The Best Shiatsu Massage Chairs


Shiatsu is a Japanese style of massage that is used in traditional Japanese medicine. The word shiatsu means finger pressure. A traditional shiatsu massage uses a combination of tapping, rolling, kneading, and stretching. The massage stimulates pressure points in the body. The technique works with the whole body. It is used to relieve muscle pain and back pain. It is also believed to have a healing effect that can relieve headaches, improve circulation, and calm the mind.

The massage chairs that we have featured in this review all provide the essential elements of a traditional shiatsu massage. They do this with a combination of mechanical rollers and airbags. The chairs also make use of the zero gravity reclining position. This is a position that spreads the body weight evenly and reduces pressure on the back, muscles, and airways.

Shiatsu massage chairs are very good for relieving back pain. They are also very relaxing. The kneading and stretching functions of these chairs will also help to ease stress. Most of the chairs in this review have a wide range of massage techniques. They also have pre-set massage routines. That allows you to tailor the massage to suit your own personal preferences.

The best massage chairs are not cheap. Even so, buying one will pay for itself many times over. If you were to pay for a professional massage once a week, you would very soon spend more than you would on a home massage chair. The other advantage of having your own massage chair is that you can use it whenever you need it. And, you can use it in the privacy of your own home. We hope that you like the shiatsu massage chairs that we have chosen for you.

Top 8 Best Shiatsu Massage Chairs

1. Our Pick:Medical Breakthrough 6 v4 Recliner 3D Massage Chair


The Medical Breakthrough 6 v4 massage chair is one of the best massage chairs currently available. It was designed by doctors, chiropractors, and surgeons. This is a 3D massage chair that has a Japanese shiatsu neck and shoulder massage and more.

The Medical Breakthrough 6 v4 is a true zero gravity massage chair. It reclines into a position that spreads the weight of the body so that you feel 100% relaxed. The chair is very well made and simple to operate. The massage settings are adjustable to suit each person that uses the chair.

The shiatsu massage on this chair is first class. It feels like the real thing. When you first sit in the chair, it scans your body and adjusts the rollers to fit your body shape. Then, the kneading, stretching and rolling begins. And, it feels wonderful.

The chair has a huge range of options. As well as shiatsu massage, there is Ancient Roman massage, New Delhi yoga stretching, and Indonesian deep tissue therapy. In fact, you can try different types of massages from all around the world with this chair.

The Medical Breakthrough 6 v4 uses an innovative 3D L-Track system. This provides you with a full body massage from your shoulders all the way down to your buttocks. The chair also features calf and foot massages. Plus, there is a great heated massage feature too.

The Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair is a top-quality shiatsu massage chair. It’s a fully-featured zero gravity massage chair with an excellent shiatsu massage setting.

2. Real Relax Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Recliner


The Real Relax Shiatsu massage chair is a very elegant looking chair. It looks great and it’s very comfortable to sit in. The zero gravity setting on this chair makes you feel almost weightless. The Shiatsu massage is very thorough. You feel like a million bucks when the massage is over.

This chair has 8 massage rollers for your back and 50 airbags that massage the rest of your body. The full-body massage includes your back, arms, shoulders, and hips. The chair will also massage your legs, calves, and feet.

There are three levels of intensity on this massage chair. So, you can choose a relaxing massage or a deep tissue massage. There are also 4 preset auto massage routines available. Heat can also be applied to the back and to the feet.

The Real Relax Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Recliner would be great for a family massage chair. The choice of settings means that you can adjust the chair for each person. The Shiatsu massage is very relaxing, and it is great for easing the pain of backache. It is also wonderful for relaxing at the end of the day.

We liked the look of this massage chair as well. It looks like a nice piece of furniture. That’s not the main thing you need to consider when buying a massage chair. Even so, this chair looks nice enough to have in any room. This is a very nice and affordable shiatsu massage chair.

3. Medical Breakthrough 4 v2 Recliner Massage Chair


The Medical Breakthrough 4 v2 Recliner Massage Chair is similar in design to the v4 chair from the same manufacturer. This chair has fewer features and it costs less, but it is still a very high-quality shiatsu massage chair.

The 4 v2 Recliner Massage Chair has an L-Track massage system. L-Track systems have rollers all the way down the back and under the upper legs. That provides a much fuller massage than the old-style massage chairs. This chair also has 167 airbags distributed all around the chair. That’s far more than most other chairs in this price range.

The 4 v2 Recliner Massage Chair completes a medical body scan before it begins the massage. This ensures that the massage adapts to suit your body shape. That gives you a better massage, and it ensures that the massage is a comfortable one.

Like its more expensive sister product, this chair has a huge range of massage styles from all around the world. Japanese Shiatsu is only one of the massage types. This chair also has a heated massage option. And, the 4D arm massage is amazing.

This is a superb zero gravity massage chair. The zero gravity position is perfect. The massage reaches every part of your body. And, there are plenty of adjustable settings. This chair would be very good for people with arthritis or back problems. It would also be good for relieving stress. The Medical Breakthrough 4 v2 is a massage chair that the whole family will enjoy.

4. FOREVER REST FR-5Ks Premier Shiatsu Massage Chair


The FOREVER REST FR-5Ks Premier Shiatsu Massage Chair is a great chair for backache sufferers. One of the outstanding features of this model is the yoga stretch mode. This pulls your legs and feet down and stretches out your body.

The chair has a full zero gravity recline position. That improves the blood flow, relaxes you, and it helps you breathe easier. The chair has a full range of massaging techniques. These include all the methods that you need for a good Shiatsu massage.

The FOREVER REST FR-5Ks has 7 different types of massage. There are 6 pre-set auto massage settings. This chair also has a rolling foot massage, which is unusual for a massage chair in this price range.

The airbags on this model will massage your shoulders, calves, and feet. There are airbags to massage your arms and hands. The back rollers are arranged in an I-track system. The rollers will massage your neck, upper, mid, and lower back.

A feature of this chair that deserves a special mention is the remote control. It has an LCD screen that shows you which parts of your body are benefiting from the massage. The remote is user-friendly and easy to use. That may not seem like a big deal, but some massage chair remote controls are very difficult to learn how to use.

We like the New FOREVER REST FR-5Ks. It’s a well-made, fully-featured massage chair that gives a great full-body massage.

5. IdealMassage Full Featured Shiatsu Chair


The IdealMassage Shiatsu Chair is a zero gravity massage chair with a full range of massage settings. The chair will give you a soothing massage for between 5 and 30 minutes each session. This chair has all the features that you would find in a much more expensive massage chair. It lays you back in a zero gravity position and then gives you a great, full-body Shiatsu massage.

This chair has 4 pre-set auto functions. These functions include vibrating, spinal rolling, kneading, and Japanese shiatsu. The chair also has built-in heat therapy in the back. That is very relaxing and would be great if suffer from lower back pain.

The IdealMassage chair has an S-Track rolling system for your back. It has airbags for your shoulders, arms, foot and calves, and in the seat. There are also kneading balls for the soles of your feet. These are great if you have been on your feet all day long.

The chair does a full body scan before it begins the massage. The rollers get right to every inch of your back. The airbags deal with the rest. The relaxation setting on this model is very good. We also liked the foot massage.

Our only criticism of this chair is that the recline position is pre-set. It’s a great zero gravity position, but you can’t adjust the position of the footrest. Other than that observation, this is an excellent shiatsu massage chair.

6. BestMassage Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair


Our next selection is the very smart looking BestMassage shiatsu massage chair. This chair is available in three colors. You have a choice of black, brown, or lovely burgundy color. The chair is designed to imitate the hands of a professional masseur. It’s a very good massage chair for treating back pain, shoulder pain, and neck pain.

The BestMassage Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair has a very good range of functions. You can adjust the angle of the chair, the speed of the massage, and there are three levels of intensity. There are 21 airbags in this chair. The airbags massage the arms, hips, shoulders, thighs, calves, and feet. There are also heat pads in the back of the chair and in the footrest.

The chair offers 9 preset auto massage programs. There are 7 massage modes, including kneading, tapping, stretching, and shiatsu. If you use the manual control, you can get the perfect massage for you.

The BestMassage Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair is smaller than most massage chairs. That’s a big plus point if you don’t have a lot of space in your home. It is, like all massage chairs, very heavy. So, if you do have a bad back, don’t forget to get someone to help you with moving and setting up this chair.

The BestMassage Shiatsu Massage Chair is a good-quality massage chair. It has all the features that you could ask for, and it looks great too.

7. RELAXONCHAIR [MK-II Plus] Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair


The Relaxonchair MK-II Plus Shiatsu Massage Chair is the latest version of this very popular massage chair. As always, the guys at Relaxonchair have managed to cram some great features into a superb finished product. This chair offers all the benefits of a top-class shiatsu massage chair. The features include a zero gravity position, deep tissue massage, and full-body stretching.

This is a smart-looking chair with clean lines. The chair is available in a choice of two colors; charcoal or chocolate brown. Everything about this chair is nice and straightforward. The remote is simple to use. You have a full range of massage options. And, you have the options of white glove delivery and installation if you want it.

The Relaxonchair MK-II Plus uses an L-Tracking roller system. That massages your back all the way down to your buttocks. The chair features 4 pre-set automatic massage programs. It has 3 manual targeted massage settings, which are kneading, tapping, and combo. It also has a three-stage zero gravity function. All in all, this is a very well-rounded shiatsu massage chair.

Whether you use one of the pre-programmed massages or you use the manual settings, this chair gives a good full-body massage. The massage is intense, though. So, we would recommend that you start off with the lower settings and see how you get on. The foot rollers may be too intense for some people, but you can turn that function off. Overall, though, this is a very good quality massage chair.

8. RELAXONCHAIR [MK-CLASSIC] Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair


The Relaxonchair Classic is L-Track system massage chair with full, automatic body scan feature. The scanning feature adjusts the massage to suit your body type. The L-Track system provides a massage down the full length of your back. This chair is available in brown or gray.

The chair has three zero gravity positions to take the weight off your back and muscles. There are 7 auto massage programs, including stretch functions. You can select the manual functions if you want to create a personalized massage. With the manual functions, you can target specific areas of your back. There are five massage types to choose from, including kneading, tapping, and shiatsu.

Other features of this chair include a heated massage, a foot massage, and a calf massage. The chair has 42 airbags, so no part of your body is left out. The Relaxonchair Classic is ideal for relaxing and soothing away aches and pains. The massage that this chair provides is vigorous. But you can adjust the intensity and the speed of the massage. Work your way up from the lower settings, and then you will soon begin to feel the full benefit of this chair.

This is a superb shiatsu massage chair. It is delivered fully assembled and ready to use. All you must do is plug it in and it’s ready to go. What can we say; it’s another great massage chair from Relaxonchair.


Many thanks for reading our best shiatsu massage chair reviews. Shiatsu has been in use for centuries in Japan. It’s one of the oldest types of massage there is. In Japan, people use shiatsu massages for relaxation and to treat a wide range of ailments. One thing is for sure; it is one of the most relaxing and effective massages that you can have. Now, thanks to modern technology, anyone can have a shiatsu massage. And, they can have it in the comfort of their home with one of these wonderful shiatsu massage chairs.

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