer is the ability you’ll have to use pretty much any bag so you can make significant savings compared to using a model that locks you down and forces you to buy branded bags you might not really want.

From dry foods to juicy meats and on through to pure liquids, imagination is your only limitation with this top-tier chamber vacuum sealer.

Measuring up at 20 x 14 x 15 inches, the VAC-VODA takes regular sealing bags to a maximum 10 x 13 inches.

Special Features

  • Powerful ¼ horsepower oil pump lets you work for sustained, unbroken periods
  • Despite such firepower, this vacuum sealer runs remarkably quietly
  • You won’t be tied into proprietary bags so you can use generic alternatives depending on the application generate substantial savings over the course of a year
  • Works equally well with liquids and moist foods giving you a great degree of scope in one multi-purpose unit
  • Impressive availability of spare parts and robust customer care combined with a solid 1-year warranty gives you complete peace of mind

How To Start Using This Machine

The first thing you’ll need to do with this chamber pressure sealer is to top up the oil pump. Make sure to closely follow directions in the clear instruction manual provided and you’ll be on your way to sealing.

Hook up the power cable and connect your appliance to an outlet.

Unfasten the lid and open it up. Hit the power button to fire the machine up then set the timer using the clearly marked interface.

Fill up the pouch you’ve chosen – remember, you can use even cheaper bags with this model – then pop the pouch into the machine. As long as you keep the opening of the bag over the seal bar, you really can’t go wrong.

Shut up the lid and you’ll have your food or liquid perfectly pressure sealed in minutes flat.

Things We Like

  • Despite performance inkeeping with commercial applications, this user-friendly vacuum sealer is perfect for all skill levels
  • Not limited to dry foods so seal just about anything with ease
  • Easily navigable control panel for a seamless experience

Things We Dislike

  • A bulky unit weighing almost 80 pounds

3) VacMaster VP210 Chamber Vacuum Sealer


The VacMaster VP210 is a hard-hitting chamber vacuum sealer from a brand with a stranglehold on this space.

Brimming with versatile features and fantastic functionality, the VP210 is well worth a place on any list of the best chamber vacuum sealers.

Manufactured with ease of use uppermost, there’s a control panel with intuitive features that lets you know what adjustments need to be made to ensure your food is properly sealed.

Virtually maintenance free, this machine is sturdy and reliable. Properly maintained, you should get many years of faithful service from this machine.

The VP210 uses a dry piston pump to power the machine and is a bridge in the gap between home use and commercial use. Perfect for a big game hunter to preserve meat, or a small restaurant to prepare meals.

This machine takes pouches of multiple sizes and thicknesses, allowing you to easily pack away almost anything you need without feeling restricted.

Because of the way this model operates, you can expect a perfect seal every time ensuring you don’t waste any bags.

Special Features

  • The VP210 has 3 different heat settings, allowing you to seal multiple types of bags
  • Made from stainless steel, this vacuum sealer will stand the test of time
  • The digital display makes it easy to understand what is happening in the machine, and the rudimentary but effective control panel allows you to make adjustments as necessary
  • Comes with several bags to get you started straight out the box
  • Several different levels of vacuum compression allow you to tinker and get your settings exactly where you want them
  • The size of the chamber allows you to seal canisters, cans and jars as well, as long as they fit into the sealing chamber

How To Start Using This Machine

To begin using your VacMaster VP210, first attach the power cord to the vacuum sealer and then plug it into a grounded outlet.

Open the lid to the machine and allow it to stay open.

Turn on the power switch (make sure the lid is open before powering up the sealer).

Run an initial test of the vacuum sealer by adjusting the time settings and ensuring the time setting appears on the LED screen.

Select and fill your vacuum sealing pouch, place in the chamber and close the lid allowing the machine to vacuum seal the pouch.

Things We Like

  • A breeze to clean so no tiresome maintenance
  • Auto-programming offers an extra layer of convenience
  • Transparent lid lets you monitor proceedings with ease

Things We Dislike

  • No lightweight at 90 pounds

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4) VacMaster VP112S Chamber Vacuum Sealer


With the VP112S, you can bring the commercial chamber vacuum sealing technology home to live on your countertop.

Running on a 2-cylinder piston pump, the chamber vacuum sealer technology in this machine is that same that has been used in commercial kitchens for years. Now home cooks can use the same methods professional chefs are using.

Clocking in at 46 pounds, this vacuum sealer is much lighter than most other commercial sealers, and it has a range of features that make it more suitable to home use as well. Since it’s very low-slung, it fits neatly under a counter.

You’ll find an easy to read digital display and control panel that allows you to have control over what is happening during the sealing process.

As with all chamber vacuum sealers, you can use this machine to seal away soups, stews and other liquids.

Special Features

  • The VacMaster VP112S allows you to marinate your meats, vegetables and fruits through the use of a special marinating cycle
  • There is a 12-inch seal bar that seals up to 4mm. This will give you a fantastic seal on your pouches
  • The digital control panel is easy to use and simple to understand, taking all the guesswork out of using this vacuum sealer
  • The 2-cylinder pump is almost maintenance free, giving you peace of mind
  • Made with stainless steel, this machine is durable but still lightweight
  • As long as they fit in the chamber, you can seal cans and jars as well

How To Start Using This Machine

Before using the VP112S, you will need to install the seal bar.

First, open the lid and find the piston rods at the front of the chamber. Align the holes on the seal bar with the pistons and set in place.

Attach the power cord to your vacuum sealer and plug it into a grounded outlet.

Choose your pouch and fill it with the food you wish to seal away, place the pouch in the chamber and follow the directions for using the pouch clamp.

Close the lid and vacuum seal your pouch.

Things We Like

  • Commercial performance tailored to suit home use for the double win
  • Lightweight and compact so ideal for smaller kitchens
  • Great overall value for money

Things We Dislike

  • Not the best option for extremely demanding commercial applications

III. All About Chamber Vacuum Sealer Bags


There are many things that separate commercial chamber vacuum sealers from traditional external vacuum sealers.

Among all these differences, one that stands out concerns the vacuum sealer bags available to use with the machines.

When using an external vacuum sealer, you must use a bag that has been specially designed to function with that type of machine. Bags for external sealers are textured so they will properly work with the clamp-sealing functions of those types of machines.

When working with a chamber vacuum sealer, this is not the case. As we explained before, a chamber vacuum sealer uses heat plates to seal the bag that stores the food. The heat plates melt the plastic of the bag, forming an airtight seal.

Also, there’s far more variety at your disposal when choosing what bags you want to use with your chamber vacuum sealer machine.

You can find bags in varying levels of thickness, allowing you to choose whichever one is best for the food you are going to be storing.

3-Mil pouches are 3 millimeters thick and will be sufficient for almost any usage needs.

You can also find 4-Mil and 5-Mil pouches.

When sealing something bony, you might want to opt for a thicker pouch so as to not risk tearing the thinner plastic. Also, if you are cooking food in the bag (sous vide style) at high temperatures, you will also want to use a thicker plastic bag so that the thinner plastic does not melt.

Re-THERM bags are another option available for using in chamber vacuum sealers. They can withstand freezing or boiling temperatures for much longer than other bags that swell and fall apart.

In addition to the different thickness levels you can purchase, you can also find chamber vacuum sealer bags and pouches in a plethora of sizes. These sizes can be used for all sorts of applications, and you can surely find one that will work well for your needs.

Here are some common sizes:

  • 6 x 8.5 inches
  • 8 x 12 inches
  • 10 x 15 inches
  • 10 x 16 inches
  • 14 x 18 inches
  • 12 x 16 inches

As you can see, there is a bag for all occasions, no matter what you are sealing with your chamber vacuum sealer.

Vacuum sealer bags meant for use with commercial chamber vacuum sealers will not work properly in traditional external vacuum sealers. Likewise, bags meant for use in the traditional sealer models will not work for the chamber vacuum sealers.

Another benefit to the bags meant for use in chamber vacuum sealers is that they are much more affordable in the long run that bags made for use in traditional external vacuum machines.

There are so many bags available, it can be hard to choose which one is best for which application.

We prefer using an all-purpose bag for almost everything. If we need a different application, we can switch, but for almost every use of a chamber vacuum sealer, we recommend the VacMaster 3-Mil 3″ x 10″ Chamber Pouches.

So, now you now what they are, how do you go about using a chamber vacuum sealer?

IV. How To Use a Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Once you get the hang of it, your chamber vacuum sealer will be fairly easy to use. There’s a bit of a learning curve at the start, though.

Here are some simple steps that will get you started using your chamber vacuum sealer.

  • First you need to get the food you want to store into the storage bag.

To keep the edge of the bag that will be sealed clean, we recommend folding the top of the bag back while you are placing the food in the bag. If the edge has food or debris on it when you try to seal it, the seal will not be strong, and your food won’t be properly preserved.

  • Once you’ve got the food into the bag, it’s time to load it into the chamber of your chamber vacuum sealer.

Place the bag into the chamber, then pop the open end of the bag over the sealing bar and tuck it back down into the chamber. Make sure the open edge is not hanging out of the chamber or the air from the bag cannot escape. The bag will swell and possibly burst, leaving you with a mess as well as wasted food.

Once the bag is correctly placed in the chamber, firmly close the lid allowing the vacuum pump to engage and begin sealing the bag.

  • When the bag of food is in the chamber and the lid is closed, the vacuum sealing process will begin.

All of the air will be removed from the chamber, including the air in the bag.

You can adjust the PSI/mbars to properly seal in your foods, depending on what you are sealing as well as how tightly you want it to be sealed. If you are sealing something fragile, like many cuts of fish, you will obviously want to allow less pressure on your food than if you are sealing something sturdy like bone-in chicken.

Some sealing processes will take longer than others, depending on what is being sealed and how the specific chamber vacuum sealer operates.

  • After all of the air is removed from the chamber, creating a perfect vacuum, then the bag needs to be sealed. Don’t worry – this isn’t work for you! The chamber vacuum sealer will actually take of this step as well.

The heat bar will rise up and seal the bag. The heat bars are hot enough to melt the layers of plastic together, but not destroy them. The longer the bars are hot, the more plastic will be melted to form a seal. You can purchase bags in varying thickness levels, depending on how you intend to use your chamber vacuum sealer.

The sealing process usually takes only a few seconds, but this will vary depending on the type of bag you are using.

  • Finally, your job is nearly done!

Once all the oxygen has been removed and the bag has been heat sealed, the process is almost over.

Now a valve inside the machine will open, allowing air to refill the chamber. If you followed these steps correctly, your food has been sealed safely inside its bag. There is now no risk of oxygen getting inside of the bag and rotting the food. It has been safely preserved.

Another benefit to using a chamber vacuum sealer over other options is that you can store sauces and gravies, as well as foods with moisture in them. Using a chamber vacuum sealer allows for meats to be deliciously marinated as well. Because there is no suction pulling anything from the bag, the liquid remains inside. Your vacuum-sealed foods will be just as moist as the day they were packed away!

V. Who Will Buy This Type of Chamber Vacuum Sealer?

Though a chamber vacuum sealer was originally marketed toward commercial applications, such as in a butcher shop, a meat processing facility, a restaurant or large kitchen, these are not the only places you will find these workhorse machines.

While chamber vacuum sealers are fantastic for use anywhere they need to work all day without running out of oil, there are many residential users that are happily using these commercial grade machines as well.

Anyone who needs the ability to keep as much flavor as possible in the food they are sealing will find these chamber vacuum sealers to be useful. Beyond this, chamber vacuum sealers allow you to make the food visually pleasing by creating compressions. Food sealed in chamber vacuum sealers can be cooked sous vide style as well, because the bags are properly sealed and exceptionally durable.

If you want to seal anything liquid, like soups, gravies or saucy dishes, you should seriously think about investing in a chamber vacuum sealer. With a traditional external vacuum sealer, suction is used to remove the air from the bag therefore you cannot seal liquids in the bag. If you try, you will create a huge mess.

People who don’t seal food away very often might be more happier using an external vacuum sealer, if only because of the cost. However, if you intend to use your sealer often, you should strongly consider a chamber vacuum sealer. It will work much harder and ends up more affordable over time when you consider the cost of bags and other components.

The best commercial vacuum sealers are an invaluable tool for any food service business. Your food will be safely stored in a vacuum bag, safe from freezer burn. Your customers will get the tasty food they know and love, because it has been safely stored away thanks to the best chamber vacuum sealer.

VI. Conclusion

Vacuum sealers are a great tool to have on hand in the professional kitchen, the butcher, or for the avid home cook.

While there are many different types, models and styles of vacuum sealers on the market, when it comes to heavy-duty operations the best choice will always be chamber vacuum sealers.

The best commercial vacuum sealer will dial in not only freshness, but flavor as well. Locking in sauces, gravies and marinades can greatly improve the taste of the resulting dish.

By using a vacuum sealer, you are protecting your food from spoiling as well as gaining more storage room in your fridge.

If you are a home user planning on frequently sealing away bulk grocery buys, lots of leftovers, cooking sous vide style, and marinating the meat for your weekend barbecue, your chamber vacuum sealer will quickly pay for itself.

If, on the other hand, you don’t plan to vacuum seal particularly often, a chamber vacuum sealer might not be your best bet economically.

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