Air Duct Cleaning 101: Everything You Need to Know About Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning 101

When was the last time you had your air ducts cleaned? Most homeowners are unaware of the challenges posed by dirty air ducts. Essentially, it is the main contributing factor to indoor air pollution. The air ducts in your home serve as the pathway for cool and heated air to travel throughout your home. Air circulates within ducts multiple times … Read more

Humidifier vs Diffuser: Understanding the Differences and Benefits of the Two

Humidifier vs Diffuser

There is so much confusion between humidifiers and diffusers. The two appliances appear to function similarly but serve two different purposes. While both are used for therapeutic effects, one helps maintain the moisture level in the air, while the other is popular for aromatherapy. To help you further understand the difference between the two — so you know which one … Read more

Infographic: How Much Coffee Will Kill You?

How Much Coffee Kill You

Just how much is too much of a good thing? We’re often warned about the dangers of excessive coffee drinking but don’t see the numbers to support this. And to be specific, it’s not the coffee but the caffeine inside it that’s dangerous. Coffee is addictive and some people can’t get through their mornings without it. Here is a chart … Read more

How Much Coffee For 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 30, 40 Cups?

How Much Coffee For 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 Cups?

Unlike the rest of her family, Mary wasn’t a coffee drinker. She couldn’t fathom why anyone would swig the bitter brew voluntarily. As she pushed her shopping cart past the aromatic bags of exotic-sounding blends, she halted. What in the world would her family like? It was the first Thanksgiving she’d be hosting the entire family since she’d bought her … Read more

The Story of Coffee: From Bean to Barista

The Story of Coffee: From Bean to Barista

The Ethiopian goatherd Kaldi had never seen his goats so playful. Could it be that the cherry-laden shrubbery was contributing to their energy? He bit into the crimson-cloaked seeds and immediately knew he’d hit on something revolutionary. His sight was clearer, his tiredness was gone, and his mind was alert. See Aslo:  Top 10 Best Coffee Beans For Espresso The … Read more

Do Not Let Stale Coffee Ruin Your Morning Cup of Joe

If you are purchasing a commercial brand of pre-ground coffee from your local grocery store, proper storage technique and preserving freshness is probably not a major concern. On the other hand, if you are shelling out $20 to $30 for just a half-pound of gourmet coffee beans, you need to treat them right to guarantee that you get the most … Read more

How Much Caffeine Is Really In Your Coffee or Tea?

How Much Caffeine Is In Your Coffee or Tea

Whether it is to wake up in the morning or to overcome a mid-afternoon slump, most adults rely on some form of caffeine on a daily basis. In fact, caffeine is the most commonly used psychoactive drug in the world. A jolt of caffeine can improve your mental alertness, alleviate a headache, and even serve as a diuretic. See Aslo:  … Read more

Infographic: Coffee vs Energy Drinks

Coffee vs Energy Drinks

Those who ring praise for energy drinks often point out the double standard when it comes to their beverage of choice versus coffee. Those that look to coffee for more energy seek higher levels of caffeine, while energy drinks with comparable amounts of caffeine are demonized. This is an interesting juxtaposition, and why is this phenomenon happening? Infographic: Coffee vs … Read more

Who Can Drink Coffee: Health Positives and Negatives

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world and as such, has constantly been the target of various health-related research. Coffee naturally contains caffeine, which is a stimulant, and so people who drink it often have concern about how it affects the heart, or whether it hinders sleep among other things. Coffee actually contains very little nutrients, … Read more

Discover the Joys of Drinking Black Coffee

How To Drink Black Coffee

The very idea of drinking black coffee conjures up images of cowboys and other tough guys. In fact, most die-hard coffee lovers consider it a crime against coffee to dilute and muddy the flavor of coffee with cream and sugar. The following looks at why drinking black coffee can be a revelation for your senses. Why You Should Consider Drinking … Read more

How to Enjoy the Health Benefits of Mushroom Tea

How to Make Mushroom Tea

The practice of making infusions or “tea” from mushrooms for medicinal purposes has existed in many Eastern cultures for thousands of years. It is now catching on with health enthusiasts here in the United Sates and appearing in many natural and health food stores. See Aslo:  The 13 Best Nespresso Machine Reviews The 7 Best Keurig Coffee Maker Reviews The … Read more

Should I Worry About My Coffee Going Bad?

Does coffee go bad?

Most of us have been in a position where we buy more coffee than we can use right away, forgotten about a can or bag of coffee in the back of the cupboard, or wondered if it is still safe to use coffee left over from the morning. The following looks at whether or not coffee can actually go bad … Read more

How to Make Iced Coffee – Discovering the Joys of Coffee on the Rocks

While an overwhelming majority of Americans prefer their coffee piping hot, a growing number are discovering how refreshing coffee can be when served over ice. These chilly delights are most popular among young adults between the ages of 18 and 24. One reason for this phenomenon is that many Millennials were raised on sugary sodas and may be trying to … Read more

Boosting the Effects of Your Workout with Coffee

Boosting the Effects of Your Workout with Coffee

While coffee is often viewed as a legal and socially acceptable vice, various studies have concluded that coffee has a number beneficial effects, including boosting mood, providing antioxidants, and decreasing the risk of diabetes. Caffeine may also prove to be a superfood in terms of helping you get more out of your daily workout. Effects of Coffee Before a Workout … Read more

Java: A Name Rich in History

Why is Coffee Called Java?

Referring to coffee as “a cup of java” is a nod to the drink’s rich history. According to historians, coffee was first cultivated in Ethiopia around the year 850. By the 1600s, cultivating and drinking coffee had spread far beyond Africa thanks to Dutch traders. Why Is Coffee Called Java? Coffee was originally viewed with suspicion by Europeans. It was … Read more

A Cup of Joe: The Story Behind the Name

Why is Coffee Called a Cup of Joe

Many coffee drinkers refer to the caffeinated beverage as “a cup of joe.” How did this name become synonymous with everyone’s favorite morning pick-me-up? The following looks at several theories as to how coffee became known as “joe.” Cup of Joe Origin The term “cup of joe” first appeared in the 1930s and has been around ever since. The slang … Read more

Rise and Shine: Coffee as a Beauty Aid

Benefits of Coffee on Skin, Hair

Becky slumped in the salon chair, hoping her stylist would have mercy. “I know my shampoo isn’t the best for my hair, but things have been tight lately, and I haven’t been able to spring for the salon brands—” She trailed off as the girl frowned and held up a wispy flyaway. “I’ll get a bottle today and get back … Read more