Instant coffee is undoubtedly the fastest way to get a cup of Joe. Just add your desired amount to a mug of hot water and stir. There’s no messing with filters or machines, just your tea kettle, a mug and the instant coffee. Depending on where you live, instant coffee may not be popular enough to give you a good selection in your local store, but luckily there are plenty of good options online. Prices on instant coffee can vary greatly, just like with any other type of coffee.

It’s also worth a mention that single-serve machines like Keurig are just as fast as instant coffee, but of course you do have to buy specialized equipment.

One thing to remember is that instant coffee can be just as lowbrow or just as gourmet as any other kind of coffee. It depends on the beans used, the roast and the quality of processing, again, just like other types of coffee. So what is the best instant coffee? That naturally varies by taste, but here are 10 reviews of some different varieties of instant coffee that might become your best instant coffee.

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Top 10 Best Instant Coffee Of 2018 Reviews

The following reviews cover several categories of instant coffee, including instant espresso, coffee chew, Ganoderma coffee, sweetened and flavored coffee and just regular black coffee. As you can see, there are plenty of different ways to get coffee in an instant. All of these instant coffee products are also highly rated on Amazon.

#1 Starbucks VIA Ready Brew Italian Roast Coffee

Starbucks VIA Ready Brew Italian Roast Coffee

Starbucks VIA is undoubtedly one of the top sources of instant coffee out there, with many reviews comparing it favorably to other methods of making coffee. This Italian Roast is made from ethically sourced, 100 percent Arabica coffee and roasted in a bold, robust style. It has a rich, full taste and aroma that is amazingly similar to Starbucks original Italian Roast coffee made through a drip machine. One important thing to know about the VIA line is that it is not freeze or spray-dried coffee, but very finely ground coffee, which may be part of why it tastes closer to drip coffee.

#2 SToK Caffeinated Black Coffee Shots

SToK Caffeinated Black Coffee Shots

These are a unique idea that stores intense, concentrated coffee in a creamer-like package. The caffeine level is equal to that of a shot of espresso and the recommended use is to drop it in your cup of coffee for a burst of intensity and extra caffeine. You could also use it like an espresso and mix it with hot water for an Americano. Think of it as instant coffee liquid. It’s a good choice for those who like coffee, but also like the extra buzz of energy drinks.

#3 Maxwell House International Coffee Sugar Free Suisse Mocha Cafe

Maxwell House International Coffee Sugar Free Suisse Mocha Cafe

The International Coffee House line of instant coffee has been around for a long time and it’s known for its sweet, rich flavors of coffee modeled on exotic espresso drinks. For those who like their coffee with plenty of sweet flavor, this is probably the coffee for you. You can not only mix it into hot water, but also to hot or cold milk for an even richer experience. It’s available in both decaf and caffeinated forms.

#4 Nescafe Dolce Gusto for Nescafe Dolce Gusto Brewers, Cafe Americano

Nescafe Dolce Gusto for Nescafe Dolce Gusto Brewers, Cafe Americano

These are coffee pods for Nescafe’s Dolce Gusto brewing system that replicates popular espresso drinks in a nearly instant fashion compared to making them yourself on an espresso machine. The selling point here is that you can get quick espresso-style drinks from a no-mess, no-fuss machine, similar to the Keurig brewer system for drip coffee. The Dolce Gusto is a house blend Americano style made from light to medium-roast coffee. Good for those who prefer milder espresso.

#5 Organo Gold Gourmet Cafe Noir, Black Coffee

Organo Gold Gourmet Cafe Noir, Black Coffee

This is an instant coffee line made with Ganoderma Lucidum extract, which is a mushroom originally from China that has been known to have various positive health benefits. One of these benefits is increasing alertness so blending it with coffee seems like a natural fit. Ganoderma has a natural earthy flavor so it blends well with robust black coffee such as this. Some with sensitivity to coffee or caffeine may find that the Ganoderma blend agrees with them better.

#6 Organo Gold Ganoderma Coffee

Organo Gold Ganoderma Coffee

Organo Gold is the regular version of the Ganoderma coffee offered by this brand. It has a smooth, rich taste and many reviewers tout it as a good alternative if regular coffee gives you stomach problems. The bold, full-flavored taste is comparable to regular brewed coffee.

#7 Marley Coffee Light Roast Singles

Marley Coffee Light Roast Singles

These Marley Coffee capsules are made for use in the Keurig brewing system, which brews a quick cup of coffee in less time than it takes to heat up a tea kettle. These coffee pods are a light roast, but feature rich chocolate notes and a hint of red chili pepper. The brand also touts 100 percent Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee and economical cups that are easier to recycle than the regular K-cups.

#8 Caffe DVita Mocha Cappuccino Hot or Cold

Caffe DVita Mocha Cappuccino Hot or Cold

This is an instant cappuccino product that has been around since 1974. It’s an instant coffee powder that can be used iced, hot or blended. This has a mocha flavor so it is very chocolaty and rich.

#9 Hills Bros Cappuccino Sugar Free Vanilla

Hills Bros Cappuccino Sugar Free Vanilla

This is another instant cappuccino style mix, but this time with a sugar-free vanilla flavoring. The sweetener is Splenda and it has a rich, creamy vanilla flavor that is hardly recognizable as sugar-free. Another use for this product is as a sweetener and creamer in one, so you can add it to your coffee instead of sugar and milk or cream.

#10 Cowboy Coffee Chew

Cowboy Coffee Chew

This is an interesting product that might appeal to coffee drinkers and those trying to quite smokeless tobacco alike. It is completely tobacco free and safe to eat and swallow. It’s made from real coffee, as well as cream and honey. Its main properties are to give you a caffeine buzz, as well as suppress your appetite and curb hunger. Each tin is equal to about three cups of coffee.

Best of the Best Instant Coffee 2018

Best Of The Best

So what’s the best tasting instant coffee for 2018?

Of course, the best type of instant coffee to you will likely depend on what you’re looking for in an instant. Looking through multiple reviews, most people comparing instant coffee to brewed coffee chose Starbucks VIA coffees as the closest in taste and aroma.

However, not everyone wants a drip coffee taste and some also prefer flavorings and some type of creamer added. Fortunately, the highly-rated coffees listed here and the best-seller list should provide something for everyone.



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