The 10 Best Small Food Processors


Food processors are one of the most useful gadgets you could add to your kitchen.

Simple but highly effective, food processors help you to chop, slice, and shred a range of ingredients with no physical effort involved. From chopping up nuts and garlic to slicing up your veg and shredding cheese for your pasta extravaganza, food processors are highly versatile pieces of kit.

Before we highlight what we mean by a small food processor, a quick word on the difference between food processors and blenders…

These two appliances are broadly similar but not precisely the same.

With a food processor, you’ll find more success chopping and mincing. The wide blades will help you get more done in less time. The result is coarsely chopped ingredients double-quick. If you’re looking for a larger food processor, you often get an assortment of blades to further extend your repertoire. Mincing, grating, and slicing also all work well with a food processor.

How about if you need to blitz up some purées for dips or sauces? Well, you could try this with a food processor but you won’t get the consistency you need. Instead, a blender will liquefy your ingredients efficiently for silky smooth sauces.

Before we look at the issue of sizing, here are some important points to consider when you’re hunting for the most suitable small food processor:

  • Capacity: Look for a food processor with a capacity of 8 cups or less if your primary concern is finding the most compact footprint. If you’re only planning to use your new appliance occasionally for small jobs, you can look at the much smaller models on our list with a 2-cup capacity. Scale it up depending on your needs.
  • Blades: Blades should be sharp out the box. They should also, of course, be built to last. You don’t need much by the way of extras except for a slicing disc.
  • Ease of Use: The best small food processor is useless unless you find it easy to use. Buy a tasky appliance and it will end up gathering it dust. Get this right and you’ll have a handy kitchen aid giving you years of faithful service.
  • Base: A heavy base will give you the stability you need for demanding applications. You’ll also, of course, need to look for a motor that’s strong enough to power the tasks you have in mind.

What can you do, though, if you have a small kitchen with limited space but you still want a food processor?

Food processors are all bulky, right?


You can find plenty of small food processors if you look hard enough. Even better, we’ll save you the job of searching with today’s curated list of the leading compact food processors up for grabs.

A note on sizing…

There’s no fixed definition of what constitutes a small food processor. That said, any model with a capacity of 10 cups and above is typically considered a regular, full-sized food processor.

To this end, we’ve collected a batch of appliances maxing out at 8 cups to keep things compact. To make things easier for you to compare at a glance, we’ve

Take a glance at the leading benefits of our top 10 before we review these food processors in more depth.

Top 10 Best Small Food Processors

1. Our #1 Pick: Breville Sous Chef Food Processor BFP800XL (Two bowls: 2.5 cup and 16 cup)



  • Trio of super-sharp blades
  • 5 multipurpose discs
  • BPA-free bowls for peace of mind
  • LCD and timer
  • Oversized food chutes

Our pick for the best small food processor is the mighty Breville Sous Chef. Why does this model stand apart from the opposition, then?

Off the bat, you get a remarkably powerful 1200-watt motor that stands heads and shoulders above the competition. The direct-drive induction powerplant gives you the oomph to deal with the most demanding applications.

When you’re looking to cut up long slices, you’ll appreciate the generous food chute. The width speeds up processing while the mini-food chute stops taller ingredients from toppling over.

The S-blade system ensures you get consistency as well as raw pace. You’ll find you power through even stubborn ingredients without needing to break a sweat.

You can tweak the disc through a huge 24 settings. This allows you the scope to slice from a wafer-thin 0.3mm through to a much more substantial 8mm at the upper end.

The timer allows you to count up or down which is a nice touch.

When you’re all finished, clean-up is a cinch and storage is streamlined thanks to the space-saving box chucked in.

As you’d expect, you’ll need to dig deep for the Breville. Quality like this never comes cheap. That said, if you can afford this small food processor, you’ll get years of the next best thing to a real live sous-chef by your side.
Things We Like

  • Highly versatile food processor packing 3 blades that are sharp right out the box and 5 multipurpose discs
  • Oversized 5.5-inch food chute minimizes the need for pre-cutting ingredients
  • Class-leading 1200-watt induction motor gives you all the firepower you need

Things We Dislike

  • Main bowl prone to cracking so handle with care

2. Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Mini Food Processor (3-Cup)



  • Multiple subtle colorways
  • Seamless push-button functionality
  • Dishwasher-friendly
  • Innovative reversible stainless steel blade
  • Impeccable brand heritage

Cuisinart produce top-tier kitchenware at reasonable prices with both build quality and performance uppermost. This mini-food processor continues that tradition in fine style.

With a handful of muted pastel colors, you can pep up otherwise bland kitchen appliances with a shot of color.

Reversible blades are nicely honed out the box. The stainless steel stays sharp over time, too. You’ll chop and grind with equal ease and enjoy a distinct improvement in your kitchen prep while simultaneously reducing the amount of effort you need to put in.

The sizeable 24oz work bowl has a handle for your convenience. Parts are dishwasher-safe, too.

Touchpad controls are a joy to navigate. This processor gives you everything you need and nothing you don’t. Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced hand in the kitchen, you’ll be up and running immediately with this powerful processor.

If you’re stuck for ideas, you’ll benefit from the recipe book thrown in. Get your creative juices flowing then put this nifty little processor through its paces. Let us know what you think if you decide to invest in the Cuisinart.
Things We Like

  • Several striking pastel colorways if you want a change from the normal gray and black kitchen appliances
  • Reversible stainless steel blade powers through tough ingredients helped by the 250-watt motor
  • Push-button ease of use ideal if you’ve never used a food processor before

Things We Dislike

  • We’d like to see the blade positioning improved

3. KitchenAid KFC3516BM Food Chopper (3.5-Cup)



  • Huge array of color schemes
  • Locking blade
  • Dual-speed
  • Pulsing function
  • Drizzle basin ideal for sauces

KitchenAid serves up a food processor that comes with a generous bowl but is small enough for cramped kitchens.

Choose from 2 speeds depending on what ingredients you’re working with. The pulse function expands your repertoire. Create anything from rough hunks to smooth sauces with one powerful appliance.

The stainless steel blade powers through tough ingredients and locks neatly into place. The blade should return plenty of faithful service before blunting.

If you make a lot of sauces, the drizzle bowl included here will be a great help. Add liquid ingredients with ease and add a new layer to your cookery.

3.5-cup capacity should be ample for a small family of 4. The size also works well if you’re single or a couple.

Build quality is robust and this food processor is remarkably easy to keep clean.

A combination of the compact footprint and retractable cord makes storage a snap. You won’t need much room for this lightweight appliance on the countertop either.

Get more done in the kitchen in less time with the KitchenAid. This is one of the finest labor-saving devices for anyone looking to spend more time creating great recipes and less time chopping and slicing.
Things We Like

  • Enormous range of choice with color so add a pop of excitement to an otherwise dull appliance
  • Dual-speed functionality with pulse feature gives you a great deal of scope with consistency
  • Despite a reasonable capacity, the KitchenAid is compact and lightweight enough even if you live in a small apartment

Things We Dislike

  • Can be awkward to get the bowl properly seated and locked

4. Homeleader Electric Food Chopper (5-Cup)



  • 4 stainless steel blades
  • Ideal capacity for 1 to 4 people
  • Capable 300-watt motor
  • Robust build quality
  • Great price/performance ratio

Stepping things up in size slightly, this Homeleader food processor gives you a 5-cup capacity sufficient for the whole family. Despite this generous food bowl, this chopper is pretty compact and won’t eat up too much counter real estate.

Before anything else, do not buy this food processor if you’re looking to hit it hard all day every day. This is a budget model suitable for lighter and more occasional use. That said, for anyone on the trail of the best cheap small food processor, this is the obvious choice.

Incredibly easy to use and equally easy to clean, you also get a surprising amount of power for a cheaper chopper. The 300-watt motor outflanks some of its more expensive competition.

4 stainless steel blades help you get mounds of chopping done quick-smart.

So, if you fancy a food processor ideal for occasional use in a small kitchen at a super-low price-point, check out the Homeleader at your earliest convenience.
Things We Like

  • Unbeatable price/performance ratio and something for all bargain hunters not prepared to lose out on performance or build quality
  • Highly capable 300-watt powerplant drives 4 stainless steel blades so you can slice through stubborn ingredients with little resistance
  • Ergonomic design and ease of cleaning make this processor a welcome addition to any small kitchen

Things We Dislike

  • This food processor won’t stand up to sustained and heavy use but that’s the price you pay when it comes so cheap

5. Hamilton Beach Stack and Press Mini Food Processor (3-Cup)



  • Super-simple assembly
  • Cord-wrap for ease of storage
  • No-nonsense cleaning
  • Ideal for a range of applications including sauces
  • Rugged glass bowl

Next up is another pocket-friendly food processor, this time from Hamilton Beach. Capacity is much more limited here so you shouldn’t expect to be loading in piles of ingredients. Also, this processor is not designed for really heavy punishment so keep your expectations reasonable.

If you’re happy with those limitations, you’ll get a mini processor that should slot into small kitchens without a hitch.

The stainless steel blades will blitz whatever you throw in reasonably briskly. When you’re done, pop the blades and bowl in the dishwasher for the same no-nonsense approach to clean-up.

A scratch and stain-resistant glass bowl is quite rugged as long as you don’t throw it around. All you need to do is push down on the lid and your processor does the rest.

Assembly is straightforward and operation just as glitch-free.

An integrated cord wrap combined with the scaled-down size makes this the optimum fit if you have a small kitchen or you need to store appliances in tight closets.
Things We Like

  • Chop and slice a wide variety of foods without any physical effort
  • Cord wrap storage and compact footprint allows you to stash this processor with ease in limited spaces
  • Dishwasher-safe bowl and blades so you won’t waste precious time on extended cleaning when you’re done

Things We Dislike

  • Not ideal for anything other than small quantities of ingredients

6. Cuisinart FP-8GMP1 Food Processor (8-Cup)



  • Powerful 350-watt motor
  • Integrated feed tube
  • Shredding and slicing discs reversible
  • Multiple capacities
  • Sweet spot of compact dimensions and larger capacity

Stretching the definition of a small food processor to its upper limit, the 8-cup Cuisinart gives you ample space in the bowl for some ambitious chopping but still comes in a compact housing.

The 350-watt motor is powerful enough to ensure the blades make light work of tougher ingredients. These slicing and shredding discs help you get everything from fine slices through to medium and coarser chopping so you’ve got all main bases covered. Blades are reversible, too.

What’s the main issue with most food processors? Cleaning them up! After all, if you’re looking to save time in the kitchen, the last thing you want is to waste time when you’ve finished up. Components on this processor are removable and safe to slip in the dishwasher removing this problem completely.

The 8-cup bowl comes with handy measurement markings so you can see what you need at a glance.

If you’re looking for a food processor that still qualifies as small while extending capacity for larger families, the Cuisinart is a must.
Things We Like

  • Agile 350-watt motor gives you adequate power for challenging applications
  • The reversible slicing and shredding discs allow a great deal of flexibility from fine through medium
  • Removable parts slide neatly into the dishwasher so you’ll be cleaned up fuss-free

Things We Dislike

  • Blades can get chipped so keep a close eye on them

7. KitchenAid KFP0718CU Food Processor (7-Cup)



  • Easy to use and assemble
  • 2-in-1 feed tube enhances versatility
  • 3 speeds
  • Dishwasher safe components
  • Brand is a kitchenware legend

KitchenAid has a hard-won reputation for manufacturing highly effective appliances that come keenly priced. This 7-cup food processor is no exception.

An adaptable blade and a reversible disc ensure you can slice, shred, and chop your way through anything you want broken down. You can manipulate consistency whether you want super-fine slices of veggies or a much coarser consistency.

Shovel what you need dealing with into the versatile feeding tube. The completely sealed and leak-resistant work bowl is dishwasher-safe.

Flick through 3 speeds depending on the application. Choose from high, low, or pulse. Ergonomic controls are handily illuminated by LEDs.

Stash all your accessories in the bowl when not in use. Cord-wrap removes trailing cable from the equation and allows you to pop this little food processor into small spaces when not in use.

In spite of its shower of benefits, this is not the best model if you plan to process large volumes of ingredients on a daily basis. If so, you’ll need a more rugged and powerful processor which will cost correspondingly more. For casual home cooks, though, the KitchenAid is a powerful ally in the kitchen.
Things We Like

  • The multipurpose blade and reversible shredding/slicing disc come together to make an enormous range of applications as easy as pushing a button
  • 2-in-1 feeding tube is versatile enough to handle a broad spread of ingredients
  • Build quality and overall performance are as you would expect from a kitchenware specialist

Things We Dislike

  • Feels slightly flimsy so consider how much you plan to use your processor before committing to purchase

8. Ninja Food Blender (2-Cup Food Processor and 6-Cup Blender)



  • Blender and food processor combined
  • Splash guard minimizes spillage
  • 400-watt powerplant
  • Pair of jars included
  • From the stable of a kitchenware titan

If Ninja sounds familiar, that’s because the parent company also produce Shark and Shark Ninja vacuums. This blender and cup combined comes in at a very attractive price-point while still delivering enviable performance and reasonably robust build.

The potent 400-watt power pod can be used on either the pitcher or the chopper so you can save more space in the kitchen. The pitcher has a 2-cup capacity while the blender bowl is man enough for 6 cups of ingredients. This gives you that ideal meeting point of capacity and compact footprint.

Safety features are great and the heavy, no-slip base along with the inbuilt splash guard protect you and your kitchen as your food processor goes about its business.

The only drawback worth pointing out is that you won’t get too much control so bear this in mind before whipping out your credit card.
Things We Like

  • You can benefit from a blender and food processor rolled into one here
  • 400-watt powerplant is interchangeable so use with both the chopper bowl and the pitcher
  • Non-slip base and splash guard round out a powerful and ergonomic package

Things We Dislike

  • Limited amount of control so think twice if you’re accustomed to working with absolute precision

9. Cuisinart DLC-4CHB (4-Cup)



  • 250-watt motor
  • Auto-reversing blade
  • Solid build quality
  • Responsive touchpad
  • Recipe book bundled

Another solid small food processor from Cuisinart up next in the form of the 4-cup DLC-4CHB. You should get more than enough scope to chop what you need in a single session without requiring too much space to accommodate this dinky appliance.

Packing an auto-reversible blade, the Cuisinart will power its way through tougher ingredients without too much trouble. From slicing and grinding through to shredding, this processor lets you really mix things up.

If you’re a fan of freebies – and who isn’t? – you get a spatula thrown in along with a recipe book to give you some food for thought. All you need to do is throw that food into the processor and you can enjoy the creative element of cooking rather than the tedium of chopping and slicing.
Things We Like

  • 4-cup capacity enough for a small family but footprint compact enough to make this processor a neat fit in apartments or cramped kitchens
  • Blade is auto-reversible for your convenience and capable of both chopping and grinding to suit
  • 250-watt motor more than fit for purpose in a compact processor

Things We Dislike

  • This unit kicks up a fair amount of noise so make certain that won’t be an issue

10. BLACK+DECKER Food Processor (8-Cup)



  • Sharp stainless steel blade
  • Pusher for food chute chucked in
  • Blade only works when lid firmly attached
  • Precision engineering
  • Rugged and built to stay the distance

BLACK+DECKER is famous the world over for precision-engineered power tools. They bring all that technical expertise to bear on this nimble little food processor so what do you get for your money?

Well, this appliance couldn’t be easier to use even if you’ve never processed food before. There’s a useful pusher that ensures your fingers are safe from harm.

Once you’re done, removable and dishwasher-safe parts allow you to relax with a coffee rather than spending hours at the sink cleaning up a filthy appliance.

We like the safety feature present on this model. The blades won’t kick into gear until the lid is securely locked and loaded.

Thanks to the 450-watt motor, you’ll find yourself with more power at your fingertips than many much more expensive processors deliver. Throw in that unbeatable BLACK+DECKER engineering and solid, stable build and you’ll find this the smartest investment you make for your small kitchen.

Capacity is quoted at 8 cups but we would suggest this is slightly ambitious. Realistic capacity is slightly smaller than this but then that’s a good thing since you’re looking for a small food processor!

Lifespan and build quality are exactly as you’d expect from BLACK+DECKER. Even better? You won’t need to pay too much for the privilege either.
Things We Like

  • Oversized 8-cup work bowl gives you ample room in an appliance small enough for more restricted kitchens
  • Pusher built in so you can keep your fingers well clear of those lethal blades
  • Removable parts all safe to put in the dishwasher minimizing any time needed for clean-up

Things We Dislike

  • You might experience a little difficulty connecting and disconnecting the blades


Well, if you started out today wondering why you should bother with a small food processor, hopefully you can now see where these compact appliances come into their own.

As long as you stick below an 8-cup capacity, you’ll get a food processor small enough for cramped kitchens without dipping out on functionality.

Stick with any of the units we explore today and you’re in safe hands. If you decide upon a model we don’t review today, pay attention to the buying guidance above and you should find something suitable with little difficulty.

Before you go, don’t forget to bookmark our site. Here at PrinceLA, we aim to cover everything you might need for your home and garden. We review products impartially and we’ll always point out any flaws so you can buy with your eyes wide open. We also throw in all the buying guidance you need so you can save time as well as money. So, see you soon!

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