The Best Deep Seat Sofas


Deep seat sofas are a wonderful way to get all the support you need however you choose to sit while also keeping comfort uppermost.

The definition confuses some people, though and we’re here to clear that up as well as providing you with the results of our thorough testing.

What, then, is a deep seat sofa?

The depth is measures from the front of the cushion to the back rather than taking into account the overall dimensions. This translates to the real, workable sitting area. Anything over 23 inches is generally considered a deep seat sofa. You might find definitions vary but that’s a pretty reliable benchmark.

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To this end, we’ve listed out the seat depth for you so you can easily compare them at a glance rather than delving through listing to unearth that information.

We’ll get right down to it now with a collection of 10 of the finest deep seat couches at your disposal.

I. Top 10 Best Deep Seat Sofas

1. Our Pick: Stone & Beam Lauren Oversized Sofa (Seat depth: 24″)


Stone & Beam has a hard-won reputation for delivering durable and elegant furniture at a reasonable price-point. The Lauren couch continues that winning tradition and gets our overall vote for best deep seat sofa. What makes it so good, though?

The overstuffed cushions give you all the comfort you need while still serving up ample support. Hardwearing fabric finished in a muted slate or fawn is complemented by wooden legs to round out a classic design.

We opted for the 89-inch model. If you’ve got a smaller space and you still want to benefit from deep seats, there’s also a more compact 74-inch version. Measuring 24 inches, Stone & Beam rate the depth of these seats at the upper end of their 5-point scale.

If you’re not particularly practically inclined, this sofa needs absolutely no assembly so you can get going straight out the box. You’ll also benefit from a generous 30-day return period and a robust 3-year limited warranty.

Whether you like sitting upright with plenty of support and comfort or prefer lounging full stretch across the couch, the Lauren is an absolute must.

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2. Modway Engage Sofa (Seat depth: 24.5″)


If you’re hunting for a design-driven deep seat sofa with a distinct retro flavor, the Modway Engage comes in a wide band of both vibrant and pastel colors.

As well as a sofa, the range boasts an armchair, loveseat and ottoman so you can build out that 70s feel whether you’ve got a modernist condo or a more traditional living room.

Seat depth of 24 ½ inches gives you ample room for maneuver. The cushions are not so deep that you’ll struggle to place your feet on the floor when sitting upright. They’re more than spacious enough, though, to give you the freedom to lie back when you’re watching a movie and relax in complete comfort.

The hardwearing polyester fabric works well against the wooden legs giving you furniture that’s easy to clean and remarkably durable. Weight capacity is an enormous 1700 pounds so you’ll have more than enough support for a handful of heavy adults.

The sectional design of the wider range means you can build out your furniture to suit your space and budget. We really can’t recommend this sofa strongly enough so why not give it a try?

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3. Benchcraft Brielyn Contemporary Sofa (Seat depth: 24″)


Benchcraft’s Contemporary line-up comes with 3 models. These differ in terms of the coloring and cushion and we opted for the Brielyn.

The main cushions are supple and stuffed with a high-resiliency foam. Laid over the top of these, you get a pair of patterned decorative throw pillows to complete a laid-back aesthetic.

Fully 24 inches deep – and remember, for the purposes of deep seat sofas, that measurement is effectively the width of the cushion from front to back – you’ll get a spacious feel without eating up too much precious real estate in your living room. The whole sofa measures up at 85 x 40 x 38 inches.

The inbuilt advantage of the Benchcraft is the fact it arrives fully assembled so you won’t need to mess around with any kind of set-up. You just need to make sure your door is at least 32 inches wide so it will slide through without interference.

The frame is extremely solid and the exposed wooden legs are durable while also looking attractive set against the fabric.

For a long-lasting and cost-effective sofa that makes a real design statement without compromising performance, this is one of the best deep seat models on the market.

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4. Homelegance Laurelton Double Reclining Sofa (Seat depth: 26″)


We’ll state straight off the bat that design polarizes opinion with the Laurelton from Homelegance. Looking more like a trio of chairs lined up than a couch, you’ll either love or hate the looks and we’re not here to push you one way or the other.

If that design appeals, you’ll get super-deep 26 inch cushions giving you a great deal of support married to comfort if you prefer sitting upright. If you like to lounge fully lateral, you’ll have more than enough room to do so in style.

If you want to get even comfier, take advantage of the manual reclining mechanism which allows both the side seats to rake back so you can kick your feet up after a hard day at the office.

The generous arms give you more than enough leeway for your cellphone, remote control while still giving you enough space for your arms.

In terms of assembly, you’ll simply need to put the seat backs together. This calls for no specialist knowledge and you’ll be up and running almost directly out of the box.

Available in chocolate brown or a muted gray, this understated recliner with ultra-deep cushions fits well with just about any design scheme. You can build things out with a love seat and a glider recliner if you’ve got a more fluid budget and the space to accommodate.

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5. Colton Sofa (Seat depth: 23″)


Coming in supple PU, this leather-look sofa from Colton is ideal for smaller apartments or more compact living rooms. Don’t let those scaled-down dimensions fool you, though. You’ll get cushions 23 inches deep so you won’t feel cramped.

Overall weight capacity is 900 pounds which is more than enough for a sofa of this size even if you’ve got larger adults to accommodate.

Exposed nailheads break up the expanse of PU and the backs of the cushions are made from webbing to build out further strength without compromising comfort. The solid wooden frame over which the PU is draped will ensure you get many years of faithful service from this sofa.

Finished in a rich brown as deep as the cushions, this couch gives you the advantages of leather without the drawbacks and makes a real conversation piece. The best thing is, you won’t need to spend a fortune for the privilege either.

You should be aware in advance this sofa does require a degree of assembly. You don’t need to be a DIY expert but you will need to pack a little patience.

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6. Divano Roma Large Classic Sectional (Seat depth: 24″)


This Divano Roma sectional is a sprawling piece of furniture tailor-made for more substantial living rooms. Whether you’ve got a large family or you frequently entertain, you’ll have more than enough room for everyone. The sofa sits fully 6 people without restriction.

The bonded leather combines durability with aesthetics. Cushions are overstuffed so you’ll get plenty of support along with a ratcheted-up comfort factor. These cushions are 24-inch deep.

It goes unsaid all this comes at the expense of a sofa that’s not cut out for smaller living rooms. Dimensions are 81 x 104 x 36 so make sure you’ve got enough floor space before committing to purchase.

As you’d expect from a sofa of this substance, you’ll need to take a little time assembling it. It goes unsaid something of this size won’t arrive in one box.

The end seats both recline giving you an extra degree of flexibility in this outstanding sectional. The layout is fixed so you won’t be able to get too creative but you can hit all your seating needs with one modular unit from an industry legend. You won’t need to take out a bank loan either so what are you waiting for?

7. Homelegance Emilio Sofa (Seat depth: 20″)


Next up is another great sofa from Homelegance in the form of classic sectional. The model we chose to test has a chaise and ottoman bundled giving you a great deal of scope to tweak the layout to suit. This is modular furniture at its finest.

The tufted polyester will stand up to a great deal of punishment even if you’ve got kids and pets in the house. It’s easy to clean and will withstand a quick blitz with the vacuum cleaner.

The sofa and chaise are reversible. Whether you have specific needs for a given room or you just like ringing the changes, you’ll enjoy a highly versatile seating environment.

Although not quite so deep as some of the cushions we tested, these 20-inchers still give you ample wiggle room. You can extend that further by lining up the chaise or ottoman when you fancy lying full stretch for a movie marathon.

As with many sofas, you’ll need to put this together although it won’t take too much time and you won’t need a comprehensive toolkit either.

If you need a completely customizable couch with space for the whole family at a very keen price-point, we’d suggest you road test the Emilio. You’re highly unlikely to be disappointed.

8. Poundex Sofa (Seat depth: 26″)


We’ve got another sectional up next as we edge toward the close of our deep seat sofa reviews.

Poundex serves up this slate gray beauty at a very competitive cost but what else is good apart from the budget-friendly pricing?

This sectional holds a prized patent allowing for the chaise to be set up to the left or right. The vast bulk of sectionals enforce a right-handed configuration which might simply not work with the layout of your room. No such worries with Poundex so you can set up exactly in line with your living room.

The cushions are particularly deep at 26 inches. If you’re not too tall, you might find touching the floor with your feet a little awkward if you prefer sitting bolt upright. If you’re a fan of reclining, though, you can sprawl flat-out feeling cocooned in comfort.

The solid wooden frame is covered with a hardwearing yet elegant fabric with remarkable attention to detail throughout the seams. Easy to clean and capable of lasting for years, you’re in safe hands.

While you’ll need a little assembly, this is straightforward with all tools and hardware thrown in.

9. Stone & Beam Bartow Sofa (Seat depth: 30″)


Stone & Beam pitch up another subtle and understated classic in the form of the Bartow. We tested the super-spacious 96-inch model but if space is tighter in your home, there’s a smaller 86-inch variant.

Finished in a natural color or a brownish-gray, these couches fit in with practically any décor without looking either bland or overpowering.

Cushions are a staggering 30 inches deep placing it at the upper end of the depth scale and giving you a supremely comfortable experience.

Cotton duck material is draped over hardwood to give you a hard-wearing, long-lasting combination.

Assembly is limited to screwing on the legs so you should be all good to go in 10 or 15 minutes even if you’re not a huge DIY fan.

As with all Stone & Beam furniture, you’ll benefit from a generous 30-day return period along with a dependable 3-year limited warranty. What’s not to love?

10. Homelegance 3-Piece Bonded Leather Sofa (Seat depth: 30″)


We’ve got a majestic couch to round out our quest for the best deep seat couch with this 3-piece bonded leather beast from Homelegance.

The sectional design gives you the ability to seat a bigger family with ease but how about the depth of those cushions? Well, at 30 inches, you’ll be kicked back in prime comfort and you simply won’t want to get up again!

This sectional comes in a choice of configurations so take your time browsing the selection so you get something perfectly in line with the layout of your living space. You can opt for sofas with or without a central console which comes with cup holders and storage. There’s a central unit that packs USB ports so you won’t need trailing cables across the room when your phone needs a burst of charge.

Finished in a downplayed brown and made from bonded leather, you should consider this sectional sofa with the deepest of cushions as an investment. Properly cared for, you’ll get years and years of happy service from the Homelegance for far less than you might imagine.


With our reviews put to bed, you’ve now got a snapshot of the finest deep seat sofas up for grabs.

We’ll round out today with some simple advice on buying a couch. As always, we’re here to streamline your buying decision every step of the way.

II. How to Choose The Right Seat Depth Sofas


Rather than firing out some random guidance on buying a sofa, our focus is purely on the cushions today.

How, though, can you make sure you get the right seat depth for your needs?

Seat depth is not the only salient factor. When you’re looking for the best set-up for your particular needs, you should also think about the filling

1. What Is Seat Depth?

The first thing to clear up is what seat depth actually refers to.

For the purposes of a deep seat couch, what we’re talking about is the inside seat depth. When you look at listings and specs for sofas, the overall width from back to front is obviously larger and not what we’re lasering in on today.

You measure the depth of cushions from the front of the seat tight up to the back cushion. The vast majority of sofas fall somewhere between 21 and 24 inches on this count. We’ve handily listed out the depth front and center on each of the models we tested so you can see at a glance which makes most sense for you.

There’s no such thing as the right depth, only a case of what’s the right depth of cushion for you.

What influences this decision, though?

Well, it’s all about the way you like to sit.

If you’re a fan of sitting upright, you should look for a deep seat sofa at the lower end of this depth range. Choose one with cushions too deep and you’ll end up struggling to touch your feet on the ground, especially if you’re not particularly tall.

For anyone who prefers a more casual, laid-back position, shoot for a depth at the upper end of the range. 23 inches and upward is ideal. Since you won’t need to worry about the same positioning, you can go as deep as you fancy rendering any of the couches we tested a suitable choice.

So what else is important when you’re looking for deep-seated furniture?

2. Don’t Think About Seat Depth in Isolation

It’s crucial to consider your furniture as part of the overall set-up of your room. After all, it’s senseless to angle for a huge and sprawling sofa with the deepest cushions you can find if you live in a tiny apartment.

Deep sofas in general don’t work well in smaller spaces. The design looks out of place and the overall dimensions dominate and stifle a compact room.

Another factor to take into account if you’re looking for a sofa with super-deep cushions is balance. The deeper you go, the more you should look to compensate for this with a lower-slung couch or one featuring visible legs for contrast. Low arms are another way to offset deep cushions.

So, think about your sofa as one component of the room rather than simply looking at pictures for the one you think looks best. Time spent at this stage could save you a lot of headaches further down the track.

And don’t forget, depth is not the only relevant element here…

3. Remember That Height Counts, Too

If you or anyone in your family has a disability or problems with mobility in general, you should think about how they will find climbing up out of lower and deeper seats.

When seats are set lower than 18 inches, especially if the cushions are deeper, getting up easily can be tough if you’re less than mobile.

Combat this by considering not just the depth but also the height and you’ll keep everyone happy.

4. How About The Filling?

When you’re doubling down on the support and comfort of a sofa, the way the cushions are filled comes fully to the fore.

We’ll briefly touch on 4 of the most common fillings used today:

  • 100% Down
  • Down-Wrapped
  • Innerspring
  • Fiber-Wrapped

100% Down

These cushions are similar in principle to a bed cushion and come with no core in the middle.

The key selling point of this type of cushion is the incredible soft feeling.

In return for ramping up the comfort, you’ll need to spend plenty of time primping and preening this style of 100% down cushion. They lose shape easily and demand a lot of attention.

Another notable drawback of 100% down cushions concerns that lack of core. Over time, you might get that familiar and incredibly uncomfortable feeling as the springs make themselves felt in the small of your back.


Much like 100% down cushions, down-wrapped variants are also extremely soft but they have a foam core for a little extra support.

You won’t need to spend quite so much time ensuring they’re in perfect shape but you might still need to rotate them so they stay in shape for the long haul.


These cushions are the prizewinners for support. The inner-spring core is just like you’d find in a mattress and it’s wrapped in either down or foam so you don’t dip out on the comfort front.

If you want a no-nonsense set of cushions that hold their shape over the course of time, it’s got to be innerspring.


These cushions feature a foam core wrapped in polyester.

In many ways this is the sweet spot between comfort and support with very little maintenance required and the capacity to hold their shape a treat.

III. Conclusion

If you pay close attention to the factors outlined above and use our curated list of deep seat sofas as a guide, you should have no problem at all getting a great addition to your living room.

By taking the size of your room and the filling of the cushions into account alongside pure depth, you should be able to find the optimum combination of comfort and support.

If you do invest in one of these couches, be sure to get in touch and let us know what you think. We do our best to help out and love to hear back from our readers when they’ve made a successful purchase.

As always, we’re hard into our next round of testing so come back early next week to see what we’ve got in store for you!

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