The Best Decaf K Cup Coffee Pods For 2021: Top 18 Options


Even if you’re a committed coffee fan, sometimes it’s nice to have a decaf on hand, especially if it’s later in the day and you want to ensure your sleep won’t be disturbed. Overdoing your caffeine intake can not only lead to a damaged sleep schedule but also cause other effects like increased anxiety and an irregular heartbeat.

Also, even if you often use specialty brewing methods like pour-over or cold brew, there’s something about the immediacy of a single serve machine that can’t be beaten.

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We’ve brought both of those elements together for you today and we’ve got 18 of the finest K-Cup decaf pods for your Keurig machine.

Even though single-serve machines come with a few minor drawbacks, there’s simply nothing like the convenience of a pod-based machine. All the capsule we tested are compatible with all Keurig machines so whether you’ve got an old classic or one of the newer 2.0 line, you’re in safe hands.

From subtle light roasts to deep and smoky French roasts with plenty of medium roasts to balance things out, we’ve done our best to bring something to the table for everyone today.

We’ll cut straight to the chase and launch into our reviews so you can see at a glance which you feel would be the best decaf K-Cups for you!

I. Top 18 Best Decaf K Cup Coffee Pods

1. Green Mountain Dark Magic Decaf


If you want the intense flavor and aroma of a full-bodied dark roast without all that caffeine, Green Mountain delivers a decaf version that still has all those lip-smacking benefits.

This blend is undercut with a slight hint of fruitiness and some subtle chocolate in a taste sensation that won’t keep you up all night.

Reasonably priced, the cost per serving of this 72-pack comes out at under a buck a cup. Try getting that value at your local coffee shop!

For the convenience of single-serve coffee and the depth and body of a French roast without the caffeine content, we can’t recommend these Green Mountain pods strongly enough.

2. Barista Premium Coffeehouse Decaf Italian Roast


Barista Premium Coffeehouse serves up all the great elements of a dark Italian roast with none of the caffeine. Whether you dislike caffeine or simply want an all-day drink that won’t interfere with your sleep, this decaf packs a powerful punch.

Among the traces of smokiness that characterize darker roasts, you’ll detect a slight note of fruit and you won’t be left with any unpleasant aftertaste.

These pods are compatible with all Keurig machines including the 2.0 generation. You’ll get 4 bundles of 24 capsules in the package so you should have enough decaf for a month or two of regular drinking.

3. Eight O’Clock The Original Decaf


Nailing their colors firmly to the mast with the name of this decaffeinated medium roast, industry legend Eight O’Clock deliver on their promise.

Where decaf can be weak and insipid when poorly produced, this medium roast has a sweet and fruit-laden tang to it while still retaining balance. You won’t be overpowered by taste and aroma but you won’t feel shortchanged either.

This bundle comes with a half-dozen 12-packs of capsules giving you a couple month’s supply at a pocket-friendly price. Pods slip neatly into all Keurig machines including the retooled second iteration.

4. San Francisco Bay Decaffeinated French Roast


The stellar San Francisco Bay take blends from both central and South America which they roast dark so you’ll get a flavor-filled coffee minus the caffeine content that will have you questioning whether this really is decaf.

But it is so you can safely drink this blend any time of day or night without impacting your sleep.

If you’re looking for maximum value, this bumper 120-pack gives you more than enough capsules to keep you going for months without needing to stock up again.

For single-serve convenience, a robust dark roast and no caffeine whatsoever, you’re in safe hands with this intoxicating blend.

5. Tully’s French Roast Decaf


We’ve got another delightful French roast for you next from the legendary Tully’s.

With a deep and dark blend packing the smokiness you associate with this roast profile but lacking the caffeine that many dislike, you get the best of both worlds here: a coffee you can drink all day with the flavor of a bona fide caffeinated drink.

If you’re sick and tired of limp, weak decafs, this classic from Tully’s is well worth popping on your shortlist.

6. Starbucks Decaf Pike Place Roast


Starbucks might produce great coffee but hitting the store every day can soon become costly. Why not take the drink home instead and we don’t mean grabbing a takeout…

The Pike Place roast gives you the chance to enjoy decaf in pod-form rendering your daily coffee fix a lot easier on the pocket.

A medium roast, you’ll get plenty of flavor without your palate being dominated. You’ll also get a caffeine-free beverage ideal for drinking late into the evening. For a delightfully balanced drink from a brand synonymous with coffee, these Pike Roast capsules are a must.

7. Peet’s Coffee House Decaf Dark Roast


Next up is yet another dark decaf from coffee specialist Peet’s.

All dark roasts deliver an unmistakable smokiness you either love or hate. We’d recommend you steer clear of this blend unless you’re a confirmed fan of French roasts since the depth and power is dramatic even if the caffeine has been removed.

If, on the other hand, you’re a committed fan of coffee the way the French drink it, pop these pods into your Keurig machine – they’re compatible with all machines in the range – and bring the coffee shop into your home at a budget-friendly price.

8. Tim Horton’s Decaffeinated Arabica


One of Starbucks’s main rivals, this decaf Arabica from Tim Hortons is a home run.

Roasted from pure Arabica beans, you’ll get an enticing flavor, delicious aroma and enough body without feeling overpowered. Stripped of the caffeine that can keep you up all night, these capsules strike the perfect balance between delivering a kick of flavor and not going over the top.

You’ll get 72 capsules which should keep the whole family going for a month or more even if you drink a fair amount of joe.

An added kicker is that these capsules are easily recyclable so you can enjoy the convenience of single-serve coffee without the guilt of making too heavy an environmental footprint.

9. Green Mountain Breakfast Blend Decaf


The Green Mountain range is broad and deep with this classic breakfast blend ideal not just in the morning but throughout the day. Since it’s also decaffeinated, you can keep drinking it right up until bedtime with no concerns about a sleepless night as penance.

A subtle light roast, you’ll get a clean and crisp taste perfect for kickstarting your day or for winding down after you get home from work.

The pure Arabica beans are certified Kosher and the capsules are designed to fit in any type of Keurig K-Cup machine.

10. The Original Donut Shop Decaf


If you want something to wash down your donuts with, this medium roast makes a wise choice.

You’ll get subtlety and balance rather than the forceful smoky body of a dark roast and you won’t get any of the caffeine that can disturb your sleep patterns and put you on edge. If, of course, you prefer your coffee leaded, the Original Donut Shop has plenty of caffeinated blends, too.

There are 44 capsules in this bundle so you can get enough to supply the whole family for a month or so with all the ease of use single-serve coffee is famous for. All you’ll need is the donuts to go with it!

11. McCafe Decaf Premium Roast


Next in line today, we’ve got a bumper 84-pack of McCafe capable of making up to 12oz of lipsmacking decaf at a highly reasonable price-point.

If you’re looking for a subtle yet striking flavor with a delicate aroma that won’t assail your nose, this balanced roast of pure Arabica beans is the ideal solution.

Whether you fancy tailing off your consumption of caffeine later in the day so you can sleep better or you simply don’t enjoy caffeine at all, get all the benefits of coffee without that jagged jolt.

As with all the best K-Cup pods, you can use these capsules in any type of Keurig machine and save a fortune on those daily coffee shop runs.

12. Caribou Blend Decaf


If you want something with a little more flavor and body than light roast but you’re not a fan of smoky darker profiles, this medium roast from Caribou is the obvious middle ground.

You’ll get balance and subtlety in this smooth and creamy coffee and you won’t get any caffeine so you can safely drink it right throughout the day.

Coming in the 24-pack we tested or a larger bundle of 48 capsules, not only does this blend taste outstanding, it also comes in at a very attractive price so what are you waiting for?

13. Maxwell House House Blend Decaf


Famous the world over for their instant coffee, Maxwell House brings that expertise to bear on these K-Cup pods using freshly ground coffee with none of the caffeine remaining.

Suitable for use in all types of Keurig machine including the newer generation, you can enjoy all the convenience of single serve without the negative effects of caffeine in the mix.

A medium roast, you’ll get ample flavor along with a delicious aroma but the effect isn’t at all overpowering.

If you’re tired of instant and want something livelier but just as convenient, fire up your Keurig and invest in a pack of these pods for a superior alternative to granules.

14. AmazonFresh Decaf Colombian


Global giant Amazon brings coffee to the masses with this decaffeinated Colombian perfect for all styles of Keurig machine.

You’ll get a whopping 80 capsules made with pure Arabica beans from South America giving you a strong yet balanced medium roast with a strong finish.

Maybe you’re asking yourself whether it’s a safe bet to invest in 80 pods when you’re not convinced you’ll like the coffee. If so, set those worries aside. Amazon offers a full no-quibbles refund if you’re not entirely satisfied with your purchase so what have you got to lose?

15. Donut House Light Roast Decaf


Another first-class decaf up next from the inimitable Donut House.

Light roasts give you a crisp and refreshing drink made all the cleaner for the lack of caffeine. Ideal for drinking right throughout the day, you can rely on this Kosher-certified coffee to give you a burst of flavor without disturbing your sleep.

Coming in a bundle of 4 boxes of 24 pods, you’ll get 2 cups for a buck delivering outstanding value.

16. Folgers 100% Colombian Decaf


Folgers is a legend in the coffee industry and this Colombian decaf continues their winning tradition of subtle yet commanding coffee sourced from the finest beans.

You’ll get a very deep and decadent taste with a full body but minus the caffeine many people would sooner do without. Decaf often gets a bad rep but all you need to do is investigate some of the many options like this Folgers blend to see that not all decaf is created equal.

If you’re hunting for a decaffeinated drink that comes very close to replicating the taste of the real thing, search no further.

17. Crazy Cups Flavored Decaf


Perhaps you’d like a shot of flavor to liven up your decaffeinated drink? If so, this jumbo assortment of capsules from Crazy Cups gives you a wide array of choice in a selection of 10 flavors. From chocolate coconut to bananas and oatmeal cookie, this brand proves you don’t need to tolerate bland and weak coffee if you fancy skipping the caffeine.

Flavors in this pack vary but you’ll be spoiled for choice at a very competitive price.

With no caffeine, no gluten and no lactose, these pods are also Kosher so you can buy with complete confidence whatever the nature of your dietary restrictions.

18. Keurig K-Cup Decaf Variety Pack


To round out, we’ve got another sampler pack for you, ideal if you’re still not certain which roast profile best suits you or whether you’d like to try some flavored pods.

You’ll get an array of capsules from all the major roasters from Martinson and Wolfgang Puck through to Donut House and Cake Boss. Guaranteed not to contain duplicates, this value pack gives you maximum choice at minimum cost.

All of these capsules fit neatly into whatever type of Keurig machine you have including the 2.0 line.

Whether you’re buying this pack for yourself or as a gift, the variety is staggering and all the coffee comes decaffeinated, too.

Are Keurig Machines Worth Buying?

If you’re a regular coffee drinker, you might have considered investing in a Keurig machine. Whether it’s the convenience, the taste, or simply the allure of the machine, there are a few pros and cons of a Keurig you should consider before you choose to invest in one. 


  • Convenience

Keurig machines are simply the most convenient way of making good coffee. While espresso makers or other fancy coffee makers might give you a similar experience, nothing compares with just popping a K cup in a Keurig machine and having a steaming hot cup of coffee ready to go within a matter of minutes. 

If convenience is your number one priority and you don’t care about other factors involved in making this decision, Keurig machines are a great pick for you. 

  • Measurements

If you’re making your own coffee, it’ll take you some time to reach the proper consistency when it comes to determining how much water and coffee you need to put in. There’s no need for this trial and error method with a Keurig cup, as the predetermined volume will give you everything you need with just a press of a button. 

  • Flavors

Because of the growing popularity of Keurig machines, K pods are now more accessible than ever. A lot of companies now make pods that are compatible with these machines, which means that you not only have more options to choose from but also get a lot of different flavors. 

Whether you prefer a dark roast or a more chocolate-filled taste with your coffee, there’s an option for everyone with a Keurig cup. 


However, Keurig machines are not perfect. While all these factors might make it sound like getting a Keurig machine is a one stop solution for your problems, there are a number of factors you need to consider before you choose to invest in one. 

  • Cost

The most obvious and the first disadvantage that comes to mind is the upfront cost associated with a Keurig machine. It’s really a question of convenience over high expenses. If you order and drink coffee multiple times a day from a cafe, the upfront cost might justify itself in a few months. 

However, the high cost of the machine and even the cups may deter some people from choosing one. 

  • Environmental Impact

Keurig cups are disposable in nature, and everything that’s disposable has a negative impact on the environment. This might not make it the best choice for environmentalists and people who care about waste. 


Well, you should now have a clear idea of which decaffeinated K-Cup pods would best suit your tastes and budgets.

All the capsules we looked at today come with our seal of approval but choosing the best coffee is obviously subjective. Think first about whether you prefer the crisper light roasts, balanced mediums or smoky and decadent dark roasts. With that in place, think also about brand and consider price as your final factor.

If you’re still not certain which would be best for your palate, why not try one of the bumper packs with multiple capsules from different brands? That way, you can get a quick taster of a number of different roasts without risking the purchase of a large pack you might not even enjoy.

We hope that this article about the best decaf K cup coffee pods has helped you make an informed decision about which of these options can be the best pick for you. 

If you’re interested in similar topics about coffee and other things in and around your house, we have a number of informational articles, buying guides, and full reviews on our website that you should check out, as well!

We’re currently testing some more of the finest coffee products so bookmark The PrinceLA and come back soon!

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