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The Best Handheld Vacuum Sealers

For anyone interested in the many benefits you can harness from a vacuum sealer, a small investment in a secondary handheld unit is well worth thinking about.

You obviously won’t get the ability to seal large batches or the power and performance of a countertop model but handheld vacuum sealers have a number of strengths which we’ll highlight after our reviews…

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Today, we’ll explore 7 of the very best portable sealers so you can see a cross-section of models and choose the one that best fits.

We’ll also highlight the main advantages and drawbacks of handheld vacuum sealers so you can see objectively whether you’d really make use of this nifty device.

We’ll dive straight into our handheld vacuum sealer reviews right now so you can assess your options after a snapshot of our overall pick:

Our Pick: FoodSaver FreshSaver Handheld Vacuum Sealer

Our pick for the best handheld vacuum sealer on the market is the classic FreshSaver from the heavyweight FoodSaver.

You’ll get no bells and whistles but you will get a slick and efficient vacuum sealer at a ridiculously low price point so check out this awesome little appliance today and start saving money on your grocery bill tomorrow.

I. Best Handheld Vacuum Sealer Reviews

1) FoodSaver FreshSaver Handheld Vacuum Sealer

If you’re looking for a dependable handheld vacuum sealer from a brand you can trust, FoodSaver’s FreshSaver is great value and capable of saving you an enormous amount over time.

For anyone looking for a nimble device perfect for those small sealing jobs, the FreshSaver is lightweight yet highly capable.

Reusable bags save you money over time just as surely as you’ll make savings on your food bill by eliminating waste and ensuring you get great year-round with the minimum of effort.

Using the sealer couldn’t be simpler as we’ll outline below. Even if you’ve never thought about vacuum sealing before, you’ll be up and running with confidence.

For a frill-free approach to portable vacuum sealing from a brand that dominates this space, the FreshSaver is magnificent value for money and punches far above its weight.

Notable Features

  • Wireless Handheld: You get complete freedom of movement so you can seal jars and bags without being tethered to a power point
  • One-Touch Operation: Using this handheld is a breeze and this combination of convenience and comfort leads to you using your vacuum sealer more and saving more money for yourself over time
  • Compact and Portable: Although countertop vacuum sealers are undeniably useful, they’re not exactly pocket-sized. With the FreshSaver you’ll get full mobility within the kitchen and if you want to take your vacuum sealer on the road, it’ll pop in your bag with ease

How To Start Using This Machine

Make sure that you plug in your FreshSaver and give it a full burst of charge before you get going.

Using the sealer is straightforward.

Pop your food inside the reusable bag and lay it down flat on the counter. Press your FreshSaver firmly against your bag and you’re all set in an instant.


  • Totally portable handheld unit
  • Cord-free convenience
  • 2 reusable bags thrown in


    • Some complaints about bags not holding a seal but this is not a problem we encountered personally

      2) FoodSaver FreshSaver Handheld Sealing System

      Next up in our handheld vacuum sealer reviews is another variant of the FoodSaver FreshSaver, a limited edition available in red.

      There’s really not too much at all to differentiate this vacuum sealer from the first FreshSaver we reviewed today aside from the vibrant colorway.

      Measuring up at 4 x 3 x 9 inches, you’ll get all the sealing power you need in an almost pocket-sized appliance. Whether you want a portable sealer for a college dorm, the campsite or the kitchen at home, the FreshSaver is a highly versatile unit at an exceptionally keen price point.

      With FoodSaver’s trademark one-touch operation, storing leftovers or bulk-bought produce has never been easier. The FreshSaver is proof positive that you don’t need an enormous commercial vacuum sealer to benefit from the advantages of a method that keeps your food fresher for up to 5x longer.

      For a lightweight vacuum sealer with hard-hitting performance, check out this lean red machine from FoodSaver.

      Notable Features

      • Ultra-Low Maintenance: The dishwasher-friendly nozzle is a cinch to keep clean and bags can be easily washed and reused. Your handheld vacuum sealer will need remarkably little maintenance and will keep you in frozen goodies year-round
      • Cordless Convenience: As with all handheld units, you’ll enjoy battery power without being limited to a power outlet.
      • 1-year Limited Warranty: This is as much as you can expect from a portable unit at this price point. At least you can buy in confidence knowing FoodSaver has your back

      How To Start Using This Machine

      Operating the FreshSaver couldn’t be simpler.

      Just place your food inside the bag and press the sealer against it: you’re done!


      • Works with FoodSaver bags and deli containers
      • Compact enough to slip in the drawer saving counter space
      • Easy-clean nozzle minimizes maintenance


        • Many complaints about battery failing to hold charge

          3) FOYO Handheld Vacuum Sealer

          Next up in our handheld vacuum sealer reviews is another cost-effective way to stretch your food budget further and limit the amount of food you waste.

          The handheld vacuum sealer market is becoming more heavily populated and it’s difficult for brands to stand out. FOYO achieve this on the price front but also by delivering a small and ultra-compact handheld kicking out the suction power you’d expect from a much more robust unit.

          As well as running on batteries for the ultimate in cordless mobility, you can also use mains power for a belt and braces approach.

          The durable PE/PA bags are designed for regular reuse. You should get anywhere up to 50 applications from a single bag. This is not just convenient but will save you even more money over time.

          If you’re operating on a tighter budget and you’d like to embrace vacuum sealing without the expense of a large tabletop sealer, this handheld from FOYO deserves a place on any shortlist even if it’s not from the best-known brand.

          Notable Features

          Ease of Use: It’s pointless getting a time-saving device for the kitchen if it ends up a nuisance to use. While some users have suggested the sealing procedure is slightly tasky, we found sealing the reusable bags was very straightforward. You’ll be up and running straight out the box even if you’ve never tried using a vacuum sealer before

          Outstanding Power For a Handheld: While you need to keep your expectations reasonable with any handheld sealer, you’ll be rewarded with a nice, powerful suction from this battery-powered device. You’ll need 6 AA batteries which are not included in the package

          Build Quality and Materials: While you can’t expect a unit built to the same standards as a countertop industrial sealer, the materials used on this pocket-friendly model are well chosen and they’ll stay the distance. ABS is resistant to both heat and lower temperatures so you’re in safe hands

          How To Start Using This Machine

          As with most handheld sealers, this FOYO model is a cakewalk to operate.

          Pop your dry or moist food in a bag and then press the end of the sealer down to get the best in vacuum-packed freshness whether you want to freeze some blueberries to enjoy them year round or portion out some bulk-bought meat.


          • Powerful suction for a handheld
          • Bags can be reused up to 50 times saving you more money over time
          • Rock-solid build quality so get a bargain without compromising performance


            • Some users report sealing is fiddly

              4) Gourmia Sous-Vide Vacuum Sealer and Bag Set

              Are you interested in sous-vide cookery? If so, like with all the best vacuum sealers, you’ll be able to get the very most from your meats and fish with this vacuum sealer and bag set from Gourmia.

              The starter sets gives you 5 bags along with a trio of clips so you’ve got all sealing duties covered including sous-vide cookery.

              Built to last with BPA-free plastic for your safety and for the benefit of the environment, the Gourmia is lightweight and portable but surprisingly rugged.

              If you’re looking for a versatile and portable handheld vacuum sealer at a very reasonable price point, check out the Gourmia today.

              Notable Features

              Environmentally-Friendly: All plastic components of this food sealer are BPA-free and the fact the bags are reusable also helps lessen the footprint. By cutting down on your food waste and planning ahead to maximize your produce, you can make very real financial savings while also doing your bit for the environment

              Portability and Versatility: As with all handheld vacuum sealers, the battery-driven unit allows you to move around the kitchen at will. Its portability also makes an ideal travel companion whether you’re camping or away on a road trip

              Comprehensive 9-Piece Kit: With a very generous bundle of all you need for sous-vide cookery and beyond, you’ve got everything you need to get up and running straight out the box

              How To Start Using This Machine

              Few of these vacuum sealers differ in any meaningful way when it comes to operation. User-friendliness is one of the key selling points of the Gourmia.

              With everything you need in the box whether you’re marinating a choice cut in your favorite sauce or stashing pieces of meat you bought in bulk, all you need to do is fill up the reusable bag and then press the sealer against it to remove all the air and prolong its lifespan by up to 5 x non-vacuum methods.


              • Sous-vide ready with all bags and clips provided
              • Multi-purpose sealer covers all bases well
              • Handheld convenience with unexpected power


                • Obviously not suitable for prolonged, heavy use

                  5) Waring Pro Pistol Vac Sealer

                  Steeping things up a notch, we’ve got the hard-hitting Pro Pistol from the highly reputable Waring. As far as handheld vacuum sealers go, this is more or less as good as it gets.

                  If you’re looking for the cheapest handheld vacuum sealer, click away and check out one of the budget models instead. If, however, you don’t mind investing in a solid appliance guaranteed to give you years of faithful service, the Waring makes perfect sense.

                  With the appearance of a gun and a trigger mechanism to help seal your bags, the Waring stands out in a sea of sameness. It’s easy to use and to keep clean.

                  The cordless convenience means you can work anywhere you want with ease.

                  If you’re looking for a dependable and powerful handheld vacuum sealer from a brand you can trust, the Waring Pro Pistol is tough to beat.

                  Notable Features

                  Innovative Pistol Style Operation: Where most vaccum sealers look and perform the same, the Pro Pistol stands out with its gun-like operation. Sealing your bags really couldn’t get much easier

                  Rechargeable: Any appliance that runs on batteries can soon have you cursing when you need to constantly replace them. Although it’s an older style nickel cadmium battery, the fact it’s rechargeable is a great bonus and you’ll get enough oomph to seal 30 bags on a single charge

                  Power to Performance Ratio: If you want extreme firepower and the ability to seal large batches of bags in a hurry, handheld units are no use. The Waring, though, does deliver impressive power and suction in an incredibly compact unit

                  How To Start Using This Machine

                  As with all these handheld units, you simply need to fill your bag with whatever you plan to store, push the end of the sealer against your bag then…

                  Bang. Pull the trigger and enjoy food kept fresher for longer.


                  • Countertop power in a handheld unit
                  • Seal 30 bags before you need to recharge
                  • Rechargeable battery for convenience and economy


                    • Certainly not the cheapest handheld vacuum sealer

                      6) Neefeaer Handheld Vacuum Sealer

                      As we near the end of our handheld vacuum sealer reviews, we’ve got a much more pocket-friendly option from Neefeaer. While you might not be getting the brand recongnition of FoodSaver or Waring, you might be surprised at the performance of this minimalist beauty.

                      If you have a kitchen overflowing with appliances, the scaled-down dimensions of the Neefeaer are a real blessing. It also looks great on the counter-top but it’s not a case of form over function…

                      The suction is pretty damn good for a handheld unit. You obviously need to make some sacrifices when you’re angling for a portable sealer but there’s more than enough power for most reasonable needs.

                      For a no-nonsense vacuum sealer from a reliable brand that doesn’t cost a fortune, the Neefeaer ticks all boxes. Check one out today!

                      Notable Features

                      Super-Strong Suction: For a handheld unit, you’ll get an excellent blast of suction man enough to seal your food in with no air left inside the bag to spoil it

                      Rechargeable and USB: The food sealer runs on a pair of AA batteries which are not provided but you can also run it from the mains power via USB so you get the best of both worlds with wireless convenience but the security of always having juice even if the batteries are flat

                      Outstanding Value: It’s impossible not to mention the price of this vacuum sealer and the fact you won’t lose out in terms of performance to achieve this. The Neefeaer is a real bargain

                      How To Start Using This Machine

                      Fill your bag with whatever food you have in store and close it up.

                      When the air is gone from the bag, put the sealer on the circle on your bag and hit Start. All remaining air will be sucked out and your food will stay fresh for much longer.


                      • Sleek and minimalist design
                      • Convenience of battery power combined with USB functionality
                      • Perfect mixture of price and performance


                        • No use for sustained, heavy bagging

                          7) FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer with Handheld and Starter Kit

                          FoodSaver enters the fray with a handheld unit included with the classic FM24350ECR tabletop vacuum sealer.

                          If you’re not quite sure whether to opt for the power of a full-sized model or the agility of a portable sealer, get both with this superb starter kit. Even if you’ve never experimented with vacuum sealing before, you’ll be up and running in no time.

                          The tabletop sealer is quick and powerful and you can batch up large hauls of bargain meat, piles of veggies or fresh fruit so you can enjoy your seasonal favorites year-round.

                          As a bonus, you’ll get a handheld vacuum sealer thrown in so you’ve got the complete package to get started on your food-sealing journey…

                          And what better brand than FoodSaver to accompany you on that journey? Check out this cost-effective bundle and you’ll never look back.

                          Notable Features

                          Handheld Convenience with Tabletop Power: If you’re caught in two minds about what type of sealer to get, don’t be. For less than the price of the Waring handheld, you’ll get the classic full-sized domestic FoodSaver sealer as well as a nifty little portable sealer thrown in

                          Generous Package of Accessories: As you’d expect from FoodSaver, you’ll get everything you need chucked in to get sealing straight out the box. There’s a broad spread of bags and clips to save you an immediate trip to the store for supplies

                          Brand Security and Value: This bundle is an opportunity to buy into a brand that dominates the vacuum sealing space without needing to spend a fortune. When you compare the modest investment to what you’ll get in return, 2 appliances that will save you money over time, it represents outstanding value for money.

                          How To Start Using This Machine

                          The tabletop sealer is a breeze to operate.Fill your bag and then pop the open end into the sealing channel.

                          Close up the lid and lock it then press the button to vacuum seal whatever delicacy you’ve got lined up for later.

                          The handheld unit operates just like all the others we’ve reviewed. Press the end of the sealer up against the bag and you’re good to go.


                          • 2-in-1 functionality gives you complete freedom with sealing
                          • Great value considering what you get in the package
                          • Unbeatable brand heritage


                            • No use if you only want a handheld unit
                            • You can buy cheaper sealers

                              II. Handheld Vacuum Sealer Bag

                              FoodSaver 1-Quart BPA-Free Multilayer Construction Vacuum Zipper Bags

                              You need to balance things out when you’re looking at vacuum sealers…

                              You need to keep in mind at all times that you’re making an investment in an appliance capable of saving you thousands of dollars a year on your grocery bill.

                              That said, you’ll also need to be aware not just of the up-front cost when you’re looking for the best vacuum sealer but also the ongoing cost of buying bags.

                              Many of the most popular sealers now come with reusable bags. Make sure these are made from BPA-free plastic.

                              Reusable bags are not only much kinder on the environment, you’ll also notice a difference in your pocket. Usage varies but you can expect to get anywhere from 20 to 50 applications from a single bag.

                              Check the model you’re considering and look at how many bags are included if any as part of the package.

                              If the model you’re looking at doesn’t recommend reusing bags, make sure the cost of replacements is reasonable. It’s also worth making sure you can access the bags you need readily.

                              If you’re questioning whether it’s even worth bothering with a food sealer when you could just pop the food inside a Ziploc bag, bear this in mind…

                              By removing all the air, you’ll be able to keep whatever you’ve got in the bag fresher for up to 5 times longer than if you skipped the vacuum sealing.

                              If you’re going for a tabletop sealer along with your handheld, it’s worth exploring how easy or fiddly the bags are to load into the machine. You should also price up the cost of bags on an ongoing basis so you don’t end up with a nasty surprise.

                              III. Benefits of the Handheld Vacuum Sealer

                              Before we round out today’s look at the best handheld vacuum sealer, we’ll present a brief summary of the benefits you can achieve with one of these portable devices.

                              • Portability: Clearly, the primary selling point of a handheld vacuum sealer is its portability. Whether you have a kitchen overflowing with appliances and you don’t have room for a large sealer or you want something to take with you to the campsite, the maneuverability of cordless portable vaccum sealers is a real winner
                              • You’ll Save Money: If you look beyond the initial price tag and nominal cost of replacement bags, using a vacuum sealer can save you a considerable sum each month by almost eliminating food waste and allowing you to benefit from large discounts on bulk cuts of meat
                              • You’ll Save Time: While everyone loves to save a buck, time is your most precious commodity. By planning ahead and sealing meals in ready-prepared portions, you can rustle up a quick dinner or take your lunch with you saving time every day hitting the freezer instead of the chopping board
                              • The Food Sealed Is Better Preserved: All manufacturers will point out at length that vacuum sealing your food extends its life by anywhere from 3 to 5 times than food stored in plastic containers or regular bags. You’ll get no freezer burn and the food will come out without feeling limp and with its nutrients intact
                              • You’ll Finally Be Able To Try Some Sous-Vide Recipes: With sous-vide cooking, you pop your food in a plastic pouch, vacuum-sealed, and cook it in a water bath. You don’t need a tabletop unit to achieve this so if you’re thinking about some sous-vie cookery, a handheld vacuum sealer is more than fit for purpose
                              • Marinade Away: It’s not just storage where food sealers come into their own. If you want to leave some steak in a bag with your favorite sauce, it can seep in over the course of the day so you come back to a prime cut of meat as succulent as can be. Vacuum sealers have many uses beyond just freezing and you can get the very best taste from all your food

                              IV. Conclusion

                              We very much hope you enjoyed this breakdown of the best handheld vacuum sealers on the market.

                              Whether you’re a college student, living in a cramped apartment or you want something to take camping with you, portable food sealers offer much of the functionality of a tabletop equivalent in a much more convenient bundle.

                              And if you’re still torn between which sealer makes most sense for your needs, this superb FoodSaver bundle we looked at gives you both in one affordable combo.

                              By taking the time and trouble to seal and store fruit, vegetables or meat, you can slash you grocery bill considerably while enjoying superior produce at the same time. If you get more comfortable and confident with sealing, step things up a gear and experiment with marinades or some sous-vide dishes.

                              Get in touch any time with your queries or feedback and come back soon!

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