The Best Electric Shavers for Sensitive Skin


If you’ve got sensitive skin, you might dread shaving time…

Dragging a harsh razor blade across tender skin on a daily basis agitates the problem further.

Leave it for days, though, and you won’t just look scruffy. When you do shave, your sensitive skin will react badly and you’ll be left frustrated.

Why not consider switching to an electric shaver?

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Whether you opt for a foil or rotary model, there are plenty of powerful but gentle cordless shavers capable of delivering close, smooth shaves while leaving your skin unmolested.

Today, we’ll outline 7 of the finest models on the market across all price-points. We’ve included both foil and rotary shavers along with a dinky travel shaver ideal for manicuring beards and sideburns.

We’ll launch right in now with our capsule reviews then we’ll round out with a brief buying guide and some pointers on making your life easier when you’ve got sensitive skin to deal with.

I. Top 7 Best Electric Shavers For Sensitive Skin

1. Our #1 Pick:Braun 9095cc Wet and Dry Foil Shaver


Braun dominates the electric shaver market and the line-topping 9000 series doesn’t come any better than the flagship 9095cc. What do you get for the considerable price tag, then?

OptiFoil is Braun’s pioneering foil system guaranteed to deliver the closest shave every time. The quadruple action cutting system glides across the contours of your face impeccably. Sonic technology delivers up to 40,000 cross-cutting actions so you’ll trap even the most stubborn hairs.

You’ll get all this precision without the harsh action of a razor which can easily irritate sensitive skin.

If you don’t shave on a daily basis, the Braun can easily cope with several days’ growth.

The automatic cleaning and charging station is a nice touch and keeps maintenance to an absolute minimum.

An LED display shows battery life and hygiene status.

Totally waterproof, you’ll be able to shave in the shower or bath fuss-free and the razor can be submerged up to 15 feet without letting you down.

Crowned by a solid 2-year limited warranty, the Braun 9095cc is certainly not cheap. Once you’ve shaved with it, though, you’ll come to appreciate that it represents outstanding value for money.

2. Runner-Up:Braun 790cc Foil Shaver


Next up and a close second in our quest for the best electric shaver for sensitive skin.

The 790cc comes with much of the same functionality as you’ll find on the beefier 9000 series but this shaver comes in at a much keener price-point.

The foil and blades are designed to leave your skin silky smooth and hair-free without inflaming sensitivities.

If you have hairs that grow in strange directions or cause you to agitate your skin shaving them, you’ll appreciate the ActiveLift trimmer which deals with them fuss-free.

If you question whether an electric shaver can really give you a close enough shave, you’ll get hairs down to just 0.05mm with the Braun so you might rethink that.

100% waterproof, you can shave in the shower without any concerns.

The alcohol-based cleaning and charging station means you won’t need to waste any precious time looking after your shaver either. This model really is set-and-forget in its simplicity.

If you’re looking for a hard-hitting electric foil shaver from a brand you can rely on, the Braun 7000 series repays further investigation.

3. Panasonic ARC5 Electric Razor


Panasonic are another hard hitter in the electric shaver space and the ARC5 is arguably the pinnacle of shaving for anyone with sensitive skin.

If you’re tempted by electric shavers but you’re not sure you could get by without gel or foam, you won’t need to with the ARC5. Wet or dry, you’ll get a clean and close shave with remarkably little effort.

The multi-pivoting head surges around your face and neck without ever getting bogged down or inflaming tender and sensitive skin.

The high-powered motor can serve up 14,000 cuts per minute so you’ll make light work of even thick stubble and you’ll be looking fresh-faced and ready for action in no time.

5 blades deliver an assault on all types of hair with the blades automatically detecting hair density and power flow adjusted accordingly. This stops unnecessary power being delivered which can inflame volatile skin.

You’ll get up to 40 minutes of runtime before the ARC5 needs a burst of charge but that should see you through the better part of a week of irritation-free shaving.

4. Philips Norelco 9700 Electric Shaver


If you’re searching for a rotary electric shaver, there’s no substitute for the Philips Norelco range. The line-topping 9700 gives sensitive skin an easy ride without compromising on cutting performance so what makes it so good?

A wet/dry shaver, this is an ideal model if you’re new to electric shaving or you simply can’t face the idea of ditching the shaving foam completely.

3 speed settings help you optimize pace to hair and you’ll easily churn through several day’s worth of stubble without the shaver getting snarled up.

The SmartClean system keeps your shaver running tip-top without you needing to lift a finger. Your Norelco will be cleaned, lubricated and dried automatically so you’re always primed for action.

The digital display shows you battery status at a glance and you can expect an impressive 60 minutes of shaving before you need to give it some juice. You’ll be back up and running in an hour, too. If you need to impart a quick charge to finish up shaving, 5 minutes will give you some emergency power to do just that.

Rotary electric shavers work particularly well if you’ve got sensitive skin so why not give the Philips Norelco 9700 a shot?

5. Panasonic ARC4 Electric Razor


If you like the idea of the ARC5 but you can’t quite stretch to the price tag, the ARC4 delivers broadly the same functionality at roughly half the price so what’s not to love?

The flexible blades pivot neatly across the inclines of your face and neck while imparting 14,000 cuts per minute to make light work of even heavier beards.

If you have sensitive skin, you’ll love the way this shaver manages to give you a close and crisp shave without ever inflaming or irritating your skin.

You should expect around an hour of runtime from the battery and a full charge takes just 60 minutes, too.

The cleaning and charging station means you won’t need to constantly fuss after your shaver for it to remain in tip-top condition.

The Panasonic ARC4 is proof positive shaving needn’t be a daily nightmare just because you’ve got sensitive skin. Keep your skin looking smooth, hydrated and free of irritation with this nifty shaver in your wash bag.

6. Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver


If you’re looking for a cheap electric shaver for sensitive skin but you don’t want to sacrifice build quality or performance, why not check out the Remington F5-5800?

With up to an hour of cordless runtime, you should get the better part of week’s shaving duties in before you need to give this shaver a charge. You’ll need 2 hours to deliver a full charge.

If you’ve got sideburns or a beard, the pop-up trimmer lets you take care of all those fine details for an immaculate finish.

Thanks to pivot and flex foil technology baked in, the shaver will glide smoothly around the contours of your face without irritating any sensitivities.

Although you won’t get an automatic cleaning dock, maintenance is ultra-low. All you need to do is rinse your Remington under running water and you’re good to go.

If you want a shaver that will leave your sensitive skin feeling smooth and supple not dry and ravaged, this rock-bottom Remington punches considerably above its weight.

7. WAHL Custom Shave


WAHL clippers are a legend in commercial barber shops and the Custom Shave brings all that expertise to bear so you can get a smooth and close shave without your skin paying the price.

A simple 3-head system combines power, performance and closeness in an alluring package.

The small, compact unit is perfect for popping in your travel wash bag so you can stay fresh on the road.

The Custom Shave is equally at home shaving whole beards or working on those finer details saving you  trip to the barbers. A pop-up trimmer helps you get a pro-grade finish without spending a fortune.

When it comes to maintenance, you could occasionally remove and clean the cutter head but the case isn’t waterproof so make sure you take the time to disassemble it. Also, make sure to dry it properly after.

The design is highly ergonomic and this shaver fits snugly in your hand giving you all the precision you need to keep your sensitive skin looking at its very best.


With our reviews put to bed, we’ll round out today with some handy hints to make your buying decision even easier.

First thing’s first, what should you prioritize when you’re looking for a razor for sensitive skin?

II. What To Look For In A Razor For Sensitive Skin


If you’re unfortunate enough to be saddled with sensitive skin, you’ve probably struggled for years to find the right shaving products…

Should you use a regular razor for a wet shave or is it best to roll with an electric shaver?

If you’re going electric, which is best, a foil shaver or a rotary variant?

We’ll assume since you’re here that you’re committed to the idea of using an electric shaver so here’s what to keep your eye out for when you’ve got sensitive skin to consider…

  • Consider an Electric Foil Shaver
  • Prioritize Blade Quality
  • Look For Smooth Power Delivery
  • Efficiency of Head
  • A Shaver That Can Cope With Long Hairs
  • Wet and Dry Operation

Consider an Electric Foil Shaver

While rotary shavers have their place and we included one today, foil electric shavers usually make the best fit for sensitive skin but why is this?

Some rotary razors tend to snatch and pull at longer hairs. This is doubly so at the lower end of the market so avoid cheap rotary models if you’ve got sensitive skin.

A foil shaver should give you a smooth finish without overworking and inflaming your skin for the sake of a clean shave.

Prioritize Blade Quality

If you’ve got a shaver with dull or inefficient blades, you’ll end up pulling and grabbing at hairs and, as well as diminishing the smoothness of your shave, you’ll irritate sore skin, too.

When you’re examining options, take a close look at the blade quality of the models you’re checking out.

Look also for blades that cut at an angle so they dispatch even stubborn hairs without requiring multiple passes.

Don’t forget to factor the price of replacements into the equation. You should also make sure you can get hold of blades easily.

Look For Smooth Power Delivery

The damage caused by razor burn or rash occurs when a thin layer of skin cells is scraped off. This is precisely what you want to avoid if your skin is prone to breakouts.

While it can be tempting to put power as a priority above everything else when you’re looking for shavers, this is counterproductive if you have sensitive skin.

You should look instead for a motor that delivers power smoothly and won’t end up with too much aggression for tender skin.

Look for plenty of torque and ample oomph to cope with thicker stubble but make sure the power doesn’t come on too strong.

Efficiency of Head

If the shaver you’re looking at tends to run hot, you should probably disregard it if you have sensitive skin. You’ll only end up in a great deal of discomfort.

Make sure that you lubricate your blades regularly, too. Much of the maintenance is taken care of if you shoot for a model with an automated docking station. If you feel like basic maintenance would elude you, consider angling for a shaver that does it for you.

A Shaver That Can Cope With Long Hairs

Sensitive skin brings about a series of problems…

You’ll likely want to leave a few days between shaving to avoid unnecessarily inflaming your skin. Once you do that, though, hairs get longer and tougher to cut.

Many shavers, especially at the cheaper end of the market, can struggle badly with longer hairs. If you end up requiring several passes, particularly on the tender neck area, you’re sure to irritate your skin.

Make certain when you’re coping out models for your shortlist that they all cope well with longer hairs.

Wet and Dry Operation

If you have sensitive skin, wet shaving is not something you’d want to rule off the menu.

Many of the best electric shavers allow you the option of shaving with foam or gel so look out for one of these if you’ve got sensitive skin.

That aside, look for the normal things you would when checking out shavers: battery life, portability, price and performance.

You can, though, make things a little easier for yourself…

We’ll round out today with a concise guide to shaving sensitive skin the easy way without suffering from endless breakouts or neglecting your shaving routine…

III. Guide To Shaving Sensitive Skin


By this stage, you should have the right electric shaver for the job so how can you shave sensitive skin without irritating it?

Preparation is Key

Whether you’re choosing to shave wet or dry, the importance of proper preparation cannot be overstated. It’s vital anyway but if you have sensitive skin, you can minimize the chance of any irritation by getting yourself ready the right way.

Prep varies depending on whether or not you’re using foam so we’ll break down what you need to do before shaving with or without foam…

Preparing For Dry Shaving

  • Remove Moisture From The Equation: As the name makes abundantly clear, you don’t want moisture in the picture when you’re dry shaving. Make certain that both your shaver and your face are bone dry. Avoid showering, washing your face or exfoliating before shaving. Dry your shaver thoroughly if you’ve cleaned it, too. Shaving first thing in the morning before you wash your face is a smart move
  • Use a Pre-Shave Lotion: If you use an electric pre-shave lotion, you’ll add a precious layer of lubrication to your skin. These lotions also serve to absorb excess moisture while also toning the skin and encouraging hairs to stand upright. Pre-shave lotions are usually pretty cheap and a little goes a long way so give it a try. If you have sensitive skin, you’ll dramatically decrease your chances of suffering from a breakout
  • Make Sure Your Shaver is Properly Maintained: It goes unsaid your shaver should always be well-charged and properly lubricated. By regularly lubricating both the foils and cutter, you’ll prevent the shaver from running hot while also reducing the friction against your sensitive skin
  • Don’t Try Shaving a Full Beard: If you’ve allowed your beard to grow quite long and you fancy a clean shave, use hair clippers first to trim hair down to size. If you launch in directly with an electric shaver, you’ll overwork it and also risk inflaming your skin by snatching at hairs. All electric shavers are designed to work with short facial hair so don’t push yours beyond its comfort zone
  • Get The Hard Parts Done First: For the average guy, shaving the neck is the most awkward area. Hair lie flat but also grow out in other directions. The skin here is particularly sensitive and liable to irritation. As you use your shaver, it heats up. By starting with the neck, you’ll suffer less chance of a breakout

Preparing For Wet Shaving

  • Wash Your Face With Hot Water: Unlike when you’re dry shaving, you’ll want to thoroughly wash your face with plenty of warm water before wet shaving. The hot water serves to open your pores and soften up the hairs
  • Give Your Shaving Cream Time To Kick In: An effective shaving cream or foam works by softening the cuticle, the outer shell of the hair. In order for this to happen, you need to give it some time to penetrate and achieve this. Delay shaving by just a few minutes and you might be surprised at the strength of the improvement
  • Massage The Lather Fully Into The Hairs: Lather the cream so it goes against the grain and lifts the hairs in preparation for shaving
  • Clean and Lubricate Your Shaver Thoroughly: If you plan to use your electric shaver with shaving foam or cream, it’s essential to wash it directly after each use. Fail to do this and it’s highly likely to let you down. This could easily result in inflaming sensitive skin through an inefficient and clumsy shave


With the groundwork in place, you’re ready to start shaving.

By taking the steps outlined above, you should reduce the likelihood of your skin complaining when you shave and here’s how to keep that sensitive skin looking great the easy way…

Shaving with an Electric Rotary Razor

  • Use Circular Motions in Both Directions: You can more efficiently catch hairs with a rotary shaver by using small circular motions both clockwise and counter-clockwise. You can incorporate strokes in other directions by all means but the majority of your shave should take place with this motion and your skin will thank you for it
  • Use Variety When Required: Switch up your technique if needed. Up and down or sideways strokes all have their place so experiment as you become more proficient with your rotary shaver
  • Go Easy On The Pressure: There’s absolutely no need to press too hard when you’re using an electric shaver. This will impair results while also inflaming your skin. Use a light and gently stroke rather than applying too much pressure

Shaving with an Electric Foil Razor

  • Shave Against The Direction of Growth with Minimal Pressure: When you’re using a foil shaver you should shave against the direction of hair growth. You can learn this by using your hand for guidance. The more you practice, the more natural it will feel to simply follow the way your hair grows. You’ll get a closer shave and leave fewer stray hairs behind
  • Hold The Shaver at 90 Degrees: Keep the shaver perpendicular to the surface as you’re shaving at a 90-degree angle. Keep in permanent contact with the skin as you shave
  • Stretch Your Skin: Use your free hand to stretch the skin where you’re shaving taut. As you do this, you’ll minimize the chance of skin irritation. When you’re shaving your neck, tilt your head right back if you often suffer problems in this area
  • Use Differing Stroke Length: The more you use your electric shaver, the more comfortable it will feel. Try to keep a fluid technique with a foil razor. Don’t be afraid to use long and short strokes. For large and flat areas like the cheeks, long strokes often work well. Shorter strokes work better when the hair is growing in multiple directions, though. Be nimble and think on your feet. Mix things up and your skin will be in for an easier ride
  • Invert Shaver in Awkward Spots: The head on most foil shavers is angled toward the front. When you’re shaving tight spots like up under the nose, try tipping the shaver upside down. This allows just one foil to stay in contact with your skin and can be a neat trick
  • Never Rush Shaving: This is a crucial rule in all cases but becomes doubly important if you have sensitive skin. If you steam into proceedings trying to get the job done as quickly as you possibly can, you’ll end up nicking your skin or inflaming it. Take your time and you’ll end up with a closer shave and much less chance of irritation. By starting off with the most difficult areas, you won’t end up losing your patience when it counts

IV. Conclusion

Well, we very much hope you’ve found plenty of useful nuggets in this guide to finding the best electric shaver for sensitive skin.

Stick with any of the models above and you’re in safe hands. If you decide to invest in an alternative model, make sure you check closely that the shaver in question is cut out to deal with the demands of sensitive skin.

Don’t forget to bookmark the PrinceLA as your standard resource for all things home and garden. Our stated intention is to bring you an ongoing selection of nothing but the finest products which we outline frankly and honestly. Throw in some handy hints to make your buying decision super-simple and you’ve got all you need to help you through those major purchases.

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