The Best Shark Upright Vacuum Cleaners


When you’re looking for Shark vacuums, you might be completely overwhelmed by the scope of their broad and deep range.

From uprights and sticks to handhelds and canisters, Shark caters for all needs and budgets. They even offer a robot vacuum if you want the next best thing to a maid service without the stiff monthly bill.

Today, we’ve narrowed our focus so we’ll just be dealing with upright Shark vacuums. We made a concession and included a couple of sticks. Ultimately, these lightweight vacs could still legitimately be considered a variant of uprights and we always try to include something for everyone.

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What’s so great about upright vacuums, though?

Uprights are normally a little cheaper than canister vacuums and Shark’s uprights come with a powerful bonus…

They often also incorporate a detachable canister to give you even more convenience and better value than ever.

Beyond this, an upright provides you with a great degree of power not found in smaller and more compact styles.

Before we look at the mechanics of the Shark range, we’ll give you a quick taster of 5 of the Shark uprights we review today…

Our #1 Pick: Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E

For a complete all-rounder, the Navigator Lift-Away Professional takes our vote. You’ll get the benefits of a powerful upright combined with the versatility of a detachable canister vac. With whole-machine HEPA-filtration and the ability to clean all surfaces with ease, what’s not to love?

Best Shark Upright Vacuum for Pet Hair: Shark APEX (AV1002) with DuoClean and Zero-M

Have you got pets in the house and mixed flooring? If so, the APEX keeps both carpets and hard flooring spotless and completely free of pet hair. The HEPA-filtration ensures all pet dander is locked inside while the innovative self-cleaning brushroll means you won’t face the unsavory task of untangling hair from the beater bar.

Best Shark Bagless Upright Vacuum: Shark Rotator Lift-Away TruePet (NV752)

Another stellar upright for pet owners, enjoy the benefits of a full-bore vacuum with the added convenience of a detachable canister for more intricate cleaning. Ideal for both carpets and bare floors, you’ll get an across-the-board strong performer with plenty of attachments thrown in to further enhance value.

Best Shark Upright Vacuum for Carpet and Hard Floor: Shark DuoClean (NV771)

With a brushroll optimized for both carpets and hard flooring, get the best of both worlds with the NV771. You can also enable Lift-Away mode to use the detachable canister when you want to clean down below your furniture or above-floor. Ideal for allergy sufferers, too, the DuoClean is yet another home run from the mighty Shark so what are you waiting for?

Best Cordless Stick Shark Vacuum: Shark ION F80 (IF281)

If you’re looking for a cordless Shark, the ION F80 is the range-topper of the 3 ION models and delivers in fine style. With fully 80 minutes of fade-free run-time thanks to a pair of batteries, you’ll also get a detachable handheld to further widen the scope of your cleaning repertoire.

I. Shark Upright Vacuums Overview


Shark has a vast array of models across these styles of vacuum:

  • Upright Vacuums: Versatile, powerful and affordable, these uprights are our primary focus today
  • Cordless Vacuums: For wire-free cleaning at the sacrifice of a little power, we’ve thrown in a few cordless models below
  • Robot Vacuums: While we haven’t reviewed any robotic vacuums today, the Shark ION R85 is a pocket-friendly powerhouse but falls outside our upright remit
  • Corded Stick Vacuums: With a little bit more firepower than the superlight cordless sticks, you’ll get a lightweight alternative to a conventional upright without quite as much suction

The upright is by far the most popular for the reasons outlined above.

As well as being cost-effective and powerful, Shark uprights can help you get more work done in less time. The wide cleaning path combined with that exceptional suction allows you to execute genuinely one-pass cleaning from wall to wall.

We’ll take a look now at the core differences between a pair of leading models, the Navigator and the Rotator…

1. Shark Navigator vs Shark Rotator: Similarities

Both the Navigator and Rotator run extremely quietly.

They each have HEPA filters you can wash and reuse. Both vacuums come with Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology.

First class suction on both machines lets you clean confidently regardless of the surface.

With a dusting brush, pet tools and crevice tool, attachments are broadly similar. They do vary slightly depending on the variant of each model since they come in several forms.

Both the Navigator and Rotator give you the chance to detach the canister for above-floor cleaning.

How do they differ, though?

2. Shark Navigator vs Shark Rotator: Differences

  • Design: The Rotator tends to be a little more colorful and has a slightly lower-slung appearance
  • Weight: The Rotator is very slightly heavier at 15 ½ pounds to the Navigator’s 13 ½ pounds. Both weigh roughly the same in canister form at just under 7 ½ pounds
  • Capacity: The Navigator wins out here with the dust cup capable of holding 2.2 quarts of debris while the Rotator’s capacity is 1.3 quarts
  • Extras: The Rotator has a few nice additions like LED headlights and a brushroll indicator light. You’ll often get superior attachments but, again, this depends on the exact variant of the model
  • Hard-Floor Cleaning: While both models can deal with bare floors, the Rotator does not come with the microfiber wrap on the cleaning head
  • Cleaning: While both vacuums are remarkably efficient, in performance tests the Navigator just nudges ahead
  • Ease of Use: Although this is subjective, we find the Rotator a little easier to use

3. Shark Navigator vs Shark Rotator: Which Should You Buy?


Our verdict:

  • Shark Navigator: If you’re looking for a relative bargain along with a larger dust container, the Navigator is a smart bet
  • Shark Rotator: If you have a more fluid budget, place more of a premium on aesthetics and fancy more attachments, roll with the Rotator

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4. DuoClean and Zero-M Technologies


Along with the HEPA filters and Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology to keep allergy sufferers from becoming irritated, Shark vacuums come with 2 other innovative pieces of technology baked in:

  • DuoClean Technology
  • ZeroM Technology

DuoClean Technology

Do you have mixed floors in your home?

If so, you’ll appreciate DuoClean Technology.

You’ll get a pair of motorized brushrolls so you can clean carpets with the powerful suction you need then move to bare floors without using too much force and scratching your precious hardwood.

To achieve this, you won’t need to stop and you won’t need to change the head either.

The triple particle cleaning in place helps you to deal with:

  1. Large debris
  2. Fine dust
  3. Small particles

With the bristle brushroll, all ingrained dirt in carpets is agitated and removed efficiently.

The soft brushroll gently but effectively lifts and removes dust from bare flooring.

DuoClean makes your life much easier without compromising cleaning power. For any home with mixed flooring, this innovative functionality is worth its weight in gold. Why invest in 2 vacuum cleaners when you can settle for a single Shark?

ZeroM Technology

How about ZeroM Technology, though?

This is all about the self-cleaning nature of the vacuum when it comes to the hair that can get nastily tangled up in the brushroll.

While we found this to be effective, you should keep your expectations reasonable. You will still need to perform some maintenance, especially if you have pets with longer hair.

As long as you don’t expect never to need any kind of input, ZeroM tech on board can certainly make your life easier.

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II. Top 12 Shark Upright Vacuum Cleaners

1. Our Pick: Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional (NV356E)


The mighty Navigator Lift-Away Professional is the range-topper in the Navigator line but what makes it so good?

Like any upright, the Navigator is no lightweight. That said, at less than 14 pounds, it’s not overly heavy either. The sole drawback is that it tends to topple through being slightly unbalanced.

Since it’s corded, you’ll get all the firepower you need along with a lengthy 30-foot cable so you won’t feel too restricted.

Filtration is first-class. Whole-machine HEPA filters are washable to keep running costs down. Shark’s patented Complete Seal Technology keeps all allergens and contaminants safely wicked away. The combination of this tech makes this upright perfect for anyone with asthma or allergies.

Another bonus is the detachable Lift-Away canister. Coming away at the push of a button, you’ll be able to clean with ease whether above-floor, under the furniture or up and down the stairs. Why choose between an upright and a canister when you can get both?

You can also skip nimbly from hard flooring to carpet without worrying about the brushroll wreaking havoc. Activate and deactivate it with ease to enjoy multi-surface cleaning at its finest.

Aside from that top-heavy nature and propensity to tip over when unattended, there’s little else negative to say about the Navigator Professional, in our opinion the best Shark upright by some distance.
Things We Like

  • Ideal for allergy sufferers thanks to HEPA-filtration and Complete Seal Technology onboard
  • Generous 30-foot power cord giving you plenty of room for maneuver
  • Detachable canister for 2-in-1 functionality

Things We Dislike

  • Somewhat top-heavy so can topple over if you’re not careful

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2. Best Shark Upright Vacuum for Pet Hair: Shark APEX (AV1002) with DuoClean and Zero-M


Shark has really gone to town loading the AV1002 up with all the technology up its sleeve. What does that translate to for you, the user?

As with the rest of the might range, reusable HEPA-filters alongside Complete Seal Technology makes sure that all the tiniest airborne pathogens are locked safely inside not belched back into the atmosphere.

Have you got mixed flooring in your home? If so, you’ll appreciate the DuoClean functionality. This allows the brushroll to powerfully suck your carpets clean of all ingrained debris. If you switch to hard floors, you can buff them up a treat without any question of damaging your precious wood or tiling.

The brushroll also packs another surprise: ZeroM Technology. Thanks to Shark’s ingenuity, the brushroll is capable of cleaning itself. For this reason, we nominate this model our favorite for dealing with the menace of pet hair. You can suck it all up fuss-free but you won’t need to waste time untangling it from the brushroll.

The APEX might not be cheap but when you buy it, you’ll see where those extra dollars went. For pet owners, it’s an absolute must-have.
Things We Like

  • DuoClean brushroll system gives you impeccable results on both carpets and bare flooring
  • Self-cleaning brushroll so you won’t need to mess around with entangled hair or other debris
  • Full HEPA-filtration to deal with even tiny contaminants

Things We Dislike

  • One of the most expensive Shark models due to such innovative technology onboard

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3. Best Shark Bagless Upright Vacuum: Shark Rotator Lift-Away TruePet (NV752)


We’ve got another treat for pet lovers next with the Rotator Lift-Away TruePet.

You’ll enjoy multiple configurations with the highly adaptable upright. Aside from its regular form, you can embrace Powered Lift-Away mode, you can use the vacuum for above-floor cleaning. You can also harness the motorized pet brush to clean up the impromptu spills and hair left in the wake of your beloved pets.

Suitable for use on all types of flooring, our only minor gripe is the relatively weak suction you’ll get on low-pile carpets.

Attachments are generous with a hard floor tool to impart those all-important finishing touches on bare floors. You’ll also get a couple of pet tools bundled. There’s no need to suffer a grimy house just because you’ve got cats or dogs.

The usual winning Shark combo of HEPA-filtration and Complete Seal Anti-Allergen Technology traps even the smallest airborne pollutants and locks them out of harm’s way.

Powered Lift-Away Technology allows you to detach the canister while the brushroll is still running so you won’t waste time and you can push through to get your cleaning nailed quickly and to the highest standard.

As with all powerful uprights, this iteration of the Rotator is fairly heavy but agile handling means you won’t feel burdened or fatigued.
Things We Like

  • Full suite of pet tools to make your life easier
  • Ergonomic fingertip controls allow you to flick from cleaning to carpets to hard flooring without breaking your stride
  • Hard Floor Hero is a neat tool for imparting a perfect sheen on your bare floors

Things We Dislike

  • Slightly limited suction for low-pile carpets

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4. Best Shark Upright Vacuum for Carpet and Hard Floor: Shark DuoClean (NV771)


Next up, we’ve got another variant of the DuoClean in the form of the NV771. This is our favorite for optimum performance regardless of surface.

This compact upright is about as small as this style of vacuum gets. Weighing just 13 pounds and coming with a detachable canister, you’ll get a highly capable ally whatever type of surface needs cleaning.

The DuoClean brushroll gives you the coarse agitating bristles you need to scour soiled carpets. Move onto wooden or tiled floors, though, and the softer brush ensures a deep clean with no chance of any damage to achieve that showroom look.

The Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology is in place as you’d fully expect from Shark so keep down any irritation of sensitivities or allergies and keep the air in your home as clean as the flooring.

If you often lose attachments, keep the second brushroll in a handy onboard garage so there’s no chance of that happening.

Covered by Shark’s usual robust warranty, you can buy this upright and canister combo with complete confidence. Clean all floors from wall-to-wall whatever the surface in next to no time.
Things We Like

  • Swivel steering streamlines maneuverability and LED lights let you clean gloomy areas with ease
  • Use stiff bristles for cleaning carpet and a much softer brush roll for delicate hard floors in one powerful unit
  • Brush roll garage is an innovative touch

Things We Dislike

  • Some complaints about the power head not being left in place when Lift-Away is activated

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5. Best Cordless Stick Shark Vacuum: Shark ION F80 (IF281)


While technically still an upright vacuum, Shark’s ION is a stick so you’ll get an ultra-light unit without the encumbrance of a power cord. Is it any good, though?

Firstly, with 2 batteries up your sleeve, you’ll be able to clean for 1 hour 20 minutes. This should be more than sufficient to clean even a large, sprawling home in a single sitting. Recharging is rapid and the lithium-ion battery is built to stay the distance while delivering fade-free suction throughout the cycle.

Not only is this vacuum small to start off with, the innovative folding mechanism lets you stash it away in the smallest of spaces when not in use.

MultiFLEX tech gives you exceptional reach under furniture and enhances maneuverability to unprecedented levels.

Where many Shark models serve up a detachable canister, with the ION you get a handheld so you can blitz any rogue soiling or clean furniture and upholstery with ease.

This F80 model is the most powerful and capable of the trio of ION models and we’d strongly recommend it as a versatile and remarkably potent cordless stick that redefines battery-powered vacuums.
Things We Like

  • Pair of batteries work to deliver up to 80 minutes of runtime
  • Get all the freedom of movement you’d expect from a cordless stick
  • Superlight at under 9 pounds without sacrificing suction

Things We Dislike

  • You won’t get the full power delivery of a larger corded upright

6. Shark Rocket Corded Vacuum (ZS351)


Back to land of corded Sharks next with the Rocket ZS351. It’s always worth paying attention to the alphanumeric model information since all Shark models come in a range of form factors with slight variations.

While a lightweight unit, the design means you’ll be bearing most of that 9-pound load rather than the wheels doing the hard work. You’ll be able to detach a handheld if you need to clean up impromptu spillages or pet mess. That said, the swivel steering gives you great freedom to move around the room seamlessly.

When you’re moving from carpet to hard flooring, the brushroll is easily adjusted to perform optimally without inflicting any damage. The Zero-M Technology, as with the previous model we reviewed boasting this, means that brushroll automatically cleans itself. This reduces head maintenance to the bare minimum even if you’ve got pets at home.

The only significant drawback with this model is the relatively loud noise generated. That aside, this version of the Rocket makes a superb investment for pet owners and anyone with mixed flooring and exacting standards.
Things We Like

  • Weighing a mere 9 pounds, the Rocket is incredibly light while still packing quite a punch
  • Oversized dust container lets you clean for longer without needing to hit the trashcan
  • Works brilliantly with all types of pet hair

Things We Dislike

  • Noisy in operation with a fairly high-pitched whine

7. SharkNinja Navigator DLX Canister (NV70)


Next up we’ve got another iteration of the Navigator, the DLX finished in a striking combination of gold and silver.

As with all Navigators, there’s a jumbo dust container perfect for powering through the cleaning of larger homes in a single sitting. Since it’s bagless, you won’t need to shell out for the ongoing cost of replacement bags either.

The uprated Shark models now come with a 30-foot power cord. The extra 5 feet is a welcome bonus and marked improvement on the outgoing models with 25-feet cables. You’ll have more than enough room for maneuver without needing to keep unplugging the vacuum.

The swivel steering enhances that maneuverability further so, although tipping the scales at 15 pounds, you won’t feel like the Navigator is too much of a burden.

The HEPA filter you’d expect from Shark is in place and all allergens are nicely contained inside so you won’t get fine particles and pollutants spewed back out into your room.

You’ll get the standard 1-year warranty from Euro-Pro that covers all Shark and SharkNinja products so you can buy with total peace of mind.
Things We Like

  • Swivel steering helps you maneuver nimbly around the room
  • Brushroll deactivates when you move from carpets to hard flooring to prevent scratching the bare surface
  • Generous size dust container to minimize emptying when cleaning

Things We Dislike

  • Despite being marketed as lightweight, at 15 pounds it’s actually reasonably bulky

8. Shark Navigator Upright (NV352)


We’ve got yet another iteration of the classic Navigator next in the form of the NV352.

This variant is finished in a subtle, muted lavender and makes a refreshing change from the usual dull vacuum colorways.

While pet lovers will appreciate the upholstery tool, the absence of the motorized pet power brush is a sore loss. That said, the suction from this powerful upright should be sufficient to blitz most hair with a single pass anyway.

Weighing a scant 12-½ pounds, the NV352 is just about as lightweight as an upright vacuum gets but how about the tradeoff in terms of power?

Well, there isn’t one, really. You’ll get potent suction and the robust HEPA-filtration and Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology Shark are famous for.

The other trademark feature of the Lift-Away canister widens your cleaning options and gives you even greater flexibility.

Whether you’ve got low-pile carpets or expanses of delicate wooden flooring, the Navigator will glide effortlessly from one to the other. You’ll get sufficient suction to eliminate even ingrained debris from your carpets. Once you’re gliding over bare floors, the brushroll is deactivated so you won’t end up leaving a trail of scratches and scuffs in the pursuit of clean floors.

For a remarkably versatile all-rounder, this version of the Navigator is well worth popping on your shortlist.
Things We Like

  • Striking aesthetics but not a case of form over function
  • Highly effective pet upholstery tool is bundled
  • Performs equally strongly on carpets or hard floors

Things We Dislike

  • You don’t get a motorized pet brush with this model which is a disappointment

9. Shark Rotator Professional (NV501)


The Rotator Professional is not cheap but if you act quickly, it’s available at an aggressive discount.

Rated at 1200 watts, this 10-amp powerhouse gives you all the oomph you need even if the floors are filthy.

For pet owners, the new and improved power brush ensures all surfaces are hair-free then works right down into the fibers of the carpet to remove all lingering dander that might inflame any allergies. Thanks to a HEPA filter and Shark’s legendary Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology, anyone with sensitivities is in safe hands.

Like with all Shark uprights, the XL dust cup gives you ample capacity to clean the whole house several times before you need to head to the trash can. When you do empty the dirt container, you won’t get a face full of dust for your troubles.

The Lift-Away canister adds an extra edge to your cleaning. This is ideal for using on the stairways, for upholstery and furniture or for cleaning in tight and awkward spots.

If you want an adaptable and uncompromising upright and you don’t mind a weightier vac, the Navigator Professional will not disappoint.
Things We Like

  • Upgraded pet power brush to blitz every last trace of hair and dander your pets leave behind
  • Elongated hose combined with 30-foot power cord gives you great freedom for a corded vacuum
  • Agile swivel steering and LED lights for a comfortable experience regardless of lighting conditions

Things We Dislike

  • Another heavy 15 ½-pound vacuum so make sure you’re comfortable with bulky equipment even if the steering mitigates this slightly

10. Shark DuoClean Lift-Away (NV803)


The NV803 is another upright featuring Shark’s patented DuoClean Technology. In plain English, this gives you the ability to clean both carpets and hard floors with consummate ease with power delivery optimized depending on the surface. Controls to manipulate the brushroll are placed at your fingertips so you won’t need to bend down to activate or deactivate the beater bar.

The usual HEPA-filtration extending throughout the machine alongside Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology make this vacuum perfect if you’ve got allergies or sensitivities.

Like most uprights, the DuoClean is not exactly weighing in at 14 ½ pounds. At 9.2 amps and 1150 watts, though, you’ll get more than enough grunt for even soiled surfaces.

If you need to clean up in any darker areas, you’ll appreciate the hard-hitting LED headlights to guide your way.

While you’ll benefit from the standard 1-year limited warranty, a number of users have complained about problems developing over time. We’d urge you to do your own due diligence before committing to purchase. We can’t comment on this from personal experience as our testing was only performed over the course of a week.
Things We Like

  • LED headlights ideal for cleaning basements or anywhere else with poor lighting
  • DuoClean Technology makes cleaning carpets and hard floors a breeze without needing 2 vacuums
  • Extendable wand for enhanced reach

Things We Dislike

  • Some reported issues with build quality

11. Shark Navigator Freestyle (SV1106)


When you’re looking at cordless stick vacuums, you need to expect some loss of suction when compared to corded uprights. What do you get to make up for this shortcoming, though?

Well, without the encumbrance of a cable, you’ll be free to clean wherever you want without needing to think about a power outlet.

You can deliver a full burst of charge to the lithium-ion battery in just 4 hours but run-time is not as impressive as some other cordless models. You should still find you can get all your cleaning done in one session, though.

You’ll be able to clean carpeting with reasonable success. Although optimized for hard flooring as well, you should exercise care so you don’t end up scratching wooden surfaces.

That XL dirt cup Shark are famous for means you won’t be constantly shuttling back and forth to the trash can.

Although targeted at pet owners, we’d have liked to see a little more suction to help dispatch more stubborn hairs.

Overall, the SV1106 is a capable and lightweight workhorse giving you a great deal of convenience and the freedom to clean just about anywhere cord-free.
Things We Like

  • All the convenience of a cordless with the added bonus of swift charging and reasonable run-time
  • Brushroll designed for cleaning both carpets and hard flooring
  • Super-light stick tipping the scales at just 7 ½ pounds

Things We Dislike

  • Suction is somewhat underwhelming but you’d expect that from a lightweight cordless

12. Shark Navigator Lift-Away (ZU561)


Last but absolutely not least in our comprehensive line-up of the best Shark upright vacuums is yet another variant of the Navigator, this time the ZU561.

Packing Shark’s proprietary ZeroM self-cleaning brushroll, you’ll get rid of all pet hair which shouldn’t get entangled around the beater bar. While you’ll need to put in far less effort, there’s still a degree of clogging so this is not entirely maintenance-free. It will certainly make your life much easier, though.

This upright/canister combo is heavy at over 18 pounds so make sure you’re comfortable with bulkier appliances to avoid disappointment and fatigue setting in at the same time. The Lift-Away canister does go some way to addressing this issue as you’ll be able to carry the detachable canister up and down the stairs with ease reserving the full upright for plain sailing on level ground.

Boasting the HEPA-rated filter and full sealed allergy-friendly unit you’ve come to expect from Shark, this is a solid and powerful multi-tasker to complete a highly effective stable of products from the dependable Shark.
Things We Like

  • A fantastic vacuum for removing hair and the self-cleaning brushroll puts paid to any laborious manual untangling from the brushroll
  • Detachable canister so serves double-duty
  • Whole-machine HEPA-filtration makes this ideal for anyone with allergies

Things We Dislike

  • Still some clogging despite ZeroM self-cleaning in place so don’t expect miracles


1) Which is the best Shark model?

This is almost entirely subjective and the reason we brought you a full dozen models from the upright range. You should first consider all the types of vacuum then decide which one makes the best fit with your cleaning needs. This is the most crucial part of your buying decision and will inform your choice of model. Not all Sharks are created equal so, if for example you’re considering a Navigator, check carefully that the particular variant you’re looking at offers everything you need in terms of attachments. Take a look at the Navigator Lift-Away Professional, our own personal favorite but don’t overlook the other models if this one doesn’t gel with your requirements.

2) What are HEPA filters?

High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters trap 99.97% of the tiniest particles down to a size of 0.3 microns, far too small to be seen with the naked eye. These minute particles are trapped in the web of the filter and they work best with a completely sealed vacuum that ensures all air passes through the filters. These HEPA filters can be washed and reused so on top of incredible efficiency, you’ll cut down on the running costs involved with buying replacement filters on a regular basis. That aside, maintenance is low while results are genuinely impressive.

3) What is Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology?

Some vacuums with HEPA-filtration fail to seal all the dust inside. This defeats the very purpose of such efficient filters. With Shark’s Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology, the filters are housed within a totally hermetic environment. This ensures the only escape route for the air is through the filter. If anyone in your home suffers from allergies or asthma, this type of completely sealed unit is a must.

4) What does Lift-Away Technology involve?

Shark realizes that while an upright vacuum is a powerful workhorse, it’s often awkward to carry these bulky machines up and down stairs. Cleaning above-floor or down below the furniture can also be problematic. Rather than forcing you to buy a secondary vacuum to take care of this, with Lift-Away Technology, you’ll benefit from a detachable canister so you can clean in tight spots at the push of a button without breaking your stride.

5) Does Shark offer a robot vacuum?

Yes. The only reason we didn’t include it on today’s list is because our focus was on upright vacuums. The key benefit of this robotic vacuum, aside from its powerful performance, is the fact it comes in at a much keener price point than much of the competition. Only you can decide if that type of appliance is something you’d consider. If you do want a robot in the house, though, the Shark is well worth popping on your shortlist.

IV. Conclusion

We very much hope you’ve found plenty of useful information here today to streamline your buying decision.

With so many Shark models broadly similar, we hope also that we’ve cleared up any confusion about where these models vary.

There’s absolutely no right or wrong answer to what makes the best Shark upright vacuum. You should think closely about the layout of your home, the type of cleaning you do and how comfortable you are wielding heavy appliances. Have you got pets? How much do you want to spend? All these elements will help you determine which of the above models makes the best fit.

Don’t forget, bookmark The Prince LA and come back any time you need some impartial guidance and helpful hints on any appliance or piece of equipment for your home. We try to cover as wide a spread of products as possible and we always aim to please.

Get in touch if you have any questions at all and come back soon!

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