The 9 Best Foldable Exercise Bikes


With so many foldable exercise bike reviews studding the internet, it can be tough to determine which of these machines is any good.

Not any more.

Today, we’re here to outline the leading models across a range of price points so you can add some cardio gear to your home gym without blowing your budget.

For anyone living in a small house or apartment, the foldable nature of these bikes means you can still get your cardio sessions in then pack the machine away after use. The same applies if you have plenty of space but your home gym is crowded.

Beyond the folding aspect, you’ll get a regular exercise bike, either recumbent, upright, or in some instances both.

Some of the benefits you’ll reap from adding one of these machines to your arsenal include:

  • A low-impact workout so you can push yourself without jarring your joints
  • Get a superb blast of cardio whatever your fitness level
  • Make use of a combo model packing an integrated desk to get more done in less time
  • Space-saving foldable nature perfect if space is at a premium
  • You can find these bikes very keenly priced so you shouldn’t find it hard to find one in line with your budget

Now, you might think buying an exercise bike is the easiest thing in the world. In many ways, you’d be right. We would add, though, that there are a number of factors well worth taking into account before you whip out your credit card.

Try doubling down on these areas to maximize your chances of finding the right bike for you.

  • Overall dimensions and folded dimensions: Firstly, you should consider whether the sizing when assembled suits. Is the bike small enough to fit in your gym but large enough to accommodate you? Look for maximum load-bearing capacity here. Beyond that, you’ll also need to look at how small the bike folds down. Is this adequate for your needs? Get these elements right before you push on.
  • Upright, recumbent, or both? The next decision you’ll face is the style of bike you want. A recumbent bike gives you a more reclined and relaxed position where an upright bike lets you ramp up the intensity.
  • Resistance levels: Linked to intensity, give proper weight to the number of resistance levels. This will be more significant if you’re a keen athlete and in good shape. If you are, you’ll want to be certain the bike will give you a challenging enough workout.
  • Durability: Is the bike built to last or does it look a little flimsy? There’s no right or wrong answer here. All that counts is whether or not the machine’s build meshes with your fitness levels and needs.
  • Heart rate monitor: If you want to burn calories effectively, you’ll need to exercise in your maximum fat-burning zone. An attached heart monitor allows you to stay abreast of this. Push yourself as hard as you want and reap maximum benefit from your workouts.

I. Top 9 Best Foldable Exercise Bikes

1. Our Pick: Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Exercise Bike


Our overall favorite foldable exercise bike comes from the industry titan Exerpeutic.

Folded sizing is 22 x 20 x 55.5 inches so you should have no problem at all popping this bike in a cramped closet or the trunk of the car.

Assembled, you’ll get a beast twice the size and surprisingly stable. The seat in particular is sizeable and nicely padded so you can enjoy a ruthless cardio session without jarring or damaging your joints.

8 levels of magnetic tension allow you to tweak the intensity of your workout to your fitness goals and overall level of fitness and experience. You should find the upper range reasonably challenging even if you’re pretty fit and sharp.

Pedaling motion is silky smooth thanks to the torque cranking system and smooth pedals.

The substantial LCD lets you see all key metrics at a glance from time and distance to speed, scan, and pulse. Hand pulse sensors monitor heart rate so you can target that ideal fat-burning zone and get the very most out of your sessions on the bike.

The bike is especially easy to mount and dismount so you’ll find it easy if you’re carrying a cardio circuit.

While this is not a commercial-grade machine, it should stand up to sustained and regular use in the home gym. Quiet in operation and suitable for some really vigorous cardio work, the Exerpeutic tops our list with just cause.
Things We Like

  • Generous 300-pound maximum weight capacity gives you more than the competition
  • Oversized, padded cushion so pound the pedals for hours
  • Folds down to half its size for ease of storage and transportation

Things We Dislike

  • Relatively awkward to assemble so avoid if you’re not too practically-inclined

2. Runner-Up: Exerpeutic ExerWork 1000 Adjustable Folding Exercise Bike


Next up is another Exerpeutic in the form of the ExerWork 1000. This innovative combination desk and exercise bike is perfect for busy multi-taskers.

How does it work, then?

Well, you get all the advantages of a semi-recumbent exercise bike but the surprise addition of a sliding workspace. The laid-back positioning along with this handy desk means you can enjoy a gentle cardio session while you’re beavering away at some work. Or reading a book or catching up on some email. Save time by not needing to travel to the gym and save some more by getting two things done at once. The work surface of the table measures up at 24 x 16 inches and you’ll be able to rest heavy objects on it up to 44 pounds.

You get a choice of 8 progressive levels of resistance. This is magnetic resistance so you’ll get a bike that’s a pleasure to ride as well as smooth and pretty quiet. The only caveat we’d slip in is that a few disgruntled users have noticed an unsavory knocking sound that starts over time. Keep an ear out for this.

Maximum load-bearing capacity is a whopping 300 pounds so this machine is ideal for pretty much anyone. Despite this, the whole affair tips the scales at just under 65 pounds so you should be able to move it around with relative ease.

While this model is reasonably priced, you get outstanding build quality. You can choose from two variants with this bike. This model does not have Bluetooth or 24 workout programs where the other iteration does.
Things We Like

  • Sliding, angled desktop so you can train hard when you get some paperwork done
  • 8 levels of magnetic tension for a smooth yet challenging session
  • Semi-recumbent bike giving you a laid-back riding style and superb comfort

Things We Dislike

  • Some customers have reported a knocking sound developing over time

3. Budget Pick: XTERRA FB150 Folding Exercise Bike


Next we’ve got something for all you bargain lovers out there. The XTERRA FB150 is a neat little foldable exercise bike that’s incredibly keenly priced but is it any good?

Absolutely! The classic X-shaped frame folds down into a small bundle taking up just 18 x 18 inches of floor space. This makes it a smart bet if you’re hoping to stash this machine away in between uses. It also works well if you live in an apartment or you have a home gym with limited real estate.

When the X-frame is fully assembled, you’ll get a full-sized exercise bike so you can torch those calories with ease. See calories burned along with speed, time, distance, and pulse on the 2 x 1-inch LCD.

Comfort is uppermost here. The seat is large and padded, the ergonomic handlebars are easy to hold for long periods and the overall feel belies that budget price.

Switch up through 8 levels of magnetic resistance. You’ll benefit from smooth, consistent power delivery and you can really push yourself hard even if you’re in pretty good shape. This exercise bike is ideal for toning, weight loss, and general strengthening and conditioning work.

A triple-piece pedal crank cements already stellar build to give you a cheap foldable exercise bike that will return years of faithful service if you keep it up to scratch.
Things We Like

  • Spacious and comfy seat so you can work out for hours without feeling sore
  • Roomy LCD lets you see all key metrics at a glance
  • Fine-tune resistance through 8 levels with a simple but effective knob

Things We Dislike

  • Warranty is weak but you need to be realistic in this price band

4. Exerpeutic 300SR Heavy Duty Folding Exercise Bike


As we near the midpoint of our foldable exercise bike reviews, we’ve got another heavy-duty Exerpeutic. The 300SR comes with a large upper weight limit of 300 pounds giving almost anyone the chance to burn some calories in a safe, low-impact manner.

The semi-recumbent styling means you get a laid-back posture when you’re hitting those pedals.

The precision-engineered flywheel and multiple resistance levels allow you to ratchet up the intensity to suit your fitness levels. Whether you’re looking to gently limber up or really hit it hard, there’s a program for everyone. There are 8 different stages of intensity.

The design and configuration of this bike makes it a nice fit if you’re looking to get in some cardio at your desk. While it doesn’t come with an integrated workspace, you can use it in combination with a height-adjustable desk.

Where some exercise bikes can create quite a noise, the 300SR runs with very little indeed. This is useful if your home gym is close enough to disturb family or neighbors.

The only minor snag with this bike is the way it squeaks when you’re hitting it hard. As we say, though, this is a fairly small price to pay considering the overall strength of this superb foldable exercise bike.
Things We Like

  • Super-quiet in operation so perfect if noise in the home gym is an issue
  • Suitable for use as a desk bike if you want to train as you toil
  • Fully adjustable and remarkably smooth magnetic tension

Things We Dislike

  • Slightly squeaky when you’re cycling at full clip

5. ProGear 225 Folding Magnetic Bike


The ProGear 225 is a fairly lightweight and very compact exercise bike that folds down when not in use. If you live in an apartment or you simply have limited indoor space, there’s no need to go without your workout equipment!

As we mentioned, this is a fairly light unit with a maximum weight capacity of 225 pounds. If you’re looking for something rugged and you’re rather heavy, this probably won’t make the best choice. If you want a bike you can pound for hours every day, this is not for you either. If, on the other hand, you’re a casual user hoping to ratchet up your cardio, the ProGear is cheap yet highly effective.

Pulse control allows you to monitor you heart rate. When you’re in the ideal fat-burning zone, your workouts will be even more purposeful. The LCD shows you this along with other key metrics like speed, distance, and number of calories torched. See what you need without breaking your stride.

The bike is pretty comfy to use from the ergonomic padded seat to the comfy grips on the bars. You can tweak setting to accommodate anyone from 5 foot 1 inch through to 6 foot 1 inch. Make sure you’re in this band.

8 levels of magnetic tension give you the challenging workout you need even if you’re a reasonably serious athlete.

The only minor drawback with this fine and inexpensive foldable is the way the pedals make a fair bit of noise when you’re working out hard. That aside, you should be delighted with your purchase and watch your cardio sessions soar. Check one out today!
Things We Like

  • Folds down into a compact bundle you can slip into a small cupboard
  • Dual-transmission flywheel for greater resistance when you’re training
  • Ultra-comfortable even if you train for extended periods

Things We Dislike

  • Pedals can make quite a noise

6. FitDesk Exercise Bike and Office Workstation


The FitDesk combo bike and desk is another lighter exercise bike. Let’s face it, if you plan to cycle as you’re reading or using a computer, chances are you won’t be pouring in sweat or pushing yourself hard. This is fortunate since the pedals and overall build of this unit are slightly flimsy. For casual users, though, this combined machine serves a valuable purpose for anyone working from home.

Assuming you don’t need a pro-grade solution, then: what you do get for your money here?

Well, the smoothness of operation and comfort factors both immediately draw you on. The oversized seat comes with plenty of cushioning and the grips won’t chafe your hands after a lengthy session. With both backrest and extender, you can fine-tune positioning. Whether you prefer an upright posture or a more recumbent, raked-back posture, you’ll be able to customize things wonderfully.

The desk is non-slip so you don’t need to worry about your laptop or tablet taking a tumble. This is 16 x 19 inches so you’ll have ample space for your entertainment or your paperwork. A nifty little storage drawer completes a thoughtful package.

The folding nature of this unit means it’s ideal for anyone struggling with space constraints. Break down that frame and you’ll be left with a small package you can easily store in limited spaces.

To reiterate, if you were hoping for a rugged and heavy-duty bike capable of some serious workouts, this is not for you. If, however, you fancy a light cardio session while you’re busy doing something else, this exercise bike/desk combo is a flat-out winner.
Things We Like

  • Another bike/desk combo perfect for multi-taskers
  • Easy-to-read performance meter so you can push yourself further
  • Measures just 16 x 28 inches when frame is folded down

Things We Dislike

  • Pedals feel slightly fragile which is a disappointment

7. Ancheer 3-in-1 Folding Exercise Bike As Seen On TV


The Ancheer 3-in-1 gets things started in fine style. Manipulate the mode so you can choose between:

  • Upright
  • Recumbent
  • Folded

All you’ll need to do is yank the lever to flick between upright and recumbent mode. Folding the bike down takes no time and you can stash it in a small space fuss-free.

Resistance levels allow you to step up through 10 progressive levels. Whether you’re looking to limber up, get toned, or burn some serious calories, the choice is yours. This bike is wonderfully flexible. The magnetic tension is pretty quiet in operation for the most part. As with so many exercise bikes designed for home use, you could find some knocking sounds start developing over time. Unless you’re paying out for a smooth commercial machine, you’ll find this issue is pretty constant.

Fitness apps give you the chance to train with friends and family. Gamification and accountability can both help you keep pushing yourself even further and hitting your fitness goals, whatever they may be.

The training belts thrown in give you the scope to work out your upper body, too.

If you struggle with back pain at all, the seat gives you ample support. You’ll also be able to tweak it through an assortment of 6 height settings. You can personalize your training environment a treat with this bike.

For anyone who enjoys the competitive nature of training with friends and looking for a compact yet powerful and capable folding bike, this gets our seal of approval despite that tedious noise from the flywheel.
Things We Like

  • 3 modes for your complete convenience
  • 10 levels of magnetic resistance so you can push yourself all the way
  • Outstanding connectivity and fitness apps

Things We Dislike

  • Knocking sound can start issuing from the flywheel which is a minor annoyance

8. Sunny Health and Fitness Magnetic Folding Recumbent Bike


Sunny Health and Fitness specialize in producing top-notch gym gear at highly competitive prices. This folding recumbent bike continues that tradition in fine style.

First thing’s first, make sure you’re OK with the pink colorway. You’ll love it or hate it. Love it? Great. What else differentiates this bike, though?

Firstly, you can roll the bike with relative ease if you’re looking to shift things around in your home gym. Want to pack the bike away completely? Just fold it down and you’re laughing. This full-sized bike with scaled-down storage properties gives you everything you need if you want to stay fit but you’re limited for space.

The seat is large and supple, comfy yet supportive. The handlebars are nicely angled and the grips very comfy even if you ride for extended periods.

With recumbent positioning, you can still enjoy a thorough workout with no stress or strain on your joints. Adjustable pedals let you make further small changes so you get the ride you want rather than being restricted to a default set-up.

You can watch all data from distance to calories on the screen and chart your goals clearly.

8 levels of resistance ensure you can match the workout to your fitness level. You’ll get sufficient choice without being overwhelmed.

If pushed to isolate a minor fault, we’d point to the lack of tension in the drive belt. This small flaw set aside, you’ll be getting a great deal of value for money with this solid foldable exercise bike. Why not add it to your home gym?
Things We Like

  • Eye-catching pink accents make this bike stand out
  • Crisp and responsive LCD
  • Fully adjustable so you can personalize set-up completely

Things We Dislike

  • Minimal tension in the drive belt

9. Best Choice Products Folding Upright Exercise Bike


Last but definitely not least, Best Choice Products serve up this neat folding exercise bike giving you a great deal of versatility in a highly compact unit.

If you’re not a fan of pink, this attractive foldable is not for you. If you want to liven up your home gym with a break from the usual black and silver, what else is worth your time and money beside that color?

Anyone unsure whether to invest in a recumbent or upright bike doesn’t need to choose. Get both with this pocket-friendly gem. You can move the seat and the backrest through 3 positions so you should find one to suit.

With 8 levels of magnetic resistance, you can push up the difficulty level so you don’t plateau and stop hitting those fitness goals.

As with most exercise bikes in the lower price bracket, you’ll need to accept that this is not suitable for use all day, every day. You can certainly give it a decent ride on a regular basis but build quality is far from commercial-grade.

The other issue that rates a mention is the inaccuracy of the meter. If you need unerring precision, give this model a swerve. If you’re content with a rough guide only, carry on.

Despite the couple of minor problems, we would still unhesitatingly recommend this foldable exercise bike. Let us know what you think if you decide to treat yourself to this beauty.
Things We Like

  • Another vibrant pink bike for a splash of color in the home gym
  • Choose from upright or recumbent positioning to suit
  • Folds down for effortless storage in small spaces

Things We Dislike

  • Meter is not as accurate as we would like but at least provides a guide


Well, by now you should have a very clear overview of the best foldable exercise bikes.

We tried to include something for everyone today. Do you want a cheap machine for occasional use? Or something more powerful and sturdy capable of taking some serious punishment? Either way, you’re in luck. We also threw in bikes at varying price points so all budgets are careered for.

You could also opt for a bike with an integrated desk. Whether you like working out in the office or you’re simply so busy that you frequently multi-desk, these combo units can be highly effective.

Before you go, don’t forget to bookmark the PrinceLA. We appreciate everyone is spending a lot more time at home right now. So, what better time than to plan out how you’re going to kit out your beloved home this season? We cover literally everything you could conceivably need for your home and garden so be sure to pop back soon!

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