The Best Cat Scratching Posts


Cats instinctively scratch things. They scratch for several reasons. Cats scratch to keep their claws healthy. They scratch as a way of relieving tension. In the wild, they would scratch trees to mark their territory. They also scratch at vertical surfaces to stretch their muscles. As all cat owners will know, if a cat scratches furniture, it can be very … Read more

The Best Cat Trees for Large Cats


Welcome to our review of the best cat trees for large cats. In this review. We look at some of cat trees for cats weighing up to 15-18 lbs. Cat trees for big cats need to be large enough to be able to cope with the weight of the cat. They also need to be large enough for the cat … Read more

The Best Cat Trees for Small Apartments


If you have been looking for a cat tree for a small apartment, you will have found that your choices are limited. There are lots of excellent cat trees on the market, but many of them are way too big for a small room. So, in this post, we have selected a range of small cat trees that would ideal … Read more