The Best Robot Vacuums for Cleaning Carpets


Robot vacuum cleaners have come a long way in recent years and there’s a model to suit all tastes and budgets.

Clearly, the key selling point of all robots is making your life much, much easier by automating those tedious household tasks.

The issue with robot vacuums over the years has been a disappointing navigation experience combined with often underwhelming suction. Fortunately, those days are history.

It’s now perfectly possible to get a highly intelligent robot vac that will deliver all the suction you need fort carpets along with outstanding filtration and finished results that will have you kicking yourself for not investing sooner.

The vast bulk of robotic vacuums today are self-charging so they’ll hustle back to the base station as soon as they need a boost. Runtime generally comes in around the 2-hour mark with the better models. This should give you more than enough leeway to get all the cleaning done even in a large house. If the robot needs a charge mid-flow, cleaning will resume exactly where it left off.

Today, we’ve whittle down the swelling number of models in this competitive market segment and brought you just 7 of the strongest bets if you have carpet that needs cleaning to the highest standard without breaking a sweat.

We’ll finish up today with the usual selection of pointers intended to streamline your buying decision every step of the way.

Now then, we’ll dive straight down into our cross-section of the most powerful robot vacs for cleaning carpet.

Top 7 Best Robot Vacuum for Carpet

1. Our Pick: iRobot Roomba 980 Robot Vacuum


Our overall pick and favorite robotic vacuum by some distance is the 980 iteration of iRobot’s classic Roomba.

Many robovacs only work effectively on hard flooring. The 980 is not one of them. While you can expect a spotless finish if you do have wooden floors in place, the robot also works incredibly hard to buff up carpets so you won’t need to manually clean up behind your robot.

The HEPA-rated filtration sees off even the tiniest of airborne contaminants so the air you breathe is clear and clean. This type of filter is tailor-made if anyone in your household suffers from allergies or asthma.

Dirt detect technology in place ensures your flooring gets as thorough attention as if you called in a maid service. The only difference is, you won’t be faced with a stiff monthly bill for your cleaning.

Compatible with Alexa assuming you have an Echo smart speaker in place, you’ll be able to readily control your robotic vacuum using nothing but voice commands. You can also use Google Assistant if you have a Home device in place.

Navigation is first-rate and runtime is robust at a full 2 hours.

For a highly effective multi-surface robot vacuum, the Roomba 980 deserves a place on any shortlist.

2. Runner-Up: Ecovacs Deebot 711 Robot Vacuum Cleaner


A close runner-up, the mighty Ecovacs Deebot comes in at a highly attractive price-point while hitting all major points in a chassis built to stay the distance.

Smart Navi mapping has been retooled so Deebot is now even more nimble at making its way around your home.

Deebot will respond to voice commands from either Google Assistant or Alexa as long as you’ve got the requisite smart speaker in place.

Runtime is impressive at 110 minutes. When your robot needs a charge, it will power down and hustle back to the base removing any guesswork from the equation.

If you’ve got carpeting with particularly tough or ingrained stains, activate Max Power mode and you’ll get an added burst of oomph. You can also initiate spot cleaning and edge mode to get a finish rivalling maid service with no effort on your part.

The triple-staged cleaning system ensures that the carpets stay spotless while all contaminants and pathogens are sucked from the air and remain inside the vacuum rather than being belched back out into the atmosphere.

For a deep and thorough clean across mixed surfaces, this pocket-friendly robovac is worthy of your further investigation.

3. Best For High-Pile Carpet or Thick Carpet: Neato Robotics D7 Smart Robot Vacuum


A compact yet highly powerful ally in the fight against the mundanity of household cleaning, the Neato Robotics D7 is a modern classic.

With class-leading laser mapping, D7 darts readily around more complex homes without coming unstuck. Cleaning takes place in efficient straight lines rather than the randomized pattern you’ll get with many robotic vacuums. You can easily demarcate no-go zones and any high-traffic areas that demand a little more cleaning.

With runtime falling just short of 2 hours, you should have more than enough juice to clean even a larger home in a single sitting.

Working well on both carpets and bare floors, the D7 also makes a capable weapon against the men ace of pet hair and dander. The robot also serves to scour even high pile carpets, an area where many robotic vacuums fall short of the mark.

If you thought a robot vacuum did half a job then required you to break out the manual vacuum cleaner, you might rethink that when you see D7 in action. You’ll get an impeccable clean throughout the house without needing to lift a finger.

You can even store up to 3 floor plans in the onboard memory so you can easily take D7 to your vacation home and get started with clean-up right away.

4. Budget Pick – Works Well with Medium-Pile Carpet: eufy RoboVac


If your carpeting tends more toward medium-pile, our suggestion is the eufy RoboVac.

Redesigned to be the slimmest and most compact robotic vacuum, you won’t dip out on power as suction has also been increased.

At 100 minutes of non-stop runtime, the RoboVac limps slightly behind the competition. That said, you should still have more than enough juice to power through all the cleaning in a large home first time round.

The tempered glass top is treated so it won’t pick up too many dents and dings as your robot makes its way around your home with ease.

3 brushes work powerfully together for deep cleaning every time. All dust and debris is vigorously loosened before being sucked away from sight at the rate of 1300Pa of suction.

Filtration is equally commendable. There’s a high-performance filter sitting alongside a double-layered medium that ensures your air remains as clean as your flooring. RoboVac will buff up wooden floors wonderfully while also working particularly well on medium-pile carpeting.

Modes vary from fully automated to spot cleaning, edge cleaning or a 30-minute volley of cleaning depending on your needs.

If you’re looking for a robotic vacuum on a budget, we can’t recommend this poky little model strongly enough.

5. Upgrade Pick: iRobot Roomba i7+ Robot Vacuum


The second of a trio of Roombas we investigated, the i7+ is ideal if you’ve got deep pockets and exacting tastes.

iAdapt Navigation, now into its third iteration, just keeps getting stronger. Your Roomba will skillfully navigate the whole floor of your home without running into obstacles or taking a tumble.

Uprated suction gives you all the firepower you need even if you have deeper pile carpets stuffed with pet hair and dander. Not only will you get all the larger debris easily sucked away, the high-efficiency filter sees off the tiniest particles and pathogens, too.

A pair of rubber brushes are designed to respond well whether they’re in contact with hard flooring or carpets so you’ve got all bases covered.

You can take charge in-app or using your favorite digital assistant. In order to use Alexa, you’ll need an Echo device or similar.

The finishing touch and differentiator with i7+ is the way it will even empty the dustbin for you completing the whole cleaning job from gun to tape with no input or effort required on your part.

If you’re looking for the cheapest robotic vacuum, i7+ is not for you. If, on the other hand, you want your home spotless with the minimum of fanfare, this might be the smartest investment you make all year.

6. iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum


If you’re looking to buy into that Roomba heritage without dropping a fortune, we’d suggest checking out the 960 which comes very keenly priced considering the performance.

With a highly efficient filter perfect for dealing with the hair, mites and dander kicked up from pets in the home, the 960 leaves the air as clean as the flooring. This potent filtration is a particular winner if you suffer from any kind of sensitivities or allergies.

This robot can flick seamlessly from all types of carpet to bare flooring with consummate ease. Powerful suction agitates and removes even ingrained grime from deeper carpets while the intelligent onboard navigation means you’ll get more done with less time wasted.

Programming and scheduling your vac in-app is a cinch and you can use either Google Assistant or Alexa as long as you have a smart speaker in the house.

The robot makes its way promptly back to the base station when it needs a boost and then continues cleaning where it left off if proceedings cut out mid-session.

While you can’t expect the bells and whistles you’ll find at the upper end of the Roomba range, you’ll get a highly capable robot vacuum perfect for carpets or hard floors at a price you’ll love.

7. Samsung PowerBOT R7040 Robot Vacuum


Last but certainly not least, we’ve got another remarkably affordable robotic vacuum from the mighty Samsung.

Onboard cameras work alongside highly sensitive sensors allowing this compact little unit to surge on with cleaning duties without taking a wrong step.

If you’re concerned about the ability of robots to impart those valuable finishing touches, you’ll appreciate the edge-cleaning mode giving you great attention to detail.

Automatic recharging is another nice bonus at this price-point. This removes one more thing for you to worry about and allows you to automate cleaning almost completely.

Thanks to the CycloneForce tech on board, you’ll get maximum suction with very little chance indeed of any clogging.

Rubber brushes are designed to deal well with all varieties of carpeting from thin material through to much deeper pile. You’ll also achieve superb results if you’re looking to blitz your wooden or tiled flooring.

For a punchy and multi-purpose robotic vacuum from a brand you can trust, the Samsung PowerBOT is a stealthy dark horse in the field well worth your time.


With our reviews wrapped, it’s time to round out with some handy hints as usual.

While buying a robotic vacuum for carpet is straightforward, there are nevertheless a few factors you should bear in mind on the buying trail…

Key Features You Should Look for in a Robotic Vacuum for Carpet


We’ll walk you through these specific areas which you should pay close attention to so you get the most suitable robovac for your requirements:

  • Think About the Type of Carpeting
  • Consider Runtime on Carpeting
  • Can the Vacuum Clean Hard Floors, Too?
  • Power
  • Design
  • Navigation

Think About the Type of Carpeting

Carpet is classified by how deep it is and expressed in these terms:

  • Low-pile
  • Medium-pile
  • Deep-pile

The pile of the carpet is the interwoven fabric which is short in the case of low-pile carpet and much longer when the pile is termed deep.

As a rule, with low-pile carpet, most robotic vacuums will work well. Dirt has very few hiding places and you won’t require too much by the way of suction.

When your carpet is thicker, grime can work its way into the longer fabric so you’ll need a robotic vacuum cut out to deal with this. You’ll need to place more of a focus on suction power so you get the spring cleaning results you need without needing to break out the handheld.

We’d draw your attention specifically to the iRobot Roomba 980 if you’re looking to deal with deeper pile carpeting. This is our overall winner for a number of reasons, performance on thick carpet being one of them.

Consider Runtime on Carpeting

While it’s all well and good to check the average runtime of the vac, you should think about this specifically on carpet.

Most cord-free vacuums will consume much more energy when they’re working on the more demanding application of carpeting so you should reduce claims from manufacturers accordingly to avoid disappointment.

That said, all the models we reviewed here are more than capable of cleaning a large home in a single setting so the days of shocking 30-minute runtimes are firmly in the rear-vision mirror these days.

Can the Vacuum Clean Hard Floors, Too?

Given that the majority of homes today come with mixed flooring, it’s worthwhile making certain the robot vacuum you have in mind has the ability to deal with bare floors, too.

Whether you’ve got wooden floors, tiles, marble or lino, the average robovac should serve a turn here or you’ll end up needing to grab the vacuum.

Of course, if you have nothing but carpets throughout your home, feel free to focus purely on the results you need. Personalizing your decision is key.


Any robotic vacuum rated below 1000Pa will struggle badly on carpeting.

High-pile carpets call for suction of 1500Pa or higher so make sure the model you have in mind can cope if your home is bristling with deeper carpets.

Look out also for vacuums with a pair of power modes. This helps to conserve battery life without compromising performance. Get the power you need on tap when you need it and run in more economical mode when it suits.


While buying a robotic vacuum is always a case of function being prioritized over form, you should nevertheless make sure you angle for a low-slung robovac. This will make it much easier for the unit to work its way under furniture without running into any trouble.


Carpets need to be treated carefully if you don’t want all the threads pulled. Make certain the brush on the robotic vacuum you’re looking at is designed to deliver the power you need without using too rough a touch that will ruin your carpet.

You should also look closely at the brush if you’re a pet owner. Hair can so easily get tangled in a regular vacuum that you’re well advised to shoot for one of the models expressly designed to deal with the ravages of pet hair.

When you’re clear about your needs, it’s a delicate balancing act between making sure you have sufficient power in place without damaging your carpets in pursuit of cleanliness.


Robotic vacuums have advanced tremendously in terms of navigation and this is central to overall cleaning results. After all, you don’t want your robot missing spots and you don’t want it wasting time cleaning the same spot again and again either.

Look for a vacuum with a reputation for handling uneven terrain and obstacles without getting snarled up. The whole purpose of using a robotic vacuum is that you shouldn’t need this to be an active experience. If you end up perpetually pulling your appliance out of trouble, it defeats the very object fo buying one in the first place.


Well, we trust you’ve found a handful of robotic vacuums for cleaning carpets among our curated selection. We try to deliver something for all tastes and budgets here at the PrinceLA.

If your only experience of robotic vacuums was the limp models of 10 years back, you should seriously reconsider your position. Today, these highly efficient automated cleaners give you the next best thing to a weekly maid service without the stiff ongoing bill.

Don’t forget to bookmark our site as your go-to resource for all things home and garden-related. As always, we’re hard at work producing more guides to simplify your buying journey and ensure you get the most effective product for your needs with the least effort.

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