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The Best Robot Vacuum for Hardwood Floors


Vacuuming is a time-consuming, tedious and tireless task.

How can you get around this without hiring in a maid service?

A robotic vacuum is the obvious solution.

What happens when you have hardwood floors throughout your home, though?

Luckily, as hardwood floors become increasingly popular, manufacturers picked up on customer need for a robotic vacuum that would clean this flooring without scratching the surface and spoiling the look.

You need to avoid vacuums with beater bars on hard flooring or you run the risk of your wood getting scuffed. Rubberized brushes are more than enough for this type of flooring when combined with adequate suction.

Rushing in without taking the time to plan your needs could result in two things…

A potentially wasted purchase of an inappropriate robot vacuum and flooring damaged to the extent it needs replacement.

It doesn’t need to be that way, though.

Many vacuums we look at today are great for cleaning mixed surfaces so you’re in safe hands. What you principally want to avoid is anything marketed specifically at cleaning deeper pile carpets since this type of vacuum would deliver far too rough a clean to hardwood floors.

We’re going to launch in now without further ado and give you an honest overview of 6 of the best robotic vacuums for wooden floors…

I. Top 6 Best Robot Vacuums for Hardwood Floors

1. eufy RoboVac 15C


When you’re looking for a robot vacuum for hardwood floors, you’ve perhaps got an easier job than when you’re after a unit to cope with carpet. While RoboVac will work with carpets up to medium pile, it also comes fully to the fore with hard flooring.

With a trio of brushes and a triple-point cleaning system, dirt is loosened, extracted and sucked up without you needing to lift a finger.

Suction is rated at 1300Pa in this uprated version of the outgoing model so you’ll be able to see off any dust and debris as your robovac trundles around the house.

How much can it clean, though?

The battery will give you enough oomph for around 100 minutes using Standard Mode. On the more powerful Max Mode, cleaning time is limited to 40 minutes.

Alongside these modes, you’ll also be focus on spot cleaning or edge cleaning. Another nifty mode serves up a 30-minute quick clean or you could switch to total Auto mode.

Filtration is outstanding and makes sure the air in your home is as spotless as your flooring. You’ll get a dual-layer filter along with a high-efficiency filter so you can see off particles large and small.

An array of 9 smarts sensors allows RoboVac to navigate safely without taking a tumble. The only thing we would point out is that, despite the low-slung profile, the 15C tends to get stuck from time to time.

RoboVac 15C might nestle at the bottom of the eufy range but this is a deceptively capable robot vacuum tailor made for buffing up hard floors so don’t overlook it because of the bargain-basement price.

Things We Like

  • New generation features slimmed-down design and enhanced suction
  • Reasonable 100 minutes of runtime
  • Seamless navigation for a cheaper robot vacuum

Things We Dislike

  • Some issues with the unit getting bogged down at times

2. iRobot Roomba 980 Robot Vacuum


iRobot’s Roomba line is broad and deep but is the pricey 980 worth the stiff price tag?

Roomba app makes controlling your robot a cinch. If you invest in an Echo device, you can also take charge using nothing but voice commands. Schedule cleaning in-app and monitor your cleaning activity with ease. The app also provides you with all updates as they arrive.

With smart navigation, once your robotic helper leaves the docking station, it will move seamlessly around even larger and more complex homes.

Cleaning is thorough with advanced dirt detection analyzing which high traffic areas demand a little extra attention.

The power lifting suction gives you all the grunt you need to eliminate all debris across all surfaces. You’ll get adequate firepower for carpets along with the delicacy you need for scouring hard flooring without damaging them. The cleaning head adjusts automatically according to the surface. You’ll also get a pair of rubber brushes on Roomba that adjust and flex as the vacuum moves from surface to surface.

If you’ve got predominantly hardwood flooring in your home, you won’t need to dabble with settings. Roomba will clean in normal mode and only when it hits any carpeted areas will power boost automatically engage for maximum suction.

Runtime is outstanding. You can expect a full 2 hours of use at normal cleaning power which is more than enough to get all the vacuuming done in single sitting even in a larger home. Roomba will recharge automatically and then resume any interrupted cleaning cycle precisely where it left off.

Roomba 980 sits near the top of iRobot’s range with just cause. Get the next best thing to a maid service and consider Roomba an investment rather than an expense.

Things We Like

  • Use Alexa for hands-free control of your vacuuming
  • Impressive 2-hour runtime
  • iAdapt 2.0 navigation makes for brisk, efficient cleaning

Things We Dislike

  • Some issues with losing its place when cleaning

3. ECOVACS Deebot 711 Robotic Vacuum


Deebot 711 is a mid-priced robotic vacuum from ECOVACS but is it any good?

For years, robot vacuums were all brutally expensive but recently prices have come down to the extent you can get some really affordable models like Deebot.

Compact and low-slung, you can control your new toy using an app on your smartphone. You can take charge remotely even if you’re not at home.

If you invest in an Echo or Google Home smart speaker, you’ll be free to use your digital assistant of choice for voice control of your vacuuming.

Battery life is right up there with the class-leading robots at 110 minutes. This should give you more than enough leeway for all the cleaning in larger homes to 1100 square feet.

Filtration is top-notch and you’ll get rid of even the tiniest airborne pathogens from the air while the robot gets to work on the flooring. Deebot responds well to carpets and hardwood floors. You’ll get more than enough power for cleaning bare floors in normal cleaning mode. You’ll also benefit from spot cleaning and edge cleaning or you can hit pure auto mode and let Deebot do all the work for you.

Great mapping ensures that Deebot will pick its way faithfully around your home without getting stuck. This intelligent mapping also guarantees that clean-up is optimized and you won’t find your robot needlessly re-cleaning areas.

Crowned with a solid 1-year warranty and responsive customer care, we’d strongly recommend road testing Deebot 711 if you’re hunting for a robot vacuum for hardwood floors.

Things We Like

  • Expansive cleaning area of 1100 square feet
  • Both Alexa and Google Assistant supported for hands-free control
  • 110 minutes of runtime is great for larger homes

Things We Dislike

  • Only works on 110 volts

4. Shark ION Robot R75 (Works with Alexa)


When you’re looking for a cheap robot vacuum without deviating from the major manufacturers, Shark should be top of your list. A legend in the vacuum industry, this brand brings you first-class and Dyson-rivalling products at very keen prices so what else is right apart from the price?

A lean and clean design sees ION designed to slide effortlessly under furniture without getting snarled up. After all, it’s senseless offloading cleaning duties if you’re endlessly untangling your robotic helper.

Smart sensors make overall navigation a cinch for ION. Proximity sensors ensure your new home help won’t keep bumping into obstacles and you’ll be pleasantly impressed with the efficiency of the cleaning path.

The lithium-ion battery serves up a full hour of runtime then needs just 3 hours for a complete recharge. This should be more than enough for most regular cleaning needs.

Scheduling cleaning in-app is a cinch. A few users have grumbled about connectivity issues. This is difficult to assess but make sure you’ve got a robust home WiFi network if you want remote control and smart functionality. Throw in a Echo smart speaker and you can use your favorite digital assistant, Alexa, to take the helm hands-free.

The pair of spinning brushes perform in much the same way as any multi-surface vac. The brush head will self-adjust so you’ll get the best finish whether on carpeting or hard flooring.

Shark proves with the ION that you don’t need to spend a fortune to get a great robot vacuum for your wooden floors. Check one out and it’s highly unlikely you’ll be returning to vacuuming the manual way.

Things We Like

  • Unbeatable brand heritage at a price you’ll love
  • Quick-charge and long-life battery needs just 3 hours for a full charge
  • Add Echo device to control ION with voice commands

Things We Dislike

  • Questionable customer care

5. iRobot Roomba i7+ Robot Vacuum


If you’ve got deep pockets and demanding tastes, iRobot’s upscale Roomba i7+ delivers on all fronts but what makes it so good?

iRobot constantly innovate and product updates are available in-app as released. Navigation has been pushed to the limit on i7+ with the third iteration of iAdapt ensuring your robot scuttles reliably around your living room. You’ll marvel at the highly efficient way this nifty little appliance carves its way around your space and restores everything to its former glory. Smart mapping allows Roomba to remember the best way to clean each room, too.

A great selling point with this model is the way it empties the bin automatically. When you’re trying to automate tedious tasks, the more you can offload the better.

Triple-stage cleaning means that all debris is attacked right down to the tiniest airborne contaminants and all pet hair and dander. Filtration is effective with everything contained rather than belched back out into your room.

Control, as with all Roomba vacuums, is seamless. You can schedule cleaning using the intuitive app and oversee things from a distance even if you’re still working hard at the office. Fully Alexa-enabled, all you’ll need is an Echo smart speaker and you can get your cleaning done with a simple voice command.

If you’re looking for a cheap robotic vacuum, the Roomba i7+ is not for you. If, on the other hand, you’ve got expanses of bare flooring that you don’t fancy cleaning manually, this might be the smartest investment you make this year.

Things We Like

  • Self-emptying eliminating one more tiresome task from your cleaning duties
  • Uprated navigation for an even more bump-free experience
  • High-efficiency filter to get rid of even the tiniest particles perfect for asthma and allergy sufferers

Things We Dislike

  • Ruthlessly expensive so not the best fit for everyone

6. Neato Robotics D7 Robot Vacuum


Neato Robotics positions D7 somewhere in the upper mid-range of robotic vacuums. It’s not cheap but it’s not quite so steeply priced as the line-toppers. Is it any good for cleaning hardwood floors, though?

Perhaps the key selling point of D7 is the way the squared off robot can angle its way into even the tightest corners. This is something robotic vacuums have struggled with over the years and it’s refreshing to see this pain point addresses and solved by Neato Robotics.

Rather than adopting the randomized cleaning pattern used by so much of the competition, smart mapping allows D7 to clean in straight lines so you’ll get more done in less time even if you’re not at home at the time.

The battery delivers enough runtime for 2 hours of cleaning. This should be more than enough for large homes and means your robot shouldn’t need to recharge mid-clean.

You can punch in multiple floor plans and get creative with cleaning areas. Demarcate anywhere you don’t want D7 to head – near pet’s food bowls, for example – and set up zones you want to receive a little more cleaning effort.

And thinking of pets, if you’ve got animals in the house then D7 acquits itself admirably with pet hairs thanks to the supersized brush.

D7 is quite comfortable cleaning across all surfaces so whether you’ve got carpet or tile, laminate or hardwood floors, you’ll enjoy first-class results from corner to corner without needing to lift a finger.

Things We Like

  • Designed to clean tight into corners thanks to D-shape
  • Oversized brush deals with pet hair effectively
  • Create highly customized cleaning zones with no-go areas

Things We Dislike

  • A few reported issues with customer service


With our reviews put to bed, you should have a solid overview of the strongest robot vacuums up for grabs.

Now, we’ll walk you through how to buy one the easy way and then we’ll round out with a collection of the most frequently asked questions.

II. Key Features You Should Look For in a Robot Vacuum for Hardwood Floors


A robotic vacuum that’s cut out for cleaning hardwood floors might seem like a pretty routine buying decision.

In a sense, you’ve got 2 buying decisions, though. You need to think about all the factors involved in choosing a robot vacuum in general then you need to think about what, specifically, works well with hard floors. We’ve kept our core focus today on choosing a robot vacuum for hardwood floors but we’ll also be glancing at some core factors you need in a place with any robotic vacuum.

Focus on these elements and you’ll save yourself some time and effort while maximizing your chances of getting the most appropriate robovac…

  • Type of Hardwood Flooring
  • Suction
  • Navigation and Shape
  • Runtime
  • Connectivity and Smart Functionality
  • Price vs Performance

Type of Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors come in many variations.

Before launching in on the buying trail, look closely at what kind of flooring you have in place. If you’ve got an extremely expensive finish where any kind of scratching would ruin the aesthetic, steer clear of any vacuum with a motorized brush. If, on the other hand, you’ve got more solid and grooved hardwood, you’ll need to prioritize a robot vac with more firepower.

It’s crucial to spend time getting this part right as the type of flooring will dictate the models that will make the best fit.

Once you’re sure, think about suction…


The unfortunate problem with suction is that manufacturers don’t express this power rating in a universal form. This makes comparison awkward so what can you do?

As with all aspects of your buying endeavor, if you take the time to read through user reviews, you can generally establish common threads. If you see reports of poor suction performance cropping up frequently, avoid that vacuum.

You won’t need to worry about a beater brush when you’re looking to clean hardwood floors.

Navigation and Shape

The shape of your robotic will influence how well it can clean under furniture and right into the corners of your room. Let’s face it, it’s senseless having a robotic helper if only half the job gets done.

Navigation is the other key component in cleaning results to die for. With smart mapping and an intelligent system of cleaning, the best robovacs can blitz through their work with astonishing efficiency. Cheaper and more pedestrian models will clean in randomized patterns at a less than vigorous pace.

You’ll need to think about the complexity of your home when you’re looking into navigation. If you’ve got a small apartment with just a couple rooms, you’ll have very different needs to someone with a split-level home full of nooks and crannies.


The vast bulk of robotic vacuums will give you something like 2 hours of runtime on a single charge. This should give you ample scope to get all the cleaning done in even a reasonably large home without call for recharging.

There’s no right or wrong answer here but it’s key you check that the vacuum you’re looking at gives you sufficient life for your needs.

Connectivity and Smart Functionality

Many robotic vacuums allow you to take control in-app on your smart phone. For this, you’ll need a home WiFi network and you should ask yourself whether this is something you’ll use. Don’t be tempted to chase features like this if you won’t use them.

Most robotic vacuums now come enabled for voice control. For this, you’ll need to buy a smart speaker. Echo devices come with Alexa while Google Home is the home to Google Assistant.

If you want to add an extra layer to cleaning automation, look for a smart robotic vacuum.

Price vs Performance

When you’re looking at robot vacuums, you should examine more than just the bottom line.

It’s pointless getting a cheap robot if you end up needing to break out the vacuum afterward. Equally, it’s senseless overcommitting yourself and angling for the priciest smart robot you can find if you live in a tiny apartment.

Look at overall cleaning results and suitability for hardwood flooring and measure this against price to get a truly accurate idea of value.


You should now be clear on how to get a robotic vacuum cleaner for hardwood flooring the easy way. We’ll round out for today with some FAQs…


1) Do robotic vacuums actually work on hardwood floors?

Absolutely. You’ll find the combination of powerful suction and a brush or series of brushes will be more than enough to give all wooden flooring a thorough clean. Unlike in the days of old when you’d need to clean up after a robotic vacuum, results are now truly impressive.

2) What’s the problem buying a robotic vacuum with a beater bar or motorized brush?

A robovac with a beater bar will end up scraping and scratching your hardwood flooring. What works well on deep pile carpet delivers far too punishing an experience for delicate wooden surfaces. Motorized brushes can also wreak havoc on some finishes.

3) Why is runtime important with robotic vacuums?

You’ll simply need to make sure you’ve got enough battery life to get the cleaning you want done in a single sitting to make your life easier. This is not a complete deal-breaker since all decent robot vacuums are self-charging and then resume cleaning where they left off if interrupted. Also, most manufacturers supply batteries that meet this need head on so you shouldn’t run out of juice. All that counts here is making sure you’ve got enough cleaning time for your needs.

4) Can robotic vacuums clean up pet hair?

They certainly can. You should look at user reviews and also check whether the manufacturer flags the model you’re looking at as suitable for removing pet hair. Especially on hard flooring, pet hair has nowhere to get worked in so adequate suction and a tangle-free brush should see your home mercifully hair and dander-free.

5) Is filtration important?

It is. You should look for a multi-stage filter on a robot vacuum, ideally with a high-efficiency or HEPA medium. You’ll want all the larger household dust and debris confined within the dustbin. It’s equally important, though, to deal with those finer airborne particles that can still be breathed in. If anyone in your home suffers from asthma or any kind of allergy, filtration is doubly important.

V. Conclusion

Well, we hope you’ve got a great robotic vacuum cleaner in your sights now.

Take a little time to think about your flooring and which type of vacuum you should avoid and you’re halfway there. Focus on the areas we outline in our buying guide and let yourself be informed by our impartial reviews and you should have no problem keeping your wooden floors spotless without needing to break a sweat or lift a finger.

Don’t forget, bookmark our blog here at the PrinceLA for all your home and garden needs. We bring you nothing but the finest products and we’ll honestly outline their pros and cons. We’ll also always throw in some handy buying guidance so we can save you time and money.

Feel free to send us a message any time if there’s anything you’d like us to cover here at the PrinceLA.

Until then, we’re back in this kitchen this week with some more lip-smacking coffee coming your way so come back soon!

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