How to Clean Area Rugs Yourself


Vacuuming might not count as cleaning area rugs because it might not deep clean into more than just the surface.  It is why you need to learn how to clean the area rugs yourself.  The same applies if you don’t want to hire a professional that will cost money. Definitely, it will benefit you to learn how to DIY the … Read more

The Best Area Rugs & Mats for Kitchen


Woman standing on rug in kitchenNo matter where in the world you’re located, the kitchen is the room of the home that gets the most use. Kitchens are well known as “the heart of the home”, and this one room tends to get more traffic than any other area of the house. Kitchens don’t have to be plain and boring, … Read more

The Best Area Rugs for Living Room


Area rugs are a great way to add some color and texture to a room but they serve a more functional purpose, too. If you have high-traffic areas in your living room, installing a large rug can remove a great deal of stress from your carpet and help it last longer. For anyone with wooden flooring in the living room, … Read more