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Infographic: Coffee vs Energy Drinks

Those who ring praise for energy drinks often point out the double standard when it comes to their beverage of choice versus coffee. Those that look to coffee for more energy seek higher levels of caffeine, while energy drinks with comparable amounts of caffeine are demonized. This is an interesting juxtaposition, and why is this phenomenon happening?

Infographic: Coffee vs Energy Drinks

Coffee vs Energy Drinks

There are some solid facts supporting the idea that energy drinks aren’t as safe as coffee, and one of the large issues is how the caffeine is delivered. There is very little long term safety research on energy drinks, while coffee has undergone extensive research over the last 100 years. While coffee is made primarily of caffeine, energy drinks have added vitamins, herbs, and amino acids. Energy drinks also sit at the top of the list for beverages that contain the most sugar, even compared to coffee that has been sweetened.

The media actually plays a huge part in dramatizing the consumption of energy drinks—meaning that there are only a few individuals that have experienced negative consequences from consuming energy drinks, though the media might sensationalize these occurrences.

Education is the best thing when it comes to consumers and energy drinks. It is possible to focus on educating consumers on how to responsibly consume energy drinks rather than shunning them all together. As many people know, once an adult tries to protest the use of something, it often times becomes that much more appealing to the person being protected from it. Coffee and energy drinks are both stimulants, and while it may be easier to go too far too quickly with consumption of the artificial beverages, it is important to know that coffee consumption should also be monitored, though it is not always as easy to guzzle it down so quick, especially if it has not been sweetened.
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