The Best Lightweight Vacuum Cleaners


In a hurry? The Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute is our overall winner as the best lightweight vacuum cleaner.

If you’re not quite so impulsive, you’re in for a treat today. We’ll be walking you through how to find a lightweight vacuum cleaner the easy way then we’ll highlight a dozen of the best products across all price-points.

You’ll obviously face some limitations if weight is your primary concern when you’re looking for a vacuum but you certainly won’t have any shortage of options.

It goes unsaid you’ll need to think about your vacuuming needs before steaming into buying mode so you get the right tool for the job.

So without further ado, rather than a general guide to buying a vacuum, what else should you focus on when weight is your primary driver?

I. Tips for Choosing the Best Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner


All About The Weight

There’s no fixed weight for a vacuum to hit in order to qualify as lightweight so we made our own rules…

For us, anything above 15 pounds starts to become slightly burdensome.

This extra weight can be a problem for many reasons. Maybe you’re advancing in years or perhaps you struggle with mobility in general? Whatever your need for a lighter vacuum, we’ve got you covered with everything from 3-pound featherweights on up through to uprights delivering power without too much weight.

A great deal of this sizing depends on the type of vacuum you’re looking at…

Type of Vacuum

You can find lightweight vacuums in all the major types.

  • Upright
  • Stick
  • Canister

Most uprights don’t qualify as lightweight but we’ve included a few here that do make the cut. With this type of vacuum you’ll get maximum power at the cost of a bulkier footprint.

Stick vacuums are much lighter but come with lesser suction and a minimal dirt container capacity.

Canister vacuums are slightly unwieldy but they can work well in some spaces. The wheeled canister means you’ll get even more assistance on the maneuverability front.

There’s absolutely no right or wrong answer here so we deliberately threw in options across all categories to maximize your choice.

Corded or Cordless?

If you’re buying a vacuum with maneuverability uppermost in your priorities, chances are you’ll be concerned about maximizing that freedom of movement.

Opting for a cordless vac can give you that precious extra leeway but make sure the runtime meshes with your cleaning needs. We’ve clearly flagged battery life in all cordless models we looked at.

Bear in mind that by cutting the cord, you will end up sacrificing a little power.


Think about whether you’ll be cleaning carpets, hard flooring or a combination. Most homes these days tend to have mixed flooring but you should think about your personal situation.

We’ve made it abundantly clear in our reviews which of these models work best on each surface and why.

Make sure you get all the suction you need for your carpet but make equally certain you don’t introduce a beater bar onto hard flooring as you risk scratching up your precious hardwood or laminate. Some models come with beater bars you can activate and deactivate to promote easy multi-surface cleaning.

Consider a Robotic Vacuum

If you want the lightest of all vacuums and a completely hands-free approach to cleaning, why not consider a robotic vacuum?


With those brief guidelines to help you on the buying trail, check out some of the most effective lightweight vacuums on the market…

II. Top 12 Best Lightweight Vacuum Cleaners

1. Our Pick:Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute (5.88 pounds)


If you’re looking for a cheap lightweight vacuum, the V10 Absolute is not for you. If, on the other hand, you’ve got deeper pockets and exacting tastes, you simply can’t beat it.

Cordless vacuums offer a great deal of convenience but often come woefully underpowered. No such nonsense with the V10. Class-leading suction combined with a robust 60-minute runtime gives you ease of use without compromising maneuverability.

Weighing in at less than 6 pounds and with an instant release ergonomic trigger, you’ll be able to clean large spaces without fatigue setting in even if you don’t like moving heavy objects.

The potent cleaner head makes light work of even stubborn dirt in carpets while the soft roller cleaner head comes with a covered brush bar to protect your hard floors and carbon fiber filaments to wick away the finest of dust.

As a final flourish, the V10 easily converts into a nifty handheld so you can clean up and down the stairs, under furniture, above floor and even out in the car.

Efficient whole-machine filtration keeps the air as clean as your flooring and completes a class-leading package from an industry specialist.

2. Runner-Up: Shark ION F80 (8.5 pounds)


If you’re looking for Dyson design, innovation and overall build without paying quite such a premium, Shark produce a vast array of affordable yet highly capable vacuums chasing down Dyson’s market share. The ION F80 is one of their lesser-known yet wildly efficient lightweight vacuums but what makes it so good?

The key selling point is the pair of batteries. With a spare at your disposal, you can clean for up to 80 minutes rendering this cordless gem suitable for cleaning a whole large house before it needs recharging.

Have you got mixed flooring in your home? If so, DuoClean technology makes it easy on you. You’ll get a single powerhead and a pair of brush rolls. This means you’ll get all the power you need for stubborn cleaning but enough delicacy not to scratch up your wooden floors.

The low-slung design allows you to slip this stick under furniture fuss-free. The design is also thoughtful since you’ll be able to fold the ION down making storage a cinch even in small apartments.

Just like with the Dyson, you’ll be able to break down this stick into a handheld for maximum flexibility. Weighing less than 9 pounds even in its full set-up, this is one of the finest lightweight vacs in a crowded vertical.

3. Soniclean Soft Carpet Cleaner (10.5 pounds)


Have you got soft and deep-pile carpet? If so, you’ll need a vacuum to suit and it should be lightweight so you don’t get bogged down.

If you’re wincing at the price tag of this carpet cleaner, what do you get for your money? Well, with sonic technology onboard kicking out 200 vibrations per second, all the dirt and debris hiding in your carpet will be vigorously agitated.

The brush roll is designed with thick and deep carpets in mind. The oversized front wheels are also fashioned so the Soniclean glides rather than getting snarled up in challenging carpet.

Hospital-grade filtration is HEPA-rated so allergy sufferers can breathe easily.

Although this vacuum comes corded, the cable is fully 35 feet long so you should get ample freedom of movement.

Despite such an imposing form factor and powerful suction, the whole unit weighs just 10 ½ pounds so you’ll be able to push it around with ease even if you struggle with mobility.

Intelligent design is embedded in the motor which allows for potent suction while only drawing down half the power of many competing vacs.

If you have plush, thick carpet in your house and you want the best cleaning solution, Soniclean comes through with a home run.

4. BLACK+DECKER Dustbuster (2.6 pounds)


Handhelds are the lightest of all vacuum variants but obviously come with significant limitations. Unless you live in a very small apartment, it’s wildly unlikely you’ll use a handheld as your primary cleaning tool. That said, they make wonderful secondary vacuums so how does the BLACK+DECKER Dustbuster stand out?

The cordless handheld gives you a superb runtime while the battery is capable of holding a charge for a full 18 months. You can impart a full burst of juice in just 4 hours, too.

The pistol-style grip with trigger is a pleasure to use even if you’ve got arthritis. Weighing a mere 2.6 pounds, the Dustbuster is the perfect weapon if you’re getting on in years or struggling in any way with moving large, heavy objects.

The washable dirt bowl keeps running costs slashed and maintenance to a minimum. It’s a cinch to empty, too. Just upend the container directly in the trashcan and you shouldn’t get a blast of dust in the face.

You’ll get a neat little crevice tool thrown in for this tight, awkward spots where even a handheld is too large.

As long as you don’t expect to go cleaning a whole large house, the Dustbuster from power tools legend BLACK+DECKER is a wonderful addition to any cleaning arsenal.

5. Oreck Magnesium RS (7.7 pounds)


Oreck don’t make cheap vacuums but, once you’ve tried one, you’ll find it hard to look back. What makes them so good?

Weighing just 7.7 pounds, you’ll get all the benefits of an upright without the drawbacks of that hulking footprint. The slimline, swiveling design allows you to seamlessly navigate the room and glide around furniture with ease.

Filtration is first-rate as you’d expect from an industry specialist. The HEPA unit is completely sealed with Saniseal so that absolutely no dust or contaminants escape when you’re emptying the bag. Only with a complete seal like this can the integrity of that HEPA filter be preserved.

The anti-jam belt means maintenance should be almost zero and the cord storage is another nice touch.

If you need to clean in gloomy areas – and, let’s face it, who doesn’t? – the twin LEDs let you pick your way around without leaving any unseen dirty spots.

Overall cleaning performance is exceptional. There’s a power setting switch in the handle and you can step things up to a maximum of 7000 RPM.

For a highly effective lightweight vacuum that won’t stiff you on the performance front, check out the Oreck Magnesium and you won’t be disappointed.

6. Shark Rocket Vacuum and Car Detail Set (8 pounds)


The Shark Rocket vacuum and car detail set gives you a corded bagless stick that converts to a handheld so you’ve got all your cleaning needs covered from inside your home to up and down the stairs and on out into the car.

As well as the ability to pop outside with the handheld, Shark bundle a selection of potent micro-tools so you can impart a perfect finish when you’re cleaning your vehicles.

When you’re cleaning your flooring at full clip, you can easily manipulate the brush bar using the fingertip controls. This allows you to transition seamlessly from carpeting to hard floors without breaking your stride.

Swivel steering gives you an agile experience when you’re pushing this lightweight 8-pounder.

When it comes to stashing your vacuum, pop the handheld at the bottom of the wand or attach it to the wall mount for maximum flexibility.

With 25 feet of power cable, you should have adequate scope for cleaning a larger room without needing to switch power outlets.

For a versatile all-rounder at a very affordable price-point, the Rocket delivers as you’d fully expect from the legendary Shark.

7. Miele Compact C1 (14.8 pounds)


As you know here at the PrinceLA, we’re only interested in bringing you the very best products. That means they’ll often come with an eye-popping price tag. Miele, just like Dyson and Oreck, are positioned firmly at the premium end of the market so what makes the C1 worth the stiff price tag?

The flexibility of 6 power settings allows you to match power to application with a great deal of finesse.

The canister design is not to everyone’s taste but makes storage simple and you’ll get many of the benefits of an upright without the same bulk.

Suction is impressive and you’ll have no issues sucking up ingrained filth from carpets or buffing up hard flooring without leaving any unsightly scratches and marks behind.

A bagged vacuum, you’ll get a bag thrown in. Filtration is robust but if you need a HEPA-rated filter, you’ll need to buy this separately. Unless someone in your household suffers from severe allergies, the regular filter should be fit for purpose.

Powered by a nimble 1200-watt motor, you’ll get all the adjustable power you need while the combination floor head gives you mixed floor cleaning without the headache of damaged flooring to contend with.

If you’re looking for dependability, top-notch cleaning power and absolute efficiency, Miele leads the pack.

8. Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away NV803 (14.5 pounds)


When you’re looking for a lightweight vacuum, you might not immediately consider an upright but Shark brings in the DuoClean NV803 at under 15 pounds giving you a great deal of oomph without needing to bear a heavy burden.

DuoClean technology makes the NV803 equally adept cleaning carpeting or hard floors. The bristle brush roll combined with outstanding suction will suck up all debris from carpets while the soft finish makes sure you don’t harm your hardwood floors when you switch surfaces.

The LED lights onboard give you an added edge if you’re cleaning basements or any other dimly lit area. They also come in handy when you’re cleaning beneath your furniture.

Shark’s dynamic swivel steering makes moving around a cinch.

HEPA-rated filtration is a game-winner if you’ve got allergies or asthma. This ensures that practically all of even the most minute airborne pathogens are sucked inside away from harm. Shark’s patented Anti-Allergen Complete Seal   Technology makes certain none of that dust is belched back into your atmosphere either.

Pull sharply away and you’ll detach a handheld perfect for cleaning up stray pet hair or blitzing your upholstery and drapery.

If you’re looking for a primary vacuum that gives you the added advantage of a handheld and you’re not looking to spend a fortune, the DuoClean NV803 is well worth popping on your shortlist.

9. Tineco A10 Hero (5.03 pounds)


A superlight stick vacuum from the lesser-known Tineco, does the A10 Hero live up to its name?

If you’re looking for a light form, this is one of the best options at your disposal. Think closely about what kind of areas you need to clean, though. Manufacturers’ estimation of battery runtime is usually fairly generous. At just 10 to 25 minutes, you won’t have much scope for cleaning a whole large room. That said, with lighter and impromptu cleaning tasks, the Hero comes into its own.

Filtration is impeccable with a four-stage system keeping all contaminants safe from harm and leaving your air and flooring spotless.

You’ll get a generous batch of attachments with a crevice tool, dusting brush, mini motorized brush and combination tool giving you all you need for edge-to-edge cleaning.

The Hero cleans reasonably well on carpets but comes into its own on hard flooring. Despite manufacturer’s claims about suction, you might find you struggle for power with ingrained debris on carpeting.

If you’re looking for a vacuum to leave in the kitchen or to grab when your pet knocks over their kibble, the Tineco makes perfect sense. If you’re hoping for a whole-house cleaning solution, the limited runtime will leave you wanting.

10. Shark Navigator NV352 (12.5 pounds)


Yet another entry from the omnipresent Shark with the classic Navigator. This line comes in many variants and the NV352 is arguably the most popular of the bunch.

Although you’ll get the commanding power of an upright, you won’t need to deal with a hulking weight in return. Tipping the scales at just 12 ½ pounds and coming with highly effective swivel steering, you’ll be bounding around the room without feeling fatigued.

HEPA-filtration is a bonus at this price-point and, combined with Shark’s Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology, you’ll protect anyone with allergies or sensitivities.

The brush roll is easy to activate and deactivate. This allows you all the firepower you need for stubborn mess on carpets but the delicate touch essential to clean hard flooring without leaving any imperfections behind.

Lift-Away allows you to press a button and detach a handheld vacuum giving you even more freedom to clean in tight, confined spaces. You can also use this to clean quickly and easily up and down the stairs.

This iteration of the Navigator comes with a wide pet tool included to remove hair and dander from yoru furniture. There’s no pet power brush so if you have lots of animals at home, check the other variants of the Navigator that come better equipped on this front.

The 25-foot power cable could be longer but is lengthy enough not to be too restrictive.

For an overall powerhouse that won’t weigh you down, the Navigator is a classic with just cause.

11. Oreck Commercial XL (8.2 pounds)


As we near the end of our quest for the best lightweight vacuum, we’ve got another Oreck in the form of the Commercial XL.

The broad cleaning path makes this vacuum ideal if you’re cleaning in a commercial backdrop where time is money. If you’re using the XL at home, we’re sure you’ll still appreciate getting the job done quicker.

A pair of helix brushes revolving at up to 6500 RPM means that all debris is sucked in without resistance.

This is a bagged vacuum so you’ll need to make provision for replacements and also factor that into your budgeting. In return, you’ll get a seamless experience emptying sealed bags with no chance of any dust blowing back in your face.

The low-slung design allows you to edge down under chairs, couches and tables while a 35-foot long power cable is a wonderful touch overlooked by too many manufacturers. This means you can enjoy all the power of a corded model with very little restriction in your movement.

Non-marking bumpers let you clean tight up to the edges of your rooms without scuffing up the baseboards.

If you’ve got arthritis, the Helping Hand handle eliminates the need to constantly squeeze a trigger adding to the advantages of this lightweight, elderly-friendly vacuum.

12. Bissell Air Ram (7.75 pounds)


Last but certainly not least in our lineup, the Bissell Air Ram is striking on the design front but is it a case of form over function?

The lithium-ion battery should return 40 minutes or so of runtime. This is less than ideal but should afford you enough scope to clean most regular houses in a single session. Charging only takes 4 hours so that could be worse.

The multi-surface brush roll makes this a neat for all homes with mixed flooring.

Emptying the dirt container is a snap and you won’t get your hands dirty or get a face full of dust when you’re ditching the contents.

Coming in at less than 8 pounds and super-simple to push around, the Air Ram gives you multi-surface cleaning at its best without forcing you to take out a bank loan. If you’re looking for affordable quality married to impressive build, check out the Bissell at your earliest convenience.

III. Conclusion

Well, we trust you’ve now got a clear idea of which lightweight vacuum would make the best fit for you. We tried to included something in a range of styles and at varying price-points so there’s something for everyone.

Don’t forget to bookmark the PrinceLA for all your home and garden needs. We bring you nothing but the finest products and we’ll always highlight any flaws in these products so you can go in with your eyes wide open. Follow us on social media and don’t be shy to drop us a line if there’s anything you’d like us to cover.

We’ll leave you to it and head back out into the kitchen where we’re looking into coffee once more!

Come back soon.

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