The 10 Best Whole Body Vibration Machines


Vibration machines might not be the first thing you think of adding to your home gym but after today’s exploration, you might just change your mind.

What is a vibration machine, then?

Also known as vibration platforms, whole body vibration machines allow you to engage in passive exercise.

  • Note: Using a vibration machine should not be considered a shortcut or hack that means you don’t need to exercise at all. You should do all you can to remain mobile and active. You should also give due consideration to eating healthily if you’re looking to lose weight.

Depending on the type of machine, you simply stand or sit and allow the machine to do the work. The machine will gently shake your body from the ankles up so your circulation will improve and you might notice some potential benefits in terms of balance, flexibility, and strength.

You could achieve the following overall benefits if you use a whole body vibration machine:

  • Help with your fat-burning and weight loss goals in tandem with a sensible eating plan
  • Reduce lower-back pain
  • Improve your overall muscle strength
  • Arrest the negative effects of bone loss
  • Hones your balance and overall strength


If you feel you might benefit from a whole body vibration machine, what should you consider on the buying trail?

Luckily, these machines are basic so you don’t have too much to think about. Focus on the following areas to streamline your purchase:

  • Type of balance: Oscillating vibration machines tilt one side of the platform and then the other. These machines are ideal for toning your core. An elliptical vibration machine makes use of uneven centrifugal plates helping you to hone your balance. Vertical vibration machines have platforms moving up and down. These work well for boosting circulation.
  • Your goals: Fundamental to choosing the right type of machine, give proper consideration to your health and fitness goals before reaching for your credit card. Are you hoping to use the platform as an addition to your weight loss arsenal? Do you just want to tone up a little? Is the vibration machine primarily to help keep your blood pumping? All of these factors will dictate the type of machine that makes most sense.
  • Motor: Think about your intended use and make certain the motor kicks out enough power to cope. Are you only planning to use your machine from time to time? If so, the power and durability won’t be quite such a priority.
  • Platform size: Think about your size and make sure the platform is spacious enough for you to feel comfortable. Get this wrong and your machine will end up gathering dust unused.
  • Features: Rather than hunting for the most feature-rich machine, focus instead only on those extras that would make a meaningful difference. This will help you to keep the price down and to avoid paying out for unnecessary add-ons. When you strip it down to brass tacks, there are very few extras that really make much difference, Resistance bands are the only thing to look out for if you want an upper body workout at the same time.


With those basics sketched in, it’s time to push on with our whole body vibration machine reviews. We’ll highlight the leading 10 models so you can see at a glance which makes most sense for you.

Top 10 Best Whole Body Vibration Machines

1. Our Pick: Confidence Fitness Vibration Platform Fitness Machine


Our overall pick is a vibration machine coming in at a very keen price point and with a remarkably small form factor.

Measuring at just 29 x 27.5 x 48 inches and tipping the scales at a mere 62 pounds, this is a compact machine that punches above its weight. Despite the space-saving nature perfect for smaller homes, you’ll find the platform gives you ample room for comfort.

Choose to stand or sit or even use the machine when laid prone. The variety allows you to give yourself a light workout passively. As with all WBV machines, if you’re struggling with mobility or you want to improve your balance and overall strength without overexerting yourself, passive exercise can play a valuable role.

The gentle vibration of this machine means it’s more effective for toning than weight loss. We must admit that the idea of losing weight with passive exercise is much more marketing hype than reality. Bottom line, weight loss is all about a calorie deficit. Don’t be under any illusions you can stand on a machine and suddenly become lighter. That won’t happen.

We would also advise disregarding the baseless claims by the manufacturer that you can achieve the same benefits in 10 minutes of doing nothing as exercising for 60 minutes.

Having made these disclaimers, if you want to give your circulation a boost along with your balance while potentially toning up a little, why not add this machine to your home gym? Keep your expectations reasonable and you might be pleasantly surprised.
Things We Like

  • Easily navigable interface ideal for complete beginners
  • Compact footprint and fairly lightweight
  • Use multiple positions from standing to sitting to lying down

Things We Dislike

  • Bars prevent you from carrying out effective abs work

2. Hurtle Fitness Vibration Platform


Hurtle Fitness serves up a solid and space-saving oscillating vibration machine that can help you tone your abs and core without needing too much space to accommodate.

This type of super-compact unit works wonderfully under your desk. Take full advantage of the time you spend at work to weave in some quick vibration sessions.

If you fancy a more wide-reaching and robust workout, use the resistance bands bundled to stretch and tone your upper body at the same time as the vibration does it work throughout your body. As with all WBV machines, consider this as an addition to your fitness work rather than a replacement. If you imagine you can replace meaningful workouts with a stationary session, you’re mistaken. That said, if you’re unable to exercise at all, passive exercise is much better than nothing.

This machine is capable of generating 2300RPM. You can tweak the sped through 20 settings meaning there’s something here for everyone. Rated at 200 watts, you should have more than enough firepower for most reasonable needs. Session times are limited to 10 minutes.

Maximum load-bearing capacity is 265 pounds so make sure this is enough for everyone in your family likely to use this platform before committing to purchase.

There’s a nifty remote control thrown in. All you’ll need is a pair of AAA batteries and you can get going right out the box.
Things We Like

  • Small enough to work well under your desk
  • Comes with detachable resistance bands for upper body workout
  • Oscillating vibration helps tone your core

Things We Dislike

  • Not UL-certified which is a disappointment

3. Axis-Plate Whole Body Vibration Machine


The Axis-Plate WBV machine is pretty keenly-priced and makes a real statement aesthetically. What’s going on behind those good looks, though?

The 500-watt machine is class-leading in terms of power. You’ll get equally impressive choice with speed. Fine-tune the machine up through 99 levels so you can find the precise level of vibration that delivers the effects you’re looking for.

Overall dimensions are reasonably compact but the oversized platform measures up at 27.5 x 29 inches so you’ll enjoy a comfortable base to work out from.

Choose from a trio of presets and let the machine do all the work. If you more precise requirements, use manual mode and take charge yourself.

You can manipulate speed and settings using the crisp and intuitive control panel without breaking your stride. Everything is within easy reach. The interface is also a cinch to use even if you’re not the biggest tech-lover.

Fancy a more challenging workout? You’ll get some resistance bands thrown in so you can attach these and start involving your upper body in your training session.

Build quality is reasonably solid considering the price point. You should be clear that this is by no means a pro-grade machine despite the impressive power rating. That said, you should expect years of faithful service if you use this under normal conditions at home.

As with all whole body vibration machines, you should be clear about your expectations to avoid disappointment. Consider this WBV unit as an addition to your arsenal rather than a shortcut. Keep that mindset and you might notice some of the benefits we highlight above.
Things We Like

  • 500 watts of power
  • 99 speed settings
  • Easy to use even for total novices

Things We Dislike

  • Few complaints about quality control

4. LifePro Rhythm Vibration Platform


The LifePro Rhythm gives you a gentle WBV experience in a compact and pocket-friendly form factor. If you’re not sure whether or not this form of passive exercise will work for you, this makes the ideal entry point.

Despite the competitive pricing, you’ll get a superb choice of speeds. Ratchet the machine up through 99 progressive levels so you can match intensity to your overall goals with ease.

As with all the best whole body vibration machines, you’ll be perfectly placed to enjoy a shower of potential benefits. LifePro lists the following possible advantages:

  • Minimize stress
  • Increase core strength
  • Alleviate back and joint pain
  • Boost circulation
  • Improve metabolism
  • Strengthen bones
  • Help flexibility and overall mobility

As with all whole body vibration machines, you can’t expect miracles with no effort. That said, you might find the extra movement makes all the difference if you’re struggling to get enough exercise done.

You’ll find this machine extremely easy to use even if it’s the first piece of fitness equipment you’ve tried out. If this is your introduction to working out at home, why not build out a modest home gym around this piece? Add a recumbent or upright exercise bike if you’re looking for an extra challenge. Consider an elliptical machine or folding treadmill if space is too tight to mention.

The LifePro gives you a compact and affordable introduction to passive exercise. If you go in with your eyes wide open, you might be amazed at the manifold ways in which whole body vibration therapy can impact you.
Things We Like

  • 99 adjustable speeds to get the workout your desire
  • Dependable build and impressive lifespan
  • Lifetime warranty for total peace of mind

Things We Dislike

  • No screws or washers included which is inexcusable

5. Bluefin Fitness 4D Vibration Platform


Have you heard about the many possible health and fitness benefits of whole body vibration therapy? A form of passive exercise, WBV therapy can help with a range of issues from poor circulation and weak bones through to weight loss and lower-back pain. In all instances, be reasonable about what you expect this type of machine to do. No pain, no gain is the oldest cliché in the fitness industry. Like most clichés, it stands the test of time because it’s true. Need to lose weight? Eat a low-calorie diet and exercise in your heart-burning zone: job done.

We’re huge fans of WBV therapy here at the PrinceLA, but we want to reinforce that these machines are a great addition to your arsenal without providing a magic bullet. Too many companies review these machines as though they will deliver the unachievable. Use them as intended and you might wonder why you didn’t buy one earlier.

A trio of super-silent drive motors power this machine and you’ll get a robust experience whatever your level.

Color-coded lights let you see at a glance how fast your machine is running. This is a small but thoughtful touch the opposition should emulate.

You can choose from a batch of pre-set programmed workouts and you should only need 10 minutes on this machine for it to carry out its intended purpose.

If you find exercising problematic, a vibration machine – especially a compact and inexpensive one like this – might be just what you need as we all get used to spending a little more time indoors.
Things We Like

  • Curved platform to maximize contact area
  • Bluetooth speakers baked in
  • Magnet therapy sensors onboard

Things We Dislike

  • Cord is not a nice fit and prone to detaching in use

6. Rock Solid Wholesale Vibration Machine


This WBV machine from Rock Solid Wholesale is rugged and built to stay the distance while priced firmly in budget territory. What makes this unit stand out, then?

First up, you’ll get a great deal of performance but with a very small footprint. Measuring just 26 x 14 x 6 inches and weighing only 31 pounds, this is a neat fit if you have a small home gym or you live in an apartment. An integrated wheel makes the whole bundle even easier to move around.

If you’re new to whole body vibration therapy, you’ll appreciate the exercise guide thrown in. This is a valuable extra for beginners and allows you to get going right out the box.

The display lets you see what you need at a glance. Fine-tune settings using the remote provided so you won’t be fiddling around with a screen.

As with all claims made by manufacturers, we would say you’re far more likely to benefit from boosted circulation and overall improvements in mobility than you are to torch fat or burn cellulite. Overall toning, though, is a reasonable goal with vibration therapy.

Although this machine is small and compact, the 500-watt motor gives you more than enough oomph on tap. The platform is also generously sized so you won’t feel cramped. Maximum load-bearing capacity is a surprisingly high 330 pounds so this platform is suitable for just about anyone.

Build is solid and you can expect a decent lifespan as long as you’re not using your machine all day long. This is one of the finest budget WBV machines up for grabs. Check one out at your earliest convenience.
Things We Like

  • Variable speed through 99 different levels
  • Small, space-saving design perfect for apartments
  • 14-day money-back guarantee removes any headache from purchase

Things We Dislike

  • Customer service leaves plenty to be desired

7. Pinty Whole Body Vibration Platform


Are you hunting for a full-size vibration platform? If so and if you don’t want to outlay a fortune for the privilege, why not road test this Pinty machine? The brand has a hard-won reputation for producing reliable and effective fitness gear on a budget. What’s not to love?

The 2000-watt motor is far more powerful than most of the competition at this price point.

With such firepower comes equally strong capacity. The platform is robust enough to accommodate users up to 330 pounds so you can confidently provide a way for almost anyone to get in some exercise.

If you find yourself complaining you don’t have time to stretch your legs, here’s the good news…

You only need 10 minutes with WBV machines. Especially given the current conditions, if you’re spending more time indoors and finding you need a little help moving around, this machine is the ideal solution.

As you’d expect from any worthwhile vibration machine, the beginner-friendly interface is a joy to navigate. You can see all the data you need on the backlit screen, perfect if your home gym is in the basement

If 99 speed levels don’t give you quite enough scope, there’s a 180-speed model available for a nominal surcharge. There’s no need to pay extra for this unless you specifically want a more challenging experience.

Although this unit is far from commercial-grade, if you install it at home and use it from time to time, you should get many happy years of service from your investment.
Things We Like

  • Class-leading 2000-watt motor
  • 330-pound maximum load-bearing capacity
  • Oversized LCD easy to read at a glance

Things We Dislike

  • A reasonably bulky unit so make sure you have the room to accommodate

8. GForce Professional Whole Body Vibration Machine


GForce serves up what they market as the highest-rated whole body vibration machine available. Is it any good, then?

In a word, yes. The dual motors are rated at 1500 watts and get things off to a strong start. Each of the motors comes with 50 speed settings so you can personalize your experience whether you’re looking to stretch your legs or challenge yourself a little more.

Oscillation and triplanar vibration come together to give you a versatile introduction to WBV therapy. The oscillation helps with lymphatic drainage, balance, and weight loss in combination with a sensible, low-fat diet. The triplanar motion, on the other hand, is ideal for muscle and bone strength while also showing the potential to help mitigate inflammation.

Note: We are not making health claims for any of these machines. We would strongly advise you do your own due diligence before investing in a whole body vibration platform.

If you till have a DVD player at home or on the desktop, take full advantage of the instructional training provided. Find out how you could harness the potential of passive exercise to bolster your health and fitness program even if you’ve never heard of it before.

The platform measures up at 27 x 20 inches so you’ll enjoy ample room for maneuver. The overall size and bulk of this machine is really the only thing we can come up with to knock it. If you have the space, though, this is one of the finest machines on the market.
Things We Like

  • Marketed as the highest-rated WBV machine on the market
  • Pair of 1500-watt motors
  • Triplanar and oscillation functions

Things We Dislike

  • Instructions are weak so perhaps not the best machine for complete beginners

9. Bio Quake X550 Whole Body Vibration Platform


As we edge to the end of our whole body vibration machine reviews, a fine platform from Bio Quake in the shape of the X550. What makes this unit stand out?

Firstly, you get powerful performance in a very compact and space-saving unit. We fully understand not everyone has dedicated home gyms with space for multiple freestanding machines. To this end, we’ve tried to include today a range of WBV machine suitable for anyone with less real estate indoors.

Don’t be fooled into thinking this is an ineffective machine, though. Far from it. You’ll get a 500-watt motor combined with a 300-watt pivotal motor so there’s more than enough power on tap when you need it. The resultant G-Force generated, in fact, is 18G.

3 workouts come punched in allowing you to get started with ease even if you’ve never used a vibration platform before. There are also inputs for 3 user presets so you can get creative then store your programs for easy retrieval.

A nifty remote control throws in streamlines your command and lets you fine-tune speed and settings without needing to reach down.
Things We Like

  • G-Force of 18G
  • 60 speeds and 60 vibration levels
  • Extremely compact unit ideal for under-desk use

Things We Dislike

  • Some users report a rattle developing over time

10. Pinty Fitness Vibration Platform


Are you interested in whole body vibration therapy? If so, why not consider the fire hydrant red Pinty Fitness platform? This is a beginner-friendly machine at a very keen price giving you the chance to exercise even if you’re not able to get out of the house.

As with all these machines, be clear about your goals. Peg your expectations. Do this and you could be pleasantly surprised with the results. Say, for example, you find it hard to get out of the house and you’re not doing any exercise at all. Introducing a short session on a vibration machine will do wonders for your circulation.

Choose from 99 progressive levels of vibration. Start gently and work your way up until you find the ideal intensity.

Build quality is superficially sound but a few users have complained about problems developing over time. We can’t comment on this except to say you need to keep your expectations in line unless you’re paying out for pro-grade equipment. For regular home use, you should be in safe hands.

Even though this unit is small and extremely compact, the platform gives you enough space to feel comfortable and you shouldn’t feel in any way restricted. Overall dimensions are 27 x 15 x 5.5 inches. This means you could easily slip this machine into a small cupboard when not in use if you live in an apartment or anywhere else that space is at a premium.

Do you like the idea of giving your upper body a workout, too? If so, use the included resistance bands so you can benefit from whole body vibration therapy without neglecting your arms and upper body.

The only real downside of this unit is the 200-watt motor. In all other respects, this is a rock-solid machine.
Things We Like

  • Resistance bands give you the chance to train your upper body, too
  • 99 levels of vibration
  • Strong and stable despite save-saving dimensions

Things We Dislike

  • Some snags with build quality over time


By now you should have a solid idea about whether or not you’d benefit from a whole body vibration machine.

We would just like to reiterate that passive exercise will not magically melt away body fat. If you’re looking to lose weight, it’s essential to eat a healthy diet with little fat while also exercising as much as you can. Simply using a vibration platform is not a magic bullet. That said, these machines make a valuable addition to any home gym.

Before you go, bookmark the PrinceLA. We’re sure you’ll be spending a lot more time indoors over the coming weeks so why not research all those things you’ve been thinking about buying but not gotten around to? We’re here to make your life easier every step of the way so come back soon. We have no allegiance to any particular brand and we always review our products impartially. We choose a wide selection of price points so there’s something for everyone and we’re always sure to throw in plenty of handy buying hints, too. So, come back soon!

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