The Best Hepa Filter Air Purifiers


Looking for an air purifier is not as complex as you might imagine and we’re here to guide you through the process today.

Specifically, we’ll be looking into HEPA-rated air purifiers but what does that mean and why should you care?

HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters trap the tiniest of airborne particles down to a size of 0.3 microns. This is far too small to be seen by the naked eye. As such, true HEPA filters – those that have passed rigorous testing – remain the gold standard of filtration.

The air filter systems of air purifiers usually have 3 main components:

  • Raw filter film: This is usually made from plastic, metal or glass.
  • Intermediate filter: This filter is normally made from pollen, activated carbon or titanium
  • Fine filter: This is where the HEPA medium comes out to play

These vary with some filters having 4 or more stages but it’s that HEPA-rated component that’s the most important part. Capable of trapping allergens, smoke, and dust invisible to the naked eye, it can filter particulates down to a size of 0.3 microns but what does that translate to in real terms? A particle this size measures about 0.0025 across, much smaller than PM2.5 dust.

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Not only can HEPA filters capture this minute particles, they’re 99.97% efficient which is as close to perfect as purification comes.

HEPA filter membrane has a lifespan of anywhere from 3 to 10 years. This varies depending on the manufacturer as well as the level of pollution of the environment where it’s used.

In order for the air purifier to work stably and to prolong the life of the filters, you should periodically but regularly clean the membranes.

So, with those basics sketched in, we’ll launch right in now with the results of our enormous batch of testing. Of the 50 or so models we tested, we’ve got 25 of the very best HEPA air purifiers for you to choose from.

A quick note: for your convenience, we’ve listed out the coverage area of each filter front and center so you can compare them at a glance.

Now dig in!

I. Top 25 Best HEPA Air Purifiers

1. Our Pick: RabbitAir BioGS Ultra-Quiet HEPA Air Purifier (625 square feet)


Our best pick overall is the mighty RabbitAir BioGS.

You’ll get a quadruple-staged purification and deodorization system capable of filtering all the air in a 625 square foot room twice hourly. Alongside first-class HEPA filtration, you’ll also get a charcoal based carbon-activated filter which will work wonders on ay unpleasant smells with the HEPA component wicks away all those unwanted airborne pathogens.

With a robust 3-year filter life, you won’t need to keep hustling out to buy expensive replacements.

Despite such firepower, the engine on this unit runs practically whisper-quiet. You can toggle between 5 settings giving you a great deal of flexibility and finesse to complement the raw power.

We couldn’t knock the performance of this air purifier and, as an added bonus, the design is sleek and utilitarian making it a neat fit with just about any décor.

2. Runner-Up: Coway Mighty Air Purifier with True HEPA (361 square feet)


A close runner-up is another 4-stage air purifier from Colway suitable for smaller rooms yet nevertheless highly effective.

The true HEPA filter will wick away the tiniest particles down to 0.3 microns so all the pollen, dust and dander are sucked from the atmosphere. This purifier also works well to combat VOCs (volatile organic compounds) while working to reduce any noxious smells into the bargain.

The fan can be tweaked manually through 3 settings with a handy automatic mode to optimize settings hands-free. As an energy-saving mechanism, if no pollution is picked up, the purifier kicks into eco-mode. This unit doesn’t draw down too much power anyway with power consumption of just 77 watts. To ice the cake, it runs quietly, too.

You don’t need to sweat about remembering when to swap out filters either. A nifty indicator alerts you when it’s time to replace both the pre-filter and the HEPA filter.

3. For Small or Medium-Sized Rooms: Germ Guardian 3-in-1 True HEPA Air Purifier (167 square feet)


If you’ve got a small to mid-sized area to purify, the Germ Guardian is another robust 3-in-1 device well worth popping on your shortlist.

The HEPA filter takes all tiny airborne pathogens out of commission while a UV-Light reduced volatile organic compounds while also combating viruses like flu and rhinovirus. With all that taken care of, the activated charcoal filter gets to work on the smell delivering a complete and all-out assault on poor air quality in your home.

This 22-inch unit filters all the air in a room to 167 square feet 4 times hourly at full clip.

You’ll need to factor in a filter replacement every 6 to 8 months while the UV-C light should return up to a year of service before you need to swap it out.

The Germ Guardian does all this while still coming in at a decidedly budget price-point removing any reason not to buy and to clean up the air in your home.

4. Best For Large Rooms: Coway AirMega Smart Air Purifier (1560 square feet)


Stepping things up considerably in terms of both price and capacity, this Coway beast is capable of purifying the air in huge spaces of over 1500 square feet.

The HEPA filter does all you would expect from this medium with allergens and pathogens down to a minuscule 0.3 microns expediently whisked away. The permanent pre-filter is washable and helps see off bulkier dust particles before they hit the HEPA-rated component.

In Smart Mode, the AirMega will toggle through 3 self-optimizing settings so you get the strongest performance for the conditions with no user input.

5 fan modes give you a super-quiet device rated at just 43.2 decibels even on the highest setting. If this is still slightly burdensome, sleep mode ensures you can get to dreamland without being disturbed by the whine of a purifier.

Energy Star-certified and consuming just 64 watts of power in use, you might need to dig deep at the point of purchase but running costs are nominal.

This is by some distance the strongest performer we tested if you need to take care of the air quality in a sprawling house.

5. Best For Bedrooms: Alen FLEX HEPA Air Purifier (700 square feet)


Strikingly designed and coming in a wide array of beautiful colorways, this HEPA air purifier from Alen is perfect if you or anyone in your family has allergies or asthma.

You can buy this unit in 4 configurations designed to attack:

  • Mold and bacteria
  • Allergies and dust
  • Household chemicals
  • Pet dander and odor

Despite being able to treat up to 700 square feet purifying the air twice hourly, the FLEX occupies a very compact footprint so you can slip it in tight spaces fuss-free.

WhisperMax technology baked in gives you a soothing pink noise rather than the annoying thrum that can blight some air purifiers. This makes the FLEX tailor-made for bedroom use.

There’s no right or wrong choice when it comes to the type of filter you choose. We tested the mold and bacteria medium and it performed powerfully. We were unable to run long-term tests but all user feedback on this count is overwhelmingly positive.

If you’re looking for a design-driven and affordable air purifying solution, the Alen FLEX is a home run.

6. Best Air Purifier + Fan + Heater Combo: Dyson Pure Hot and Cool Air Purifier (800 square feet)


Dyson has a hard-won reputation for producing tech-driven vacuum cleaners at a high price-point and they continue this tradition with the Hot and Cool Air purifying serving triple duty…

First and foremost, you’ll get a sealed HEPA filter to make light work of all those tiny allergens which can play havoc with your sinuses and sensitivities. With Air Multiplier technology on board, the purified air is projected throughout your whole house at a stunning rate of 77 gallons per second. The purifier oscillates through a full 350 degrees.

Coverage area is a solid 800 square feet.

On top of this powerful purification, you’ll also benefit from both a fan and heater so you can enjoy impeccable climate control year-round.

With full WiFi connectivity to complete a truly impressive package, you’ll get monitoring and reporting included and you can even use Alexa to control the device with voice commands as an added kicker.

7. Pure Enrichment PureZone 3-in-1 True HEPA Air Purifier (200 square feet)


Next up, we’ve got a much smaller purifier in the form of the PureZone from Pure Enrichment.

The true HEPA filter does its job perfectly with all microscopic airborne particles removing fully 99.97% of these.

The UV-C light goes to work on the micro-organisms and viruses that can pollute your indoor atmosphere while remaining invisible to the naked eye.

Set-up couldn’t be easier and the nifty auto shut-off powers the purifier down. All you need to do is choose a 2, 4 or 8-hour window of use then it will switch itself off for your complete peace of mind.

While all this purification and sanitization is taking place, the device runs extremely quietly to achieve this rated at a class-leading 30 decibels.

A 5-year limited warranty along with responsive, helpful customer care removes any trepidation from purchase.

8. Honeywell 50250-S True HEPA Air Purifier (390 square feet)


Honeywell steps up to the plate again with the 50250-S ideal for medium-sized rooms up to 390 square feet.

SurroundSeal technology ensures the HEPA filter performs efficiently with no leakage to spoil the effects and you’ll get an indicator making it clear when you need to change out the filter and clean the pre-filter. This needs swapping every 3 months or so.

Capable of working on not just dust but also pet spores and dander, smoke and spores of mold, you’ll get a great weaponry with which to attack all those contaminants that can mar your breathing indoors. Bacteria and viruses are also vanquished by this purifier so you’re safe on all fronts.

The potent fan motor powerfully draws the air in and it’s then belched out purified through a full 360 degrees.

For a solid and reliable solution to soiled and smelly air, the Honeywell delivers in fine style.

9. RabbitAir MinusA2 Ultra Quiet HEPA Air Purifier (700 square feet)


Looking more like a desktop PC than an air purifier, the RabbitAir MinusA2 has an exceptional 6 stages of filtration and purification. You’ll pay a little more for the privilege but that investment will yield scrupulously clean air you can breathe in without any irritation at all.

The filter is also able to ward off germs and bacteria along with any viruses that might be lingering in the air. This is a particularly valuable touch if you have children or elderly relatives in the house.

Whether you choose to leave this unit freestanding or mount it on the wall, the RabbitAir purifier makes a real conversation piece but it’s certainly not a case of form over function.

Coverage area is a vast 700 square feet making it a great solution for even larger homes.

10. Blueair Classic 480i Air Purifier with HEPASilent Technology (400 square feet)


If you’ve got deep pockets and insist on the cleanest air in your home, the Blueair Classic 480i isn’t cheap but it gets the job done in fine style.

Capable of covering an area up to 400 square feet, there are also smaller and larger variants in the Classic line if you’re looking for more robust coverage.

This purifier is fully WiFi-enabled and you’ll be able to control it with voice commands thanks to Alexa functionality.

True HEPA filtration delivers air completely free of pathogens and allergens so you can breathe easily even if you’ve got allergies or asthma. The activated coconut carbon element to filtration also works to effectively combat any gaseous pollutants without calling you to reach for chemical additives.

Filters are replaceable and should return 6 months or so of service before they need swapping out.

For an intelligent approach to air purification in a sleek unit built to last, the Blueair Classic range is well worth your further investigation.

11. Hathaspace Smart True HEPA Air Purifier (350 square feet)


Hathaspace ups the ante with this 6-in-1 purifier.

Filtration includes:

  • Activated carbon filter: Gets rid of smoke, smells and gases along with VOCs
  • Antibacterial filter: Works to fight against viruses, fungi and bacteria
  • Nano-cold catalyst filter: Sees off larger dust particles and pet dander along with all toxic household chemicals
  • True HEPA filter: Last line of defense against the tiniest particles down to 0.3 microns

You can activate the UV-C light which is a nice extra at this price-point. Doing so will kill off the most minute bacteria keeping you completely protected.

Ideal for medium-sized rooms up to 350 square feet in area, you’ll be able to embrace automatic mode. This optimizes fan settings on your behalf and lets you sit back with your feet up while breathing air completely free of all contaminants and allergens.

Air is exchanged and replaced twice-hourly.

For a sleek and utilitarian air purifier from a brand you can rely on, this Hathaway smart appliance punches above its weight and price tag.

12. Levoit Air Purifier with True HEPA Filter (360 square feet)


Another hard-hitting purifier from Levoit is up next with this 360 square footer perfect for mid-sized to larger rooms.

Ozone-free and with no recourse to a UV-C light or anion purification, you can rest easy if you’ve got kids in the house knowing they can breathe in clean air treated used safe methods.

The activated carbon HEPA filter works quickly not just effectively. Both speed and efficiency are rated 30% higher than regular air cleaners.

The auto-setting will rotate fan speed according to the air conditions so you’ll get a nicely automated experience.

The Levoit slots nicely into a bedroom too. Not only can you mute the LEDs so your sleep won’t be disturbed, this unit runs super-quiet, too. The decibel rating of 27 is comparable to the volume of rustling leaves so you can head to dreamland breathing sweet and clean air.

13. Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier with True HEPA (360 square feet)


Making a real statement in black-on-black, this Winix purifier is currently available at an aggressive discount.

The true HEPA filter gets rid of 99.97% of the tiniest particles that can play havoc with your allergies while the washable activate carbon medium means you won’t have any lingering odors from food either.

Rated by CADR for 360 square feet of coverage, this unit works well in mid-sized rooms.

Thanks to the smart sensors, you can relax as the fans are automatically optimized to work only as hard as they need to. Save on wear-and-tear as well as your power bills while always getting the job done.

All this is achieved with absolutely no ozone and, in line with all the best HEPA air purifiers, you’ll get whisper-quiet operation, too.

If you’re looking for a powerful purification solution without spending a fortune, we can’t recommend the Winix 5500-2 highly enough.

14. AeraMax 300 Air Purifier with True HEPA Filter (600 square feet)


The Fellowes AeraMax 300 has a true HEPA filter along with AeraSafe antimicrobial treatment and a carbon filter to give you 4-stage protection against all those airborne nasties.

Thanks to the onboard odor-eliminator, you can see off all those lingering smells whether from food, pets or cigarette smoke.

The last thing you want is a labor-intensive air purifier that has you constantly scuttling over to the device to manipulate settings.

Certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, this is ideal for anyone with sensitivities of any nature or an intolerance to smoke. The AeraSmart sensors make sure you won’t need to do that and purification is perfectly adjusted depending on the quality of the air.

Exceptional coverage extending fully 600 square feet makes this a wise bet if you’ve got a larger house to treat.

This unit runs only on 120 volts so make sure you’ve got the requisite power supply.

15. Alen BreatheSmart Air Purifier with HEPA Filter (1100 square feet)


Another model from Alen up next with the BreatheSmart capable of purifying across a staggering 1100 square feet every 30 minutes.

You’ll nee to dig a little deeper for this unit but in return you’ll get a purifier that hits extremely hard while looking impeccable into the bargain. Choose from a vast array of 14 colored panels so you can match the purifier to your existing décor.

Even when running at full tilt on Turbo, this purifier still runs more quietly than the vast bulk of the opposition. This is achieved thanks to WhisperMax technology on board. It’s these extra touches that make the elevated price tag seem like good value rather than extortion.

HEPA-Pure filtration gets rid of anything that drags down air quality in your home from pet dander and fine dust through to pollen and thicker debris.

If you’ve got a more flexible budget and you appreciate the very finest things in life, this Alen air purifier is one of the finest HEPA models in a crowded vertical.

16. Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover (465 square feet)


Honeywell is a name you can rely on when it comes to air purification and this true HEPA allergen remover proves that faith is well placed.

Suitable for areas as large as 465 square feet, you’ll get a trio of settings along with a dedicated Turbo mode when you really need your unit to get into overdrive.

Alongside all those microscopic contaminants, this purifier also dispatches VOCs, gases and any foul smells.

Despite such heavyweight performance, this is a reasonably compact appliance measuring up at just 20 ½ x 10 ½ x 22 1/8 inches so you won’t need too much room to accommodate.

Replacement filters are easy to maintain. You should switch the pre-filter every 3 months while the HEPA component needs annual replacement. You’ll be alerted to the need for filter changes with an indicator then the process is quick, easy and tool-free.

17. Levoit Air Purifier with True HEPA Filter (86 to 130 square feet)


This model from Levoit is a very small but surprisingly effective purifier ideal for popping into a bedroom or anywhere else with more limited space. Despite such slimline dimensions, coverage extends from 86 through 130 square feet giving you plenty of scope.

The triple-stage filtration includes a pre-filter, true HEPA filter and a carbon-activated to capture all allergens, pollutants and contaminants. Kicking out a mere 25 decibels, this purifier will keep your bedroom air spotless without causing you a sleepless night in the process.

The purification is entirely ozone-free so you’ll get great performance without any niggling concerns about safety.

Replacement filters are remarkably reasonably priced, too. Not only is the sticker-price decidedly pocket-friendly, you’ll save on running costs as well.

The 2-year warranty along with US-based customer care completes a winning package at a scarcely believable price.

18. PARTU Air Purifier HEPA Filter (160 square feet)


If you’re hunting for a cheap HEPA air purifier that won’t stiff you in terms of build quality or performance, PARTU delivers with this dinky unit.

The HEPA filter works on many levels. You’ll see off all those irritants left behind by any pets in the house along with all dust, allergies, smoke, dust and pollen thanks to 4-stage filtration.

If you choose to set this filter up in your bedroom, it operates extremely quietly and comes with an inbuilt kicker… You can also choose from 7 soothing night lights to send you blissfully toward sleep. This is easy to deactivate if you find the lights keep you awake rather than sending you to sleep.

You’ll be able to clean air in spaces u to 160 square feet while also getting rid of any nasty smells for total purification on a budget.

19. Bissell Air400 Air Purifier (400 square feet)


Another triple-stage HEPA air purifier, this time from vacuum specialist Bissell, the Air400 comes in at a reasonable price without compromising performance.

The Smart Cirqulate system adjusts airflow according to the quality of air while delivering feedback through the control panel.

The fan is large and powerful while the motor, also packing plenty of oomph, keeps the noise down and the pollutants in the air just as low.

Ideal for kitchen, living rooms, basements or kitchens, you’ll get the air in 400 square feet rooms cleaned 3 times each hour.

Filters should be replaced twice a year with an indicator letting you know when it’s time. This will vary depending on the amount of use and how hard the purifier needs to work.

Automated night mode cause lights on the unit to kick in and the color wheel also dims.

For an affordable, efficient and powerful air purifier from a brand you can trust, why not give this Bissell a shot?

20. Oransi OV200 Air Purifier (400 square feet)


Another larger unit up next with the Oransi purifying the air in spacious rooms up to 400 square feet.

The sleek and understated design also makes this purifier a sensible choice for bedrooms. You’ll get powerful purification without the noise that could menace your attempts to sleep.

From mold and spores to dust and pet dander, this HEPA filter makes light work of all contaminants it encounters making sure your allergies are not needlessly inflamed.

Installation couldn’t be easier and there’s no complex interface to navigate. This is plug-and-play purification at its finest and you’ll even get a remote control bundled. This gives you the convenience of a smart purifier without demanding any skills to operate it.

Oransi demonstrate clearly the confidence they place in this unit by offering a guarantee for a full 10 years. What reason remains not to give this purifier a try?

21. Oransi EJ120 HEPA Air Purifier with Carbon Filter (1300 to 1500 square feet)


Following up with another Oransi, the EJ120 is a much more powerful beast designed for spaces as large as 1500 square feet. While this unit fits neatly into residential applications, it can be also be used in a commercial backdrop whether a lab or an office.

The medical-grade filters used are the same kind you’ll find in hospitals and laboratories. This allows you to enjoy the very freshest of air in your home without needing to rely on an enormous and ugly appliance. Measuring up at 13 x 23 x 7 inches, the Oransi is compact enough for most living rooms.

The Merv 17 HEPA filter along with carbon and potassium permanganate serves up a natural but remarkably powerful counterpoint to the airborne pathogens that can spoil your indoor air quality.

With a fantastic airflow to noise ratio, the Oransi is an example of German precision-engineering at its finest. It’s not cheap but the best things in life seldom are.

22. Sharp FPA80UW Plasmacluster Ion Air Purifier with True HEPA Air Purifier (454 square feet)


Another electronics giant comes good with the Plasmacluster from Sharp making quite a statement. This model is the largest in the range and can clean air in spaces up to 454 square feet.

4 fan speeds allow the appliance to run optimally whatever the quality of air.

Dual-stage filtration included a true HEPA medium so you know fully 99.97% of all allergens and contaminants are trapped leaving you to breathe in nothing but the very cleanest air. Performance is so powerful you can even suck the smells from fabric, drapery and furniture.

Although you’ll get an impressive level of performance, the Sharp kicks out remarkably little noise to achieve this.

23. IQAir Medical-Grade Air Purifier (1125 square feet)


The Swiss-made IQAir is a real giant capable of cleaning air in massive spaces to 1125 square feet.

Marketed as a HyperHEPA filter, this is little but marketing speak. You will get the expected performance from a true HEPA medium, though. With 99.97% of pollutants dealt with, your air will be as clean as any purifier can get it.

The activated carbon element of the media is made from high-grade bituminous coal and alumina pellets studded with potassium permanganate all come together to provide truly exceptional purification.

Ultrafine particles make up around 90% of all airborne contaminants and the HyperHEPA filters make sure none of those are left untreated.

The filter cartridges are cylindrical for maximum efficiency and disposable so you won’t need to fuss over cleaning.

24. Rowenta Air Purifier (240 square feet)


As we edge to the close of our best HEPA air purifier reviews, the Rowenta is a smaller model designed to clean the air in spaces to 240 square feet.

4 filtration levels are all self-monitoring and self-adjusting so you’ll get a user-friendly experience without needing to fret about performance.

There’s an integrated sleep timer and you can also delay the purifier kicking in by up to 8 hours. This layer of programmability is not available in most of the more basic purifiers glutting the market.

The low-volume operation renders this purifier eminently suitable for bedroom use without preventing you from sleeping.

Packing certification from both Energy Star and AHAM, you’re in safe hands.

25. Austin Air Healthmate Air Purifier (1500 square feet)


Last but not least in our quest for the best HEPA-rated air purifier, the Austin Air Healthmate is robust enough to deal with air in spaces up to 1500 square feet in area.

4-stage filtration covers you against all the usual suspects floating around in the air. It works on these levels as follows:

  • Stage 1: The pre-filter deals with all larger particles visible to the naked eye
  • Stage 2: A medium pre-filter captures spores, mold and pollen
  • Stage 3: Chemicals, gases and noxious odors are removed at this stage
  • Stage 4: The HEPA filter kicks in to trap the tiniest particles down to a size of 0.3 microns

The housing is made from welded steel which is powder-coated for aesthetics but also to eliminate out-gassing.

For a cost-effective and incredibly efficient approach to air purification, we can’t recommend this unit strongly enough.


With that enormous selection of reviews put to bed, we’ll round out with some helpful guidance to illustrate why HEPA air purifiers play such a valuable role in improving indoor air quality.

II. Advanced Points of HEPA Air Purifiers

Before we look at the way HEPA air purifiers can help you if you suffer from allergies or asthma, how do they work?

How HEPA Filtration Works

HEPA-rated filtration is a physical process.

A fan sucks in particles suspended in air at extreme velocity. The filter medium is thick and comes with multiple layers. The cumulative effect is to allow nothing but air to pass through with the remainder of even the smallest particles being trapped in the filter medium.

These particles are trapped in 3 ways:

  • Impaction: All particles sized over 0.5 microns are caught directly into the fibers of the filter. They fly in at great speed and are simply unable to change direction in time to avoid impact
  • Interception: Slightly smaller particles try their best to shimmy around the filter but this is ineffective. As soon as they touch the fibers, they’re trapped just as if it were a spider’s web
  • Diffusion: Bounced around and slowed down, the smallest airborne particles are finally also trapped

So that’s the science laid bare and explained in plain English.

HEPA filters are remarkably efficient, then, but what makes them so great if you’re suffering from allergies or asthma?

Benefits of HEPA Filter Air Purifier for Allergies and Asthma

Before anything, what are allergies and asthma?

  • Allergies: Common sensitivities in your immune system are known as allergies. Hay fever is one of the most frequently experienced allergies and, like all of these annoying complaints, can’t be cured. This is why it’s important to do what you can to reduce inflammation
  • Asthma: A breathing disorder triggered by contaminants, dust, pollen, smoke and chemicals, this can be genetic or acquired later in life. Symptoms included uncontrollable wheezing, coughing along with a disconcerting loss of breath and dizziness. Airways to the lungs end up constricted and inflamed

With more than 50 million US citizens experiencing allergies according to AAFA (Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America), any way to fight back is useful and this is where HEPA-rated air purifiers can step neatly in.

Bear in mind that allergies have no cure so all you’ve got to rely on is prevention. Since the bulk of triggers are from airborne particles too minute to be detected by the naked eye, fighting back can seem a hopeless task. With a HEPA air purifier, though, you won’t need to do any hard work at all. Simply set your system up and the automated settings will ensure the highly efficient filters minimize any chance of an attack of asthma or an outbreak of your allergies.

While it can be an extremely effective method, allergies and asthma are also inflamed by other factors so you should not consider an air purifier a miracle cure. There is no cure. What it will do is keep those annoying bouts of inflammation down to a complete minimum.

We’ll round out for today with a collection of some of the most frequently asked questions concerning HEPA air purifiers…

III. HEPA Air Purifier FAQs

1) What is a true HEPA filter?

Of all filtration, true HEPA is the best. To achieve this status, the filter must be rigorously tested to remove 99.97% of all particles to a size of 0.3 microns. This is the smallest size particle that can penetrate your lungs.

2) What is a HyperHEPA filter?

IQAir invented this term so it’s not something you’ll see across all manufacturers. Using nanofibers, this filter can trap particles as small as 0.003 microns, tinier than you can imagine!

3) What is a BioGS HEPA filter?

One of the drawbacks of a regular HEPA filter is the way dust and other allergens are trapped on the surface of the filter medium where they can cause bacteria to grow and unpleasant smells to proliferate. BioGS HEPA filters have the ability to disintegrate these allergens so you’ll experience none of the side effects. Not only this, by operating at maximum, unclogged efficiency, the lifespan of these specialized filters is dramatically improved.

4) What is a CADR rating and what does it mean?

You’ll see air purifiers rated on the CADR scale. This is an abbreviation of Clean Air Delivery Rate. The CADR rating expresses the amount of particle-free, clean air that’s delivered into your room post-purification.

5) What does ACH mean?

ACH stands for air change per hour. This relates to how many times the purifier can clean all the air in a room in each hour. If you’re an asthma sufferer or have any kind of allergy, you should look for an air purifier capable of at least 4 air changes hourly. This means the whole room will be swept and cleaned every 15 minutes.

IV. Conclusion

Well, there’s no excuse after today not to find yourself the best HEPA air purifier the easy way.

Regardless of the size of your living space, you can pick an appropriate purifier that will see off all those contaminants with the minimum of noise and fanfare.

You should check those CADR and ACH ratings closely so you can get the precise type of purification that fits best with your needs. These will be different if you or anyone in your family suffers from asthma or allergies so take the above advice on board when making your buying decision.

Dimensions also play a crucial role since you’ll want to make sure the unit you have in mind fits into the intended space without dominating or overcrowding the room. To this end we’ve served up air purifiers across a whole range of sizes.

Don’t forget to bookmark The Prince LA for all your home and garden needs. We update our content several times a week bringing you the results of our ongoing testing of a variety of products designed to make your life better and easier.

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