Best Indoor Firewood Rack: Review of 5 Options for 2021

You know the mantra: a place for everything and everything in its place. Like everything else in your house, your firewood needs its own storage spot. A simple, practical rack in your house can help keep your firewood organized and the surrounding area clutter-free. 

Firewood should be stored in a dry and breezy area in your house so that it’s safe from environmental factors like moisture as well as pests. In this review, we go over today’s best indoor firewood rack options. 

Table of Contents

1. Quick Guide

2. FAQs

3. Product Reviews

4. Final Word

Quick Guide

Best Budget: Ucared Firewood Log Rack

"I took a chance on this one for three reasons: style, size and price. This turned out to be exactly what I was looking for. It holds 4-5 bundles of wood and it is very compact and sturdy."

Best for Large Spaces: Phi Villa Heavy Duty Firewood Rack

"Exactly what we wanted. I had it assembled and in place within minutes with no help from my husband. This came with a canvas type tote for bringing in wood from outside which is handy."

Best for Small Places: Patio Watcher Firewood Rack

"This rack is very compact in size, and fits nicely on the side of my fireplace, and it looks good there. It holds enough wood to use for about four fires."

Best Splurge: WGX Decorative Firewood Storage Rack

"This indoor rack was delivered promptly, easy to assemble, delivered with all required hardware and fits perfectly in the space adjacent to my fireplace. No doubt I will have several days of firewood handy."

Best Overall: Amagabeli Fireplace Log Rack with Tools

"I really was SO pleasantly surprised at the quality of this product! First, it was super easy to assemble. It is not flimsy, it has weight to it and is EXTREMELY sturdy."

FAQs About Finding the Best Indoor Firewood Rack

Before settling on the right rack for you, we have to get a few basics out of the way so that you make the right choice based on your requirements. 

Question: How should I store my firewood?

Answer: The reason why you should really invest in a rack for storing your firewood is that leaving it outside risks damaging it. Leaving it indoors on the floor can leave it open to damage from pests: think spiders, mites, and termites, oh my! Buying a rack ensures that your firewood stays elevated and dry, where it can get proper airflow. 

Question: What’s the big deal with dry firewood?

Answer: Dry firewood gives you the cleanest fires. If you dump wet firewood into your fireplace, you may face problems like a flame that struggles to stay lit, a lot of smoke, and residue buildup on the chimney that can be difficult and expensive to clean up.  

Question: What do I need to know before I buy a firewood rack?

Answer: The first thing you need to keep in mind is the amount of storage you need. You also need to ensure that your choice of rack is sturdy and can hold the weight of the firewood. 

Besides sturdiness, since you're looking for an indoor rack, you need to check the dimensions carefully. Once assembled, your firewood rack is not just a place for storage but also for display. This means that you should give some thought to how it fits in with your overall decor. 

The material and coating of the rack is also important. A proper metal or steel rack with powder coating can last you for a long time if you do the proper research before buying it. 

Question: Can I use my firewood rack outdoors?

Answer: Yes, but only if you live in a dry area where there’s not much rainfall or humidity. If that’s the case, you can install any of the rack options mentioned on this list outside your house as well; for example, on the patio. 

1. Ucared Firewood Log Rack

With a steel construction, this firewood rack from Ucared comes in a black color and a simple design that is meant specifically for carrying wooden logs. There aren’t a ton of parts, so the design isn’t too complicated. Importantly, the bottom layer is elevated to ensure that the wood is kept dry. 

This rack doesn’t come fully assembled. However, since it only has four parts, using your own tools to assemble it yourself is a breeze. The rack can be used both indoors and outdoors if you live in an area that doesn’t get too much rain. 

A possible downside is that it might be slightly lopsided when there is no wood stacked on it. According to a verified Amazon customer, "I ended up keeping this because it evened out with the weight of the wood, but it was really lopsided when first assembled."


  • Brand: Ucared
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Steel
  • Item weight: 10.98 pounds
  • Package dimensions: 25.5 x 14 x 4.5 inches 


  • The product is easy to assemble and set up in your house
  • Sturdy steel construction ensures durability
  • Elevated to ensure that logs stay dry 


  • Some reviewers claim that the rack might be lopsided when its empty
  • Logs that are smaller than the width of the two bars might not fit properly, but this can be easily solved by stacking them on top

Unlike the product from Ucared, this indoor firewood rack from Phi Villa comes in an alloy steel construction that ensures that it does not fall prey to rust or other environmental factors, giving it more durability. It’s also powder coated. 

Some assembly is required with this rack, as well, since it has multiple parts. The steel tubes are quite thick, ensuring that it can sustain a large amount of wood. The material is claimed to resist corrosion for more than 5 years. 

The bottom of the rack comes in a curved design that makes it perfect for storing, drying, or displaying firewood. It also has an extra spot on top to store smaller and lighter pieces. An Amazon user has observed, "Seems sturdy, looks nice. The kindling holder is a bit too small."


  • Brand: Phi Villa
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Item weight: 20.03 pounds
  • Package dimensions: 33 x 13 x 30 inches 


  • The curved bottom edge of the rack makes it ideal for drying and storing firewood
  • Kindling holder on the side is a convenient extra
  • Large metal tubes and powder coated steel alloy construction for maximum durability 


  • Kindling holder can be a bit small according to some reviews
  • The holder stands out from the rest of the rack, taking up more space

While the above options come in a single holder design, this product from Patio Watcher has two separate sections in the rack that can let you store your firewood more efficiently. 

The racks also come with durable cross beams that make them perfect to store even smaller pieces of wood. Heavy duty steel is used for construction, along with a powder coating that enhances its durability. 

Another reason this rack is great is that there are hooks included on the sides from which you can hang tool sets like tongs and pokers. Easy access with industrial flare. There’s also a small shelf at the bottom that can be used to store kindling. 

The size might run a bit smaller than expected. According to a verified Amazon customer, "I did know the size when I ordered, but I feel like this stand is even smaller in person. However, it holds all of the kindling and small branches."


  • Brand: Patio Watcher
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Steel
  • Item weight: 21.5 pounds
  • Package dimensions: 32 x 13.3 x 3.8 inches 


  • The rack has two distinct spaces for holding a higher quantity of firewood for more organized storage
  • Hooks present on the rack offer options to hang up tools for firewood
  • Small shelf at the bottom can be used for storing kindling, separate from the larger logs


  • Size of the rack might be slightly smaller than expected, according to reviews
  • The line grippers are not very strong

If you store a lot of firewood in your house and you need something larger than the options mentioned above, this product from WGX might be exactly what you’re looking for. At 2 feet high, the rack has a closed rectangle design from all four sides so that your logs fit conveniently. 

To ensure that the height of the rack doesn’t result in falling logs, there are three beams on both sides of the rack to keep them in place. This also gives the rack a sturdy design when it’s kept on the floor by the weight of the logs. 

Some reviewers have expressed concern over the price of the rack as compared to other options on this list. According to a verified Amazon customer, "OK quality, but I think its kinda pricey for what you get."


  • Brand: WGX
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Steel
  • Item weight: 20.7 pounds
  • Package dimensions: 40.39 x 25.12 x 2.72 inches 


  • 2 feet height of the rack provides more storage
  • Triple reinforcement on both sides provides a sturdy nature on the floor
  • Easy to assemble right out of the box, reviewers claim that it can be finished under 10 minutes 


  • Not the cheapest option on the list
  • The steel colored screws on the sides don’t look that great, and several customers say that they chose to paint over them

If you're the DIY type who regularly uses firewood to light fires in your house and wants the full experience when it comes to storage and tools, this product from Amagabeli not only gives you the option to store your firewood, but also comes with handy tools. 

These useful extras include tongs, a poker, a broom, and a shovel that come with their own hooks. Max efficiency for everything you need.

To improve the aesthetic appeal of the rack, the bars on either side curve out in a graceful U-shape. There are curved bars towards the top of the rack to store your logs, and a wrought iron shelf on the bottom that can be used to store kindling and smaller pieces of wood. 

While tools are included in the package, some customers have found that some of them are flimsy and poorly constructed. According to a verified Amazon user, "The broom could use some more care to how it is made, but it does its job just fine."


  • Brand: Amagabeli
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Wrought Iron
  • Item weight: 28.8 pounds
  • Package dimensions: 36 x 10 x 10 inches 


  • Sturdy construction and pleasant design for better looks
  • Included tools along with their own hooks and hangers for a more convenient experience
  • Separate shelves for firewood and kindling and other smaller pieces of wood 


  • Some reviewers have suggested that the broom quality can be a bit flimsy
  • The shovel is not too big and might not efficiently for larger fireplaces

Final Word

If you have a fireplace in your home, chances are that you regularly use it for warmth (if you don't have a fireplace yet but have always dreamed of cozying up by your own fire, check out this video on how to build a fireplace fire). This also means that you need something to store all that firewood in your house so that it doesn’t clutter your space or risk damage from pests and moisture.

In this article, reviewed the best options available today and outlined the 5 best indoor firewood rack options you can buy. If you're interested in similar topics, go ahead and check out our other articles and guides!

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