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The Best Robot Vacuums for Pet Hair


If you’re a pet owner, you’ll be acutely aware that cats and dogs leave a great deal of mess in their wake.

On one hand, you have the pet hair that seems to get absolutely everywhere. You also encounter a great deal of dander that you might not be able to see but you’ll be breathing in.

Beyond this, pets tend to cause a lot of mess and are prone to tipping over their food or creating a general nuisance.

The ideal solution to this problem if you don’t want to spend your life with a vacuum in your hand is to invest in the best robot vacuum for pet hair. You can get all your cleaning done when you’re out shopping then return home to a gleaming house, in some cases with the robovac even emptying itself out.

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Today, we’ve scythed through a cross-section of robotic vacuums to bring you the top 5 in a crowded market sector.

Before we highlight our favorite robovacs, why should you bother buying one in the first place?

I. Our Top 5 Picks: Robot Vacuums for Pet Hair

II. Why Should You Buy a Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair?


Cats and dogs shed hair constantly. If you try to keep up with them using a manual vacuum, you’re setting yourself up for failure. By the time you’ve finished cleaning, the floors and furniture will already be bristling with more hair.

If you invest in a robovac and schedule cleaning daily, you should always keep on top of the detritus left behind by your pets.

Here are the primary reasons why you should buy a robot vacuum for pet hair:

  • Complete Convenience
  • Clean as Often as You Want Without Lifting a Finger
  • Mixed Surface Cleaning in One Unit

Complete Convenience

There’s no doubt about it, convenience is the key selling point with any robotic vacuum. This is no different for pet owners.

While it’s natural to want a sparkling home, finding the time to clean can be problematic. If you’re cash-rich and time-poor, treating yourself to a robotic vacuum can free up some valuable downtime while keeping your floors spotless.

Whether you choose to oversee cleaning or schedule vacuuming when you’re out having fun, you won’t need to break a sweat with a robovac in the house.

Even if you choose to clean up after your android helper, you’ll get the lion’s share of the hair and dander cleaned up for you.

Clean as Often as You Want Without Lifting a Finger

Cleaning at least daily is a must for pet owners but who has the time or inclination for that?

Anyone savvy enough to invest in a robotic vacuum, that’s who!

Scheduling is down to you but since you won’t need to put in any physical effort at all, there’s no excuse not to work your robotic vacuum to the bone. It’ll never get tired and you can fight back constantly against the mess your pets make at home.

Mixed Surface Cleaning in One Unit

The majority of modern homes come with mixed flooring. Since many vacuums designed for carpets can damage hard flooring due to an aggressive brush roll, you could be forced into buying two vacuums.

Unless, that is, you buy a robovac designed to cope well with mixed flooring. The best models will adjust themselves automatically. You’ll get all the suction you need to deep clean carpets. Then, when your robot makes its way onto wooden flooring, you’ll get the suction dialed back so you don’t scratch and scrape your precious laminate.

Right, with that background sketched in, it’s time for the main event. We’ve broken down the leading benefits of the best robot vacuums for pet hair so dive in and see which makes most sense for you and your pets…

III. Top 5 Best Robot Vacuums for Pet Hair

1. Our #1 Pick iRobot Roomba 675


If you have pets at home, you’ll be well aware that the mess they generate is substantial. From hair and dander to the mess of spilled food, animals are rewarding but also hard work.

Until, that is, you invest in a great robotic vacuum. With up to 90 minutes of runtime from a single charge, get your large home cleaned without lifting a finger. Once Roomba needs recharging, it will automatically hustle back to the docking station.

You can schedule cleaning in-app or using voice commands so you can get all your cleaning done

The iRobot Home app is crisp and responsive. You can also use voice control with either Alexa or Google Assistant if you have an Echo Device or Google Home smart speaker.

Dual-surface brushes mean you’ll have the power to blitz your carpets while your robot will dial back the pace on hard flooring. Cleaning takes place with a triple-layered system so everything from tiny airborne particles to larger debris is safely wicked away inside.

A range of sensors allow your robovac to glide effortlessly around even complex spaces. From navigating objects without getting snarled up to sliding under furniture, Roomba is nimble.

Sensors play another role, too. Roomba will pick up on any areas that need a deeper clean and give them a little more attention.

This thoroughness and powerful suction means that all the hair, dander, and mess left behind by your beloved furballs is sucked neatly inside. For pet owners and anyone with a busy schedule and a large home to clean, the iRobot Roomba 675 is an absolute must.
Things We Like

  • Enjoy hands-free control if you have an Echo smart speaker or smart display
  • Works well on all surfaces with no need to manually adjust brushroll
  • Great suite of sensors enables intelligent and seamless navigation

Things We Dislike

  • Can scrape delicate wooden floors

2. Best Quiet Mode eufy BoostIQ Robovac


If you loathe the idea of noisy vacuums, the re-engineered eufy BoostIQ Robovac is quieter than it ever was while suction has increased. This powerful beast is also priced very keenly for a robotic vacuum so makes a great choice for anyone budget-sensitive.

With nudging 2 hours of battery life, this robotic helper should be able to deal with even sprawling homes in a single cleaning session.

eufy likens the noise generated when cleaning to the sound of a microwave running so you won’t be disturbing your family or the neighbors.

While robotic vacuums are purely functional appliances, it doesn’t hurt if they look as good as eufy. The tempered glass is scratch-proof and the unit is small and compact enough to slip easily under furniture so you get a deep clean every time.

Drop-sensing technology comes baked in so you won’t need to worry about the vacuum taking a tumble off the stairs. The oversized wheels allow your new best friend to roam easily.

The dirt container is generous enough you won’t need to be constantly emptying it. Capacity is 0.6L.

While this robovac is multi-surface, you won’t get great results on deeper pile carpets. For low or medium-pile carpeting and hardwood floors, you’ll enjoy a powerful yet restrained clean so you’ll get all the dirt removed but no damage left behind.

If you want a highly capable robotic vacuum from a reputable brand at a competitive price point, give some serious thought to the eufy BoostIQ Robovac.
Things We Like

  • Retooled model is slimmer and quieter than ever before
  • Cleans for up to 100 minutes delivering class-leading runtime
  • Neatly avoids obstacles and taking a tumble thanks to intelligent sensors onboard

Things We Dislike

  • A few complaints about build quality issues developing over time

3. Upgrade Pick iRobot Roomba i7+


For anyone with deep pockets and exacting tastes, iRobot’s upscale Roomba i7+ really is the next best thing to maid service.

If you insist on a truly hands-off approach to cleaning, you’ll get automation every step of the way. The i7+ will clean your whole house, return to the charging station automatically, and even empty itself. All y you need to do is… well, nothing!

Mapping is outstanding so your Roomba will dance nimbly around even if you have a complicated layout with lots of obstacles and drop hazards. This adaptive mapping will also help Roomba learn which rooms are cleaned when. You can build in no-go zones so you can prevent your robovac from molesting your pet’s food or your kids’ toys.

Suction is first-class and, once the dirt and debris is trapped by the HEPA filter, it stays safely inside the fully-sealed unit. Capturing 99.97% of even the tiniest airborne pathogens, you’ll breathe easily if you have allergies or sensitivities. This filtration is also ideal for pet owners. All the bothersome mess left behind by your beloved pets will be tackled head-on.

The triple-stage cleaning system gets right to work on even the most stubborn mess so you can get a deep clean every time with absolutely no effort.

Rubber brushes won’t leave you untangling masses of pet hair and they’re gentle enough not to scratch up your precious hard flooring.

If you don’t mind spending a little for the privilege, the iRobot Roomba i7+ is a strong contender for best robotic vacuum for pet hair.
Things We Like

  • Self-emptying vacuum so you don’t need to lift a finger
  • HEPA-filtration ideal for pet owners and anyone with allergies or asthma
  • Rubber brushes designed not to get tangled with pet hair

Things We Dislike

  • Certainly not the cheapest solution at your disposal

4. Roborock S5


The Roborock S5 is the perfect solution for pet owners with hardwood flooring. This nifty robotic cleaner vacuums while simultaneously mopping to deliver a glimmering finish to your bare floors.

In the interests of accuracy, it’s primarily as a vacuum that the S5 excels. Although fit for purpose, the mop doesn’t do a great job and it’s more of a novelty than true asset.

The smart navigation onboard allows the S5 to self-navigate even if you have a home with awkward areas and lots of clutter. You can set no-go zones and barriers in-app personalizing your cleaning environment.

Hitting 150 minutes of runtime, this gives Roborock S5 class-leading runtime. You should have more than enough power in reserve to get a large home cleaned without any physical effort on your part.

Despite robust vacuuming performance, the mop doesn’t quite live up to the hype. Nevertheless, it adds an extra layer to cleaning as do the self-adjusting brushes.

Carpet pressurization optimizes cleaning to the depth of the carpet so you’ll get just the right amount of suction for the job.

Zoned cleaning and anti-falling tech give you a seamless experience and a rugged, intelligent robotic helper that’s built to stay the distance.

You get a cleaning tool thrown in so you can keep any pet hair from building up and bogging down suction. As with all maintenance, little and often is the best policy. Stick to this and you’ll never be faced with a lengthy clean-up job.

If you want a highly flexible and affordable robotic vacuum perfect for pet hair and cleaning mixed floors, the Roborock S5 gives you all this and mopping capability on top. What’s not to love?
Things We Like

  • Exceptional navigational abilities
  • Sweeps and mops at the same time so leaves your flooring spotless and gleaming
  • Multiple modes so match power and suction to application

Things We Dislike

  • Mop feature is something of a letdown

5. iRobot Roomba 614


At the lower end of iRobot’s deep bench of Roomba robovacs sits the lowly 614. While you won’t get any bells or whistles here, you’ll get automated cleaning from an industry legend. Is it any good, though?

With a cleaning head that can automatically self-optimize depending on the surface it encounters, you’ll have to do nothing beyond sit back and watch as your Roomba takes care of all your cleaning for you. If you prefer, you can schedule your 614 to do the business while you’re out.

Navigation is impressive considering this is a budget-priced robotic vacuum. Mapping is sound and you’ll get plenty of safety features built in so your Roomba won’t end up snagged up or bogged down.

When your Roomba reaches the corners of the rooms, the angled brush comes to the fore and sweeps all the dirt away from the corners and into the jaws of the robot.

Runtime extends to roughly 90 minutes. This is more than enough to clean most homes on a single burst of charge. Roomba heads back to the docking station when its time for a top-up removing yet more task from your to-do list.

A pair of multi-surface brushes work to agitate then remove all dirt and debris. You’ll find Roomba acquits itself equally well on carpets or hard flooring.

Dirt Detect tech picks up on any high-traffic areas that need further attention and doles out a bit of extra TLC.

While you can pay much more for a robotic vacuum, if you’re operating on a tighter budget, Roomba 614 copes well across the board and gives you automated cleaning of mixed flooring at a scarcely-believable price.
Things We Like

  • Auto-adjusting cleaning head so switch seamlessly from hardwood flooring to carpets
  • Great suite of sensors for agile navigation
  • Angled edge-sweeping brush giving you wall-to-wall cleaning

Things We Dislike

  • Cleans in an illogical pattern

OK, with our reviews put to bed, we’ll tail off for today with answers to the most frequently asked questions about robot vacuums for pet hair.


1) Are all robotic vacuums extremely expensive?

That’s no longer the case. While you can easily drop four figures on a robovac, you can pick up a serviceable basic model for a few hundred bucks. This will be more than powerful enough to blitz all the mess left behind by your pets.

2) What kind of runtime do I need?

Battery life is not so critical as with a cordless manual vacuum. Since you can schedule your cleaning any time you want, if the robovac needs to charge itself before finishing up, that shouldn’t present a serious problem.

3) What is HEPA filtration and why should I care?

High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters are considered the gold standard of filtration. Many airborne pathogens are invisible to the naked eye but damaging when you breathe them in. HEPA filters are tested under strict lab conditions to eliminate 99.97% of all particles to a microscopic size of 0.3 microns. If you have allergies or asthma, a HEPA filter on your vacuum will help you to breathe more easily.

4) I’m worried if I buy a robotic vacuum it might fall down the stairs.

This shouldn’t happen. Most of the best robovacs come with anti-fall tech baked in. Your robotic vacuum should self-correct when it comes close to a falling hazard.

5) What can I do if I have areas I don’t want cleaned?

This is not problem. You simply create no-go zones in-app then you can keep your robotic vacuum clear of your kids’ play area or dog’s feeding spot.

6) Is it possible to use voice control with a robotic vacuum?

Absolutely. Many modern robovacs come with Alexa or Google Assistant capability. You’ll typically need an Echo device or Google Home smart speaker to enjoy hands-free control. If you don’t want to take this approach, you can easily schedule your robovac in-app on your smartphone.

7) Do all robotic vacuums self-empty?

Unfortunately not. You’ll need to shoot for an upscale model like iRobot’s Roomba i7+ if you’re looking for that kind of extra functionality. If you can’t stretch to a robovac in that price range, empting the dirt container is a small price to pay for having all your cleaning done hands-free.

8) How often do I need to use a robotic vacuum if I have pets at home?

As often as possible! Let’s face it, the major disincentive to vacuuming is the physical effort you typically need to put in. From grabbing the vac to cleaning up, it’s a hassle every step of the way. With a fully automated robotic vacuum, you’re removing the principal barrier to daily cleaning. If you feel like putting your robovac to work more than once a day, this is well worth considering if you have cats or dogs at home. If anyone in your household suffers from asthma or allergies, this is even more reason to put your new helper through its paces as often as possible.

9) I’m worried my robotic vacuum will end up getting stuck under the furniture. What can I do about this?

The good news is, you won’t need to do anything. Almost all the best robotic vacuums are intelligently and thoughtfully designed so you shouldn’t experience any issues even with low-slung chairs. The same applies to the corners of your rooms. Read plenty of user reviews to make sure the model you’re considering doesn’t have a reputation for getting snarled up.

10) How do I know when my robotic vacuum needs charging?

You shouldn’t need to do anything. Almost all robovacs now automatically head back to the docking station when it’s time for charging. If this happens mid-cleaning cycle, your robovac will carry on where it left off when it’s charged up again.

V. Conclusion

We trust you now have a good idea of whether or not a robotic vacuum would make sense for you. They’re not everyone but few people try one out then return to manually vacuuming.

You should also see from our reviews that you don’t need to spend a fortune to get a decent robovac. If you’re planning to cut costs and go with a budget robotic vacuum, we’d strongly recommend sticking with one of the major brands.

Don’t forget, bookmark the PrinceLa for all your home and garden-related needs. We’re constantly updating our content to bring you the finest products, impartial reviews and all the buying guidance you need to save you time and money on the buying trail. See you soon!

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