The Best Large Room Air Purifiers


Do you find the air quality in your home slightly stuffy?

Are you a pet owner tired of the dander and allergens kicked up by your beloved animals?

Maybe you’ve got someone in the house with allergies or asthma sick of those sensitivities being triggered by pathogens in the air.

Whatever the reason, purifying the air in your house is something well worth considering. What do you do, though, if you have a large house and a regular purifier just won’t cut the ice?

Luckily, there are plenty of manufacturers who recognize that need and plug the gap with air purifiers tailor-made to cope with larger rooms.

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We tested all of the best options in a fairly busy market and today we’ve got the results with a breakdown of the 15 finest models.

We used 300 square feet of coverage as the baseline for a large room air purifier. For your ease, we’ve listed out that area at the top of each review. We’ve also made things easy for you by operating in ascending order. At the upper end of our scale, some of the purifiers can cope with cleaning the air in rooms up to a whopping 1500 square feet.

After we’ve given you our snapshot reviews, we’ll tail off with some guidance on choosing the right size purifier without any fuss. For now, we’ll launch directly into those reviews…

I. Top 15 Best Large Room Air Purifiers

1. Our #1 Pick: Coway AirMega Air Purifier (1560 square feet)


One of our favorite overall for the best large room air purifier is a beast from Coway capable of treating enormous spaces up to 1560 square feet.

A smart purifier, all you need to do is let the appliance do the hard yards for you with settings optimized on your behalf. You can also take action with the timer setting it for 1, 2, 4 or 8 hours to suit.

The HEPA filtration eliminates even the most minute pathogens and allergens from your air indoors leaving you with an atmosphere as fresh as the sea air.

With highly sensitive sensors and an LED indicator alerting you to air purity levels, this is a hard-hitting and tech-driven unit at a very affordable price point so what are you waiting for?

Things We Like

  • Pollution sensor and indicator keep you fully informed about air quality at a glance
  • Flexible timer so you can customize purification perfectly
  • 3 settings so you can get clean air without needing to lift a finger

Things We Dislike

  • Some complaints about harsh chemicals used

2. Coway Mighty Pure Air Purifier with True HEPA (361 square feet)


Looking lean and mean, the Coway comes with 4-stage filtration to give you a robust assault against airborne pollutants. The pre-filter and deodorization filter combined with true HEPA medium and vital ion ensure the air in your house stays fresh and clean all day long.

The fan speeds are all automatically adjusted so you won’t need to keep scuttling over to the purifier. You’ll get real time alerts thanks to the air quality indicator, too.
With a countdown timer, you can set your purifier running for 1, 4 or 8 hours to suit then it will power down on its own.

Despite being marketed as whisper-quiet, this purifier is reasonably loud when it’s running at high speed. Think twice if you need a unit for your bedroom. In all other respects, this is a rock-solid option.

Things We Like

  • Commanding aesthetics make a real statement
  • Air quality indicator to keep you alerted to the state of play
  • Trio of fan speeds optimized automatically

Things We Dislike

  • Certainly no quiet when running at full clip

3. Blueair Classic 480i Air Purifier (400 square feet)


The Blueair Classic 480i is man enough to clean the air in rooms up to 400 square feet in area. While this appliance is by no means cheap, you get a great deal of bang for your buck.

An intelligent air purifier, you can take the helm using a responsive app on your smart phone or using voice commands and Alexa assuming you have an enabled device.

Despite such powerful performance, this unit is Energy-Star rated so you won’t draw down too much power in pursuit of clean air.

If you want purification without too much by the way of user input, flick the 480i to auto mode. This will ensure the fan speed is tweaked according to air quality. A handy indicator keeps you informed of the state of the atmosphere around you.

Things We Like

  • HEPA filters also contain activated coconut carbon
  • Fully WiFi-enabled for control in-app or using Alexa
  • Decent filter lifespan at 6 months to reduce running costs

Things We Dislike

  • Ruthlessly expensive

4. Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Removal (465 square feet)


Honeywell have a broad and deep range of air purifiers and this true HEPA model is perfect for rooms up to 465 square feet in size.

As well as a trio of fan speeds as you’d expect on any purifier designed for a large room, you’ll also get a turbo mode although this ratchets up the volume considerably.

The HEPA filter eliminates particles down to the tiniest 0.3 microns while the purifier also works to remove mold and smoke from the air along with germs and bad smells. If you need to clean up behind a smoker in the house, this unit makes perfect sense.

Things We Like

  • 3 air cleaning settings and an additional turbo mode
  • Cleans and refreshes the air in spaces of up to 465 square feet 5 times hourly
  • Gets rid of all airborne pollutants down to the tiniest particles along with dust, smoke and dander

Things We Dislike

  • Touch panel is not particularly sensitive

5. Blue Pure 211 Air Purifier (400-600 square feet)


This is a neat design-driven purifier again from Blue Pure capable of cleaning all the air in larger rooms fully 5 times an hour.

Rated at just 31 decibels, you won’t get the racket many purifiers kick out but there is, unfortunately, a slight and low-pitched whining sound that might irritate some.

Alongside the true HEPA filter, the activated carbon medium helps get rid of volatile organic compounds while also working on any unpleasant odors to keep your home fresh as new.

The machine washable pre-filter comes in a range of colors so you can switch up the look to match your décor.

To ice the cake, this purifier is Energy-Star certified so you won’t use too much electricity in pursuit of spotless air.

Things We Like

  • Exceptional design but not a case of form over function
  • Eliminates smells along with VOCs and a range of other pollutants
  • Ultra-low energy consumption despite performance

Things We Dislike

  • Low-pitched whining sound can be annoying

6. AeraMax 300 Air Purifier (600 square feet)


The rock-solid quadruple filtration on the AeraMax rolls out a true HEPA medium along with activated carbon, an antimicrobial treatment and an ionizer. This gives you a comprehensive assault on all airborne pathogens big and small.

There’s also an odor eliminator strand to this purifier ideal if you need to get rid of the smell of smoke in the house. This unit comes with certification showing it to be ideal for anyone with ashthma or allergies.

Running on 120 volts, make sure you’ve got the electricity supply to match or you’ll end up needing to buy a transformer.

While this purifier is not the cheapest on the market, it’s still outstanding overall value if you prize fresh air cleared of all contaminants.

Things We Like

  • Robust 4-stage filtration to attack all contaminants
  • Certified allergy and ashthma friendly by Ashthma and Allergy Foundation of America
  • Ideal for rooms from 300 to 600 square feet so plenty of freedom

Things We Dislike

  • Features ionizer but can be switched off for ozone-free performance

7. RabbitAir BioGS HEPA Air Purifier (625 square feet)


If you’ve got a bigger space to purify, the RabbitAir gets to work refreshing the whole space once every 30 minutes.

With 4 stages of purification, you’ll get the HEPA medium you need to wick away those tiny particles down to 0.3 microns. Charcoal filters lasting a full 3 years help to deodorize and remove any unpleasant smells and you’ll also get a reusable, washable pre-filter.

With 5 speed settings optimized automatically, you also get whisper-quiet operation so if you’re looking for something for the bedroom, this makes a great fit.

If you’re hunting for an air purifier that looks great but doesn’t let you down on the performance front or use too much electricity, the RabbitAir BioGS is well worth popping on your shortlist.

Things We Like

  • Cleans air in rooms to 625 square feet twice hourly so ideal for larger spaces
  • 5 speeds and also runs extremely quietly
  • Class-leading 5-year warranty and responsive customer care

Things We Dislike

  • Puts out less air than some of the competition

8. Alen FLEX Air Purifier (700 square feet)


The Alen FLEX might not pack a true HEPA filter but overall filtration is dependable enough to leave the atmosphere in your home crisp and fresh.

You can buy this purifier in 4 configurations dependent on your circumstances. We tested the mold and bacteria model and it punched above its weight.

With a broad range of color panels, you can match up this unit to the color scheme in your house fuss-free.

When running at low speed, you’ll get almost no noise generated although in turbo mode this ratchets up to 55 decibels which is reasonably loud.

Things We Like

  • Runs whisper-quiet at the lower fan speed
  • 14 colored panels to gel with any design scheme
  • Works well to fight all contaminants from dust and mold to chemicals and bacteria

Things We Dislike

  • Not a true HEPA filter

9. RabbitAir MinusA2 HEPA Air Purifier (700 square feet)


Next up is another hard-hitter from RabbitAir, this time the MinusA2.

Whether you choose to leave it sitting on the floor or to mount this purifier on a wall, you’ll have all you need to suck every pathogen and contaminant from the air in spaces up to 700 square feet.

True HEPA filtration comes with some added media to combat toxins, odors and pet allergens. There’s even a handy germ filter giving you a 6-pronged weapon with which to ensure your air quality is pristine.

Chemicals and volatile organic compounds are also safely trapped away and this purifier works wonders if anyone in your household suffers from allergies or asthma.

Things We Like

  • Class-leading 6 stages of purification
  • Suitable for larger spaces to 700 square feet
  • Wall-mount this unit or leave it freestanding

Things We Dislike

  • Temperature reading can be inconsistent

10. LEVOIT Air Purifier (710 square feet)


Stepping things up to 710 square feet of coverage, the LEVOIT acquits itself admirably on all fronts.

The 3-stage filter includes the requisite true HEPA component to see off even the tiniest airborne contaminants while the activated carbon works to ward off any unpleasant odors.

Cyclone technology combined with the way this purifier draws in air through a full 360 degrees keeps efficiency uppermost and leads to more air filtered per hour even in larger rooms.

A wide-ranging timer lets you tweak purification up to 12 hours for your complete convenience.

For a dependable, efficient and cost-effective air purifier from a brand you can trust, this unit delivers on all counts.

Things We Like

  • 360-degree air intake boosts speed and efficiency
  • Timer from 1 through 12 hours gives you a great deal of flexibility
  • Fully automatic settings removing all needless user-input from the equation

Things We Dislike

  • Some issues reported with a whining noise at times

11. Dyson Pure Hot and Cool Air Purifier (800 square feet)


As you’d expect from the pioneering Dyson, this multipurpose unit harnesses a great deal of technology to serve up exceptional performance.

With a true HEPA filter, purification is first-rate. Air Multiplier technology projects the air precisely where you want it across large spaces up to 800 square feet. This tech translates to an output of 77 gallons per second of purified air.

An onboard space heater is perfect when the nights turn cooler and you’ll also enjoy a cooling fan for those hot summer evenings.

Fully WiFi-enabled, you can take charge remotely and enjoy a range of monitoring and reporting services to stay fully abreast of air quality in your home the easy way.

Things We Like

  • 3-in-1 purifier, fan and heater for outstanding versatility
  • Non-slip, cool touch handle for safety’s sake
  • BPA-free borosilicate glass for ease of visibility with great thermal properties

Things We Dislike

  • Certainly not cheap so look elsewhere if you’re hunting for a bargain

12. Biota Bot Air Purifier with Ionizer (860 square feet)


If you’ve got an especially large house and insist on the cleanest air throughout, the Biota Bot is a must.

5 stages of purification helps you fight back on all levels against the contaminants that spoil the air quality in your home. You’ll get the true HEPA component present on all the best purifiers and the Bot also performs as an ionizer. While this is a great way to defend your home against bacteria, the ozone might put you off so go in with your eyes wide open and do your due diligence.

With an automatic mode to ensure you won’t be continuously scuttling to and from the unit, you can sit back while the Bot does all the work.

Things We Like

  • Automatically optimizes purification for your convenience
  • Ionic purification removes bacteria from the atmosphere
  • True HEPA filter combined with activated carbon to complete an effective package

Things We Dislike

  • Some ozone involved due to ionizer

13. Alen BreatheSmart Large Room HEPA Air Purifier (1100 square feet)


Another Alen is next in line with the BreatheSmart tailor-made for huge spaces up to 1100 square feet.

While Alen products are not cheap, you’ll be rewarded with first-class performance married to striking design.

Choose from 7 purification configurations and a broad spread of colorways to customize the solution completely.

True HEPA filtration comes with some added support to combat odors, chemicals, dust and pollen. If you’ve got any allergy sufferers in your household, they should breathe easily without any inflamed sensitivities.

A lifetime warranty gives you total peace of mind and removes any reason not to buy.

Things We Like

  • Ideal for very large homes with 1100 square feet coverage
  • Handy indicator light to keep you informed on air quality
  • Impeccable design looking more like a speaker than a purifier

Things We Dislike

  • Some issues with build quality over time

14. IQAir Medical Grade Air Purifier (1125 square feet)


If you’re prepared to dig a little deeper and you don’t mind the utilitarian design, this medical grade purifier from IQAir comes with an added bonus…

The proprietary HyperHEPA filter traps particles down to a size of 0.003 microns. This is 100 times the effectiveness of a regular HEPA filter that removes pathogens to 0.3 microns. To put this into real-world perspective, this means particles 10 times smaller than a virus and obviously undetectable to the naked eye.

This is achieved with innovative alumina pellets stuffed with potassium permanganate with no zeolite used.

If you’re looking for something different and you’ve got exacting standards and allergy sufferers in the house, the IQAir is in a league of its own when it comes to tiny airborne pollutants.

Things We Like

  • Medical grade purification without breaking the bank
  • HyperHEPA filtration gets rid of even tinier particles than true HEPA
  • Perfect for large, sprawling homes cleaning air in spaces up to 1125 square feet

Things We Dislike

  • Design polarizes opinion

15. Oransi EJ120 HEPA Air Purifier (1300-1500 square feet)


Another expensive but remarkably efficient air purifier up next, the EJ120 from Oransi.

If you’ve got a huge space up to 1500 square feet, you’ll need purification to cope.

A marriage of a German-engineered motor that’s powerful yet ultra-quiet and filtration used in hospitals and labs gives you the cleanest air without needing to endure a noisy appliance for your pains.

The MERV17 HEPA filter will get rid of 99.99% of allergens and pathogens making the Oransi among the most highly rated purification solutions in a crowded market. If you can afford it, you won’t regret the investment.

Things We Like

  • Medical grade filters for your complete peace of mind
  • Easy to clean and maintain filter
  • German motor runs very quietly even at full clip

Things We Dislike

  • Not one for bargain hunters


You should now have a clear idea of the best options at your disposal if you’re looking to clean the air in a larger room.

We’ll round out today with some handy hints on how to make sure you get the right size unit for your needs the easy way…

II. Guide To Choose The Right Size for Air Purifier


If you want to make certain the air purifier you install works effectively and doesn’t end up overworked or drawing down too much power, it’s crucial you get the sizing right.

Fortunately, this is not too tough to get right and there are only 3 key areas to double down on:

  • Placement
  • Measure Your Living Space
  • Match Up Coverage Area of Purifier to This Living Space


First of all, determine whether you want to place your purifier in a single room or whether you want it to service multiple rooms.

You might also want whole-house purification.

By establishing this element front and center, you can whittle down your options from the get-go.

Now, it’s time to get out the measuring tape…

Measure Your Living Space

If you’re measuring up a single room, establishing the area in square feet is straightforward.

Measure up the 2 perpendicular walls then multiply these measurements to determine the square footage.

If you’re hoping to use the air purifier across several rooms, measure each separately and calculate the area. Then, simply add these figures together to arrive at the aggregate area you’ll be purifying.

For whole-house coverage, your deeds or other documentation like floor plans should state this clearly. Failing that, measure the length and width of the outside walls, calculate the area then multiply by the number of levels in your home.

Match Up Coverage Area of Purifier to This Living Space

You should certainly not be angling for the largest purifier unless your living space dictates this. Not only will you end up spending more at the point of purchase, running costs will be significantly higher into the bargain.

On the other hand, failing to get enough firepower for your space will leave you wishing you’d gone for something larger.

It’s a delicate balance but we’d suggest using the square footage of your home and shooting for an air purifier rated for this or very slightly above.

III. Conclusion

We trust you’ve chosen a suitable large room air purifier now and we hope, as always, you’ve found our reviews and buying guidance have streamlined an otherwise awkward purchasing decision.

If you take the above pointers on board and stick to one of the products we highlight here today, there’s no need to endure polluted or impaired air any longer.

Don’t forget to bookmark the PrinceLA for all your home and garden needs. We have a committed team constantly testing all the best products so we can report back to you based on hands-on testing backed up with our own research and experience.

Come back soon!

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