The Best Keurig Coffee Makers


Keurig is a stellar brand responsible for bringing the single serve coffee maker to market and popularizing this convenient push-button brewing method. With pod sales accounting for billions of dollars in sales, Keurig might be a one-trick pony but it’s incredibly successful nevertheless.

Today, we’ll look at 9 of the best Keurig coffee makers so you can examine a broad swathe of the impressive range at a glance. We’ve tried to select machine for every taste and budget so read on to simplify your buying decision if you’re thinking of going Keurig.

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If you’re stuck for choice with what coffee pods to use, we’ll also explore 10 of the finest capsules at your disposal.

We’ll get straight down to it now with the 9 best Keurig coffee makers so you can get the right machine fuss-free.

I. Top 9 Best Keurig Coffee Maker Reviews

1) Our #1 Pick: Keurig K-Elite – The Best Keurig Coffee Maker


For a single serve coffee machine that gives you a great deal of scope to customize your coffee, the K-Elite is our #1 pick from Keurig’s impressive range. Whether you want your coffee long or short, strong or weak, hot or cold, you’ll be spoiled for choice with this single serve beauty. Get each day started with piping hot coffee in less time than you’d take to boil a kettle.

If you like the idea of a convenient single serve coffee machine but you’d like a little more control over the brewing process than most of these units allow, the Keurig K-Elite (also known as the K-40) might be just what you’ve been waiting for.

The revamped K-Elite has a new matt metallic finish along with much more flexibility when it comes to choosing your drinks…

With a bulky water reservoir good for up to 8 large coffees, you won’t be constantly scurrying for a refill. You’ve got 5 choices of size from a dinky 4oz shot through to a longer 12oz coffee.

By slipping out the removable drip tray, you’ll even be able to slot in a much taller travel mug if you can’t get enough of coffee on the go. You can see the water level clearly from the side and back. Blue LED backlighting is a lovely extra. You can remove and clean the reservoir with ease but you’re better not popping it in the dishwasher.

The control panel is a cinch to navigate. You’ll be able to fine-tune the temperature in the range of 187 to 192 degrees. You can also adjust auto off/on in 15-minute chunks. A sun icon indicates the auto-on feature is activated while a moon shows auto-off is enabled.

Beyond this, you can also hit Bold if you want a stronger caffeine fix or opt for a mouth-watering iced coffee at the press of a button. The K-Elite gives you much more scope to personalize your drinks than the majority of single serve machines and this is one of its key selling points.

If all this choice of drink is still not enough, the dedicated hot water function gives you the option of racking up some herbal tea or a relaxing hot chocolate if you have the jitters from too much coffee.

With none of the galling bar-code limitations of the 2.0-generation of Keurigs, you’ll be able to use just about any K-Cup pod maximizing your choice and allowing you to save money over time.

You’ll get everything you need to get going directly out the box with a starter pack of 6 K-Cup pods, a water filter and your sleek single serve machine.

If you want an updated version of a classic coffee machine with maximum versatility, the Keurig K-Elite is tough to beat.


  • Generous Capacity: 75oz water tank lets you make up to 8 large cups of coffee before needing to refill
  • Tweak Brew Sizes: Choose from 5 brew sizes (4oz, 6oz, 8oz, 10oz, 12oz) and travel mugs up to 7 inches high if drip tray removed
  • Unrestricted Choice of Pods: No DRM pod restrictions so use any type of K-Cup pod for a less limited experience
  • Iced Coffee Available: Switch to a delicious iced drink in the summer months at the push of a button
  • Hot Water on Demand: Separate hot water on tap lets you expand beyond coffee to tea, hot chocolate and other infusions


  • Some Access Issues: Accessing the control panel can be awkward if you store your Keurig in a cabinet

2) Runner-Up: Keurig K55/K-Classic Coffee Maker


Grabbing our runner-up spot in the best Keurig coffee makers is the legendary K-55. This classic single serve machine is ideal if you’re not much of a tech-lover and you’re happy with a standard coffee without too much by the way of customization. If you want top-notch coffee in a matter of minutes at a very affordable price point, you can’t go wrong with the K-55.

Keurig’s timeless K-55 should need no introduction. Since coming out the blocks with the very first single serve coffee machine, Keurig continue to innovate and bring you the very best that home-based coffee makers have to offer.

The K-55 is functional design-wise without being likely to steal any awards. There’s too much plastic to achieve a premium look but if you like your appliances simple and stripped-down, the Keurig carries this off. Sadly, this preponderance of plastic components means the K-55 is rather less rugged than many machines with more metal.

Aside from being limited to 110/120V, this is the only real gripe with this nifty little single serve machine so what does it do well?

Speed and convenience are the driving reasons for most people purchasing a single serve machine. While you’ll enjoy less control over the brewing process, you get coffee incredibly swiftly with the

minimum of fanfare. After the initial 4-5 minutes required to heat up your water, you’ll be sipping coffee in well under a minute which is tough to beat.

In terms of pods, you’ll get none of the bar code shenanigans locking you in to proprietary pods. You’re good to go with just about any K-Cup pod and you’ll get a pack of 6 thrown in to get you started.

There’s not much latitude when it comes to customizing your drink. Choose from 3 brew sizes and that’s about it. The main freedom of choice comes in the pods you can choose with hundreds of styles from almost 100 manufacturers meaning you’ll never get bored.

Cleaning and maintenance couldn’t be much more straightforward and, despite the glut of plastic, if you look after your Keurig K-55, you should get years of gourmet coffee at home without bankrupting yourself. Considering the ultra-affordable price tag, the Keurig K-55 shows no signs of dipping in popularity so pop one on your shortlist!


  • Versatility of Drink Sizes: If you have a larger family and everyone wants different sized drinks, you can use 6oz, 8oz or 10oz cups with the K-55. If you’re a fan of super-strong coffee, the 6oz brew gives you most kick
  • Super-Swift Brew Times: When you first fire up your K-55, it takes just under 5 minutes for the water to heat. Subsequent bursts of reheating are turbocharged at 15 seconds with brewing time and impressive 30 seconds. Get your coffee in a flash without sacrificing quality
  • Solid Capacity: While the 48oz water tank is smaller than that found on many similar machines, you’ll till get 5 regular coffees on a single fill which should be enough for the whole family
  • Simple Cleaning and Maintenance: Cleaning coffee machines can be a real grind but the K-55 is low maintenance. All components can be removed and cleaned every couple weeks. All you need to do is hand wash the parts with some light detergent then hand dry them and replace. Descaling is integrated
  • Onboard Filter Included: Great coffee starts with the best water. The filter and holder included with your K-55 let you cut through more than 75% of the chlorine and impurities that mar most tap water


  • Runs on 110/120V Only: If you live somewhere with 220V electricity supply, you’ll need to buy a transformer to run your K-55. Make sure you’re aware of this in advance to avoid a nasty surprise when unboxing
  • Questionable Durability: Keurig’s heavy reliance on plastic means the K-55 is not as solid as you might like. As long as you don’t intend to press it into action in a coffee shop, you should still get plenty of service from your machine, though

3) Keurig K-Duo


If you’re not sure whether you can go without freshly ground brewed coffee in pursuit of single-serve convenience, you don’t need to. The tremendous Keurig K-Duo allows you to use K-Cup pods when you want speed and convenience. If you want more coffee, rack up a whole carafe using the other side of the K-Duo and the glass carafe bundled.

Do you like the idea of coming downstairs in the morning to freshly brewed coffee waiting for you? Or returning from work to a steaming carafe? Make that happen with this fully programmable gem.

While single-serve coffee is convenient, the cost of those pods mounts, especially if you get through a lot of coffee each day. Offset that by investing in the permanent gold filter then you can save on disposable filters and make further savings by buying fresh coffee in bulk.

On the single-serve side, you’ll get push-button ease and the ability to enjoy an even more intense brew by hitting Strong.

If you’re making a carafe, you can tweak the brew size to suit. As with all freshly brewed coffee, we’d recommend grinding your beans directly before brewing.

Build quality is surprisingly robust despite the somewhat flimsy aesthetic. As long as you perform simple, basic maintenance, you should get years of faithful service from your K-Duo.


  • Versatility: Get single-serve convenience on one side of the machine or use freshly ground coffee on the other
  • Programmability: Program the K-Duo through 24 hours for fresh coffee on demand
  • Capacity: 60oz water tank minimizes the need for refilling
  • Choice of Brew Sizes: Brew 6, 8, 10, or 12 cups in the carafe
  • Optional Reusable Filter: Slash ongoing expenses by investing in the optional permanent filter


  • Design: There’s a little too much plastic on display for our liking and the overall effect looks slightly fragile

4) Keurig K-Mini


With the K-Mini, Keurig proves conclusively that great things can come in small packages. Super-slim and compact, this machine measures less than 5 inches across. Whether you need this coffee machine for a small apartment or a dorm room, it works wonderfully anywhere space is too tight to mention.

You won’t need to sacrifice your favorite travel mug and you’ll still be free to use tall recipe glasses, too. This is a nice bonus considering the overall footprint.

If you tire of single-serve coffee and you want to broaden your menu by incorporating ground coffee, pick up the reusable filter available separately and you can do just that.

Brew a range of cup sizes from 6oz through 12oz giving you plenty of variety every step of the way.

Build quality is more than acceptable considering the price point and the design looks quite striking because of the diminutive size.

Available in 4 colorways, you should easily find a K-Mini to gel with your décor. Invest in this supple little single-serve and you’ll be enjoying gourmet coffee at the push of a button.


  • Compact Footprint: Tiny overall footprint makes the K-Mini ideal for kitchens with limited space
  • Accommodates Taller Glasses: Despite those slimline dimensions, you can slide in taller recipe glasses or travel mugs thanks to removable drip tray
  • Auto Shut-Off: Powers down automatically after 90 seconds for a safe and energy-efficient bundle
  • Price/Performance Ratio: You’ll get powerful and capable performance even though this machine is priced firmly in budget territory
  • Ease of Use: The K-Mini is a cinch to operate for all levels of experience


  • Pre-Facelift Model: While this model is still more than fit for purpose, you can also find a facelifted model

5) Keurig K-575 – Keurig 2.0 Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker


Stepping up the Keurig range slightly in terms of price, the K-575 is a more robust and versatile single serve machine offering you more flexibility across the board than the entry-level K-55.

With a water filter thrown in and a substantial 80oz tank, you’ll be able to rattle off enough coffee for the whole family without scurrying for a refill. In terms of the water temperature, you’ll be able to flick through 5 settings until you settle on the one you love.

This is a 2.0-generation Keurig you’ll be restricted to using K-Cup pods with a specific barcode. If you don’t fancy trying to bypass this, consider investing in a reusable filter so you can press your favorite pre-ground coffee into commission.

With hot water on demand, you’ll also be able to enjoy a range of infusions, herbal tea or a relaxing hot chocolate as you ease toward bed.

With a simple but effective touch screen, you’ll be able to program your Keurig to splutter into life at a designated time. If you’re always rushing around in the morning, this is a valuable touch.

If you set aside the fact the coffee comes out slightly weak for some likings and the limitations concerning capsules, there’s little else to knock about this powerhouse single serve coffee machine.

Check out the Keurig K-575 if you prize speed and convenience over controlling the brewing process. This compact unit delivers in fine style.


  • Super-Swift Brewing: When you first fire up your K-575, the water needs to preheat meaning you’ll have to wait 2-3 minutes. Once running, you’ll have coffee in your cup in
  • Huge Water Reservoir: With a hulking 80oz water tank, you’ll be able to make 10 decent coffees before you need to refill. The tank is removable for easy cleaning and refilling while it also boasts a blue backlight
  • Adjustable Water Temperature: With 5 separate water temperature settings, you can dial in your drink to taste whether you prefer your coffee lukewarm or piping hot
  • Fully Programmable: You can use the intuitive touch screen to command your Keurig to power up at a pre-set time shaving minutes off your morning routine even if you want a large carafe brewed up
  • Fantastic Choice of Coffee: As well as the full spread of hundreds of K-Cup pods, you can also use a My K-Cup reusable filter if you want to stretch your budget further. With hot water on demand, you can extend your drinks menu to tea or hot chocolate if you tire of coffee


  • Coffee Not Strong Enough For Some: While fairly subjective, if you insist on super-strong coffee, Keurig in general does not make the best choice. While not bland or insipid, these machines tend to kick out coffee that’s slightly on the weaker side
  • Limited to Using K-Cup Pods: You need to consider in advance the ongoing cost of K-Cup pods based on the amount of coffee you drink. It’s possible to use a filter but that flies in the face of buying a single serve machine in the first place

6) Keurig K-250 K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker with Strength Control


Pitched somewhere between the K-55 and the K-450, the affordable K-250 is a compact single serve machine that punches above its weight.

While it comes with a great deal of plastic, that’s no more than you’d expect at this price point and you’ll still be rewarded with that classic Keurig aesthetic. Very slim and lightweight, this machine works well even if you live in a small apartment without too much counter space in the kitchen.

As with all Keurig 2.0 machines, you’ll be tied in to K-Cup pods licensed by Keurig. If you find this tiresome, you’re probably better off avoiding this type of machine completely.

Hot water on demand allows you to expand your repertoire but let’s face it, you don’t buy a single serve coffee maker to perform the job of a kettle.

Assuming you’re OK with the pod situation, you can enjoy a vast array of drink sizes whether you want a short or long coffee. If you want to use a carafe, the K-250 allows you to do so but you will need to buy the carafe separately which is slightly tiresome. That said, given the extremely low price, you can’t expect too much by the way of accessories and extras.

Cleaning can be off-putting with some coffee machines but Keurig has made sure you need to do little besides occasionally cleaning the detachable components and periodically descaling. Take care of these basics and you should get at least 18 months to 2 years of solid use from your K-250 before any real chance of problems developing.

For an ultra-compact machine with very robust performance, the K-250 makes a smart bet.


  • Slimline Dimensions: While the K-250 occupies a very small footprint and is great for even cramped kitchens, you’ll still get a respectable 40oz water tank
  • Multiple Brew Sizes For Total Versatility: Opt for cups from 4oz through 10oz or choose from 3 carafe sizes so everyone in the family gets the right size
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain: As with all Keurigs, cleaning and maintenance require minimal effort. The handy descaling function makes sure everything keeps running smoothly
  • Strength Control: If you fancy a stronger shot, you can adjust the strength settings to taste
  • Touch Screen Programmability: With an intuitive touch screen ideal even if you loathe technology, you can program your K-250 then enjoy your coffee in as little as 60 seconds


  • Carafe Not Included: Although not a deal-breaker, it’s annoying to need to buy a carafe separately
  • Cannot Change Default Brew Size: This is a minor niggle but one worth flagging. Each pod type comes with a default you cannot change
  • Not Possible To Empty Water Tank: Think about this if you only use your coffee machine occasionally. The last thing you need is a tank of stagnant water in your kitchen and this is a serious design flaw

7) Keurig K-Select K Coffee Maker


The Keurig K-Select, also know as the K-80, is one of the many new single serve machines Keurig continues to develop. Each successive iteration seems to herald small but welcome changes and demonstrates that Keurig will not rest on their laurels.

Speed is one of the most important elements with single serve coffee machines and, according to Keurig, you’ll get coffee in less than a minute. This holds true once the machine is up and running but when you first power up you’ll need to wait 4 minutes or so for the water to reheat. If you’re busy and want coffee in a hurry, you’re in safe hands with the K-Select.

In addition to the 3 standard sizes of drink, you can finally choose a 12oz brew with the K-Select which is perfect if you insist on coffee as you commute. You can also opt for a stronger coffee by hitting the Bold button. While you won’t get too much more by the way of control, you should still get a golden cup of coffee with almost no effort on your part.

As a refreshing change from the samey color schemes of most kitchen appliances, you can roll with the K-Select in brighter designs if you fancy.

Compared to the K-55, you’ll get a slightly bigger water tank, an extra 12oz cup size and the ability to tweak the brew strength. If you already own a K-55 and don’t feel these additions would be worthwhile, there’s no need to upgrade. If you’re on the trail of a new machine, though, you should certainly pop the K-Select on your shortlist.


  • Customize Brew Sizes: From a dinky 4oz coffee through to a 12oz travel mug, opt for the drink size you want with ease
  • User-Friendly Push-Button Functionality: Although you won’t get a touch screen, this is an advantage if you’re not a tech-fan. Using this Keurig couldn’t be much easier to operate
  • Wide Choice of Beverages: Use any K-Cup pod so you’ve got hundreds of varieties at your fingertips
  • Available in Multiple Colors: If you’re tired of black or chrome appliances, the K-Select comes in a range of striking colors to coordinate with any kitchen
  • Maintenance Reminder: If you find yourself forgetting when it’s time to descale your Keurig, the machine reminds you so you’ll enjoy superior coffee while also prolonging the lifespan of your K-80


  • Not Programmable: This is a basic push-button machine so you won’t get a touch screen or any kind of programmability
  • Internal Water Tank Cannot Be Purged: A common bugbear with Keurig coffee makers, you won’t be able to fully purge the internal tank so bear this in mind

8) Keurig K-Cafe


If you’re hunting for a coffee machine that goes beyond making the same regular cup of joe, Keurig’s flagship K-Café is worth further investigation.

The K-Café is the first Keurig that comes with an integrated frother so if your taste extends to milky confections like latte or cappuccino, this machine might be just what you’ve been waiting for.

While most Keurig’s look very similar from a design standpoint, the K-Café is strikingly different. The heating system and controls in the middle are flanked by the water reservoir on the left and the frother sitting to the right.

There are 4 brew sizes to choose from (6oz, 8oz, 10oz, 12oz) and you can opt for a 2-oz shot if you like drinking latte.

If these frothier drinks are your preferred poison, you’ll love the onboard frother. You have 3 settings for latte, cappuccino and also a cold foam option. Whether you want regular fresh milk, almond or coconut, pep up your long drinks without needing to head to the coffee shop.

With a 60oz capacity, the water tank gives you enough for 6 coffees so there will be plenty for all the family.

Cleaning and maintenance are both a cakewalk as with all Keurigs. Aside from periodic descaling and a weekly rinse down of the reservoir, there’s not much more to it.

The only real gripe with the K-Café is the fact you can’t manipulate the temperature of the water. Considering the convenience and spread of choice you get at a reasonable price point, this is hardly a deal-breaker.

If you’re looking for a quickfire single serve coffee maker offering you hot and cold drinks with or without milk, the K-Café gives you this versatility at a very reasonable price point.


  • Onboard Frother: If you enjoy a latte or cappuccino, you’ll love the integrated milk frother allowing you to rack up your favorite long drinks in a flash
  • Concentrated Shot of Coffee: If you want a short, intense shot of coffee in a longer drink, the K-Café, just push the Shot button and you’re good to go
  • Generous Water Tank: The 60oz water tank gives you enough for 6 cups without needing to refill
  • Cold Frothing Option for Iced Drinks: You can use the onboard frother for your hot drinks but a nice touch is the cold frothing option so you can enjoy iced drinks even though there’s no dedicated button
  • Trademark Keurig Ease of Use: As with every machine in this hard-hitting line-up, the K-Café is a breeze to use even if you don’t like electronics


  • No Temperature Control: If you like to alter the temperature of the water when you’re making coffee, you’re clean out of luck

9) Keurig Rivo


The Keurig Rivo might be a discontinued model but it still attracts a loyal following. A cappuccino and latte machine capable of serving up hot or cold drinks with push-button convenience, we still recommend considering the Rivo when you’re weighing up which Keurig to buy.

The Rivo is a flawed gem that’s paved the way for newer iterations like the K-Café so where does it stand and fall?

Rather than using K-Cup pods, you’ll be restricted to the Lavazza Rivo range of pods where you’ll get 3 choices of espresso in varying strengths alongside a decaf option. While you’ll be able to jazz up your drinks thanks to the frother, be aware that your baseline choice of coffee will be sorely limited.

The onboard frother is a wonderful touch that lets you make latte or cappuccino if you tire of straight-up espresso. You’ll also be able to generate cold froth for an iced drink on those hot summer days. You can fire up the frother while you’re racking up your coffee so there’s no wasted time.

Although it’s a pretty slender unit, the 60oz water tank is large enough to make 6 drinks without refilling.

If you’re looking for a simple but effective push-button espresso machine that also gives you the scope to make other drinks, the Rivo is still worth popping on your shortlist.


  • Great For Espresso Lovers Who Also Want Variety: If you enjoy a stiff jolt of espresso but you also enjoy a wider range of coffee, the integrated frother lets you branch out into latte, cappuccino or Americano
  • Hot or Cold Drinks On Tap: Multiple frothing option allows you to enjoy your coffee iced or piping hot
  • Variety of Espresso: Choose from classic, delicate or intense espresso with a decaf option thrown in for later in the day
  • Brew and Froth Simultaneously: The frother sits to the right of the brewing system so you can get your milk ready while your coffee is brewing
  • Elegant Design: Although this machine is inexpensive, the sleek and understated design means it looks great in any kitchen


  • Discontinued Model: While the pods are still available along with the machine, you should be aware that the Rivo is no longer in production
  • Limited Selection of Lavazza Rivo Pods: Unlike the vast selection of K-Cup pods, you’ll have only 4 choices of Lavazza Rivo espresso pods so bear this in mind before buying

II. The Most Popular K-Cup Pods

We’ll give you a snapshot now of 10 of the finest K-Cup pods so you can experiment with your new Keurig…

1) Green Mountain Breakfast Blend

This coffee is a consistent bestseller. It’s a winning mild roast that hits all the right notes for that perfect golden cup. Described as deliciously smooth with a nutty and rich flavor and just a hint of sweetness, this K-Cup pod is a smart bet for an easy workday cup of coffee, or to accompany a leisurely Saturday morning with the newspaper. Green Mountain is made by the same company that makes the Keurig machines.

2) The Original Donut Shop Regular Coffee

Who doesn’t love a classic cup of coffee from the donut shop? Unfortunately, most of us don’t have time to pop through during our morning commute and also the expense soon mounts, so this offering from the Original Donut Shop is sure to please. The aroma is sweet, and the flavor is nutty. This K-Cup is a delicious medium roast blend and is of course perfect when paired with your favorite donut! You won’t find any bitter aftertaste here, and you’ll have no problem using this K-Cup pod with your Keurig machine.

3) Death Wish Coffee

This brand of coffee is more of a novelty but seems to be increasing in popularity pretty swiftly. The company’s claim to being “the world’s strongest coffee” is questionable but there’s no doubt you’ll get quite a caffeine boost. This coffee is a super-strong, bold roast blend, and it’s perfect to have on hand after a late night or if you are just not a morning person at all. Also, these K-Cup pods are recyclable and can easily be used in any Keurig machine.

4) Eight O’Clock 100% Columbian Peaks Coffee

Eight O’Clock is a well-known brand among single-serve coffee machine users, and it’s easy to see why. This coffee is a medium roast with a full-bodied flavor. Some describe it as having a rich, wine-like taste. There’s nothing fancy about this no-nonsense coffee and this is one of its key selling points. This particular coffee is also certified Kosher.

5) Dunkin’ Donuts Original Blend

There is a good reason so many people love donut shop coffee – it tastes simply delicious! Dunkin’ long ago hit the nail on the head with their combination of shotgun service and superb coffee, so it’s no surprise that their K-Cups are so popular, too. This coffee is exactly what millions have come to expect from Dunkin’ Donuts; it’s a smooth, rich, medium roast blend. Save the trip through the drive-thru and instead brew your own Dunkin’ Donuts coffee at home with these easy to use K-Cup pods.

6) Caribou Blend Coffee

In addition to its taste, Caribou Blend Coffee hits some other sweet notes being certified Kosher and 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified. This is a medium roast coffee and has been described as tasting like hotel coffee. It has a smooth taste without any unwanted bitterness, and the Indonesian beans bring a fruity berry flavor to the table. This smooth cup of coffee is perfect for any morning and is sure to please even the pickiest coffee drinkers.

7) Starbucks Pike Place Roast

Ah, Starbucks. You either love them or you hate them, but either way you know exactly what they are about – coffee. Their Pike Place Roast is as simple as it comes. This is a consistent blend of coffee, smooth and rich without bitterness. There’s a slight hint of cocoa and a subtle nutty taste. This medium roast blend is a cinch to make at home using your Keurig.

8) Newman’s Own Special Blend

Newman’s Own has long been a crowd-pleasing coffee, and their K-Cups continue this tradition. This Special Blend is robust, but not bitter. This coffee produces an incredible aroma, which only serves to enhance the flavor. It is smooth and full-bodied while still a medium roast, and unlike some K-Cups available, this one doesn’t leave you feeling like you have a watered-down cup of joe. This particular coffee is also certified organic by the USDA, as well as being Fair Trade Certified. This is a solid coffee to start your day off right!

9) Tim Horton’s Dark Roast Single Serve Coffee Cups

Tim Horton’s is a staple in Canada and has made its way across the border and around the world in recent times. Their coffee has quite a cult following, and now their K-Cups do as well. You can find Tim Horton’s K-Cups in several varieties, but the most popular is their dark roast. It can be tough to get a dark roast just right without having an excess of bitterness, but it seems Tim Horton’s has pulled the trick off. This coffee is rich with a smooth finish and boasts a delicious aroma in addition to that trademark, robust flavor.

10) Peet’s Coffee Major Dickason’s Blend

As with a few others on this list, Peet’s is another coffee company with a cult-like following. This specific blend is their most popular, and if you like a dark roast coffee, this might be just what you’ve been looking for. It’s full bodied and strong, while still having a smooth finish with no bitterness. It has a slightly nutty flavor, and the subtlest hint of cinnamon making a lip-smacking treat any day, and a great cup of joe on a Monday morning.

III. Final Words

We hope you’ve enjoyed this exploration of the finest the Keurig range has to offer.

We know everyone has entirely different needs when it comes to coffee so we tried to handpick a selection suitable for all tastes and budgets without getting too repetitive.

Come back if you need to refer to our troubleshooting guide for Keurig problems and drop us a line if you have any questions or feedback.

Now which Keurig seems right for you?

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