The Best Cat Scratching Posts


Cats instinctively scratch things. They scratch for several reasons. Cats scratch to keep their claws healthy. They scratch as a way of relieving tension. In the wild, they would scratch trees to mark their territory. They also scratch at vertical surfaces to stretch their muscles. As all cat owners will know, if a cat scratches … Read more

The Best Bark Collar With Remote


Dog training takes on many forms and using a bark collar with remote is rather different from the automatic correction devices on the market. Rather than shocks being delivered when the collar picks up movements from your dog’s vocal chords, with this type of collar you need to manually administer correction. If you’re looking for an automatic collar … Read more

The Best Dog Training Collar Reviews


If you’re looking for the best dog training collar, you might initially be overwhelmed with what’s a surprisingly busy market segment. Firstly, you’ll encounter many names that all amount to the same thing. Whether you see them labelled as electric dog training collars, e-collars, shock collars or remote training collars, the core purpose remains the … Read more