The Best Coffee Makers


When in the market for a coffee maker, you can quickly become overwhelmed by all the choices that are available.

How can you choose between them when there are so many different types – cold brew, single serve, automatic drip brew, etc and so many other different options?

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You could be spending hours in several different stores trying to find all this information out for yourself or you could be spending time poring over all the information you can find on the internet.

Today we bring to you the best coffee maker buying guide.

We’ve spent a great deal of time researching these appliances. We have scoured information and reviews on The Wire Cutter, Reddit, Consumer Reports, and CNET and have spent a lot of time going through many honest reviews from real users of these machines. Also, we bring several years of experience to the table as many of us have spent time as baristas throughout our lives. You can trust that we understand coffee and coffee makers, and we can help you to determine exactly what you need to know in order to choose the best option for you and your needs. We test these machines ourselves on a regular basis buying our own machines so we can give honest, impartial feedback.

Instead of droning on, let’s get down straight to business. Here are our reviews of the best coffee makers and coffee machines available today.

I. The Best of Overall Coffee Maker - OXO On Barista Brain 9 Cup Coffee Maker

Controlled by the “Barista Brain” which is a small internal computer, the brewing process of this coffee maker easily replicates that of a more traditional pour over method of coffee brewing.

You can brew a single cup of coffee, or a full carafe of coffee – whichever your heart desires.

The water is heated internally and then held between 197°F and 204°F which is the perfect temperature range for coffee.

Instead of simply dripping water through the coffee grounds, the OXO On Barista Brain 9 Cup Coffee Maker brews coffee by evenly dispersing the water over the coffee grounds from its rainmaker shower head.

This ensures that every bit of flavor is extracted from the coffee grounds so that you get a great tasting cup of coffee.

Other great features on this machine include an LED backlit screen that provides you with information regarding the freshness of your coffee as well as the status of the brewing cycle. You can program a start time with the 24-hour timer and decide how many cups you want the machine to make, and this can all be done with a simple dial on the coffee maker.

For a perfect cup or pot of coffee every time, the OXO On Barista Brain Coffee Make is the best overall choice.

II. The Best Coffee Maker For The Money and Under 100$ - Cuisinart DCC-3200 PerfecTemp Programmable

The PerfecTemp Programmable Coffee Maker from Cuisinart offers a variety of choices and selections when it comes to making a great pot of coffee.

Many coffee makers keep your coffee hot, but in doing so scorch it and ruin the flavor. The Cuisinart PerfecTemp uses state of the art technology in order to keep your coffee hot without ruining the flavor or reducing the quality of the coffee.

This machine even gives you the ability to keep the brewed coffee at your preferred temperature using the adjustable keep warm temperature control.

Simply choose your temperature and adjust the warming plate to high, medium or low to keep your coffee where you want it to be. Also, you have control over how long the coffee will stay warm, up to four hours. After this time the machine will shut off automatically to save energy.

You can also choose how strong you want your coffee to be. Choose from a regular brew strength or a bold brew strength to get your perfect cup of joe.

Speaking of cups, this machine gives you flexibility when it comes to how much coffee you make as well. Choose between 1-4 cups all the way up to a full glass carafe of 14 cups of coffee.

The Cuisinart PerfecTemp Programmable Coffee Maker gives all the control to you – simply brew and enjoy!

III. The Best Cheap Coffee Maker

1. The Best Pour-Over Coffee Maker - Chemex Classic Series

Some people prefer a coffee making method that is simple and timeless, and Chemex brings that to market with their Classic Series Pour Over Glass Coffeemaker.

Coffee is brewed manually when using the pour over method and there’s no external heat or electronics. Instead, the flavor of the coffee will be extracted from the grounds with the heat of the water that you use to brew the coffee.

The carafe of this particular coffeemaker is made of borosilicate glass, and this is non-porous. This means the carafe will never absorb the smells or residues usually left behind when brewing coffee.

Using the Chemex Classic brewer is super-simple. For best results, you should use freshly ground coffee in the filter of the coffee maker. You can adjust the strength of your coffee by changing the measurement of coffee grounds you add into the filter. Then you’ll pour boiling water over the grounds allowing them to bloom and giving the coffee a chance to brew. Simply discard the filter and enjoy your coffee. The carafe can be covered and refrigerated so you can enjoy your coffee later, as well.

The Chemex Classic Series coffee maker will take a little longer than using an automatic model, but the flavor of the coffee is simply unbeatable so this is one for the purists.

2. The Best French Press – Bodum Chambord French Press Coffee Maker

When it comes to making coffee, there is a reason French Press coffee makers have withstood the test of time. Making coffee in a French Press is fairly simple, and when using this method of brewing your morning cup of joe, you can guarantee that you’ll get a consistent tasting cup of coffee each time.

Bodum is a company based in Portugal and they have been making French Press coffee makers from over 60 years and they still bring excellent products to market. The Chambord is one of Bodum’s best models.

It features a glass body and stainless-steel lid and plunger and uses a mesh filter. This allows the brewed coffee to be flavorful and aromatic since all the goodness hasn’t been absorbed by a paper filter.

Using Bodum’s Chambord French Press Coffee Maker you will have your caffeine fix in less than five minutes. Simply pour your coffee grounds in, add hot water and press down the plunger allowing it to brew. This coffee maker can brew up to 8 cups of coffee and it is dishwasher safe, adding to the ease of use.

3. The Best Cold Brew Coffee Maker - OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker

People have been cold brewing coffee for a long time, but the method fell out of style when automatic drip coffee makers came on the market. In recent years, cold brewing coffee has become more popular and OXO has made it easier than ever.

This manual method of brewing coffee is simpler than it looks. Using the OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker will give you a concentrated coffee that has a lower acid content which has a smooth but full-bodied taste.

The water is dispersed over the coffee grounds through the perforated rainmaker and ultra-fine stainless-steel mesh filter and fills the borosilicate glass carafe.

Once the concentrate has been brewed, you can keep it fresh in the fridge thanks to the included stopper.

This little coffee maker packs a punch even though it takes up very little room on the countertop and can easily be taken apart for storage.

With 4 simple steps you can easily brew your coffee. Using coarse coffee, fill the brewing container and pour your water in the rainmaker top. Allow your coffee grounds to steep for between 12 and 24 hours. Once the coffee has been brewed, release the switch allowing the coffee to disperse into the carafe and enjoy!

IV. The Best Single Serve Brewer | Ninja Coffee Bar Auto-iQ Programmable Coffee Maker

Over the last few years Ninja has made quite a splash in the realm of small kitchen appliances and they have greatly improved what is expected in a coffee maker. The Ninja Coffee Bar Auto-IQ Programmable Coffee Maker is the latest in their lineup.

This machine has an impressive array of functions to choose from, and it truly can do almost everything when it comes to coffee.

You can choose from 6 different sizes from a full carafe of coffee to a travel mug down to a single cup of joe.

You can also choose to brew your coffee hot or over ice, and you can choose between brew types like classic, rich and Ninja’s special Café Forte brew. You can also make specialty coffees using the built-in milk frother

Unlike other machines, you can brew coffee in the Ninja Coffee Bar Auto-IQ without specialized pods – simply use your favorite ground coffee. The machine will use its patent pending thermal flavor extraction technology to draw up the perfect amount of water and heat it to just the right temperature, ensuring you get great coffee each and every time.

Ninja’s Coffee Bar Auto-IQ Programmable Coffee Maker gives you the ability to make excellent specialty coffeehouse style drinks at home.

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V. The Best Drip Coffee Maker - Technivorm Moccamaster 59462 Coffee Brewer

If you’re in the market for a coffee maker that is an upgraded option, look no further than this Technivorm Moccamaster 59462 Coffee brewer.

This machine is an automatic drip machine that uses a brew basket for the coffee grounds and has a glass carafe to hold the brewed coffee. A full carafe of coffee can be brewed in less than 10 minutes getting you your cup of joe in almost no time at all.

The Technivorm Moccamaster features a water reservoir that holds 40 ounces of water. The machine uses a special copper boiling element to heat the water quickly so that it reaches the ideal temperature for brewing.

The heated water is pulsed over your coffee grounds by the nine holes in the water outlet arm making sure that all the coffee grounds are fully saturated. All of these components work to make sure your coffee is flavorful and consistent from cup to cup.

Once brewed the coffee is held in the carafe and kept between 175°F and 185°F on the heating element. This temperature range is ideal to preserve the flavor of the coffee while keeping it hot. To reduce energy usage, this will only stay heated for 100 minutes and will never burn your coffee.

VI. The Best K Cup Coffee Maker -  Keurig K-Elite

Keurig is a name that has become one most people think of first when they think of a coffee maker, especially a single serve coffee maker. Many people are in a rush and don’t have the time or want to brew a full carafe of coffee, so they turn to single serve brewers to get them on their way faster.

The Keurig K-Elite gives you the ability to brew several different cup sizes of coffee, including 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 ounce cups. Brew a small cup to enjoy before work or a larger travel mug to sip on your way to work, whatever you like you can make with this machine.

You also have the ability to adjust the strength of the brew of your coffee to your liking. Additionally, you have the option to brew your coffee over ice instead of just making hot coffee.

The Keurig K-Elite has a large 75-ounce water reservoir that can dispense hot water on demand making it useful for more than just coffee. Dispense hot water to make cups of tea or you can use this function to give you hot water for soups or oatmeal as well.

The auto-on function allows you to program your Keurig to turn on and heat the water at a specified time so that you don’t have to wait for it to preheat. Instead it will be heated when you wake up and you can easily brew a cup of coffee in less than a minute. The machine will automatically shut off after your last brewing cycle, saving you energy.

VII. The Best Espresso Maker - Breville BES870XL Barista Express

Perhaps a simple cup of coffee doesn’t pack quite enough of a punch for you. If you prefer a much richer experience in the morning, perhaps an espresso brewer is the better option for your needs. If that is the case, you might consider the Breville BES870XL Barista Express machine for your next purchase.

This machine has a 15 Bar Italian pump and a purge function that works to automatically adjust the temperature after steaming. This ensures that the coffee for each espresso is perfectly extracted so that you get a deliciously consistent shot.

Featuring a stainless-steel burr grinder and a bean hopper that holds half a pound of coffee beans, this machine is an all in one option. The Barista Express from Breville has a water reservoir that holds two liters of water so that you can pull just one shot of espresso at a time, but you won’t have to refill the tank after every brewing cycle. The 1600-watt thermo coil heating system quickly heats the water to the ideal temperature for espresso extraction.

You can also up the amount of caffeine you are getting if you need to, as this machine allows you to brew either a single shot or a double shot of espresso.

VIII. Types of Coffee Makers

1. Best Drip Coffee Maker


Drip Coffee Makers: These are perhaps the most enduring and popular of all coffee makers for their combination of performance married to price and ease of use. Simply add hot water to your coffee grounds and let the machine do the work.

1.1. Bonavita 8-Cup Carafe Coffee Maker

Brewing Type: Drip Coffee Maker

Our runner-up in the drip coffee maker category is this nifty 8-cup brewer from the industry titan Bonavita.

Available in several variants, we opted for the stainless steel carafe at the top of the range.

It’s senseless getting a great coffee maker if it’s a pain to use. Brewing is as simple as pushing a single button with the Bonavita. You can deviate from one-touch brewing by activating the pre-infusion mode so you can give your freshly ground coffee a quick dousing before you get down to brewing.

Simply press the single button until the light blinks and you’re good to go.

It takes 5 or 6 minutes to brew 8 cups of coffee with the Bonavita. If you roll with the pre-infusion soaking first, add another minute or so. While there are quicker machines, you can carry on getting ready while the machine does the work then enjoy a coffee that will be well worth the wait.

Coffee from the Bonavita tastes well rounded and lacks any real bitterness. This is especially noticeable if you take the trouble to use the pre-infusion mode.

The stainless steel build means that, while this coffee machine is not cheap, you should get plenty of service from it if you keep it maintained. The flat bottom on the filter basket helps ensure flavors are extracted effectively.

On the downside, the power cord is pretty tightly cut so make sure you have a power outlet available that doesn’t demand a lengthy cable.

The brew time is not going to win any prizes but it’s in line with most drip coffee makers so more than quick enough.

If you want the simplicity of a drip coffee maker from a brand you can trust without spending a fortune, the Bonavita BV1900TS makes perfect sense.


  • Superb brand heritage
  • Extremely user-friendly with one-touch brewing and auto shut-off
  • Pre-infusion mode wets your fresh grounds and allows degassing to take place
  • Stainless steel carafe is rugged and built to withstand a few knocks
  • Oversized shower head to ensure optimum saturation
  • 1500 watts of power more than enough for most needs


    • Brew time of 6 minutes could be swifter
    • Power cord is a little short

      Best Suited For: Home enthusiasts with larger families looking for an efficient, user-friendly brewing experience.

      1.2. High-End Drip Coffee Maker and Best Coffee Maker With Thermal Carafe - Technivorm Moccamaster

      Brewing Type: Drip Coffee MakerIf you’re a coffee purist and you’ve got a fluid budget, perhaps you’ve been looking for the best high-end drip coffee maker? If so, look no further than the legendary Moccamaster from Technivorm.

      Like all drip coffee makers, the Moccamaster is an exercise in simplicity. You’ll get no programmability or frippery, just a sleek industrial-looking unit capable of producing top-tier coffee every time.

      The snag with most coffee makers is that they max out at around 180 degrees Fahrenheit when you need the water at 200 degrees if you’re looking for the optimum temperature.

      With a potent 1000-watt heater, the Moccamaster gets the water between 195 and 205 degrees giving you the perfect sweet spot. All that’s missing here is the ability to tweak the temperature and really dial in those brewing metrics.

      Once the water is heated, there is no further contact with plastic, something that will please coffee aficionados greatly.

      The showerhead nozzle is highly effective and you’ll get a nice spray over the grounds ensuring even extraction.

      Brewing up to 12 cups, the Moccamaster is more generous than most upscale drip brew coffee makers. If you’re looking to make smaller batches, you’ll appreciate the flow control on the basket which enables you to combat the issue of under-extraction.

      The dual-walled carafe is stainless steel for added durability without sacrificing taste. This is designed to keep your coffee piping hot for an impressive 5 hours. 2 lids work together to minimize spills and make certain everything is airtight.

      Very little has changed on the Moccamaster since its inception in the 1970s, testament to the triumph of design and engineering.

      If you want a wide variety of coffee and full programmability, look elsewhere. If, however, you’re a true coffee lover and you want a design classic that will deliver pro-grade drip coffee every single time, the Technivorm Moccamaster will not disappoint.


      • Top-notch build quality
      • Gets water to the perfect temperature for coffee
      • The water never touches plastic during heating for a crisper taste
      • Brew a substantial batch of 12 coffees fuss-free
      • Flow control helps with superior extraction
      • Superb brand heritage


        • Lack of programmability
        • Extremely expensive

          Best Suited For: Coffee purists on the trail of a simple but effective drip coffee maker at the upper end of the mainstream market.

          1.3. The Best Coffee Maker With Grinder - Breville Grind Control

          Brewing Type: Fully Automatic with Grinder

          Breville is a stellar name in the home appliance space. If you have a compact kitchen and you’re looking to take full charge of the coffee making process but you want to minimize equipment, this multi-purpose machine is the ideal solution.

          The programmable auto-start feature is a boon if you like a fresh cup of coffee the moment you wake. Just set the time accordingly and your machine will start grinding and brewing ready for you.

          The handy removable drip tray means even if you have a larger mug, it will fit in fuss-free. This also renders cleaning super-simple.

          Sitting outside the grinder is a clear display letting you keep a close eye on strength, grind size and water levels. The backlit screen is easy to read even in dimmer conditions.

          If you’re just beginning to take more control over the brewing process, the onboard conical burr grinder saves you the hassle of investing in a separate unit. Getting started with freshly ground beans is central to the freshest tasting coffee. You can tweak the grind size accordingly making it highly versatile.

          The manual temperature control gives you maximum freedom to dial in the water so it’s at the required 200+ degrees Fahrenheit.

          You can opt for single serve mode if you need to snatch a quick cup on the go. You’ll enjoy a degree of latitude here so you can ensure you’ve got ample room for your cream rather than dealing with a brimming cup.

          The beautifully insulated carafe lets you keep a fresh pot of coffee at drinking temperature for hours.

          Aside from needing pretty frequent cleaning, there’s little we can say to knock this machine.

          If you want all the convenience of a fully automatic machine and you’re content with the classic drip brewing method, the Breville is a solid contender for the best coffee maker with a grinder onboard.


          • Crisp and clear LCD display
          • Onboard conical burr grinder with adjustable grind size
          • Choose from single serve through to 12 cups for total flexibility
          • Monitor water level with ease
          • Fully insulated carafe to keep your drinks warmer for longer
          • Overflow warning system is a nice touch


            • Not the cheapest option at your disposal
            • Needs frequent cleaning

              Best Suited For: Anyone who wants premium coffee in a single highly efficient brewing system.

              1.4. Cheap Coffee Maker With Grinder - Cuisinart 12-Cup Automatic Coffee Maker

              Brewing Type: Fully Automatic with Grinder

              If you’re on the trail of an automatic coffee maker with a built-in grinder at a very reasonable price point, Cuisinart delivers in fine style.

              The design of this best suits minimalist kitchens and, considering what it packs under the hood, the Cuisinart occupies a relatively small footprint.

              Anyone who lives in a small apartment will understand how easy it is for surfaces to get cluttered up, all the more so if you’re a coffee hound who appreciates the benefit of grinding your own beans.

              The inbuilt burr grinder allows you to harness this important step of the process without needing a secondary appliance.

              The 8-oz bean hopper accommodates a half-pound of beans and you can take advantage of a strength selector as well as fine-tuning the grind size.

              If you want to use pre-ground coffee, you can disable the grinder and proceed as with a regular drip coffee machine.

              You’ll get the auto shut-off ad brew pause functionality usually associated with more expensive coffee machines so you can dive in for a quick shot of caffeine before the brewing is done if you’re feeling impatient.

              The permanent filter saves you the ongoing expense of costly replacements while there’s also a charcoal filter for a crisp, clean taste. This charcoal filter is optional and can be removed if you prefer.

              The console is easy to navigate with all the information you need clearly displayed.

              The fact that this coffee maker remains almost entirely changed in nearly 20 years says all you need to go. There’s no need to change a winning team. Aside from lacking a hot plate and being slightly tough to clean, we cannot recommend this drip coffee maker with grinder highly enough.


              • Programmable through 24 hours for your complete convenience
              • 12-cup thermal carafe for a bumper batch
              • Easy to customize elements of the brewing process
              • Very user-friendly even for technophobes
              • Winning brand heritage
              • Fantastic combination of affordability and performance


                • No hot plate
                • Can be tiresome to clean

                  Best Suited For: Anyone looking for a multi-purpose coffee maker and grinder at a budget-friendly price point.

                  Behmor Brazen Plus Coffee Maker

                  Brewing Type: Temperature Controlled Coffee Maker

                  Behmor has a hard-won reputation for producing coffee machines that are all about the end product allowing you as much customization as possible.

                  The price for this functionality is being hit with a pretty steep learning curve out the box. Instructions are comprehensive, though, and after an hour or so of dabbling, you should have everything down pat.

                  The other downside of the complexity is that brewing is not the quickest. Depending on whether or not you take up the pre-infusion mode, you’re looking at 6 or 7 minutes before your coffee is ready so make sure you’re OK with a little downtime.

                  A nice touch is that all settings except the clock are saved when you unplug your machine saving you lots of fiddling around.

                  Unusually for a coffee maker, you can dial in the temperature of the water anywhere from 195 to 210 degrees Fahrenheit. Without your water correctly heated, your coffee is doomed before you’ve begun so this is highly appreciated.

                  The pulsed water flow combined with the pre-infusion mode makes sure your grounds are evenly saturated for a perfect extraction.

                  Capacity is weaker than on many competing coffee makers. This is pegged at 6 cups so make sure this will meet your requirements to avoid disappointment.

                  A minor gripe is the way in which condensation tends to build up on the lid and showerhead. Cleaning it away is a cinch but it’s worth pointing out. That said, the size of the showerhead is a standout winner and your coffee grounds will be nice and evenly soaked, with or without infusion mode.

                  The 2-year limited warranty shows how much the manufacturer stands behind their product and allows you to buy with total confidence.If you’re hunting for the best overall coffee maker as recommended by CNET, look no further than the Behmor Brazen.


                  • Enormous shower head for efficient saturation
                  • Pre-infusion option for added finesse
                  • Highly effective thermal carafe
                  • Rare ability to adjust water temperature
                  • Unbeatable reputation2-year warranty for peace of mind


                    • Not the easiest machine to get started with
                    • Pouring leaves something to be desired

                      Best Suited For: Tech-lovers who want all the bells and whistles without spending a fortune or compromising the quality of their coffee.

                      2. Best Pour over Coffee Maker


                      Pour-Over Coffee Makers: A more involved form of brewing, pour-over coffee makers give you complete control over the variables in the process and you’re sure to love the end result. We look into a broad spread of these pour-over machines to make your life easier.

                      2.1. Pour-Over - Melitta 6-Cup Pour-Over Coffee Maker

                      Brewing Type: Pour-Over Coffee Maker

                      Another enduring classic in the pour-over coffee maker field, Melitta was instrumental in bringing this method of making coffee to the fore over 100 years ago and they are still going strong today.

                      While using pour-over coffee maker is initially slightly overwhelming, once you become accustomed to the procedure, you’ll never look back. The complete control you exercise over every element of the brewing journey lets you tweak your favorite drink so it’s exactly how you like it.

                      Many pour-over drippers are limited to single serve. With the Melitta, you’ll get a decent-sized carafe thrown in so you’ll be able to rack up morning coffee for your wife and teens without needing to keep on revisiting the machine.

                      You will need a good few minutes if you follow every step of the pour-over method closely but you’ll be rewarded with a full-bodied, rich coffee that makes a mockery of the instant that blights many supermarket shelves.

                      There’s a pack of 5 filters included. Once you run out, you’ll need to lay in a supply of Melitta number 4 filters. These are simple to get hold of and surprisingly affordable, especially if you compare the expense to visiting your local coffee chain every day.

                      The pouring method itself leaves something to be desired. The mechanism feels heavy and this is an area where Melitta could make some improvements.

                      Setting this very minor complaint aside, you’ll be delighted with this pour-over coffee maker if you appreciate the very best with your coffee and you prefer to stick with an industry heavyweight like Melitta.


                      • Over a century in the trenches so a brand you can trust
                      • Uses budget-friendly Melitta filters
                      • Extremely reasonable price taking performance into account
                      • Everything you need to get going directly out the box
                      • Scoop and 5 filters included which is a bonus at this price
                      • Substantial carafe lets you brew enough for the whole family


                        • Questionable pouring method takes some getting used to

                          Best Suited For: Pour-over purists looking for unassailable brand heritage and a simple but effective coffee maker in compact form.

                          2.2. Pour-Over - OXO Good Drips Single-Serve Pour-Over Coffee Maker

                          Brewing Type: Pour-Over Coffee Maker

                          Rounding out our pour-over coffee maker reviews is a single-serve model from OXO at an insanely low price. If you thought buying a coffee machine had to be expensive, think again.

                          This neat little model is a smart way to get started with the pour-over method while eliminating some of the complication.

                          You might think such a simple coffee maker would end up delivering bland, insipid coffee but you’d be completely wrong. While you won’t be able to make as many tweaks as with a more complex brewing system, if you use perfectly fresh coffee it will come through the OXO a treat.

                          The design is such that the whole unit fits on pretty much any regulation cup or mug. The ultra-compact nature makes this pour-over dripper tailor-made for use on the road. Just slip it in your suitcase and you can kickstart your days on holiday with a subtle, full-bodied coffee in bed.

                          The holes in the water tank are patterned in such a way as to maximize the way in which your grounds are soaked before brewing. Simply add water using the measurement lines on the side and allow it to slowly drip its way through the filter.

                          The OXO paper filters that work with this dripper are not the most robust so we’d suggest handling with care. Filters are expensive enough anyway without incurring too much waste.

                          The lid makes sure the heat stays where you want it and this can also be used as a makeshift drip tray as an added bonus.

                          Not everyone wants an automatic beast on the kitchen counter so if you fancy something much more compact and costing less than a round of drinks at Starbucks, check out this single serve from OXO and start enjoying superior coffee in the morning.


                          • Super-simple to use without compromising the end result
                          • Flow rate nicely controlled to enhance balance
                          • Water tank attached enables excellent saturation
                          • Incredibly good value
                          • Clear markings to help you add water
                          • Fits neatly onto most standard mug sizes


                            • OXO paper cones are rather flimsy and prone to tearing

                              Best Suited For: Minimalists on a budget looking for pour-over coffee without standing on ceremony

                              3. Best Cold Brew Coffee Maker

                              Trendy drinks. Cold brew iced coffee on white marble table. copy space

                              Cold Brew Coffee Makers: If you are partial to iced coffee, you’d be well advised to consider investing in a cold brew maker. You’ll end up with a vastly superior cold coffee with very little fuss.

                              3.1. Cold Brew Coffee Maker Runner-Up | Takeya Deluxe Cold Brew Coffee Maker

                              Our runner-up in the cold brew coffee maker category is the enduringly popular Takeya Deluxe.

                              Coming in at roughly half the price of the OXO without any significant drop in performance, it’s hard not to edge you toward the Takeya Deluxe if you’re starting to embrace the purity of cold brew coffee.

                              The beauty of the Takeya Deluxe lies in its stripped-down simplicity. In essence, this cold brew coffee maker is little more than a plastic pitcher. All parts are BPA-free so you can enjoy your coffee with a clear conscience. Throw in a handle, spout and filter and that’s all she wrote.

                              While this minimalist cold brewer doesn’t come with any fat, it undeniably delivers a rich and sweet coffee you can cool down by placing directly into the refrigerator. The size is calculated so it will fit into the door panel of most mainstream models.

                              Cleaning is a cinch whether you want to give it a wash by hand or sit back and let the dishwasher do the work. Cleaning coffee machines is something that puts many people off using them but the Takeya Deluxe shows there’s nothing to be concerned about there.

                              The lid keeps all the flavor of your concentrate safely wicked inside so your hard work doesn’t go to waste.

                              Making your cold brew couldn’t be easier. Pour 32 oz of water into the pitcher. Add 8 oz of freshly ground coffee to the filter. Attach this to the lid then shake a couple times. Place the coffee maker into the fridge and you’re good to go after 24 hours.

                              While it might seem like a great deal of fuss to make coffee, if you plan in advance and get used to leaving a batch cooling, there’s no reason not to kickstart every day with an iced coffee to rival that of your favorite coffee shop.

                              For cold brew coffee the easy way, check out the affordable and capable Takeya Deluxe.


                              • Exceptional value for money
                              • Slots directly into the door of most fridges
                              • Easy to clean by hand or simply pop it in the dishwasher
                              • Airtight lid locks all the flavor of your coffee in
                              • Reusable mesh filter for ongoing savings
                              • BPA-free plastic and grippy silicone handle


                                • Produces weaker coffee than many cold brew systems

                                  Best Suited For: Cold brew lovers looking for a stripped-down system at a bargain basement price

                                  4. Best French Press Coffee Maker (cafetiere)


                                  French Press: Arguably the most classic and simple of all styles of coffee makers, the French press is a tried and true manual brewing method that guarantees premium coffee in every cup.

                                  4.1. The Best French Press Coffee Maker - SterlingPro French Press

                                  Brewing Type: French Press

                                  There are many reasons for the continuing popularity of the age-old French press. If you’re camping or traveling, carrying a French press is a surefire way of enjoying great coffee on the go without any of the fuss or equipment. Just pop the carafe in your luggage along with some fresh coffee and you’re ready to roll.

                                  Others swear by the simple but effective method that yields rich and full-bodied coffee with the absolute minimum of effort. Layer in your coffee, add hot water and wait… it doesn’t get much simpler than that.

                                  The SterlingPro is made from stainless steel which adds longevity and durability while the Borosilicate glass takes in none of the oils or chemicals.

                                  The carafe will keep your coffee warm for hours even in cooler temperatures.

                                  Capacity is first-rate. You’ll be able to make up to 12 small cups in a single brew which is far greater than most of the competition.

                                  The double filtering system in place means you can drink your coffee minus any of the sediment that can mar your enjoyment. 2 bonus screens are thrown in and these are easy to wash.

                                  If you fancy a change, the inbuilt advantage of the French press is that you can make tea or other infusions in it as well as your favorite Arabica.

                                  While you can pay a few bucks for a French press, it’s well worth ramping up your budget and targeting something that’s built to last. With no moving parts and such a simple system in place, you can expect many years of happy service from this coffee maker making it exceptional overall value.


                                  • Extremely large capacity for French press at 12 cups
                                  • Durability of stainless steel with the flexibility of Borosilicate glass
                                  • Double screen filter system for cleaner drink
                                  • Great insulation to keep temperature just right for hours
                                  • Excellent overall value
                                  • Great brand heritage


                                    • Not ideal for single serve

                                      Best Suited For: Coffee lovers with a voracious appetite looking for the clean and smooth taste of coffee from the classic French press.

                                      4.2. French Press Coffee Maker Runner-Up | Secura Stainless Steel French Press

                                      Secura manufactures top-grade kitchen equipment at a fair price point and if you’re looking for a hard-hitting French press that would grace any worktop, look no further.

                                      This highly effective and traditional coffee maker shows that the French press can deviate from the glass and plastic norm and still deliver impeccable coffee.

                                      The sleek steel look is such that you’ll want this coffee maker out on permanent display. Aside from the logo and flash of black on the spout, everything glistens silver.

                                      Every French press stands and falls on the strength of the filter and the Secura punches above its weight.

                                      There’s a triple-layered filtration system in place which gets rid of even the finest particles so you can sup down a sediment-free coffee any time you feel like it.

                                      If you want to serve up some espresso, you can stack up these filters screens so they’re even more effective. This is a wonderful touch if you prefer finer grounds.

                                      Pouring is super-simple with the handle and knob designed not to retain heat so you can serve up without scorching yourself.

                                      As with all French press coffee makers, pushing down on the plunger can be hard work so make sure you can apply enough pressure without straining yourself. If you find this kind of task awkward, you might be better of sidestepping a French press altogether.

                                      For a back-to-basics approach to brewing coffee, you can’t do much better than the Secura. Just add hot water to coffee, wait 5 minutes and enjoy some piping hot coffee in a silky smooth style.


                                      • Utilitarian steel aesthetic
                                      • Triple-layered stainless steel filter for clean coffee
                                      • Cool-touch handle and knob so navigate safely
                                      • Free filter supplied
                                      • Stackable screens for finer espresso grounds
                                      • Choice of 2 sizes for your convenienceVery reasonably priced


                                        • Pressing down on the plunger can be taxing

                                          Best Suited For: Fans of French press coffee looking for something a little more robust.

                                          5. Best Single Serve Coffee Maker

                                          Single Serve Coffee Makers: Ideal if you’re single or you drink limited amounts of coffee, single serve machines are the ultimate in convenience although you’ll need to think about the ongoing expense of the pods.

                                          5.1. The Best Single Serve Coffee Maker - Keurig K55

                                          If you fancy the best that single serve coffee machines have to offer, you can’t escape the name Keurig.

                                          While the legendary K55 is by no means a range-topper, you’ll get a graet balance of simplicity and speed in a highly affordable package.

                                          Speed and convenience are the twin selling points of this coffee machine. You’ll have a steaming coffee in your cup within a minute which trumps most other brewing methods.

                                          All you need to do is select the size of K-Cup pod you prefer, hit the button and wait for the machine to rapidly do its work.

                                          There’s an external reservoir which dramatically simplifies filling and cleaning.

                                          Lacking the steel and metal adorning many coffee makers, design on the K55 is somewhat lacking. The preponderance of plastic gives the machine a rather brittle feel. You need to be realistic about lifespan and also to be aware of problems that can develop with the pump after a couple years of use.

                                          As long as you know you’re happy with the coffee in K-Cup pods, you’ll be perfectly happy. Some people dislike the lack of customization with pod coffee makers but at least with the K55 you can use a broad spread of pods, even those not manufactured by Keurig.

                                          The lack of programmability and display is slightly disappointing but this machine is a one-trick pony. As long as you are happy with the trick it manages to play so well, top-grade coffee in a flash, this shouldn’t be a deal-breaker.

                                          If you’re looking for a machine to serve up large pots of coffee for all the family, the Keurig is not for you. If, though, you want the convenience of near-instant coffee without the low quality that comes with it, the K55 is a smart bet.


                                          • Choose from 6, 8 or 10-oz K-Cup pods
                                          • Automatic cleaning and descaling for your ease
                                          • Extremely swift delivery in 60 seconds or so
                                          • Intuitive and easily navigable control panel
                                          • Exceptional durability for a budget coffee machine
                                          • Substantial 48-oz water tank for up to 6 cups


                                            • Restricted to using K-Cup Pods
                                            • Kicks out a fair amount of noise

                                              Best Suited For: Anyone with a super-busy schedule who wants top-grade coffee in a hurry.

                                              5.2. The Upgrade Choice From Keurig - Keurig K575

                                              If you fancy buying in higher up the Keurig range, the K575 is a standout classic in the world of single serve pod machines.

                                              The substantial 80-oz water reservoir is a solid starting point. This gives you enough water to brew coffee for 10 so this machine will serve you well if you have friends over. Filling this removable reservoir is incredibly easy thanks to the neat hinged lid. At night, take advantage of the spotlights to inject a burst of color into your kitchen.

                                              A hot water on demand feature is a nice touch. You can choose from 5 pre-set temperature settings according to your drink.

                                              With your water primed, just pop in a K-Cup pod and you’re ready to roll. Use the intuitive touch screen to navigate simple menus. Choose the size and strength of your brew and you’ll be drinking coffee within the minute.

                                              If you opt to use the K-Carafe, you’ll only be able to use the Auto Brew mode so bear this in mind.

                                              Being able to fine-tune the strength is a bonus, especially if you have a larger family with differing tastes.

                                              You should know in advance that you will be limited to using the K-Cup range of pods and accessories with the Keurig. Make sure in advance that you can source a ready supply of pods and factor the cost of these into your budget.

                                              Maintenance aside from cleaning is minimal and you’ll get a chamber cleaner chucked in to help get rid of any stubborn grounds.

                                              If you’re prepared to accept the restrictions of using proprietary pods and you’re looking for a first-class single serve pod coffee machine, the Keurig K575 is a classic with just cause.


                                              • Great compatibility with K-Cup pods, K-Carafes and K-Mugs
                                              • Hinged lid reservoir super-simple to fill
                                              • Adjustable temperature to suit all palates
                                              • Oversized 80-oz reservoir lets you brew 10 cups
                                              • Strength control for added customization
                                              • Easily navigable touch screen


                                                • Restricted to K-Cup suite of products
                                                • Limited to Auto Brew when using K-Carafe

                                                  Best Suited For: Coffee lovers hunting for the convenience of a pod machine along with a graet deal of freedom to dial in brewing to taste.

                                                  5.3. Best Coffee Maker and Single Serve Combo - Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker

                                                  Brewing Type: Drip Coffee Maker and Single Serve Hybrid

                                                  If you’re looking for a drip coffee maker that gives you the freedom to make a single cup or a whole pot, this combo unit from Hamilton Beach is worth considering.

                                                  Space in the kitchen is always at a premium and if you love coffee, you’ll know that the appliances and accessories can soon get out of hand. Hamilton Beach kills two birds with one stone in the form of this fantastic hybrid coffee maker.

                                                  On one side, you get the convenience of a single serve machine. Here, you can choose to use K-Cups or the filter basket and fresh grounds. If you demand your coffee in a hurry, you can’t beat the speed of a single serve.

                                                  Perhaps you also want to brew up larger batches for friends and family? If so, just use the drip coffee maker which makes up the other half of this awesome combo unit. You can enjoy up to 12 cups of your favorite freshly ground beans which is more than fit for most purposes.

                                                  The drip coffee maker is programmable with auto-pause and shut off functionality. This is more than you would expect at this very competitive price point.

                                                  The permanent filter is easy to clean and saves you a considerable amount over time as you won’t need to make provision for replacement paper filters.

                                                  Each side of this coffee maker has a dedicated water reservoir which simplifies operation beautifully.

                                                  User-opinion with this coffee maker is overwhelmingly positive. The few gripes generally center around leakage but we have not personally found any problems in that area.

                                                  While the Hamilton Beach is not for everyone, if you’re limited for kitchen real estate or you’re simply undecided about which type of coffee maker to invest in, this combo from Hamilton Beach deserves your further attention.


                                                  • Convenience of single serve pod machine combined with the scope of a dripper for larger batches
                                                  • Outstanding value for money
                                                  • Several different variants so something for everyone
                                                  • Permanent filter so no ongoing expense of paper replacements
                                                  • Separate water reservoirs to keep things simple
                                                  • Brew single serve using K-Cups or fresh grounds


                                                    • Some complaints about leaking

                                                      Best Suited For: Anyone unable to decide between a drip coffee maker and a single serve machine.

                                                      6. Best Nespresso Machine

                                                      6.1. Nespresso VertuoPlus by DeLonghi

                                                      DeLonghi delivers impeccably with the Nespresso VertuoPlus.

                                                      With this single serve coffee maker, you can enjoy coffee enriched with crema or a robust espresso when it takes the fancy.

                                                      You’re restricted to using the Nespresso Grand Cru capsules but you’ll get a great range of choice with these. Check out our detailed guide to Nespresso capsules here.

                                                      This single serve machine comes fully to the fore if you’re a coffee lover with a penchant for different sizes of drink. Perhaps you relish an espresso first thing followed up by some longer drinks throughout the day. If so, you’ll be able to choose from 5 sizes so you can drink up to 14-oz altos rather than being limited to short coffees.

                                                      Pop in the capsule and the bar code recognition makes sure that brewing settings are fully optimized for that particular Grand Cru so it takes all the guesswork out of things.

                                                      The generous welcome set of 12 capsules gives everyone in the family something different to try before you need to think about laying in supplies.

                                                      With regard to the cost of the capsules, they are certainly not cheap. If you consider the cost set against a round of drinks in a coffee chain, though, they suddenly don’t seem quite so expensive. And when you drink your coffee, it’s a world away from a sloppy cup of instant.

                                                      You can swivel the water tank or leave it tucked behind the machine which is ideal if space is of the essence in your kitchen.

                                                      The sleek and stripped-down design of this black and chrome beast makes quite a statement.

                                                      If you embrace the convenience of single serve coffee makers and you don’t want to be limited to one type of drink, the Nespresso VertuoPlus is the connoisseur’s choice.


                                                      • Authentic espresso in an instant or full-bodied coffee with crema
                                                      • Choose from 5 sizes of drink from a 1.35-oz espresso through to a 14-oz alto
                                                      • Moveable water tank to suit the space in your kitchen
                                                      • Bar-code reading to optimize settings for each drink
                                                      • Capsule welcome kit thrown in
                                                      • Super-simple one-touch brewing
                                                      • Reasonable price considering the functionality


                                                        • Buying capsules represents an ongoing expense
                                                        • Minimal input into the brewing process so not for purists

                                                          Best Suited For: Convenience-lovers looking for the very best in single serve coffee makers from a highly reputable brand.

                                                          6.2. Best Originalline Nespresso Machine - Nespresso Pixie

                                                          Looking like something from a 60s diner, the Pixie is a now discontinued model from the Nespresso Originalline.

                                                          The chief selling point of the Nespresso range of machines is raw convenience. While you might not exercise the same control over the brewing process as you could with pour-over, all the hard work is done for you and settings ensure that your coffee reaches you at its very finest.

                                                          Be aware going in that the Pixie is a discontinued model. It’s still available for sale but no longer being produced. That said, we still think it’s worth your time considering.

                                                          This coffee machine looks not unlike a toaster. It’s not much bigger than that, either. This is great news if you’re struggling for space in the kitchen.

                                                          Maintenance is almost nil. Aside from descaling a couple times each year, it really is just plug and play.

                                                          The water tank slips off easily so you can fill it without being cramped. You’ll be alerted when it’s time to top this tank up which is a nice touch.

                                                          Inside this pocket rocket is a potent high-pressure pump fundamental to the quality of the coffee in your cup.

                                                          If you’re worried about getting hold of capsules, don’t be. You can readily order them online and they are not as expensive as you might think, especially if you buy in bulk.

                                                          You can choose between espresso and lungo. When you want a longer drink, the drip tray folds to make room for bigger vessels.

                                                          If you’d like to buy into the Nespresso world at a more than reasonable price, the Pixie is well worth taking into consideration. You’ll get great espresso all day long without spending a fortune at the local coffee shop.


                                                          • Easy to clean with just the occasional descaling needed
                                                          • Removing and attaching water tank is a breeze
                                                          • Empty water tank alert for your convenience
                                                          • Choose from espresso or lungo
                                                          • Extremely compact footprint so ideal for smaller kitchens
                                                          • Folding drip tray to accommodate taller glasses
                                                          • Drinks are served in less than 30 seconds


                                                            • Limited choice of drinks
                                                            • Capsules can be an expensive habit

                                                              Best Suited For: Busy professionals looking for premium coffee in a hurry with the minimum of effort.

                                                              6.3. Nespresso Essenza by Breville - Also Great

                                                              Brewing Type: NespressoAlso great is the Nespresso Essenza, this time rolled out by Breville.

                                                              If you want the immediacy of the best espresso machine in scaled-down dimensions and priced accordingly, the Essenza is the obvious solution.

                                                              Despite its small stature, the Essenza punches above its weight on the performance front. Featuring the same 19-bar high-pressure pump, you’ll end up with Starbucks-style coffee in your own kitchen.

                                                              You’ll enjoy a welcome package of 14 assorted capsules so you can get the drinks in as soon as you open up your new machine.

                                                              From this point, capsules are widely available in high street stores and supermarkets. Alternatively, you can easily buy them online as we show in our detailed guide to Nespresso capsules.

                                                              The beauty of these single serve capsule machines is the speed of delivery with coffee in your cup in under 30 seconds. That’s less time than it would take for a kettle to boil.

                                                              While your choice of drink size is sorely limited, you can at least opt for espresso or lungo.

                                                              Using the machine is as easy as pushing a single button. You won’t need to do anything by the way of maintenance so it’s the perfect machine if you’re not too practically inclined.

                                                              You can pick up this machine in either black or white and, while it won’t win any design award, it’s certainly easy enough on the eye.

                                                              For a winning combination of convenience, portability and outstanding coffee, give the Nespresso Essenza a shot.


                                                              • Top-tier espresso machine in a tiny package
                                                              • Great brand heritage
                                                              • 19-bar pump for first-class coffee
                                                              • Available in black or white
                                                              • Espresso or lungo so all bases covered
                                                              • Rapid delivery in less than 30 seconds
                                                              • 14 capsules thrown in as a nice gesture


                                                                • Not suitable for large simultaneous batches

                                                                  Best Suited For: Coffee lovers with limited space in the kitchen looking for a versatile automatic espresso maker.

                                                                  Read More: Best Nespresso Machines

                                                                  7. Best Espresso Machine


                                                                  Close up Barista take coffee grind in group Prepare to brewing espresso shot.

                                                                  Espresso Machines: If you insist on your coffee strong, short and black, there’s nothing to rival a straight-up espresso machine and we’ll bring you some of the very best machines on the market

                                                                  7.1. Best Cheap Espresso Maker - Mr Coffee Café Barista Cappuccino Maker

                                                                  Mr Coffee does not have the strongest reputation in the world of coffee machines but the Café Barista is a refreshing change combining exceptional value and versatility with neat performance so where does this machine excel?

                                                                  While you’ll need to pull your own espresso shots manually, the machine takes care of all the frothing for you making this a kind of hybrid. This makes it a nice gentle way to get started making your own espresso without needing to attack too steep a learning curve.

                                                                  You can decide whether you prefer using pods or freshly ground coffee making this an adaptable option.

                                                                  A standard-issue 15-bar pump is at the heart of this machine and it does a great job of heating up water at the optimum temperature for a robust espresso just like the Italians make. That said, as with any cheaper espresso machine, you’ll notice a degree of inconsistency here which can be frustrating.

                                                                  While the espresso is serviceable, the Café Barista comes fully into its own for longer, frothier drinks. If you can’t get enough latte or cappuccino, you’re in luck.

                                                                  This is undeniably an entry-level machine and you need to be realistic about your expectations. If you’re expecting a machine in line with the ones in your local Starbucks, you’ll be sorely disappointed.


                                                                  • Takes both pods and freshly ground coffee
                                                                  • Fantastic value for money
                                                                  • Enjoy the freedom of long and short drinks
                                                                  • Sizeable power cord for your convenience
                                                                  • Automatic milk frother saves you time and effort


                                                                    • No use for brewing large batches
                                                                    • Some inconsistency with temperature

                                                                      Enter your text here...

                                                                      7.2. The Best Moka Pot or Stovetop Espresso - Bialetti 6-Cup Stovetop Espresso Maker

                                                                      Brewing Type: Moka PotMoka pots are simple but extremely effective little coffee makers that are remarkably simple to use.

                                                                      Top up the lower chamber with cold water and pop some ground espresso into the funnel. Screw on the upper part of the Moka Pot, place on the stovetop and boil. It really doesn’t get much easier than that.

                                                                      While using a Moka Pot might seem like something of a throwback these days, the simplicity of this brewing method leads to a smooth and creamy espresso every time. The common bugbear with these coffee makers is leaving them unattended. Do this at your peril as the coffee can easily end up overflowing and spilling all over your new stove.

                                                                      You’re spoiled for choice in terms of sizing and color so whether you want a classic single-cup silver unit or a brighter behemoth capable of a whopping 18 espressos, there’s something for all tastes.

                                                                      Ultimately, the success or failure of any coffee machine on the market rests with the quality of the drink in your cup. Opinion is almost unanimously positive when it comes to the mouth-watering espresso you’ll enjoy from the Bialetti.

                                                                      One thing to keep a close eye on is aluminum residue left behind which can taint your drink. Keep your Moka Pot clean and well maintained to mitigate this.

                                                                      As long as you’re happy with a more hands-on approach to brewing coffee and you enjoy using more traditional equipment, the Bialetti is tough to beat.


                                                                      • Multiple sizes available so something for everyone
                                                                      • Design classic that sets off any counter top
                                                                      • Wide range of colors to inject a dose of fun into your kitchen
                                                                      • Make 6 small espressos in less than 5 minutes
                                                                      • Enjoy a rich and deep espresso just as it should be
                                                                      • Extremely compact and portable


                                                                        • Limited to making espresso only
                                                                        • Not dishwasher-friendly
                                                                        • No safety features so monitor when boiling to avoid spillage

                                                                          Best Suited For: If you want to get back to basics and enjoy a pure, smooth coffee the way it was intended.

                                                                          8. Best Siphon Coffee Maker or Vacuum Coffee Maker


                                                                          equipment, people and technology concept - close up of woman with pot pouring ground coffee to siphon coffeemaker at cafe bar

                                                                          8.1. Best Siphon Coffee Brewer - KitchenAid Siphon Coffee Brewer

                                                                          Brewing Type: Siphon Coffee Brewer

                                                                          As we draw to the end of our coffee maker reviews, we’ll take a glimpse at the KitchenAid siphon brewer.

                                                                          What is a siphon brewer, though?

                                                                          These machines look more like science apparatus than coffee gear but the end result is a wonderful coffee at its purest.

                                                                          How do you go about using one then?

                                                                          • Grind up 30g of fresh beans
                                                                          • Fill lower glass chamber with 250g of water
                                                                          • Insert a mesh or cloth filter then turn on the burner
                                                                          • Add the upper unit to the chamber as the water starts to boil
                                                                          • When the water hits 200 degrees Fahrenheit, add your coffee grounds and leave for 1 minute
                                                                          • Stir until all grounds are fully saturated
                                                                          • Watch and wait for the coffee to filter into the lower chamber, allow to cool slightly then serve

                                                                          If that looks like a do-able process for you, it’s well worth considering this siphon coffee maker which is priced keenly when you think about its build quality and the delectable coffee you’ll be able to make with it.

                                                                          This full immersion method of brewing takes some time and is slightly messy as well as labor-intensive so siphon brewers fell out of favor before recently making something of a comeback.

                                                                          Since attaching and detaching chambers can be a tiresome part of using a siphon coffee maker, KitchenAid has streamlined this by harnessing magnets for a close and easy fit.

                                                                          You’ll get both mesh and cloth filters provided and both make an exceptionally clean, crisp coffee.

                                                                          If you’re looking to restore some of the ceremony to the coffee making process, investing in this outstanding siphon maker capable of brewing up in no more than a couple minutes.


                                                                          • Arresting aesthetics make a real statement
                                                                          • Temperature and vacuum arrangement leads to premium coffee every time
                                                                          • Glass and stainless steel model is built to last
                                                                          • Magnetic locking seal keeps everything tightly together
                                                                          • Reasonably priced considering the performance
                                                                          • Everything you need including filters is supplied


                                                                            • No use if you insist on coffee in a hurry
                                                                            • Boils the coffee which can lead to a hint of bitterness

                                                                              Best Suited For: Coffee purists seeking a design-driven classic capable of serving up top-tier coffee from the comfort of home

                                                                              9. Best Coffee Percolator

                                                                              9.1. Best Coffee Percolator - Presto Coffee Percolator

                                                                              Brewing Type: Coffee Percolator

                                                                              We’ll round out our coffee maker reviews with a stainless steel percolator from Presto.

                                                                              Using this highly compact machine is slightly more complex than using a push-button machine but it’s really not that hard.

                                                                              • Pour in the requisite amount of cold water using the marks inside the percolator to guide you
                                                                              • Use the included wraparound paper filter in the basket supplied
                                                                              • Add coffee to taste
                                                                              • Fold the corners of the filter to completely cover the coffee then insert into the pot
                                                                              • Press down on the cover and you’re ready to roll
                                                                              • Plug in and the red light will illuminate when your coffee is primed

                                                                              Once you’ve used the percolator once or twice, you’ll see that the steps are really not involved and, while it’s not the quickest machine out of the blocks, you’ll be able to get your tea or coffee in not much longer than a conventional coffee maker would take to deliver.

                                                                              One of the principal selling points of this coffee machine is the fact that no plastic comes into contact with the water. This ensures you get the crispest and cleanest drink every time.

                                                                              Despite the stainless steel everywhere, pouring is a breeze. You’ll get no spillage from the impeccably designed spout and everything is cool touch so you won’t end up burning your fingers.

                                                                              You can choose to brew anywhere from 2 to 6 cups making this ample for the whole family.

                                                                              Cleaning is straightforward with the components coming apart for a dip in hot soapy water.

                                                                              If you’ve been hunting out a space-saving coffee maker at a bargain basement price, check out this stunning percolator and enjoy taking your coffee making to new dimensions.


                                                                              • No plastic touches the water so enjoy an uncontaminated brew
                                                                              • Simple red light to show when your coffee is ready at a glance
                                                                              • Spout designed to prevent any dripping at all
                                                                              • Cleaning is easy by disassembling and using hot soapy water
                                                                              • Able to make tea as well as coffee
                                                                              • Excellent value for money


                                                                                • Takes 6 or 7 minutes to brew 4 cups

                                                                                  Best Suited For: Anyone with limited space at home not prepared to dip out on freshly brewed coffee.

                                                                                  IX. Conclusion

                                                                                  Well, we very much hope you’ve enjoyed picking your way through this comprehensive guide to the best coffee makers across most major categories.

                                                                                  Everyone enjoys coffee in a different way and has varying needs which is the reason we covered such an enormous range of machines. After all, if you’re a busy professional who wants a no-nonsense shot of the best espresso to kickstart each morning, you’ll be in the market for an entirely different set-up than a student living in a small apartment.

                                                                                  For some people, there’s absolutely nothing to trump the minimalist simplicity of a French press. Others appreciate the immediacy of the best espresso machine while there are more and more converts to the pour-over brewing method as the coffee industry continues to explode.

                                                                                  Whatever you personal preference, by covering all main bases here today, there should be something to tickle your fancy.

                                                                                  We have tried today to explore products at varying price points so there’s something for everyone. We have also drawn your attention honestly to any flaws in these coffee makers. After all, who wants to read a batch of reviews proclaiming every single product to be unbeatable with no downside at all?

                                                                                  Take the time to wander around our site if you want more information on any of these brewing methods. We’re here to help you every step of the way in your coffee journey, from finding the best beans and grind size through to sourcing the finest equipment to do that coffee justice.

                                                                                  Drop us a line any time if you have any questions or feedback at all. We’re very responsive to messages and we’ll get back to you promptly. Let us know if there’s anything you’d particularly like us to cover here on the site and we’ll do our best to oblige.

                                                                                  Come back soon!

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