The 30 Best Nightstands


Bedrooms are just as important as the kitchen and living room since it’s where you can put your things, change your clothes, and enjoy some quiet time for yourself without anyone invading your space.

Some of the perks of having your own bedroom include having the freedom to choose the color for your wall and choosing the furniture that suits your style and interest. That said, setting the right furniture will make your room neat, cozy, and presentable. Furthermore, it gives a positive aura that makes you want to completely relax without hesitation.

Even if your room is only a tiny space, finding the most suitable furniture will help you fully maximize your personal space without looking constricted – one of them is a nightstand. With a nightstand, you can set some important items beside you like an alarm clock that helps you wake up early as well as your smartphone.

Choosing the best nightstands are relatively fun and easy. Apart from that, we are here to help you choose with our recommended list of the best nightstands as well as a quick buying guide.

I. Top 30 Best Nightstands

To help you pick the perfect nightstand for your bedroom, we have compiled the following products which we believe are the best nightstands on the market.

1. Prepac Yaletown Tall Espresso Nightstand


Dimension: 16L x 23W x 28H inches
Available in both one and two drawer variants, the Yaletown is a minimalistic bedroom nightstand which can be a perfect addition to your bedroom with its elegant looking espresso color. It’s designed with solid wood legs to further add to its sophisticated design, not to mention you can rely on it when it comes to durability.


  • Small and simple
  • Comes in either single or double drawer versions


  • The wood tends to chip if hit with something sharp
  • The base legs are thin

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2. Winsome Wood Antique Walnut Accent Table


Dimension: 15.98L x 22.05W x 25H inches
This product from Winsome Wood painted in antique walnut is built with a single drawer and comes with a wide space below. It’s truly perfect for modernly designed houses due to its sophisticated appearance. It has a walnut finish to give off that antique vibe and is constructed from solid and composite wood to make it last for years.


  • You can utilize the bottom part of the nightstand
  • Comes with a single drawer


  • The tabletop is a bit too wide and might cause injuries
  • Scratches may be obvious

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3. Winsome Wood Nightstand with Drawer and Cabinet


Dimension: 18.9L x 14.96W x 26H inches
White has always been considered the popular choice for most homeowners due to its flexibility in complementing well with any color. This nightstand from Winsome Wood is a good option to consider if you opt to pop your room with an array of colors.
Apart from its simple finish, it comes with a drawer and a cabinet for storing some important items you certainly don’t want to forget.


  • Comes with a single drawer and cabinet for more storage in your room
  • The white finish mixes well with any decoration


  • Less modern-looking and can’t blend in well with contemporary room designs
  • Easily gets dirty and stained

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4. Baxton Studio Stella Crystal Tufted Upholstered Modern Nightstand


Dimension: 20.5L x 16W x 23.75H inches
Having that mundane furniture can eventually be boring; hence, Baxton Studio has come up with a different nightstand design that is certainly in favor of those who opt for modern style.
The top material is made of metal and is covered with faux leather while the base is made of wood. In addition, its dual drawer cover makes the entire nightstand look fabulous with its gem-like accent.


  • A modern-looking style that suits well for contemporary room designs
  • Suitable mostly for youngsters


  • Can easily get dirty, stained, or marked with a pen
  • Faux leather tends to peel off over time

5. South Shore Versa 2-Drawer Ebony Nightstand


Dimension: 17.75L x 23W x 25.25H inches
Although modern designs are well-loved and popular among consumers, some people prefer to stick to antique-like colors and designs due to their nostalgic vibes.
This antique-like nightstand from South Shore would surely bring joy to those who prefer classic over contemporary designs. Furthermore, its double drawer design adds as a convincing way to purchase this product.


  • Simple, dark-colored nightstand which is less prone to staining and dirt
  • Matches well with less modern-looking rooms


  • Doesn’t suit contemporary rooms
  • Can be difficult to match with other decorations

6. Prepac Sonoma Tall 2-Drawer Nightstand


Dimension: 16L x 23.25W x 28H inches
Maximizing the overall design of your nightstand can be very important, especially when you’re someone who often forgets where you placed your essentials like car keys, wallet, etc. With Prepac’s Sonoma nightstand, you can easily keep your things on the hollow space just above the drawer.

Additionally, it’s two-drawer design helps you put other necessary items you don’t want to lose or eventually forget.


  • It has 3 different compartments: two drivers and one small, hollow space where you can immediately place your essentials
  • Stains won’t be obvious due to its color


  • Scratches, dents, and dirt are pretty much obvious
  • The design is too simple; not suitable for those who want a little bit accent on their nightstand

7. Glory Furniture Hammond Luxury Bedroom Nightstand


Dimension: 24L x 18W x 26H inches
This nightstand from Glory Furniture’s Hammond Collection comes with three different drawers for maximum storage. Due to its beige color, it will most definitely complement any decor you want to match it with.

The handles are made of nickel to avoid tarnishing and to make it look pristine despite its frequent usage. It also comes fully assembled, so you shouldn’t worry about the assembly at all.


  • Comes with three drawers with nickel handles for durability
  • The beige color helps complement any decor placed on top


  • The leg might not handle the overall weight of the nightstand if heavy items are placed inside the drawers
  • Stains are obvious

8. Birlanny Nightstand from Signature Design by Ashley


Dimension: 28L x 17.1W x 28.1H inches
This luxurious looking nightstand is a head-turner masterpiece from Signature Design by Ashley. The carved moldings, silver finish, and metallic handles paired with faux crystals make the overall product look royally grandiose.

Apart from its jaw-dropping design, the nightstand comes with two drawers designed with luxurious moldings. Assembling is required, though you shouldn’t worry that much as it comes with easy-to-follow instructions, tools, and hardware included in the package.


  • It comes with a royalty vibe, making it look elegant and classy
  • The overall concept is unique but still easily usable


  • Dust will get inside the moldings eventually, making it difficult to clean
  • Can’t be easily matched with any décor

9. eHomeProducts Light Walnut/White Side End Table Nightstand with Drawer


Dimension: 19L x 16W x 22.5H inches
Not all rooms are built with contemporary concepts or are spacious enough to accommodate bulky looking nightstands. Moreover, there are people with a limited spaced room who merely want a simple nightstand.

To cater to this request, eHomeProducts have created this light walnut nightstand. Simple yet fully functional, this simple-looking nightstand has a drawer painted in white for anyone not to miss the aforementioned out.


  • It has a simple concept suitable for rooms without much decor
  • The light walnut color and its white drawer helps in making the overall product look attractive


  • The legs are too thin, making it look less sturdy
  • Not really suitable for people who are fond of adding accessories to their furniture

10. Lifewit White Nightstand


Dimension: 21.7L x 11.8W x 18.9H inches
Tired of those common and plain-looking nightstands? Perhaps this product from Lifewit might pique your interest and prompt you to buy one for your room. The nightstand comes with 4 fabric drawers, each designed asymmetrically for a cutesy and artistic concept.

The fabric drawers are paired with a wooden circular handle. Though the nightstand may look small, it can surely hold enough decors to make your room transform into something presentable and cute.


  • It has 4 drawers which allow you to maximize your nightstand
  • The stand has a cute and simple design, making it less difficult to pair with decors


  • Can be too small for those with higher beds
  • The legs are a bit thin and less durable

11. SONGMICS White Nightstand Bedside Table


Dimension: 17.7L x 13.8W x 23.6H inches
This white, irregularly shaped nightstand from Songmics has a countryside feel that matches well with any decor. It is designed with a single drawer and a cabinet organizer for storage purposes.

The drawer and cabinet are complemented with a simple metallic handle – a perfect match so as not to overlap with its overall design.


  • It has a cabinet to store bigger items
  • Spacious looking design


  • The irregularly shaped borders may cost extra space
  • It’s prone to easy staining, markers, and dirt

12. Prepac Black Sonoma 2 Drawer Nightstand


Dimension: 16L x 23.25W x 21.75H inches
This simple and sophisticated looking nightstand adds a little bit of modern accent to your bedroom. Additionally, its black finish makes the overall design less difficult to match it with particular decors.

It comes in two drawers with a simple round metallic handle that pairs very well with each other.


  • Wide and can accommodate several items in a single drawer
  • Perfect for contemporary houses


  • Needs bigger space due to its wide design
  • Dents and scratches are obvious due to its color

13. Go2buy Bedside Table Cabinets Nightstand


Dimension: 23.78L x 23.66W x 13.78H inches
Sometimes, a single nightstand is not enough for you. With Go2buy’s set of 2 nightstands, you won’t have to worry about positioning your nightstand to your left or right anymore.

It comes in white color which is perfect to brighten your room as well as decors that fit perfectly well with it. It comes with a single drawer and cabinet for storage.


  • It comes in a set of 2; can be placed on your left and right
  • Sturdy leg


  • Consumes a lot of space due to its wide design
  • Not suitable for small spaced rooms

14. Furinno Andrey Nightstand


Dimension: 15.75L x 15.75W x 17.5H inches
Interestingly, this nightstand from Furinno positions its drawer in the middle, making the overall concept uniquely interesting. It’s made of wood and non-woven fabric, deviating itself from the usual wood finish.

It is convenient in small spaced rooms and is sold at a cheaper rate, making it more affordable to the customers. On the other hand, it also has a detachable drawer which is made of non-woven fabric for storing items.


  • The rounded corners reduce the risks of injury
  • It doesn’t require much space


  • The non-woven fabric can be difficult to clean
  • Can be too small for some buyers

15. Sauder Shoal Creek Night Stand


Dimension: 20.87L x 17.48W x 24.06H inches
This nightstand from Sauder has an oiled oak finish for buyers who wish to have a lock on their drawer. This allows them to safely store some of their valuables whenever they’re not around or if they’re fast asleep.

An open shelf is also available below the drawer if you want to place other stuff like books, food, etc. within reach. Assembly may be required, but it’s relatively an easy process.


  • It has a T-lock assembly system on its drawer for security
  • A 5-year warranty is allocated for buyers


  • Assembly is required which can be a hassle for buyers
  • Not suitable for rooms with contemporary design

16. Casual Home Night Owl Nightstand with USB Ports


Dimension: 17.5L x 14.2W x 24.5H inches
This nightstand from Casual Home may look entirely simple, but many would surely enjoy this furniture due to the addition of USB ports on top. It’s definitely a must-have if you don’t want to get out of bed just to charge your phone or other handheld devices.


  • It comes with 4 USB ports which are convenient for charging different devices
  • Comes with one drawer and storage space right below the drawer for placing items


  • The legs are quite thin and look less sturdy
  • Chips and scratches can be quite visible

17. Prepac Sonoma Tall 1-Drawer Nightstand


Dimension: 16L x 23W x 27.75H inches
A simple and elegant-looking nightstand in black paired with a classy lampshade can be very cozy to look at. This nightstand from Prepac will surely make your relaxing imagination turn to reality.

You don’t have to worry about your things since the nightstand also comes with a drawer that has a simple round metallic handle and a storage space below which is enough to put bigger stuff like your books and more.


  • Perfect for contemporary rooms
  • Simple but elegant; can be paired with any decor


  • The corners might cause injuries
  • Scratches may be obvious due to its dark shade

18. Nathan James Myles Nightstand Marble Side Table


Dimension: 16L x 16W x 22H inches
Whoever said that nightstands are only made of wood has never seen this modern contemporary product from Nathan James. Built with elegant marble top and geometric base, this may be your best nightstand yet – that’s if you’re into modern contemporary style.


  • The top comes in marble – a unique concept that will surely be loved by those who’re into modern contemporary styles
  • The base also has a unique concept which deviates itself from other nightstands you normally encounter


  • The marble is prone to breakage when smashed with a hard object
  • The base, which is made of metal, may be bent if hit hard

19. Lifewit Small 2-Tier Side Table


Dimension: 15.75L x 19.69W x 15.75H inches
Simple and space-convenient, this one is seen as among the best nightstands for minimalists who don’t want to see any other accessories in a nightstand. It has an open storage shelf function for buyers to easily place their existing decors or other necessary items.


  • Its simplicity can go well with contemporary, classic, or countryside style
  • Convenient for small spaced rooms


  • No concealed storage functions
  • The steel may bend if hit with great impact

20. Mainstays 1-Drawer Nightstand/End Table


Dimension: 24.125H x 17.6875W x 15.625D inches
Though built with simplicity in mind, this nightstand from Ameriwood serves as a convenient addition to your bedroom and complements very well with any existing decor. In addition, it also serves as additional storage with its single drawer and bottom storage.

This product is made of wood and can hold items up to 50 pounds.


  • Simple yet flexible in terms of holding existing decors
  • Comes with a free cleaning cloth


  • Can only hold up to 50 pounds
  • Scratches are visible due to its dark color

21. Sauder Pogo Nightstand


Dimension: 23.47L x 18.23W x 25.98H inches
For a youthful cottage style, this Pogo collection from Sauder may be your best choice. It’s an all-white nightstand which includes a handle in the drawer plus bottom storage with corners that protrude from its usual Dimension, making it unique from other sellable nightstands in the market.


  • Simple but comes with a design that perfectly fits the youth
  • It has a solid wood knob which doesn’t really deviate its color from the entire finish


  • The storage bin in the bottom with protruded corners may cause injuries
  • Since it’s made of wood, it’s highly prone to chipping

22. eHomeProducts White/Dark Oak Side End Table Nightstand with Drawer and Shelf


Dimension: 18L x 16W x 24H inches
This flexible mid-century style nightstand comes in a neat and practical style that perfectly fits any room. The oversized tabletop painted in white serves as an accessory that makes its overall look different from other products.

The base, on the other hand, is painted in brown – a contradicting shade which still ends up beautiful when paired with each other.


  • The tabletop has a drawer where you can place your things
  • Practical for small spaced rooms


  • The leg is too thin which makes it prone to easy breakage
  • The wood is also prone to chipping

23. mDesign Vertical Dresser Storage Tower


Dimension: 11.75L x 17.75W x 21.25H
This vertical dresser storage tower from mDesign is a lightweight product with two detachable drawers, making it a very versatile nightstand perfect for anyone. The detachable drawers are made of non-woven fabric which is definitely useful in organizing things.


  • It’s lightweight and space-saving, making the room less congested
  • Can easily be carried around places


  • Drawers made of fabric can be difficult to clean

24. Bolanburg One Drawer Night Table from Signature Design by Ashley


Dimension: 25.25L x 18.25W x 29.5H inches
Going against the trend of settling with modern contemporary style isn’t a bad thing. In fact, there are still companies who are willing to stick to vintage styles just like Signature Design by Ashley.

For some, it may look mundane and out of style, but if you’re into classics, this product may be one of the best nightstands for you. Of course, this product doesn’t completely deviate itself from the modern style since it’s built with electrical outlets and USB ports.


  • It comes with built-in electrical outlets and USB ports for easy charging
  • Features plenty of rooms to keep your things, especially your daily essentials


  • Stains and permanent marks are visible in its light-colored finish
  • It’s prone to easy chipping since it’s made of wood

25. Design 59 Mid-Century Modern Acacia Hardwood Nightstand


Dimension: 18L x 18W x 22H inches
Assembling your own nightstand can be quite a hassle, especially when you lack the tools in completing the entire product. With this nightstand from Design 59, assembling is no longer a problem since it doesn’t require you to have tools at all.


  • No tools required
  • Quick and easy installation


  • Durability is questionable
  • Prone to chips since it’s made of wood

26. Elegant Home Fashions Dawson Collection Shelved Floor Cabinet


Dimension: 11.3L x 15W x 28H inches
This triple-shelved floor nightstand from Elegant Home Fashions is a must-have for every buyer who wishes to have some extra storage in their room. With two open shelves below the drawer, it can be a piece of heaven for some since it allows them to organize their things just right their bedside.


  • Features more than enough space to store things like books, stuff toys, etc.
  • It comes with a single drawer to let you safely put your things inside


  • It can be too tall for some buyers, especially when placed beside the bed
  • The corners are quite sharp, which is prone to injuries

27. STNDRD. Mid-Century Modern End Table


Dimension: Approximately 19.7 inches
Enough with the common rectangular or square shaped nightstands and go for something different this time. This nightstand from STNDRD. has defied the normal and went to a different style in the form of a circle.

It may be quite unusual and awkward at first, but after a bit of getting used to, you’ll start to realize how beautiful it looks in your room.


  • Less space is required
  • Perfect for small spaced rooms


  • Limited storage space
  • Leg part is prone to chips

28. Zinus Dane Modern Studio Collection Nightstand


Dimension: 20L x 20W x 20H inches
This nightstand with an equally distributed Dimension is seen as one of the best nightstands for those who want a simple yet sophisticated looking furniture. Made of steel tubing, it’s claimed to be sturdy enough to withstand wear and tear for a long period. It’s also designed for maximum functionality with its additional lower shelf.


  • It comes with a one-year warranty upon purchase
  • Perfect for small spaced rooms


  • Its steel material may be bent or broken when hit with great impact
  • Tabletop is dubiously sturdy enough to withstand heavy decors

29. Sauder Shoal Creek Nightstan


Dimension: 20.87L x 17.48W x 24.06H in
With several nightstands displayed online or in physicals stores, it’s impossible not to lay your eyes on this certain nightstand from Sauder. Featuring a diamond ash finish, you can easily place this inside your room without worrying about the space since it can flawlessly fit just about any space.


  • Fits well with small-spaced rooms
  • Features a drawer with easy-glide metal runners


  • Its sharp corners may cause injuries
  • The base may not be that sturdy

30. Giantex Wooden Nightstand


Dimension: 15.6L x 11.8 W x 24.6H in
This nightstand gives off a countryside vibe that would surely make you want to have it in your room if you’re into such style. If that’s the case, this may just be one of the best nightstands for you since it has a single drawer and two storage compartments where you can place your things easily.

In addition, it comes with two baskets for you to easily organize your things without worrying about them getting lost.


  • It comes with two baskets which are perfect for organizing your things
  • Its white color gives an additional countryside feels


  • The white coat is highly prone to visible stain and permanent ink marks
  • The sharp edges might cause injuries

II. Nightstands Buyer’s Guide

Thinking about jumping off the bed just to turn off the lights while you’re already lying comfortably on your bed can be tiring and exasperating. Therefore, having a lamp right beside your bed is the ideal solution to this dilemma. In order for you to have a lampshade beside your bed, you’ll need to have the perfect nightstand in your room.

Here are the things you have to consider when choosing from nightstands in the market:

  1. Take the right measurements

There are surely a lot of nightstands in the market. Everything you see can be tempting, especially those that fit your style perfectly well. However, it’s always best to get the proper measurements of your allocated space for your nightstand before purchasing one. This way, you can make sure that the one you purchase will perfectly fit whatever limited space you might have.

It’s also important to measure the height of your nightstand from the mattress down to the floor. Its ideal height must be on par with the bed or not taller than the mattress by six inches.

  1. Always consider the style

You should always take into consideration your aesthetic preferences when you buy a nightstand. Make sure to look for a nightstand that can complement the interior design of your room. Also, consider its functionality.

If you’re into books and magazines, find a nightstand that allows you to place them without any hassle. Drawers are useful in placing your important items such as your car keys, wallet, cellular phones, etc.

Some nightstands have a built-in cabinet which is perfect for storing your snacks or whatever stuff you want without leaving your bed when you need it later on.

  1. Decide on how many nightstands you need

If you’re alone on your bed, it’s best to buy only one nightstand. However, if you’re sharing a bed with someone, you might want to buy two instead. A nightstand is like a locker that allows you to put your things as you prepare yourself to sleep.

Sharing it with someone can be a hassle on your part since they’ll be invading your personal space – worse, accidentally bring some of your things without even noticing it. Therefore, it’s a good idea to always allocate one nightstand per person.

  1. Stick to durable products

With tons of products sold online and in stores, it’s somehow disappointing to know that only a fraction of them can be considered as the best nightstands. This makes it difficult and challenging to determine which product you want to buy.

To help you with that, make sure to always check for reviews online and the credibility of the company that’s selling the said furniture. As much as possible, try to do research regarding a nightstand’s materials and read reviews from customers to find out if it’s durable or not.

  1. Decide which nightstand style you want

Nightstands sold in the market come in various designs and colors. It can be quite confusing and tricky to buy one, especially when you’re already too overly amused by the displays in the store. The first thing you need to put into your mind is the motif you have in your house.

There are various concepts practiced in every house: contemporary, traditional, countryside, etc. Choosing a nightstand that contradicts with your house’s motif will destroy the overall theme of your beloved abode.

Therefore, make sure to categorize each design properly and eliminate those that don’t match with your house at all. Contemporary designs are often designed minimally with smooth and clean lines. No unnecessary accents are added on the nightstand for it to match with the minimalism of the house.

Traditional designs, on the other hand, are fond of decorative accents – though not overwhelming – like moldings and carved edges. Most of the traditional designs are coated with wood-like shades, mostly darker tones.

Countryside designs are more casual, relaxed, and charming with light to medium finishes. Most, if not, all of the nightstands with this design are made of wood.

III. Conclusion

Just like the kitchen, the bedroom is an essential part of the house since it’s where you get to have your personal space. It’s also where you relax without anyone invading your privacy.

Having your own bedroom can be quite an advantage since it gives you the privilege to choose the furniture you want to have in your room, especially the nightstand. With a nightstand, you can organize your things and place important items such as your alarm clock, cellular phone, etc.

There are several nightstands sold online and in physical stores, but it’s always best to consider certain factors before buying one for yourself. Firstly, consider the measurement of your allocated space and the nightstand, the style that suits your room, and a nightstand’s durability.

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