The Best Glass Electric Kettles

You might imagine that buying a kettle is the world’s easiest task but glass kettles require a little more forethought.

The vast bulk of these kettles are fashioned from borosilicate glass but what is that exactly?

Obviously, if you’re planning to boil water in any kind of glass, you need it to be highly resistant to thermal shock and subsequent shattering. This is where borosilicate glass is absolutely ideal. Very resistant to thermal stress, you’ll be able to get a kettle that looks wonderful without any kind of safety worries.
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Borosilicate glass is not a new invention. It’s been around since the nineteenth century when it was invented and brought to market by Otto Schott, a German glassmaker. When you see Breville kettles marketed as using Schott glass, this is the original branded type of borosilicate. Duran is another common trade name for this special type of glass.

So, with that brief history of borosilicate in place, why should you buy a glass kettle in the first place?

I. Why Buy a Glass Kettle?

The primary advantage of a glass kettle is aesthetic. There’s something entrancing about watching water bubble and boil. Most of the kettles we review today also come packing LED lights that add another layer of elegance to an otherwise dull kitchen appliance.

The thing is, simply making a statement on your kitchen counter is hardly motivation enough to invest in a new kettle. How else do glass kettles deliver aside from looks?

The thermal properties of the borosilicate glass are usually combined with food-grade stainless steel and BPA-free plastic for a safe, durable and highly effective way of boiling water.

Glass is also remarkably easy to clean and you’ll be able to monitor the progress of your water or tea at a glance.

So, it’s easy to see why glass kettles make sense but why go for an electric kettle?

The primary advantage of electric kettles is convenience. This is further enhanced when they’re cordless. Many of the models we review today are.

Safety features like auto shut-off and anti boil-dry also render electric kettles the safest option.


Throw the two elements together and it’s not hard to understand why glass electric kettles fly off the shelves so quickly.

We’ll get right down to business now with our curated selection of the finest examples on the market.

II. Top 12 Best Glass Electric Kettles

1. Our Pick: OXO On Cordless Glass Kettle


Our overall favorite glass electric kettle comes from OXO On and makes a real statement on the kitchen counter.

With a generous 1 ¾-liter capacity, you can heat water to your desired temperature and keep it there for a full 30 minutes. Measurements are also marked out in ounces if you don’t use the metric system.

Choose from either Celsius or Fahrenheit so you won’t need to do any mental calculations there either. This is a truly international appliance.

Made from BPA-free borosilicate glass, you’ll get a pure untainted drink with no risk of thermal shock. As an added kicker, you get a reusable stainless steel filter so your tea will taste purer than ever before.

With a base that swivels through 360 degrees and cord-free convenience, storage is a cinch even in limited spaces.

Things We Like

  • Onboard temperature gauge in Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Non-slip, cool touch handle for safety’s sake
  • BPA-free borosilicate glass for ease of visibility with great thermal properties

Things We Dislike

  • Temperature reading can be inconsistent

2. Best Budget: COSORI Electric Kettle


If you’re looking for a cheap glass kettle but you don’t want to sacrifice performance in the quest for a bargain, we’d highly recommend this cordless electric COSORI.

As with all the most effective glass kettles, you’ll be rewarded with totally BPA-free borosilicate so you’ll get a crisp, clean taste with absolutely no contaminants.

A swift boiler, this kettle beats the microwave hands down and you’ll have your tea on the go in minutes flat.

Have you ever bought a new kettle and almost instantly boiled it dry and burned out the element? We have and it’s remarkably frustrating. That won’t happen with some innovative tech baked in here to prevent that happening. You’ll also get auto shut-off after 30 seconds to further ramp up the safety angle.

You’ll get cord-free operation with a swiveling base perfect for crowded kitchens already overspilling with equipment.

For a superb combination of price and performance with elegant looks, the COSORI is well worth popping on your shortlist.

Things We Like

  • Robust borosilicate glass is 100% free of BPAs
  • Water boils fully in 3 to 7 minutes
  • Cordless convenience with swiveling base

Things We Dislike

  • A few reported issues with dust spots developing

3. Upgrade Pick: Breville The IQ Kettle


If you’ve got deeper pockets and exacting tastes, kitchenware specialist Breville serves up The IQ Kettle.

A 1.7-liter capacity gives you enough scope to boil water for the whole family on those busy mornings and the soft opening and closing lid is designed to withstand plenty of rough and tumble.

Made from German Schott glass, all components that come into contact with water are guaranteed BPA-free.

A powerful 1500-watt heating element gets your water up to temperature quick-smart and you can flick between 5 temperature settings to suit the drink you’re making.

Although the IQ is corded, you’ll be able to coil the cable around the swiveling base so you won’t have trailing wires on your minimalist kitchen counter.

While this kettle is not especially cheap, you should get years of faithful service.

Things We Like

  • Rugged and shock-resistant lid
  • Protection against boiling dry and a nifty auto shut-off
  • Multidirectional base comes with cord-wrap storage for a cleaner look

Things We Dislike

  • Customer care can be questionable

4. Zeppoli Electric Kettle


Another pocket-friendly electric model up next in the form of the Zeppoli. Made from industrial-grade glass, you’ll get the transparency you need to see the water at a glance along with robust build quality.

LEDs alert you to the heating progress and the integrated Strix thermostat ensures temperature control is accurate in the extreme. This is a genuine bonus at this price-point.

Cleaning is super-simple with no steam tube required. The plastic filter is removable so you can keep that clean without difficulty, too.

Food-grade silicone and a total absence of BPAs let you enjoy your drinks with a clear conscience and absolutely no contaminants.

If you’re looking for a budget glass kettle, this model is a must.

Things We Like

  • Strix thermostat for complete precision
  • Cool-touch handle and non-slip grip are valuable safety features
  • Boil-dry functionality for your convenience

Things We Dislike

  • Spout is slightly too small and slows down pouring

5. Breville One-Touch Tea Maker


We’ve got another Breville next in line with this one-touch tea maker. First thing’s first, if you’re looking for a cheap kettle, this is not for you. If, on the other hand, you want a feature-rich tea maker from an industry legend, read on.

Imported Schott glass combined with brushed stainless steel means you’ll get a kettle that looks great and is built to stay the distance.

Completely programmable, your kettle will fire up automatically and, once the water is at your desired temperature, you’ll be able to easily keep it there for 60 minutes, perfect in high-demand households.

The tea basket optimizes agitation according to the type of tea you’re drinking. With precise temperature control, you can remove all the guesswork from achieving that perfect cuppa.

Things We Like

  • One of the more expensive kettles on the market
  • Warming for a full hour
  • Auto-start is a nice touch

Things We Dislike

  • Disappointing customer service for a major brand

6. Molla Puro Electric Water Kettle


A premium build at a budget price point: what’s not to love?

The striking glass is completely see-through and makes a real statement on your kitchen worktops. Kettles are obviously more about functionality than aesthetics, though. How does this electric model perform?

In a word, admirably. The glass is super-smooth and non-porous so you won’t get any scale clinging to it. This is further enhanced with an anti-calcium filter inhibiting any sediment that might mar your drink.

The kettle boils quickly, cleanly and quietly and hits maximum temperature in as little as 5 minutes, perfect when you’re rushing to get ready for work.

Cleaning couldn’t be much easier either to complete a winning package.

Things We Like

  • Schott Duran glass absolutely transparent
  • Strix temperature control with auto shut-off
  • Anti-calcium filter for a sediment-free drink every time

Things We Dislike

  • A few gripes about discoloration

7. Oster Illuminating Glass Kettle


A mid-priced glass electric kettle from a kitchenware heavyweight, the Oster lights up blue when in operation which is a touch of elegance to set off your kitchen.

The glass is rugged enough to stand up to high temperatures and you won’t get any BPAs or taint in pursuit of a transparent kettle.

With enough water for the whole family, this is a kettle designed with efficiency uppermost. Your water will hit temperature quickly and auto shut-off prevents any accidents or boiling dry.

While most glass kettles have little to differentiate themselves, the blue LEDs are a nice extra and makes a conversation piece out of a workaday kettle.

Things We Like

  • Boils enough water for 7 large cups so perfect for bigger families
  • Fully heat-resistant glass carafe with no contaminants
  • Cord-free convenience ideal for busy kitchens

Things We Dislike

  • Poor quality mesh in the spout has a tendency to disintegrate over time

8. Culinary Obsession Glass Electric Kettle


If you’re serious about your tea and coffee, Culinary Obsession serves up a fantastic glass kettle to make your job a dream.

You’ll be able to fit enough water in for the entire family with boiling taking place after just 2 minutes from the minimum water level or a still-impressive 6 minutes when filled to the brim.

While all kettles worth their salt claim BPA-free components that come into contact with water, Culinary Obsession takes this to new levels. None of the water touches plastic at all giving you a crisp taste completely void of any taint.

Although corded, you can adjust the length to suit then wrap it around the base when not in use.

For a glass electric kettle that looks a knockout but doesn’t compromise function to achieve form, Culinary Obsession deliver in fine style.

Things We Like

  • Class-leading 1.8-liter capacity enough for 8 big mugs
  • Boil water in 2 minutes from minimum fill line
  • Water will not come into any contact with plastic components

Things We Dislike

  • Lid can stick from time to time

9. Hamilton Beach Variable Temperature Electric Kettle


From coffee makers to kettles, Hamilton Beach has long been famous for marrying price and performance in a highly appealing way and his variable temperature electric kettle continues that winning tradition.

The 40942 is the most expensive in the trio of models this range offers but what makes it so good?

The key selling point is the patent-pending tea infuser. This saves you time and hassle since you can boil and steep at the same time. If you’re looking to rack up some water for coffee or an instant meal, just slip it out for a conventional boil.

Choose from 6 temperature settings at the push of a button so you can tailor the heat to your drink of choice with consummate ease.

The added kicker is that the kettle looks great, too.

Things We Like

  • Removable tea infuser allows for simultaneous boiling and steeping
  • Warming for up to 30 minutes
  • 1.7 liter capacity enough for a larger family

Things We Dislike

  • Filter could use some improvement

10. Ovente BPA-Free Glass Kettle


If you’re looking for a fancy kettle that bathes the kitchen in blue light when it’s fired up but doesn’t cost a fortune, the Ovente is one of the cheapest models we tested but still among the very best.

Beyond the gimmick of the lighting, you’ll get a remarkably energy-efficient heating element so you won’t get stiffed with a large power bill but you’ll still enjoy your water boiled in as little as 3 minutes.

BPA-free as you’d expect with a concealed element, you can get your tea in a hurry without worrying about the safety angle.

Things We Like

  • Unbeatable price/performance ratio
  • Halo of blue LEDs kick in when the water is boiling
  • Highly efficient 1100-watt heating element saves electricity while still delivering a rapid boil

Things We Dislike

  • Quality of base is questionable

11. Breville The Crystal Clear Electric Kettle


As we edge toward the end of our hunt for the best glass electric kettle, we’ve got yet another model from the mighty Breville, this time the Crystal Clear.

Made from German Schott glass, this kettle is easy to clean in the extreme and durable enough to return years of happy service.

The 1800-watt heating element ensures your water is boiled double-quick. Capacity is robust at 1.7 liters so you won’t be constantly scurrying over to the faucet.

The standard Breville multi-directional base comes with cord storage to promote a cleaner, less cluttered kitchen.

Things We Like

  • European Schott glass that Breville is famous for
  • Auto shut-off and boil-dry prevention kep safety uppermost
  • Soft-opening lid stops any chance of splashing or steam shooting out to scorch your hands

Things We Dislike

  • Lid prone to opening when kettle hits full boil

12. NESCO Electric Glass Kettle


Last but absolutely not least, a mid-priced kettle from NESCO now available at an aggressive discount.

This 1.8-quart kettle gives you more than enough water for all the family with the kettle perfect for a broad spread of drinks.

You’ll get the usual auto shut-off so you won’t need to panic about boiling your new glass kettle dry if you leave it unattended.

The base swivels neatly through a full 360 degrees and you’ll be unencumbered by cords making this a great fit in crowded kitchens.

With looks to kill and powerful performance, this is one of the best glass electric kettles in a crowded market.

Things We Like

  • Striking aesthetics but not a case of form over function
  • Auto shut-off to prevent any over-boiling or boiling dry
  • Cordless glass pitcher to keep your kitchen clutter-free

Things We Dislike

  • Some issues with build quality over time


With our reviews wrapped, we’ll round out today with 5 of the most frequently asked questions about glass kettles…

III. Glass Electric Kettle FAQs


1) What is borosilicate glass and is it safe to boil water in?

A rugged type of glass with extreme thermal-efficiency, you can boil water safely in this type of glass with no chance at all of it shattering. It’s also perfectly safe to drink from for the double-win.

2) Is it possible to buy a cheap glass electric kettle?

Absolutely. While you usually get what you pay for, in the case of electric kettles there’s no need to go over the top and spend a fortune. All the inexpensive models we tested performed admirably during testing so you can buy on a budget with no worries at all.

3) Is it wise to leave water in the kettle between boils?

It isn’t, no. While glass is better in this respect than plastic, it’s nevertheless good practice to empty water from your kettle between uses to prevent any unpleasant aftertaste tainting your drink.

4) What’s the purpose of a concealed element?

Aesthetics aside, when the heating element is concealed, there’s less chance of sediment building up.

5) What’s the point of a cordless base?

This simply makes pouring easier and safer with far less chance of spillage.

IV. Conclusion

We trust you’ve found a glass electric kettle to suit your tastes and budget from this comprehensive line-up.

Think closely about the type of drinks you’ll make while also paying attention to build quality and capacity. Take safety features into account as well as speed of boiling if that’s important to you and there’s no reason not to get the best kettle with relative ease.

Don’t forget to bookmark The PrinceLA and come back any time you’re in need of guidance on products for your home and garden. Our team always tests products extensively so we can give you a frank and impartial run-down making sure you get what’s best for you.

Come back soon!

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