The Best Coffee Maker With Grinder


There are many different ways to prepare your coffee whether you want the speed of a single-serve machine or to get back to basics with a French press or a pour-over dripper.

The reality is, sometimes speed and convenience come out on top.

If you’re busy and want the helping hand of an automated coffee maker in the morning, you can ensure your machine powers on at a set time before grinding your beans and preparing your morning jolt of caffeine.

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For some, speed and ease are not enough. To get a truly great cup of coffee, you really need to grind the beans immediately before you brew. If you haven’t got the space or budget for a dedicate grinder, why not consider a grind to brew coffee maker?

These coffee makers with integrated grinders are the ideal solution if you have limited space in the kitchen but won’t compromise on the quality of your coffee. Today, we’ll walk you through 7 awesome machines so you can simplify your buying decision.

We’ll also show you what to think about when you’re looking for the most suitable model. A snapshot first of our pick for best coffee maker with grinder:

Our #1 Pick: Breville Grind Control

Of all the grind and brew coffee makers we road tested, the Breville Grind Control was out stand-out winner. While it’s not particularly cheap, you’ll get an unbeatable combination of striking design, rugged build quality and that perfect cup of coffee in a compact machine to set off any kitchen. If you want the freshest coffee with the minimum of fuss, treat yourself and consider investing in the brilliant Breville Grind Control.


we’ll get down to business with our 7 best coffee maker with grinder reviews…

I. 7 Best Coffee Maker With Grinder Reviews

1. Breville Grind Control

First up in our quest for the best coffee maker with grinder is a rock solid offering from the industry heavyweight Breville.

The Grind Control is certainly not cheap but in return for your investment you’ll get a multi-purpose coffee maker that makes a striking statement with its expanse of muted chrome.

It’s tough to get that golden cup of coffee if you don’t start off with fresh beans. One of the chief selling points of the Breville is the onboard conical burr grinder. The stainless steel burrs make sure you get a wonderful grind consistency every single time.

Tweaking the grind is simplified due to the calibration in place. Enter calibration mode and you’ll get a 10-second burst from the grinder. You then simply weigh the grounds, punch in the weight and you’ll get the optimum grind size done for you.

The simple but effective LCD display is the command center giving you all the data you need on grind size, strength, brewing and grinding times. You can program your machine to come on at a designated time. This is ideal if you want to steal a march on your morning and speed up the journey of your morning coffee from hopper to cup

Choose from an impressive 8 strength settings so you can dial in your coffee to your precise taste. There’s also a pre-ground setting so you’re spoiled for choice even if everyone in your family likes their coffee slightly different.

Temperature control is a nice touch and you’ll enjoy water delivery at the perfect temperature even when firing up the Breville from cold.

Measuring up at a mere 9 x 14 x 17 inches and weighing 16 pounds, you’ll get heavyweight performance in a very streamlined unit. The Grind Control works well even in smaller kitchens.

Even though it’s got a very small footprint, you can easily use tall travel mugs thanks to the removable drip tray.

Replacing the legendary YouBrew and boasting enhanced grinding and improved programmability, the Breville Grind Control is proof positive that you sometimes can successfully change a winning team. If you want the confidence of brewing coffee from freshly ground beans but you don’t want a kitchen overflowing with devices, this 2-in-1 coffee machine and grinder is a smart bet.​


  • Customizable Strength: With 8 strength settings and a pre-ground option, you can tweak your coffee to taste
  • Adjustable Grind: Integrated burr grinder has 6 settings so get your coffee as fine or coarse as you like
  • Volume Control: Select how much coffee you want from 1 cup through a whole 12-cup carafe
  • Programmable: You can program the clock along with auto-on
  • LCD Display: See the information you need on the crisp, clear LCD


  • Price: By no means the cheapest option at your disposal

2) Cuisinart DGB-1 Grind and Brew Coffee Maker

Everyone has varying needs when it comes to coffee so how about if you love your caffeine fix but you don’t gorge on it? Cuisinart offers the obvious solution with the popular and extremely affordable DGB-1.

If you want to start your drink with the strongest possible foundation, you should grind the beans directly before brewing. Rather than needing to invest in yet another appliance for your coffee habit, the integrated blade grinder makes light work of your beans and send optimally ground coffee straight to the filter basket.

If you prefer to use pre-ground coffee – perhaps you’d like a decaf during the evening, for example – you can decommission the grinder with ease.

While this machine occupies very little kitchen real estate, you’ll be able to brew up to 16oz of coffee on a single fill.

Making your drink is as simple as pushing a couple of buttons and you’ll need to wait just a minute or so for your grinding then another minute and you’ll have a piping coffee in your cup made in the best way possible.

While some users bemoan the lack of sophistication and choice with the DGB-1, for many this stripped-down simplicity is one of the main attractions. Making coffee just doesn’t get any easier than this.

With a robust 3-year limited warranty, you can enjoy complete peace of mind knowing you can enjoy gourmet coffee at home without worrying about your machine breaking down and leaving you to face costly repairs or a replacement.

The significant downside of this Cuisinart is the fact you cannot make multiple drinks at the same time. That said, if you don’t need to keep pumping out cup after cup, you shouldn’t find this too much of a restriction.

Cleaning and maintenance is a breeze. With dishwasher-safe parts and a removable drip tray, you can keep on top of your DGB-1 without breaking a sweat.

For a basic but highly effective grind and brew coffee maker from a brand you can trust, the Cuisinart DGB-1 takes some beating.


  • Ease of Use: Single push button functionality renders making great coffee easier than instant
  • Versatility: The grind-off feature lets you use pre-ground coffee for maximum freedom of choice
  • Stylish and Compact: Measuring just 15 inches high and weighing just 6 pounds, this black and stainless steel machine looks great and packs a punch with a very small footprint
  • Peace of Mind: The 3-year limited warranty lets you buy with complete confidence
  • Value For Money: Despite delivering superb, fresh coffee every time, this grind and brew coffee maker represents outstanding overall value


  • Single Use: If you want to brew up multiple coffees simultaneously for a larger gathering, you’re clean out of luck

3) Cuisinart DGB-900BC Thermal Grind and Brew Coffee Maker

Next up in our look at the best grind and brew coffee makers is another Cuisinart DGB series, this time the 900BC.

The finest coffee should start with crisp, filtered water and freshly ground beans. The DGB-99BC lets you get off to a great start on both counts…

The combination of a charcoal water filter and a permanent gold filter ensures that none of that nasty sediment makes its way into your cup. You can opt for a model with a replacement filter included but you can also buy them at a very reasonable cost.

The hopper is good for up to 8oz of beans and the integrated burr grinder will make light work of them so you can get down to your coffee quicker. Since burr grinders crush the beans rather than chopping them, you’ll enjoy a richer taste and smell. Beans are stored in an airtight compartment and all you need to do is hit a button and they’ll be ground down a treat. Be aware that the grind size is fairly coarse with this machine.

The thermal carafe will keep up to 12 coffees piping hot for a good couple hours so you’ll always have a cup at hand.

Completely and easily programmable, you can make sure your Cuisinart is fired up and ready for action as you pad downstairs in the morning. Despite such excellent programmability, the Cuisinart is remarkably user-friendly even if you’re not the biggest tech-lover.

You can tweak the strength of your brew to taste making things simple if you have a bigger family or you have the machine at work where everyone likes their coffee slightly different.

The brew pause option comes into its own if you’re pressed for time and need to snatch a swift drink before the whole carafe has brewed. This attention to detail renders the Cuisinart a real pleasure to use.

If you’re prepared to accept the limitations of this type of grind to brew coffee maker, you’ll struggle to find a better choice whether you drink lots of coffee at home or you want a machine at work to help you cut down on those costly runs to Starbucks.


  • Programmable: Packing brew pause to snatch a quick interim cup and auto shutoff, punch in your commands and program your machine through 24 hours fuss-free
  • Integrated Burr Grinder: A hard-hitting onboard grinder allows you to grind up to 8oz of beans
  • Top-Tier Filtration: The nifty charcoal water filter and permanent gold filter ensure your coffee is based on the best and cleanest water
  • Impressive Capacity: The DGB-99BC makes up to 12 cups so ideal for larger families
  • Fine-Tune Your Drinks: Strength selection allows you to drink your coffee weak or strong to taste


  • Questionable Grinds: If you prefer a finer grind, you might be disappointed as the Cuisinart kicks out pretty coarse coffee
  • Carafe Design is Lacking: To get the last coffee out of the carafe, you’ll need to practically upend it

4) Capresso 465 Digital Coffee Maker With Conical Burr Grinder

Capresso enter the fray next with this arresting digital coffee maker boasting a conical burr grinder for your convenience.

Although it’s relatively noisy, there’s little substitute for your own grinder if you want to sup down coffee tasting its very best. The conical burr model in place efficiently crushes your beans without ravaging the taste or aroma.

The charcoal filter sees of more than 75% of the chlorine and other impurities you find in tap water.

Between the grinder and the filtration, things are off to a great start and you then move on to the serious business of your coffee.

The flexible and programmable nature of the Capresso means you’ll enjoy a great deal of control over the brewing process even though it’s a grind to brew machine. There are 5 grind settings to choose from and you select anywhere from 4 to 10 cups to completely minimize wastage. 3 strength settings let you brew the coffee exactly as you like it. As with all the best digital coffee machines, you’ll be able to program the Capresso so it roars into action at an appointed time.

While the amount of plastic cheapens the look of this machine to some extent, the stainless steel finish through the center injects a little class back in.

The glass carafe is more than fit for purpose but if you’re a stainless steel convert, you can dig a little deeper and buy the Capresso with the thermal carafe instead.

For a cost-effective alternative to the daily coffee shop run without compromising the quality of your beverage, the Capresso is well worth popping on your shortlist.


  • Flexible Grinding: You’ll be able to dial in your grind size to taste with real precision
  • Filtration: With a charcoal water filter thrown in, kiss goodbye to sediment spoiling your coffee and clogging up your machine
  • Works With or Without Grinder: Using coffee beans at all times can be restrictive so you can disengage the grinder and use pre-ground when the fancy takes you
  • Easy To Clean: Remove the see-through cover and cleaning the Capresso is a cinch
  • Generous Capacity: You’ll enjoy up to 10 cups of coffee on a single fill so perfect for busy mornings when everyone is crying out for their morning caffeine fix


  • Stainless Steel Carafe Expensive: The standard glass carafe works well but the stainless steel option almost doubles the price so think twice before rushing in
  • Noise Factor: All coffee grinders take to make quite a racket and this one is no exception. If you’re looking for a silent machine, this is not for you

5) Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine With Grinder

Another Breville rears its head as we edge to the end of our grind to brew coffee maker reviews and the Barista Express is a hard-hitting espresso machine with a grinder included. If you love your coffee short, strong and delivered in a hurry, this might be just what you’ve been hunting for.

If you love espresso, grinding your beans shortly before brewing is more important than ever. Not only do beans start losing freshness as soon as they’re ground, any beans that are stored give out a pale and insipid crema that will ruin your espresso. Breville solve this problem neatly with the attachment of a first-class conical burr grinder so you can move directly from beans to cup.

You can adjust the strength and dosing to guarantee just the espresso you want. Single or double shots can be fully programmed taking all the ceremony out of coffee making.

When it comes to making your espresso, you’ll switch to manual mode. This should not be viewed as a disadvantage. You’ll end up with you far more control over the variables and allows you to fine-tune your espresso rather than relying on the machine to do all the work.

The design gives you all the upsides of a utilitarian espresso machine without the hulking bulk of those colossal coffee shop units. Although this machine is not tiny, it should slot into most kitchen without dominating.

If you’re looking for a coffee machine that bridge the gap between a straight-up espresso maker and a genuine bean-to-cup model, the Breville makes perfect sense. While it’s not exactly cheap, when you no longer trot down to the coffee chain twice a day, you’ll soon recoup those costs while enjoying the commanding presence of the Barista Express in your kitchen.


  • Precision Grinder: The stainless steel conical burr grinder can briskly break down up to ½-pound of fresh beans
  • Dosing and Temperature: Enjoy PID temperature control and Razor dosing for the most accurate profile every time
  • Volumetric Controls: Choose from single or double shots accordingly
  • Pre-Infusion Mode: If you’re a real purist, the gradual pressure increase with pre-infusion allows for a more balanced and even extraction
  • Multiple Accessories Included: You’ll get everything you need from a trimming tool through to a cleaning kit so great value for money even though this machine is expensive


  • Price: While it falls far short of the cost of a super-automatic, this espresso machine is not cheap so better suited for anyone with a more fluid budget

6) BLACK+DECKER Mill and Brew Coffee Maker

While you might more readily associate BLACK+DECKER with power tools than coffee machines, this mill and brew model from the electronic giant does not disappoint.

The built-in grinder is housed with the filter. You can deactivate this if you need to use pre-ground from time to time.

Programming is a cakewalk with oversized buttons perfect for those early starts when your eyes are barely open. The backlit display makes reading what you need super-simple.

If you want the machine ready and waiting for you first thing, just program it to come on as commanded and you can get that first cup of coffee brewing even more rapidly than ever.

Many coffee makers are such an ordeal to clean that it puts you off using them in the first place. The BLACK+DECKER is designed so the all-in-one filter and grinder can be removed and washed while you can pop the brew basket in the dishwasher to save even more time and effort.

Available in 4 colors so there’s something to go with every kitchen, this pocket-friendly grind to brew machine is a low-key classic from a brand you can trust.

The Sneak-a-Cup feature is just BLACK+DECKER’s take on the brew pause idea. If you’re making a full 12 cups and you can’t resist taking a sneaky taste, hit this button to avoid spilled coffee cascading over the counter.

While the 2-year warranty could be lengthier, you can’t expect much more at this price point.

With the exception of being forced to brew at least 4 cups, there’s very little we could reasonably come up with to knock the BLACK+DECKER. If you’re looking for a grind to brew coffee maker with a difference, give the Mill and Brew a shot.


  • Multiple Colorways: Whether you want classic black or a much brighter splash of red, match this coffee maker to your kitchen décor
  • Easily Programmable: Intuitive control panel lets you program with ease even if you normally struggle with tech
  • Great For Large Families: Making up to 12 cups of coffee that can be stored in the carafe, you won’t need to keep topping up the machine
  • Minimal Ongoing Costs: The reusable permanent filter is not only great for the environment but will save you money over time with no expensive paper filters to worry about
  • Little Maintenance: Simply remove the all-in-one filter and grinder to wash and replace without burdening yourself


  • Restrictions on Brewing: With a 4-cup minimum, this machine is better suited to single coffee fiends with a voracious appetite or families

7) DeLonghi Magnifica Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

DeLonghi are maestros of the coffee machine and the Magnifica is their attempt to bring the benefits of a super-automatic espresso maker into your own without bankrupting you in the process. Now, this does not mean the Magnifica is cheap but it’s certainly a lot more reasonably priced than many high-end super-automatics.

The integrated burr grinder gets your drinks off to the ideal start and you’ll have those beans ground down double-quick. You can also brew using pre-ground coffee and decaf so you’ve got ample choice of drinks.

You can customize settings to your heart’s content although the baseline coffee will be fully optimized so you can just punch a button and wait for that piping hot espresso without scratching your head.

The foaming process is manual but this is a good thing since you’ll be able to exercise full control over frothing if you’re tired of espresso and want a longer, creamier drink.

There’s a dedicated call center which might come in handy if you encounter any snags while setting up or using your Magnifica.

Cleaning is rendered absolutely straightforward which is not the case with the majority of super-automatic machines. You’ll also get rinse and descaling programs to take the sting out of that side of things. Regular cleaning will prolong the lifespan of your machine while also improving the coffee in your cup.

The DeLonghi Magnifica manages to successfully hit and solve a number of pain points for coffee lovers. If you can’t decide between an espresso machine or a cappuccino machine and you have a more relaxed budget, this brew to grind machine is an absolute must.


  • Long and Short Drinks: Whether you want a steaming shot of espresso or a frothy cappuccino, you’re spoiled for choice
  • Super-Automatic Functionality: If you want all the hard work done for you, you can’t beat a super-automatic
  • Intelligent Programming: Punch in your favorite drinks and the Magnifica remembers them so making coffee just gets easier and easier
  • Low Maintenance: Easy to clean and with very little needed by the way of upkeep, the DeLonghi outflanks most super-automatics on this front with less than half the cleaning required
  • No Downtime: Brew cup after cup without any tedious waiting around


  • Price: Although you can easily pay far, far more for a super-automatic, the Magnifica is no budget machine
  • Noise: Especially when just fired up, this machine won’t win any prizes for silent operation

II. How to Choose The Best Grind and Brew Coffee Maker

When you’re on the hunt for a new coffee maker, it can feel like an impossible mission. With such an overwhelming number of coffee makers to choose from, it’s often difficult to even know where to begin.

You’re confronted with percolators, French presses, automatic drip brewers, manual drip brewers, single serve machines, cold drip, pour-over drippers, espresso machines…and that’s just scratching the tip of the iceberg.

Regardless of the type of coffee maker you are after, you obviously don’t want to settle for a mediocre cup of coffee. A crucial factor in the process concerns how the coffee beans are handled before they make it into the brew basket. The longer coffee grounds sit unused after they have been ground, the less aroma and flavor they will have, resulting in a cup of coffee that lacks body, flavor and aroma.

The easiest way to bolster your chances of first-class coffee every time is to grind the beans right before you brew up. Unfortunately, not everyone has the counter space or budget for yet another kitchen gadget dedicated to coffee, so a standalone grinder is not always the best solution.


Thankfully, many brands have spotted this gap in the market and you can now find a number of coffee makers with a grinder built in. You can easily push a button and the onboard grinder will do the job for you.

There are many different variables when choosing one of these grind to brew machines, but they will all grind your coffee beans fresh before brewing for that golden cup you’ve been waiting for.

We’ll laser in now on how to choose the best grind and brew coffee maker for your needs without needing too much time or money…

Things To Consider When Purchasing A Grind And Brew Coffee Maker

The purpose of these machines sounds straightforward…

They grind the coffee beans and then they brew your coffee. Nothing complicated here, right?

While this is partially true, there are a number of ways in which these machines vary.

The main area you should laser in on before assembling your shortlist is what type of grinder you prefer…

1. Grinding Blade

When grinding your own beans, the quality of your grinder is paramount because you need a consistency to your grind to the coffee you love every time. Without consistency to the grind, you’ll never be able to replicate the same cup of coffee, resulting in a poor user experience.

There are 2 main types of coffee grinders:

  • Burr Grinder
  • Blade Grinder

The difference between these 2 types of grinders is a much bigger deal than you might think, as the grinder is what determines the consistency of the grind. Remember when we talked about how important consistency is to a good cup of coffee?

A burr grinder uses multiple discs to grind the coffee. One disc remains stationary while the other spins and grinds the coffee beans. The result of this is coffee with a fine, even grind.

A blade grinder has a few blades that spin and crush and chop up the coffee beans. Because of the way this type of grinder works, you will almost never get a grind that is either fine or consistent. Beyond this, you won’t easily replicate the grind because the blades just won’t allow for that level of uniformity.

To get the best grind, you want to look for a machine with a burr grinder. Grind and brew machines with this type of grinder might cost a bit more, but it’s well worth digging a little deeper if you want an easy life making coffee. And let’s face it convenience is one of the driving reasons to consider a grind and brew coffee maker in the first place.

If your wallet can only stretch to a machine with a blade grinder, don’t go without. It just pays to be aware that the coffee produced from a blade grinder will be of lower quality. The taste will suffer and you might also wind up with bits of coffee grinds in your cup of coffee.

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2. Other Considerations

There are a variety of options when it comes to these coffee makers, and some might be important to you, while others won’t matter.

We’ve tried to review a broad spread of products so there’s something for all tastes and budgets.

Here are a few other things you will want to drill down on before dropping some cash on a grind and brew coffee machine…

3. Automation

Most traditional coffee makers allow for some automation, and these grind and brew coffee makers are no different.

Many of these coffee makers allow you to set the machine to power on at a certain time. There is a lot to be said for not having to mess with these contraptions before you finish brushing your teeth in the morning. Set the timers and your machine will be finished grinding and brewing your coffee long before you are dressed and ready for your day. This is an extra most people would find useful. Who couldn’t use a few extra minutes in the morning?

Also, many of these coffee makers have an automatic shut-off function, so you can save on your power bills while also minimizing the chance of the machine overheating.

4. Capacity

You need to think about just how much coffee you want to brew in one go.

Some of these coffee makers have storage compartments for your coffee beans. These are called bean hoppers. Coffee tend to lose its flavor and scent rather quickly once ground, but these beans can be exposed to air for a little longer without losing these attributes. Some of the grind and brew machines lack these hoppers so you’ll need to fill the grinder with beans each time you want to brew up.

These coffee makers also have holding tanks for water, which is especially useful if you want to program your coffee to begin brewing at a certain time each day. Many also allow for storing just enough water to make a certain number of cups of coffee, so you have more control over the process.

5. Filtration​

If you plan to use tap water instead of bottled water in your machine, it makes sense to look for one with a water filter.

A number of grind and brew coffee makers available contain charcoal water filters, and these can remove more than 75% of the impurities frequently found in regular tap water.

Using filtered water will improve the taste of your coffee and can also increase the lifespan of your coffee maker by reducing build-up in the machine.

6. Flexibility​

We all have different wants and needs when it comes to coffee, otherwise there wouldn’t be so many different options to choose from when it comes to coffee itself.

The same can be said for our desires when it comes to coffee makers. Some of us want machines that do it all, while others are content to do most of the work themselves.

If you want a lot of flexibility from your machine, consider which things you prize the most. Some machines allow you to choose between having the machine grind your coffee or using pre-ground coffee instead.

Some machines allow you to brew large carafes of coffee as well as single cups.

With many grind to brew coffee makers, you’ll be able to manipulate the brew strength to customize your coffee more fully.

Look also for machines that let you to vary the grind size from fine to coarse.

7. Carafe​

Different machines come with different types of carafes, and some machines don’t have them at all.

  • Glass: The most common type of coffee carafe is glass. With a glass carafe, you can easily see how much coffee has been made, and how much remains. You also get to enjoy the aroma as it fills the room from the open top of the glass carafe. A glass carafe can easily be cleaned in the top rack of a dishwasher, as well. One downside to glass carafes is that they don’t keep your coffee hot for long, usually only about 20 minutes. The only option for extending that time is allowing the glass carafe to remain on a thermal plate, which can harm the flavor of the coffee after a while making it taste burnt.
  • Thermal: A thermal carafe is made of vacuum-insulated stainless steel. You cannot see into the container, and there is no open top. However, due to this, your coffee remains at the ideal temperature for up to 1 hour, and there will be no burnt aftertaste. Thermal carafes need to be preheated with hot water and then emptying out before brewing. They must be handwashed as they are not dishwasher safe.

8. Affordability

Obviously, these grind and brew coffee makers can cost a bit more than a run-of-the-mill drip coffee maker but there are nevertheless some bargains out there.

By setting your budget first and sticking to it, you’ll make your life much easier by whittling down your options before you start properly researching your purchase.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a coffee maker that will give you a high-quality cup with a consistent taste and strength, you really can’t go wrong with a grind and brew coffee maker.

III. Final Words

We very much hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse at grind to brew coffee makers.

If you’re looking for a 2-in-1 appliance that can save you space in the kitchen as well as time when you’re rushing around in the morning, a digital grind and brew is a smart choice.

Depending on how you like your coffee and how much you have to spend, any of the above machines we looked at are worth your further investigation.

Come back soon!

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