The 10 Best Upright Exercise Bikes


An upright exercise bike is built to give you a low-impact cardio workout with practically no jarring strain on your joints.

Taking up less space than a recumbent exercise bike, upright or stationary exercise bikes are a neat fit for anyone with limited room in the home gym.

Whether you’re a total novice looking for some light exercise at home or you’re a serious athlete looking to maximize your indoor training, an upright bike is a sound investment.

Here are some key benefits of the best upright exercise bikes:

  • Enjoy low-impact cardio with almost no strain placed on your joints
  • Smaller footprint than a incline treadmill so ideal for cramped home gyms
  • Traditional upright position gives you a cardio session in line with cycling outdoors
  • Stationary bikes work well if you’re in decent shape and looking to push yourself further
  • There’s a great variety of upright bikes to suit all tastes and fitness levels so don’t be put off if you’re a complete beginner
  • Upright bikes work wonderfully for fat loss allowing you to burn roughly 900 calories an hour if you’re pushing it hard

Now, before we break down our top 10 upright exercise bikes, it’s worth highlighting some of the major things to consider when you’re on the buying trail.

  • Programming: Upright exercise bikes come with a wide variety of presets and training programs. This can extend from a bare handful to well over 20. Rather than obsessing over the most feature-rich bike, think instead about your fitness goals and your needs. Buy in line with this rather than chasing the bike with most presets at the expense of other factors.
  • Resistance: Magnetic resistance can be tweaked easily by the onboard computer whereas bikes with frictional resistance typically call for manual adjustment. You should also ensure the bike you’re considering has an appropriate number of resistance levels. You need to make certain you can get the workout program you need at the level you need.
  • Heart Rate Monitor: Heart rate monitors with chest straps are the most effective with the added advantage of not impeding your movement when you’re hitting it hard. Contact monitors are less convenient. You could also consider using a third-party heart rate monitor. Whichever route you take, staying aware of this data can help you to target your fat burning zone so you can maximize calorie burn.
  • Adjustability: Make sure the exercise bikes on your shortlist allow for sufficient customization. You should be able to fine-tune placement of handlebars and seat to get the optimum riding position. You’ll need to feel comfortable to get the most out of your training.
  • Warranty: As with any substantial purchase, check that the warranty is long enough to inspire confidence. While not a deal-breaker, it’s certainly worth scoping out any guarantee on offer.

Right, then…

With that groundwork in place, you should have a clear overview of what to expect from an upright exercise bike and what to look out for when you’re choosing one.

Buckle up now and check out the leading models on the market…

Top 10 Best Upright Exercise Bikes

1. Our Pick: Assault AirBike Classic


If you want a serious upright bike that looks incredible, the Assault AirBike is an absolute must. While traditional air resistance bikes are highly effective, they have their limitations. With AirBike, Assault has thrown the rule book out the window and reinvented a classic.

The heavy-gauge steel is commercial quality so you won’t run into any problems even if you hammer your bike on the daily. Throw in 20 sealed bearings and you’ll get a rugged and powerful ride that’s remarkably smooth.

With air resistance, there’s an unlimited amount of resistance on tap. You’ll never fail to get a serious burn even if you’re a hardcore athlete. These bikes are a constant presence in CrossFit gyms with just cause.

A responsive console comes with all the fitness programs you need baked in. Navigate the various settings with push-button ease so you can focus on the job at hand. If you want an extremely challenging session, why not try your arm at some Tabata Intervals? These help to hone both strength and stamina so give some a shot. The heart rate monitoring program will help you strengthen your aerobic base so you can push your fitness training to new levels.

If you’ve got plenty of money to burn and you want arguably the best stationary exercise bike in a glutted market, we can’t recommend the Assault AirBike strongly enough.
Things We Like

  • Drop-dead gorgeous good looks make a real statement
  • Air resistance gives you unlimited resistance so you can never get complacent
  • Generous 350-pound maximum weight capacity ideal for pretty much anyone

Things We Dislike

  • LCD is tough to read in gloomy lighting so take note if you have a basement gym rather lacking in light

2. Runner-Up: Schwinn Airdyne Bike Series


Schwinn is a legendary presence in the bicycle industry. These days, the stellar brand is increasingly focusing on exercise bikes bringing all their expertise to bear.

The iconic Airdyne Series runs almost whisper-quiet so makes a neat fit if your home gym is close to neighbors or would bother family members if equipment kicks out too much noise. You’ll get none of that with this sleek and smooth belt drive bike.

Capable of giving you an intensive and calorie-burning workout from the comfort of home, this bike is a wise bolt-on to any respectable home gym.

See everything you need with ease on the crisp and clear LCD. The RevMeter RPM gauge comes fully to the fore if you’re a fan of interval training.

The linkage system is shrouded so you can hit it hard in complete safety. The last thing you need when you’re pounding those pedals is to feel in any way endangered. As long as you place this exercise bike on a flat surface, you’ll find it super-stable even at full clip.

In spite of delivering all this workout power, the AD6 won’t eat up too much space in the home gym. Integrated wheels further streamline moving this unit around.

If you’re looking for a pro-grade exercise bike that won’t bankrupt you, the Schwinn AD6 is essential.
Things We Like

  • Single-stage belt drive gives you remarkably quiet operation
  • Frictionless fan doesn’t kick up too much noise while keeping you nice and cool
  • RPM gauge helps when your interval training

Things We Dislike

  • Seat uncomfy and starts to feel unpleasant after as little as 15 minutes in the saddle

3. Budget Pick: Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Exercise Bike


Next up is something for all you bargain lovers out there. Exerpeutic make a deep bench of exercise bikes of all types from recumbent through to uprights. If it’s an upright model you’re after, this folding model comes with an unbeatable price/performance ratio.

The foldable nature means this slots neatly into your gym at home even if you’re seriously restricted for space. The other ideal use case for this bike is if you live in a smaller apartment. You can break the bike down after using it and stash it in the closet if space really is too tight to mention.

With a 300-pound load-bearing capacity, you should be fine with this bike even if you’re a little larger. Despite the modest price tag, you get a decent build that should give you years of service.

Comfort is uppermost so you’ll have no excuse not to get your cardio sessions in. The padded seat gives you ample support even if you suffer from lower-back pain. Handlebars are comfortable while the pedals are adjustable and come with protective straps to keep you securely locked in.

With 8 levels of magnetic tension, you’ll be free to ratchet up the intensity if you want a serious fat-burning session or dial it back if you fancy some more casual cardio.

While not a commercial-grade bike, this Exerpeutic makes a fantastic addition to any home gym at a very keen price point so road test one today.
Things We Like

  • Easily folds down so great for home gyms where space is at a premium or apartments with no dedicated gym area
  • Magnetic tension for a smooth ride every time
  • Oversized, cushioned seat perfect for lengthy cardio sessions

Things We Dislike

  • 8 levels of tension could be increased

4. Sunny Health and Fitness Indoor Bike


Sunny Health and Fitness produce outstanding fitness gear at very reasonable prices. If you’ve got a tighter budget but you still need a powerful stationary exercise bike, we’d stridently recommend giving this indoor model a shot.

With belt-driven leather pad resistance, you’ll enjoy a super-smooth ride that replicates cycling outdoors. You can shift this through multiple levels matching resistance levels to fitness levels.

You can get all the momentum you need thanks to the heavy-grade, 49-pound flywheel.

Tweak the handlebars through 2 positions and the seat through 4 different positions until you get the perfect placement for you. Once you’ve got that dialed in, all you’ll need to do is get on and go.

That belt drive system we mentioned also comes to the fore in terms of limiting noise. Not everyone wants to tolerate noisy equipment in a home gym. With the Sunny Health and Fitness bike, you won’t need to.

As we’re sure you know, staying hydrated when you’re training is vital. With an integrated bottle holder, you’ve got no excuse not to come equipped with some H2O.

The steel frame is robust enough for some sustained punishment and you’ll enjoy a stable ride. Caged pedals with straps complete a winning package from an industry giant at a price you’ll love. The only minor reported niggles with this bike are issues cropping up over time. We have to be honest and say we’re prepared to accept a reduced lifespan when a bike this cheap performs so strongly.
Things We Like

  • Available as a belt or chain variant
  • Completely customizable seat and handles so you can get the perfect position
  • Resistance mimics riding on the road

Things We Dislike

  • A few issues with build quality can develop over time

5. Nautilus Upright Bike


Nautilus is a household name in the exercise equipment sphere and this classic upright bike shows exactly why.

Packing a class-leading 29 levels of resistance, you can put yourself through your paces even if you’re a fairly competitive cyclist.

The U618, this line-topping variant, comes Bluetooth-enabled so you’ll get great connectivity. You’ll get 3 free programs on the app with the option of unlocking far more with a paid subscription. This adds a great extra dimension to your workouts at home and keeps things fresh.

29 completely customizable workout programs ensure that even keen athletes can stay on their toes. Barreling down realistic courses you can see on the LCD as you blast off those calories, you’ll be delighted you invested in this year-round cycling machine. Whatever the weather conditions, you can always grab a cardio session even if you’re stuck at home.

Both screens on the console are backlit so you’ll be able to see all you need without straining yourself even if your gym is not too brightly-lit.

The handlebars can be fine-tuned through several positions. They also have incline and resistance controls baked in for a fully ergonomic experience.

Our only serious gripe about the Nautilus is a heart rate monitor that could certainly be more precise. That aside, this is one of the hardest hitting upright exercise bikes for home use that wouldn’t look out of place in a commercial gym. Build quality is exactly as you’d expect from Nautilus and you’ll be delighted you made the investment if you choose to bring the U618 home.
Things We Like

  • Immersive app lets you ride with friends to inject a layer of competition
  • 29 resistance levels so get a truly challenging workout or take it easy
  • Bluetooth connectivity for precise fitness tracking

Things We Dislike

  • Heart rate monitor is not accurate enough

6. Schwinn Upright Bike


Next in line, we’ve got another classic upright bike from specialists Schwinn. The mid-range 170 is not the sleekest looking exercise bike but function is far more important than form here. You’re not kitting out your home gym with gear to look at!

The scaled-down size of this bike makes it a wise choice if you’re struggling for space in your home gym. It weights just 76 pounds so you shouldn’t have too much grief shifting this bike around. Wheels make it even easier to move.

How about those fitness programs? Well, you can choose from 29 meaning there’s something for everyone whether you want to gently run or really hit it hard.

The DualTrack LCD is backlit so you can see everything you need even if the lights in the home gym are low.

Whether you choose to use SchwinnConnect of MyFitnessPal, you can track your fitness goals and chart your progress. With USB and MP3 ports, you’re all set to give your devices a burst of charge and to train to your favorite soundtrack.

The only serious downer about this bike comes before you even use it. Set-up is tasky and awkward so you might want to call in some assistance. In all other respects, this is a solid and highly dependable upright bike from an industry heavyweight.
Things We Like

  • Transport wheels and reasonably compact footprint for ease of moving
  • 29 programs to work your way through
  • Use your favorite fitness tracker to stay on top of your goals

Things We Dislike

  • You might want to consider expert assembly unless you’re a skilled DIYer

7. Sunny Health and Fitness Upright Bike


Next, we have another Sunny Health and Fitness upright bike, again with super-smooth magnetic resistance. What makes it stand out?

Well, the 24 presets offer something for pretty much all fitness levels. 12 of these are resistance-based so you’ll be able to push yourself to your limits.

You can monitor all the data you need on the backlit display from RPM and time through to distance and calories.

Since this is a belt drive model, you’ll get power from pedaling. The machine will keep on going even if it’s not plugged in making it a versatile addition to any home gym.

Pulse sensors monitor your heart rate so you can enter that optimum fat-burning zone if you’re looking to torch as many calories as possible.

The rugged steel frame has a maximum load-bearing capacity of 240 pounds so works well even if you’re slightly larger.

While there are more durable, pro-grade machine out there if you’re a hardcore athlete, for the average consumer looking to enjoy some meaningful at home, this is another home run from Sunny Health and Fitness.
Things We Like

  • Belt drive model works even if it’s not plugged in
  • Pulse sensors to keep tabs on your heart rate
  • 24 preset fitness programs ideal for all levels

Things We Dislike

  • Some grinding noises can start developing over time

8. Marcy Upright Exercise Bike


Marcy has a solid reputation for producing effective fitness gear at practically budget prices. Is this upright bike any good, though?

Off the bat, the packaging could be improved as could the number of resistance levels – you’ll get just 8. Make sure before committing to purchase that this gives you enough latitude to hit your goals. Assuming you’re OK with the minimal adjustability here, what else makes this stationary bike stand out?

The seat and handlebars can be precisely fine-tuned so you get the position of your dreams. After all, if you’re looking to undertake a punishing cardio session, you need to feel secure and comfortable.

The pedals are weighty and counterbalanced so you’ll feel snug and supported even if you’re ramping up the intensity. Your feet will be strapped in so there’s no chance of coming a cropper when you’re running hard.

14-gauge steel construction gives you a bike that’s built to last as well as to perform. You should get years of use from this steed if you care for it properly.

The ME-708 model has a responsive and intuitive touchscreen so you can easily navigate the menu while seeing all the data you want to keep hitting those fitness goals.

While this upright exercise bike is not suitable for a commercial gym, if you’re looking to start working out at home this year, do yourself a favor and pick up this fantastic addition to your cardio arsenal.
Things We Like

  • Choose from 8 levels of smooth magnetic tension
  • Easy to adjust seat to secure the perfect position
  • Counterbalanced pedals for fantastic support even if you’re hitting it hard

Things We Dislike

  • Packaging leaves something to be desired

9. L NOW Upright Bike


As we edge to the end of our upright exercise bike reviews, we’ve got the L NOW. If you see this bike branded as pooboo, the model is exactly the same.

This is a small and compact bike despite a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds. This gives you the freedom to install this unit in a cramped space at home without compromising yourself if you’re a little heavier. The bike measures up at just 50 x 57 x 21 inches and weighs just 66 pounds.

With 8 levels of magnetic tension, you don’t get quite the variety you will with more upscale bikes. On the upside, you won’t need to pay as much for the privilege either.

If you fancy a pocket-friendly stationary bike that’s built to stay the distance while stretching you every day along the way, this cheap-and-cheerful offering from L NOW deserves a place on your shortlist.

Although this bike gives you a great method of toning up and fat-burning, you’ll get very little noise in operation so it makes a neat fit if you don’t want to disturb the neighbors.

A tablet holder and water bottle holder are nice touches on a budget model. Ensure you have everything you need at your fingertips to start improving your fitness levels without sacrificing entertainment or failing to hydrate yourself.

As crowning glory, the sleek monochrome aesthetic looks great, too. Set this up in your home gym and start saving money month-on-month by ditching the gym membership. Think of all the time you’ll save, too not traveling to and from the gym!
Things We Like

  • Ideal for all users weighing up to 300 pounds
  • Small footprint despite powerful performance
  • Exceptional price/performance ratio

Things We Dislike

  • 8 levels of resistance could be improved

10. SOLE B94 Upright Bike


Last but by no means least in our quest for the best upright exercise bike, the B94 from SOLE is another strong budget performer. What else makes it stand out besides that competitive price point, then?

Measuring up at 59 x 10 x 5 inches and tipping the scales at 110 pounds, you get a pretty compact unit considering how it delivers on the fitness front.

This is a spinning bike. You’ll benefit from a choice of 10 demanding programs that should serve up something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to climb hills or to exercise heart rate control, you’re spoiled for choice.

The solid and rugged frame is built to withstand some serious punishment. If you enjoy working out to your favorite music videos or while reading an e-book, you’ll appreciate the integrated tablet holder. Slip your iPad in and start pounding those pedals. There’s also a USB port onboard.

Pedals give you a nice degree of adjustability. They’re suitably textured so your feet don’t keep slipping off. Straps add an extra layer of security.

20 levels of magnetic resistance means you can tweak the difficulty of your training to your fitness levels. Whether you’re looking to limber up, tone up, or crush some serious cardio, the ball is in your court. Tweak the resistance with ease without breaking your stride and work out your way without needing to leave home.

If you’re currently stuck at home and worried you won’t get enough exercise in with the gym currently off-limits, invest in this awesome upright exercise bike and you’ll have all you need in one unit.
Things We Like

  • Easy to use and built to stay the distance
  • 10 rigorous training programs to keep even serious athletes stimulated and challenged
  • Bluetooth-enabled for improved connectivity

Things We Dislike

  • Tough, hard seat you’d be well advised to swap out immediately


We trust that by now you’ve got a clear picture of the best upright exercise bikes so you can confidently add one of these fat-burners to your home gym. You’ll get a compact and highly versatile extra string to your bow with a bike. Whether you’re looking to tone up, torch some calories or stay in shape for competitive cycling, a versatile stationary bike is ideal on all counts.

Make sure you keep tabs on your heart rate when you’re training. Staying within your fat-burning zone will ensure you make the very most out of your workouts while burning the maximum number of calories. Hit those pedals extremely hard and you could blast away up to 900 calories. Which one will you choose?

Before you go, we’d urge you to bookmark the PrinceLA. With more of us spending time indoors right now, why not take this opportunity to invest in some gear for your home gym so you can make the most of a little downtime? We’ve got a busy slate over the coming weeks so come back soon for more great equipment for your precious home and garden.

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