The Best Coffee and Espresso Maker Combo

People who love coffee tend to spend quite a bit of money on their daily “fix”. If you’re a connoisseur of this dark elixir then you know all too well how quickly those six dollar shots of espresso can add up. To combat this costly habit, many people are looking to make their own coffee shop style drinks at home.

People interested in purchasing an espresso machine are quite often intimidated. Espresso machines tend to be complicated to operate, especially for a beginner. They are also expensive, and espresso machines for the home can take up a lot of room into the bargain. For these reasons, people shy away from buying espresso machines that could actually be great for them.

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Today we're going to discuss an alternative to a traditional espresso machine, and we think you'll be happy to know you don't have to have a whole lot of space for the machine, nor do you need to spend a great deal of money. Additionally, the machines we are here to talk about today aren't necessarily complicated to operate.

When you use a specially designed combination coffee espresso machine, you can make multiple morning drinks including coffee, espresso, lattes and cappuccinos. We can’t promise that you’ll look anywhere near as cool as your local barista, but we can promise that some of these machines can pull a great shot of espresso while also brewing a traditional pot of coffee.

While all of the machines on our list are combination machines, only two of them can pull a genuine shot of espresso. These two are our top picks:

The DeLonghi BCO330T "Combi" Combination Drip Coffee And Espresso Machine


The DeLonghi BCO330T "Combi" Combination Drip Coffee And Espresso Machine is full of features that we will outline below, and it has an eye-catching design that is sure to please. It is easy to operate with the simple push of a button and comes from a company that is well known for their expertise when it comes to espresso machines. This specific machine can brew genuine espresso, which is why it is at the top of our list today.

KRUPS XP160050 Coffee Maker And Combination Espresso Machine


Another favorite of ours is the KRUPS XP160050 Coffee Maker And Combination Espresso Machine. KRUPS is another brand name that is synonymous with quality as well as coffee. You will be please with he looks and function of this combination machine. This XP160050 can also brew espresso, and it has a list of features as well.

I. What Is A Coffee And Espresso Combo Machine?

Instead of having multiple appliances on your counter, you can have just a coffee maker and espresso combination machine to save space. These machines allow you to brew drip coffee and pull shots of espresso simultaneously.

With features similar to coffee shop machines, many of these combination models will come equipped with steam wands and frothers, others can brew coffee and pull espresso shots at the same time, others can brew up to ten cups of coffee, and most are smaller in size than you’d expect.

II. Do You Need A Coffee and Espresso Maker Combo?

Well, NEED is subjective…but if you want to save space by not needing several machines and save money by not popping through the drive through every morning – then yes, you need a coffee and espresso maker combo in your life.

Keep reading for our detailed reviews of the 6 best machines we have found.

Remember that only two of these machines can brew a genuine shot of espresso. Don’t let that deter you though, the other machines on the list can make fabulous, specialty style drinks as well.

III. Best Coffee and Espresso Maker Combo Reviews

1. DeLonghi BCO330T “Combi” Combination Drip Coffee And Espresso Machine


When it comes to true espresso, DeLonghi is a name that stands out. This machine from DeLonghi is a multitasker, as it can make drip coffee as well as espresso, lattes and cappuccinos.

You won’t have to wait on half of the machine to complete its brewing cycle before moving to the next task. Inside this machine are two separate thermal blocks that allow the different parts of the machine to function alone or to work together, whichever you choose.

The advanced water filter ensures that you get no funky tastes in your coffee or espresso, as all impurities are eliminated in the filtration system.

If you want to wake up to the smell of fresh coffee in the morning you can utilize the 24 hour programmable settings to accomplish this. Unfortunately, this setting only works with the coffee function, not the espresso function. You can also program this to be a daily occurrence, so you won’t have to reset the timer all the time.

DeLonghi provided a patented frother system called the “Swivel Jet” that allows you so steam your milk so that you can make specialty drinks like lattes and cappuccinos.

Things We Liked:

  • Three in one machine is versatile and useful
  • Dual heating elements shorten wait times
  • 24 hour programmable settings

Things We Didn’t Like:

Though the design has improved, customers complained that older models didn’t last long

2. KRUPS XP160050 Coffee Maker And Combination Espresso Machine


Another name known for their coffee appliances, KRUPS brings forth their XP160050 Machine.

This machine is a two in one offering as it can brew both espresso and drip coffee. The coffee carafe can hold 10 cups of coffee which is plenty to get through a frazzled morning.

If you need to quickly grab a cup in the middle of brewing, that is no problem. Simply utilize the “pause and serve” feature and get yourself some coffee, then allow the machine to finish brewing.

Don’t worry if you forget about your prepared coffee, as the machine will keep it hot for up to two hours before automatically powering down.

The espresso side of the machine brews real espresso shots. It can make four cups of espresso and utilizes a 4 bar steam pump system to make the shots.

The stainless steel steam wand allows you to froth your milk so that you can make specialty drinks like lattes and cappuccinos as well.

Unfortunately, many parts of this machine are comprised of plastic, which we know is not long-lasting.

Things We Liked:

  • “Pause and Serve” feature allows you to get a cup of coffee before brewing is complete
  • Two hours keep warm function
  • Genuine espresso brewing

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Plastic construction is cause for concern over time

3) Ninja Auto-iQ Coffee Maker Bar


As we stated before, not all of our options on this list make true espresso, and this is one offering that does not have the ability to complete that task. That being said, do not scroll past this, because this machine is a sight to behold!

Ninja has been building a rapport in the kitchen appliance community for a decade or so now, and they are gaining steam. Their Auto-iQ Coffee Bar is the latest in a long line of great appliances from their list of ideas.

With this machine you can use your own favorite coffee to brew your morning drink – no expensive pods required.

You can also utilize this machine to customize your experience. You can brew hot coffee in different strengths like classic or rich, or you can brew over ice. You can also create specialty drinks that are indulgent and rich, and you can use the built in frother to make your drink and even better experience.

Whether you are brewing coffee for just yourself or enough for your book club, the Ninja Auto-iQ Coffee Maker Bar can accommodate you. You can brew into a single cup all the way up to a full carafe.

Things We Liked:

  • No need for coffee pods, use your own coffee
  • Many brewing options
  • Built in frother

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Can’t brew real espresso

4) Mr. Coffee Cafe Latte Maker


Another great choice on our list comes in the form of the Mr. Coffee Café Latte Maker. Mr. Coffee is a well-known brand and has been established in the coffee making world for over half a century – so you know that they know what they are doing when it comes to coffee.

While this machine cannot brew genuine espresso, it can still make pleasing morning drinks for you and your loved ones.

If you’re a lover of lattes, but not a lover of the local coffee shop’s price tag for them, you’ll want to look at this machine. With the simple touch of a button, the Mr. Coffee Café Latte Maker allows you to be your own barista. Now you can make scrumptious lattes at home for a fraction of the cost.

In three simple steps you can have your special drink prepared, and then the powerful milk frother will do its magic as well. The carafe has a capacity of 24 ounces, allowing you to serve several drinks at once.

With the machine you will receive a recipe booklet give you instructions on how to make 20 different delicious latte recipes with your Café Latte Maker.

Things We Liked:

  • Simple to use
  • Powerful milk frother
  • Well-known brand

Things We Didn’t Like:

Be careful with the frothing whisk, as many people report that it is easily breakable

5) Keurig K-Cafe


It was a long journey for the creators, but Keurig has made quite a name for itself in the world of coffee making appliances. With the K-Café, many at home wannabe baristas can get all the taste of their favorite coffee shop drinks without having to drop too much cash on them.

As with all things Keurig, you will need to use a K-Cup pod with this machine. You can use any K-Cup to brew regular coffee or make lattes or cappuccinos.

If you want something similar to an espresso shot, press the “Shot” button on your Keurig machine and your K-Café will deliver a shot of concentrated coffee into your cup. While it will never be true espresso, it is as close as you’re going to get with a machine like this – but that is not a problem.

You can increase or decrease the brew strength of your coffee, allowing you even more customization. If you like milk frothed, you can utilize the frother to do this, and it will even froth almond, soy and skim milk too! Additionally, you can brew into multiple cup sizes choosing from six, eight, ten and twelve ounces.

The 60-ounce removable water reservoir saves you time since you won’t have to refill the machine constantly.

Things We Liked:

  • Milk frother can froth non-dairy milk options
  • Large water reservoir
  • Many customization options

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Keurig claims that this machine can handle travel sized mugs, but many reviewers state that it cannot

6) Nespresso VertuoLine Coffee and Espresso Maker


While Nespresso may claim that this machine of theirs can make true espresso, it cannot. Instead it uses Nespresso’s patented Nespresso capsules to make drinks that are similar to espresso. The drinks are fantastic, but without the steam and showmanship of a genuine espresso machine, they will never be genuine espresso.

That being said – the VertuoLine still has plenty going for it.

Using the Nespresso capsules is simple, as they insert and eject easily. The internal capsule container can also hold up to 20 used capsules, so you don’t have to empty it daily.

The machine heats up fast, taking a mere 15 seconds to be ready to brew your coffee, and preparation couldn’t be easier. Simply choose your cup size from the three available options of 1.35oz, 8oz and 14oz, press a single button, wait a few seconds and then you will have your cup of joe to enjoy.

The included Aeroccino milk frother allows you to easily prepare cold or hot milk froth so that you can create your specialty drinks like lattes and cappuccinos.

Though you can’t enjoy a true espresso from this machine, you can get pretty close!

Things We Liked:

  • Creates delicious coffee in several sizes
  • Milk frother allows you to make specialty drinks
  • Easy operation

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Needs specialty capsules to make drinks

IV. Conclusion

For coffee lovers and espresso connoisseurs, it would be ideal if we could just bring the entire coffee shop home with us – including the barista. Seeing as this is not a feasible option, it is nice to have the opportunity to bring a piece of it home in the form of these coffee and espresso maker combo machines.

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