The Best Coffee and Espresso Maker Combo


People interested in purchasing an espresso machine are quite often intimidated. Espresso machines tend to be complicated to operate, especially for a beginner. They are also expensive, and espresso machines for the home can take up a lot of room into the bargain. For these reasons, people shy away from buying espresso machines that could actually be great for them. … Read more

The Story of Coffee: From Bean to Barista

The Story of Coffee: From Bean to Barista

The Ethiopian goatherd Kaldi had never seen his goats so playful. Could it be that the cherry-laden shrubbery was contributing to their energy? He bit into the crimson-cloaked seeds and immediately knew he’d hit on something revolutionary. His sight was clearer, his tiredness was gone, and his mind was alert. See Aslo:  Top 10 Best Coffee Beans For Espresso The … Read more

The Percolator: A Retro Choice for Brewing Coffee

The Percolator A Retro Choice for Brewing Coffee

Once the standard method of brewing coffee, percolators faded from popularity starting in the 1970s with the advent of drip and single-use coffee makers. Percolators are starting to make a comeback among those craving a bit of nostalgia or who like their coffee rich and full-bodied. They are still commonly used at church and other gatherings where large amounts of … Read more

The Best Pour Over Coffee Makers


Barista pouring hot water over coffee grounds making drip brew coffee. Pour-over brewing is one of the most precise and effective ways to get coffee-shop standard drinks without needing a bulky machine. We’ve got a selection today of the very best pour-over coffee makers from drippers and carafes through to complete kits. See Also: Top 7 Best Keurig Coffee MakersTop … Read more

The Best Manual Coffee Grinders


Are you obsessed with coffee at its very best? If so, there’s simply no substitute for grinding your beans right before you brew. This ensures the very freshest base to operate from. What’s the problem, then? Well, electric grinders tend to be bulky and are almost always remarkably noisy but luckily there’s a solution. See Also: The 13 Best Coffee Grinders The … Read more