The Best Electric Head Shavers


Whether you’re starting to lose your hair and you prefer to cut it close to the scalp or you choose to rock a completely shaved look, why keep heading to the barbers?

The thing is, you’ll need the right equipment for the job so is it OK to just grab any old shaver and get started?

No, it isn’t. Shaving the head requires a different approach and technique starting with preparation…

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If your hair is still longer than a couple millimeters, you should use some hair clippers to trim it down first. Try shaving your whole head from longer with an electric shaver and you risk butchering it while potentially burning out the shaver. We particularly like the Wahl Clipper Elite Pro High-Performance and the OSTER Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper.

With the groundwork laid, you should consider the differences between your head and your face when it comes to shaving. While your face is comprised of flat surfaces, the head is a large sphere with areas that are hard to access and hard to see easily so you’ll need the right shaver for the job. Ease of use, weight and ergonomics should all be uppermost in your buying decision.

If you’re going for an electric shaver, you’ll need to initially choose between a rotary electric shaver and a foil version.

With that decision made, maybe you’re having reservations…

Perhaps you’re wondering if an electric shaver can really crop your head as closely as the traditional wet shave with a razor.

And the answer, unfortunately, is no. If you insist on that cue ball finish and you want a completely smooth and hairless dome, there really is no substitute for breaking out the razor. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for convenience above all else and the ability to shave without using any foam or gel, there’s no alternative to going electric.

So with all that said, the choice is yours and we aim to make that choice even easier for you by giving you a detailed look at the 6 best electric head shavers so you can kiss goodbye to comb-overs and thinning hair.

Top 6 Best Electric Head Shavers

1. Our #1 Pick:Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold


If you’re looking to shave your head right down to the scalp, Skull Shaver’s Pitbull Gold is a modern classic. What makes it so strong, though?

Now into its third generation, this shaver just goes from strength to strength. Now uprated to IPX5 waterproof, you’ll be able to shave in the shower without any fanfare.

Choose from wet or dry shaving but if you opt to slather on some product, use shaving foam rather than gel. While gel is a neat choice for razors, the sticky and dense nature of gel means it gets clogged up in the blades of an electric shaver so stick with the foam.

The design is such that the razor is intended to serve as an extension of your hand. With 5 oversized blades, you’ll make light work of all hair and the rotary cutter allows you to work in all directions. Whether you want to cut up, down or in a circular motion, the shaver glides easily over the contours of your skull.

If you routinely shave your head with a razor to get the ultimate closeness, you’ll be amazed at how near to that performance you’ll get with the Pitbull Gold.

The only real downside is that a few users have complained about underwhelming quality control so check the contents of your package closely upon receipt.

If you’re looking for the flexibility to shave wet or dry and you’re looking to shave your head as closely as you possibly can without heading to the barbers, road test this awesome rotary electric shaver today and you’ll never look back.

2. Upgrade Pick:Best to Use on Bald Heads: Philips Norelco 9700


If you’re hunting for an electric shaver that will work equally well on your head as your face, the Philips Norelco is the Don of rotary electric models.

You’ll be free to shave wet or dry with the 9700 with all hair scythed away whether long, short or stubborn. A trio of speed settings allow you to match the pace to application.

Enhanced contouring allows you to cut more with each pass while the heads move in 8 separate directions to cut through even long and stubborn hair with consummate ease.

The SmartClean docking system makes light work of maintenance on your behalf. Your shaver will be cleaned, lubricated, dried and charged automatically meaning you’ll need to do nothing but fire it up and get to work shaving your bald head.

You’ll be able to monitor battery life at a glance on the handy LED interface and you’ll also get alerted when it’s time to replace the head.

Thinking of battery life, you’ll enjoy a full hour of runtime from a single 1-hour charge. If you get caught short and run out of juice mid-shave, give it 5 minutes of charge and you’ll have enough oomph to finish the job off.

The Philips Norelco is certainly not cheap but we’d argue it represents outstanding overall value. If you factor in the amount you’ll save by not needing to head out constantly for a haircut, the 9700 might be the smartest investment you make this year.

3. Panasonic ARC5


Panasonic has a hard-won reputation for producing standout electric shavers and the range-topping ARC5 is still going strong today.

5 blades cut at a 30-degree angle meaning this shaver is equally comfortable on the face, neck and head. With ultra thin foil covering the blades, you’ll get a deep and close finish whether on your cheeks or your scalp. The head pivots making it a fine choice if you’re planning to shave your head.

Active Shave Technology sees the Panasonic automatically pick up on any differences in hair density so you’ll get power delivery perfectly in tune with what’s required from this fine foil electric shaver.

The potent motor is capable of serving up 14,000 cuts per minute and you’ll get maximum power delivery right throughout the power cycle.

A pop-up trimmer gives you the delicacy you need for those finishing touches. Whether you’re looking to trim your goatee or sideburns,

You should get around 40 minutes of runtime on a single charge. Charging is taken care of automatically by the dock along with cleaning and lubrication.

Whether you prefer shaving wet in the shower or completely dry standing at the sink, the ARC5 offers plenty of flexibility.

If you’re looking for a classic and highly durable electric head shaver from a brand you can rely on, the Panasonic ARC5 is the ideal sweet spot of price and performance.

4. Philips Norelco 8900


Another strong electric rotary shaver from Philips Norelco, the 8900 delivers much of the functionality of the line-topping 9000 series at a much keener price-point so what’s not to love?

Aquatec tech baked in lets you choose from wet or dry shaving and, unlike with many electric shavers, you’ll be perfectly OK using shaving gel if that’s your preferred medium.

You’ll get the same SmartClean docking system in place here as with the 9000 series and this leaves you with precious little to do by the way of maintenance and upkeep. Your shaver will be charged up, cleaned and even lubricated hands-free.

If you need to tidy up your beard, sideburns or any areas of hair on your head, a snap-on attachment comes with 5 length settings. Get creative and save money and time into the bargain by slashing those expensive barber visits once and for all.

You should get somewhere in the region of 50 minutes of runtime on a single charge which should give you a week or so of shaving. A full charge only calls for an hour on the dock so Panasonic has your back.

With automatic 100-240-volts, this is a travel shaver you can comfortably use worldwide without needing to reach for an adapter or transformer.

Backed by a rock-solid 2-year limited warranty, you’re in safe hands every step of the way with the Norelco 8900. With a rugged build and impeccable performance all wrapped up at a reasonable price-point, it’s no surprise Philips dominate the rotary electric shaver space.

5. Braun 9095cc


If you’ve got deep pockets and exacting standards, the Braun 9095cc is a stellar shaver that’s equally capable of blitzing your beard or your head.

SyncroSonic technology onboard can pump out a phenomenal 40,000 cross-cuts per minute so you’ll trap all kinds of hair whether on your cheeks or on top of your head.

As with the other leading electric shavers, you’ll get an automatic cleaning and charging dock taking the sting out of day-to-day operation.

Boasting Braun’s proprietary OptiFoil, you’ll get a shave coming reasonably close to the results you’d expect from a straight razor without any of the hassle or the expense of constantly replacing the blades.

The LED gives you a glimpse at all the information you need from battery and hygiene status to a travel lock indicator.

Completely waterproof, you’ll also be free to shave wet or dry with the 9095cc. This shaver is designed to be fully submersible to 15 feet so you’ve got nothing to worry about even if you drop the Braun in the bath.

Crowned with a dependable 2-year limited warranty and responsive, helpful customer care, you might need to spend a little for the privilege but in return you’ll be rewarded with one of the finest electric heads shavers in a glutted vertical.

6. Remington XR1400


Last but certainly not least in our quest for the best tool to shave your head with, the Remington XR1400.

Despite the bargain basement price tag, you’ll get a comprehensive bundle allowing you to get your face and scalp smooth and ready for action.

Another wet/dry model, you’ve got plenty of flexibility to shave just the way you like it. 100% waterproof, the shaver will even stand up to a dip in the bath without giving up the ghost.

The way this shaver fits snugly in the palm of your hand is perfect if you’re planning to shave your head since you’ll be able to focus on the job at hand with the shaver feeling like an extension of your hand.

45 minutes of runtime should be adequate for most needs and you’ll get consistent power delivery right throughout the charging cycle.

The patented PrecisionPlus head is designed to work equally comfortably trapping long or short hairs giving you the complete package.

If you’ve been scouring for an electric head shaver that doesn’t stiff you on the performance front or hit you too hard in the pocket, the Remington is a smart choice.


Well, we hope by now you’ve got plenty of inspiration if you’re hunting for the best electric head shavers. Any of the half-dozen models we highlight today will make light work of all facial hair along with the hair on your head.

When you’re hunting for a shaver cut out for dealing with the hair on your head, rotary models make a neat fit or you could go all-in with our overall winner, the Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold. This will limit you more than the other all-purpose models we checked out but in terms of delivering a closely cropped scalp, the Skull Shaver has few serious rivals.

Don’t forget, too, to bookmark the PrinceLA. We’re working hard to position ourselves as your go-to resource for all things related to the home and garden. Our mission is simple: to bring you nothing but the very finest products and to review them for you as honestly as possible. Follow our guidance and handy buying advice and you’ll make your life easier while saving time and money into the bargain.

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