The Best Nespresso Capsules


If you enjoy single-serve coffee and you’ve got one of the stellar Nespresso machines, you’re in for a real treat today.

Or, maybe you’re thinking about buying yourself one of these machines and you want some reassurance you’ll have plenty of choice in terms of the coffee available.

Whatever the case, we’ll walk you through a staggering selection of 20 of the best blends served up by the might Nespresso so you’ve got no excuse.

Before we get going, there are two elements crucial to take into account before launching in and buying your capsules:

  • OriginalLine or VertuoLine?
  • Intensity Level

OriginalLine or VertuoLine?

Nespresso machines come in 2 distinct lines, the OriginalLine and the VertuoLine.

OriginalLine machines brew only espresso while the VertuoLine machines brew both espresso and coffee.

If you’re considering which type of Nespresso machine to buy, let your preferred style of coffee guide you.

And remember: the capsules for each line of machine is not interchangeable. We’ve clearly listed along with the blend which line the capsules work with to make it easy for you to skim through and compare.

Intensity Level

The other consideration worth pointing out is the way Nespresso rates the intensity of their coffee based on a proprietary scale from intensity level 1 through intensity level 12. For your convenience, we’ve included this information in boldface along with every review. We’re here to make your life easier every step of the way so hopefully that helps.

Intensity level does not necessarily relate to caffeine content. It’s actually a combination of the following factors:

  • Bitterness
  • Body
  • Roast profile

So, with those elements firmly in mind, you should now be well placed to choose the best Nespresso capsules for your needs.

We’ll get right down to business now with our reviews of 20 of the most delectable coffee on the market…

Top 20 Best Nespresso Capsules

1. Our Pick for Nespresso OriginalLine Capsules: Nespresso Arpeggio Espresso Capsules


Our overall winner for the best Nespresso OriginalLine capsules are the Arpeggio espresso blend.

You’ll get a surprising creaminess to offset the deep intensity of an espresso just the way the Italians drink it. If you’re not entirely certain about espresso, these pods make the perfect starting point.

The Arabica beans are of central and South American origin.

You’ll get 50 of these capsules bundled and they’re rated at intensity level 9 on Nespresso’s proprietary scale. Each pod will brew up enough coffee for small shots of 1.35oz of the finest, lip-smacking espresso.

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2. Our Pick for Nespresso VertuoLine Capsules: Nespresso VertuoLine Assorted Pack


If you’re using the VertuoLine machine and you’re not entirely sure which capsules would make the best fit, why not roll with this superb assorted pack?

You’ll get a total of 30 capsules with 10 each of the following blends:

  • Odacio
  • Melozio
  • Stormio

This mixed bag included roast levels both medium and dark rated intensity level 6, 7 and 8 allowing you to taste test a broad spread of coffee before committing to an entire pack of one specific kind.

If you’re concerned about the environmental footprint of single-serve coffee, rest easy knowing these capsules are made from recyclable aluminum.

You should note that these capsules do not fit into OriginalLine machines.

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3. Nespresso Ristretto Capsules (OriginalLine)


If you’ve got an OriginalLine Nespresso machine and you’re looking for a potent yet delicately balanced espresso, these Ristretto pods are the obvious solution.

Coming in 5 boxes each with 10 capsules, you’ll have enough for a month or two of strong morning shots without needing to hit the coffee shop.

A split-roasted Latin American blend of Arabica beans from Brazil and Colombia, East African beans are thrown into the heady mix for good measure. Underlying the Arabica beans, there’s a small hint of Robusta for an added punch. Ristretto is rated at intensity level 10.

If you fancy an espresso blend with a difference, you’re wildly unlikely to be disappointed with these Ristretto capsules so why not treat yourself?

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4. Nespresso Roma Capsules (OriginalLine)


Another batch of beauties from the OriginalLine, these Roma capsules come in at intensity level 8.

Choose from 0.8oz and 1.35oz shots giving you the freedom to rack up your Roma just the way you like it.

This blend is lightly roasted but comes with a distinct smokiness you’d normally associate with darker roasts. You’ll benefit from beans of multiple origins for a real taste sensation that also packs a delectable aroma.

If you’re looking for a full-bodied and strong coffee that’s also remarkably subtle, Roma is a solid choice.

5. Nespresso Melozio Capsules (VertuoLine)


A medium roast rated at intensity level 6, this pure Arabica split roasts beans from Central America and the hills of Brazil.

With 30 capsules per box with each pod brewing a generous 7.8oz, this pack is ideal for anyone who prefers a longer coffee that doesn’t taste bland or insipid yet won’t blow your head off either.

As with all Nespresso pods, the aluminum is 100% recyclable so you won’t have any lingering guilt about the ecological impact of your morning coffee.

For single-serve convenience that’s only compatible with the VertuoLine system, you can’t go wrong with these capsules so why not give some a try?

6. Nespresso Livanto Capsules (OriginalLine)


A full-bodied medium roast coming in at intensity level 6, this mash-up of Costa Rican and Colombian Arabica is an espresso blend that won’t leave you with a headache if you end up drinking more than one.

The Central and South American Arabica beans are impeccably sourced and work wonderfully to complement one another.

Each capsule makes a 1.35oz espresso so you can fire yourself up in the morning with all the convenience afforded by a single-serve Nespresso machine.

7. Nespresso Fortissio Lungo Capsules (OriginalLine)


Maybe you’re not sure you want to invest in a large box of capsules when you’re not certain you’ll like the flavor. This 10-pack is the perfect solution to that conundrum and comes in at a very reasonable price-point.

Fortissio Lungo gives you longer 3.7oz cups ideal for drinking on into the afternoon. It goes unsaid you shouldn’t be drinking coffee much after mid-afternoon, though. Doing so is highly likely to disrupt your sleep.

Rated at intensity level 8, this rich and full-bodied blend comes with a hint of oats and a delicious maltiness to offset that raw strength.

8. Nespresso Vivalto Lungo Capsules (OriginalLine)


If you’ve got a machine from the OriginalLine and you’re hunting for an espresso with a difference, these Vivalto Lungo capsules meet that desire head-on.

With a heady blend of split-roasted South American and Ethiopian Arabica beans, you’ll get a milder espresso rated at just intensity level 4.

Since these capsules are lungo, you’ll be able to make longer 3.7oz espresso ideal if you want something more than the stereotypical short shot.

Coming in bundle of 5 boxes with 10 capsules in each, you’ll have enough morning coffee for a couple of months without needing to constantly head out to Starbucks.

9. Nespresso Variety Pack Assortment (OriginalLine)


Next up we’ve got another fantastic batch of assorted capsules from intensity level 5 through 10. This gives you the chance to test coffee at a range of different strengths to see which you prefer without committing to large single pack.

You’ll get 5 boxes with 10 capsules across the following blends:

  • Arpeggio: Intensity level 9
  • Capriccio: Intensity level 5
  • Livanto: Intensity level 6
  • Ristretto: Intensity level 10
  • Roma: Intensity level 8

These coffees span medium and dark roasts so if you’re looking for something lighter, this is not the pack for you. You should also note these particular capsules are only compatible with the OriginalLine system.

10. Nespresso Roma Capsules (OriginalLine)


The Roma blend is a light roast but rated at intensity level 8 demonstrating clearly that lighter roasts don’t need to be bland and insipid. You’ll get a real taste sensation here.

Arabica from central and South America is undercut with just a little Robusta for a balanced yet commanding blend that will have guests asking where you got your coffee.

With 50 capsules in total bundled, each pod makes a shorter 1.35oz espresso so you’ll have something subtle but powerful to get you going in the morning with the push-button convenience your Nespresso machine provides.

11. Nespresso Decaffeinato Capsules (VertuoLine)


If you can’t stop drinking coffee throughout the day but you don’t want your sleep patterns messed with, there’s no substitute for a good caffeinated drink. The trouble is, finding a great decaf can be challenging.

This decaffeinated blend for the VertuoLine system is a split roast containing Costa Rican and Colombian beans coming in at intensity level 6 on Nespresso’s grading chart. This translates to a coffee that might be stripped of all caffeine but is certainly not lacking in taste.

You’ll enjoy a longer drink with each of the 50 capsules capable of a 7.8oz mug so you can sip away without any concerns about sleepless nights.

12. Nespresso Kazaar Espresso Capsules (OriginalLine)


If you’re looking for the most potent capsules from the entire line-up, the Kazaar blend scores an intensity level 12 and tastes absolutely sublime.

A ristretto with a full, deep body, you’ll also experience a degree of bitterness so if you don’t like this in your coffee, steer clear. If, on the other hand, you appreciate the complexity and richness of a full-blooded roast with a hint of pepper and a truly powerful taste, you can’t go wrong.

Choose from 0.85oz shots or a standard 1.35oz espresso and be prepared for a coffee unlike any other. Kazaar is not for the faint-hearted but it’s a rewarding if challenging blend.

13. Nespresso Ciaocattino Capsules (OriginalLine)


Something a little less full on up next with the Ciaocattino blend coming in at intensity level 6.

Arabicas from central and Latin America are medium roasted to give you a coffee you’ll know you’ve drunk without feeling overpowered. The blend is espresso with a noticeable trace of chocolate and a rich, balanced taste along with an enticing aroma.

As with most of these OriginalLine value packs, you’ll get a full 50 capsules split over 5 boxes of 10. Fully recyclable, you don’t need to worry about the environmental effects of enjoying single-serve coffee either.

14. Nespresso Cosi Capsules (OriginalLine)


Bring South America and Africa together in harmony, these Cosi capsules are light roasted and lower down on the Nespresso scale with intensity level 4. This blend makes a great coffee to drink throughout the day.

A milder espresso with a pronounced toastiness, this is the ideal starting point if you’re unsure about switching to espresso and you don’t want something with too dominant a taste.

Each pod makes a regular 1.35oz shot of espresso so make sure you’ve got some smaller glasses or cups handy to bring out the best in this blend.

15. Nespresso Intenso Capsules (VertuoLine)


As the name makes abundantly clear, the intensity level 9 Intenso blend packs a serious punch.

For a deep and dark espresso blend with a difference, these Robusta beans are split roasted and sourced from Guatemala, South America and Mexico for an exotic taste with a real tang to it. Despite such body, you won’t find too much bitterness or acidity to taint your drink.

Suitable only for VertuoLine machines, you’ll get 30 capsules in each pocket-friendly box giving you great value and 100% recyclable aluminum pods so you won’t be leaving an eco disaster in your wake by seeking the convenience of single-serve.

16. Nespresso Volluto Capsules (OriginalLine)


If you’re hunting for a subtle light roast for your Nespresso OriginalLine system, the Volluto blend comes in at intensity level 4 with each capsule making a standard 1.35oz espresso shot.

Colombian and Brazilian Arabica beans are roasted delicately so you get just enough flavor and aroma without feeling attacked from all angles.

You’ll get the usual elegant Nespresso packaging with 5 sets of 10 capsules making storage a cinch and giving you a great supply of coffee that’s very keenly priced.

17. Nespresso Arpeggio Capsules (OriginalLine)


Placed toward the upper end of Nespresso’s scale at intensity level 9, Arpeggio pulls no punches and delivers a thoroughly roasted coffee blending beans from central and Latin America.

The length of roasting allows the cocoa and trademark roasted taste to come fully to the fore with an unmistakable and alluring aroma to set off your drink. You’ll pick out a trace of woodiness for a powerful and exciting way to start your mornings.

These capsules are only compatible with OriginalLine machines. As always when buying Nespresso pods, check carefully before you buy to avoid an expensive mistake.

18. Nespresso Linizio Lungo Capsules (OriginalLine)


A split roasted Arabica from Colombia and Brazil, this espresso blend is delicate enough not to overpower you but strong enough to make a statement.

Rated at intensity level 4, you can enjoy a longer espresso with these lungo capsules. Each of the 50 pods makes a 3.7oz shot so you can sip away rather than gulping your whole drink down in one.

You’ll get the familiar Nespresso bundle with 5 separate sleeves each containing 10 capsules so you’ll have supplies for the whole family for a month or more without endless trips to the coffee shop or that stiff bill.

19. Nespresso Giornio Capsules (VertuoLine)


Are you on the lookout for a coffee specifically designed for the mornings? If so, this breakfast blend is a smooth way to ease into your day.

Rated at intensity level 4, the split roast combines Kenyan and Ethiopian beans and is medium roasted.

There are distinct floral notes with an overall richness and smoothness that might have you reaching for another capsule long after breakfast is down the hatch.

You’ll get longer drinks from these pods with each one delivering fully 7.8oz of delectable coffee to get your day going the right way.

20. Nespresso Capriccio Capsules (OriginalLine)


Another beauty for all you espresso fans out there, this pack of Capriccio capsules come rated at intensity level 5 so you’ll get all the benefits of an espresso without a taste that takes over completely. This blend will complement your croissants perfectly and make you feel like you’re kicking back in Italy without leaving home.

Latin American Arabica beans are mixed with just a little Robusta for a characteristic and commanding taste that’s still relatively understated. This is a tough balancing act but one Nespresso pulls off a treat.

With 50 capsules to give you great value without compromising the quality of the coffee in your cup, Capriccio was one of our personal favorites and we can’t recommend it highly enough.


Well, there’s now no excuse whatsoever not to choose at a glance the Nespresso capsules most suited to you and your family.

Whether you want a low-intensity light roast, a dark roast, an espresso at the upper ends of the intensity level scale or a decaf, you’re spoiled for choice.

Drop us a line and let us know your own personal favorite. We love to hear from our readers here at the PrinceLA and we’re highly responsive to messages.

Now, fire up that Nespresso machines and remember: choose the right capsules for your OriginalLine or VertuoLine machine and you can’t go wrong!

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