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The Best Sofa for Back Support


As another new year rolls around, maybe you’re looking to upgrade your furniture. How about if you want a sofa that will help you if you’re suffering from back pain? While manufacturers don’t seem to market sofas specifically for this common problem, we dug deep and tested a wide cross-section of models to unearth 7 […]

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The Best Floor Lamps for Living Room


If you’re looking to upgrade your living room this year, a floor lamp is a great way to do so without spending a fortune on redecorating. We recently looked at some very specific floor lamps intended for reading but today, we’ll widen the net… Our focus today is on showcasing a broad cross-section of styles […]

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The Best Adjustable Standing Desk


Whether you work from home or in an office, a sedentary lifestyle is not ideal. What can you do about it, though? Well, today we’ve got a detailed breakdown of adjustable standing desks, one easy way to fight back against the dangers of spending all day sitting. Whether you want to burn some calories without […]

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The Best Bean Bag Chairs for Adults


If you’re on the trail of a comfy, durable and portable seating solution on a budget, you can’t beat a great bean bag. Today, our focus is purely on bean bag chairs for adults. The good news here is that you can obviously and easily accommodate kids on these full-sized models, too. Before we launch […]

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The Best Floor Lamps for Reading


If you’ve been searching in vain for the best floor lamps for reading, we’re here to help you today and guide you through finding the most effective lighting for your needs. Floor lamps are by no means the only solution but they offer incredible flexibility and you can find something in all shapes and sizes […]

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The Best Area Rugs for Kitchen


No matter where in the world you’re located, the kitchen is the room of the home that gets the most use. Kitchens are well known as “the heart of the home”, and this one room tends to get more traffic than any other area of the house. Kitchens don’t have to be plain and boring, […]

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